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  1. Saburo reached out with some needed measurements. I'm working with him on a reinforced adapter. Stay tuned.
  2. Which adapter are you using for the Arcadia SV-51? The current zero one I have up? Any issues?
  3. Macross figures are starting to price me out of collecting them, honestly. I have not gotten a chance to play around with the armor packs, and am not considering getting the updated 51's at the moment. Can you send me some pics of what the armor packs come with and what their issue is? I do think the 51's will use the same style peg adapter ported pieces that yamato did. If not, I am more than willing to come with something for them.
  4. Can you take a close up pick of some of those cards next to the figures? What do you have going on there?
  5. Hey! I apologize if I missed your email. Can you pm me on this site with your question?
  6. Nice! How much heavier is it than an Arcadia VF-0?
  7. So, just a 3d printed arm with a tab at the end?
  8. Can you explain? What do you mean, no screws?
  9. You could put a banking adapter on top, instead of the standing one. What would you guys want bundled together with the base pivot adapter?
  10. The SV-262 adapters should work based on another users measurements. I still haven't had a DX-1J in hand to measure the adapters it comes with myself.
  11. That sounds about right, but I can double check and get back to you. Thanks for measuring.
  12. Can you post a pic? Sounds like what they did with the SV-262. https://www.yetistand.com/product/dx-standing-adapter-sv-262-revision
  13. Whoa, that's a cool setup! Can you post a wider shot? Did you mount those into a shelf?
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