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  1. Awww. My email said $3 lol FYI, photos aren’t showing up (For me at least)
  2. Got dimensions for those plastic pins or where to get? =)
  3. I had the same thing, I found a Hi-Metal Roy to store everything in, the box is (imo) so much better =)
  4. What's the cheapest you can get this guy for right now?
  5. bbrain


    Is Roy in there somewhere?
  6. Just want to say warrhead is top notch!
  7. So.. finally got mine. Immediately I knew it was dented because it was shipped in a plain soft cardboard box with no padding. Upon opening I found a large puncture hole.. Question to everyone, is the tape seal kind of not really there, or was mine previously opened.. anyone else buy from Planet Steel and get a damaged item?
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