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  1. Hey! I apologize if I missed your email. Can you pm me on this site with your question?
  2. Nice! How much heavier is it than an Arcadia VF-0?
  3. So, just a 3d printed arm with a tab at the end?
  4. Can you explain? What do you mean, no screws?
  5. You could put a banking adapter on top, instead of the standing one. What would you guys want bundled together with the base pivot adapter?
  6. The SV-262 adapters should work based on another users measurements. I still haven't had a DX-1J in hand to measure the adapters it comes with myself.
  7. That sounds about right, but I can double check and get back to you. Thanks for measuring.
  8. Can you post a pic? Sounds like what they did with the SV-262. https://www.yetistand.com/product/dx-standing-adapter-sv-262-revision
  9. Whoa, that's a cool setup! Can you post a wider shot? Did you mount those into a shelf?
  10. Another trick is to layer clear packing tape on the peg until it fits firmly in the slot to shore up any slack. There is a variance in the thickness of the acrylic. Adding a bit of thickness with the tape is a less permanent solution to adhesives/solvents. Shouldn't need much.
  11. Unless Bandai have changed the shape of their slots again, the DX adapters should be sufficient. These work for me on the DX VF-19 advance release. https://www.yetistand.com/product/dx-standing-adapter https://www.yetistand.com/product/dx-banking-adapter
  12. ChaoticYeti

    Bandai DX VF-31

    So weird. Has anyone received their 31a from NY in the brown tamashii box? Seems like an odd point to make, but this is the first time I have received an exclusive without it.
  13. Hello! That's just a guide to call out where to put the rubber feet. Earlier versions of the stands did come with a 3d printed plastic piece to help line it up, but I got more questions about what that piece was for than what it was worth to include.
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