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  1. Well, I finished the first season of Mob Psycho 100 a moment ago... kind of a weird genre shift it goes through, from a sort of slice of life about painfully introverted Mob to fighting a frankly ridiculous organization of evil psychics who never grew out of their 2nd year middle school syndrome. Not a bad show, overall, but IMO not as good or as compelling as One Punch Man. A solid 7/10 at the very least.
  2. I recall reading something to that effect, yeah. That kind of thing is fairly typical in cases like this, though. Like how FASA ignored YEARS of cease and desist notices before things finally boiled over in a lawsuit that nearly cost them their entire BattleTech franchise.
  3. Too late, they already did... the Robotech Masters chucked the Southern Cross designs completely for something that looks like the Great Value version of Mardook or DYRL Zentradi gear. The thirst is real. You can't deny, that was a weapons-grade outfit... the Mardook probably had a high incidence of neck-strain injuries from heads turning all the time.
  4. Very probably, yeah... given that CBS did at one point admit to access and copying in some of their filings. They argued that it was de minimis access and copying, though (i.e. too trivial an amount to merit consideration). I gave the game in question a whirl, and in my estimation they're not as similar as some of the articles make it out to be. There are a number of superficial/aesthetic similarities in terms of character art and the bare fact of a giant blue tardigrade that travels instantly through time and space, but it's mostly just at that superficial level. So, in
  5. Six episodes into Mob Psycho 100 and I'm still undecided about the series. Mob really feels like basically the same character as Saitama, except he's afraid of his overwhelming power instead of annoyed by the lack of challenge it confers. I definitely don't like Reigen. He's kind of an objectively awful person.
  6. To say nothing of hanging onto an average viewership of over 10 million the whole time... Discovery's third season is supposed to hit CBS All Access two weeks from Thursday. I've got no intention of reactivating my CBS All Access subscription for it, but it'll be interesting to see if there's any meat on the bones of the widely circulated theory that Discovery's third season developed its core premise from the unproduced Star Trek: Final Frontier animated series that was pitched back in 2006. That series pitch by David Rossi, Doug Mirabello, and José Muñoz featured
  7. As noted here and elsewhere, it was CBS themselves who promoted Discovery's introduction to their broadcast schedule as a series premiere and had it listed as a new episode in the TV listings. That would, at least in terms of how they chose to classify it, make it an apples-to-apples comparison with the first-run broadcast ratings for previous Star Trek titles. That it is technically a rerun is a fair point, albeit I would argue that its rerun status is largely negated by four key factors: Star Trek has, historically, seen consistently strong ratings performance in reruns due to
  8. I have to wonder, because it kind of fell by the wayside once Seifreit was captured and "rehabilitated" by the Southern Cross Army. IIRC he was just some guy from one of the space stations the Zor attacked. Nobody special.
  9. Whatever, man. I've got not stake in your discontent. The reason I felt the article from Variety might be of interest here was because there's been a fair amount of curiosity in the Star Trek fandom on Facebook and elsewhere about how the show is doing in purely objective terms, given CBS is oddly reluctant to discuss it even with their own shareholders. Nothing gets people talking like an unanswered question, y'know? When there is something to be positive about, you will no doubt see positivity. Until then... well... best of luck? (Incidentally, the word of the week
  10. TBH, if I were going to compare Macross 7 to any Gundam title it'd have to be Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Macross 7 started airing pretty much right as G Gundam was hitting the middle of its story (between Ep26 and 27) and G Gundam ended when Macross 7 was about half done (between Ep23 and 24). Despite G Gundam being more of a super robot series, they had a very similar aesthetic and were very hotblooded and full of boisterous enthusiasm. Lots of grown men shouting about their burning emotions and such. For the record, I've seen most of what Gundam has produced animation-wise except f
  11. Started Mob Psycho 100 over from the beginning so I could watch it through uninterrupted. The plot's hasn't really hooked me yet, but one scene really has gotten my attention. When they first introduce Mob's love interest, all the other girls have vegetables for heads. That's a visually striking way to make it clear Mob's got eyes for nobody else, and it's animated really REALLY well. Reigen's kind of a manipulative creep. Kinda hoping he becomes less of a creep as the series goes on, or this'll be hard to stomach given how trusting Mob seems to be. It definitely has a very different
  12. Nice. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Dirty Pair Flash. That one, IMO, has an undeservedly bad rap. Gundam SEED's one I'd advise against marathoning. It's not bad, but it's kinda got that Macross 7 problem going for it where it can feel a bit samey after a bit of you're watching it all back-to-back. (It is, admittedly, hilarious that SEED Destiny as a series gets gundamjacked halfway through.)
  13. This is slightly disingenuous, isn't it? What I'd posted when you started complaining wasn't bashing the series, it was a recent news piece from a highly credible source and a fact-based analysis that framed the data that news piece provided in a usable context for comparison. It's not really my fault if the objective and entirely impersonal data paints an unflattering picture. To be frank, I don't think I was being unfair or especially unkind when I pointed out that this was the expected result either. People didn't get (back) onto the tack of Discovery being a bad show until after
  14. Yeah, this has been kind of a disappointing season for me... but I have a good feeling about the next one. Gave Mob Psycho 100 a whirl over dinner... its first episode did not thrill me. I'm going to give it a few more episodes but this definitely isn't drawing me in the way One Punch Man did.
  15. No, those were not problems with the underlying concept of the Federation as a utopian society. The problem, as attested to by the people who created the show, was much the same problem experienced by Star Wars's sequel trilogy. They gave the property's creator direct and largely unrestricted creative control, and then were forcibly reminded he couldn't write for sh*t... compounded by his attorney's own, unauthorized and sometimes illegal, contributions to the writing process. The underlying concept was sound and remained a part of Star Trek for its entire successful history. It was Ge
  16. Well, yeah... there's no denying that. It didn't have anything to do with Star Trek's conception of the Federation as a utopian society, though. Much of that was brought about by the tyrannical and borderline (sometimes actually) illegal behavior of Gene Roddenberry's incredibly toxic and amoral personal attorney Leonard Maizlish. Maizlish forced a lot of things on TNG and even went so far as to unlawfully make edits, rewrites, and redactions to scripts himself. TNG didn't start to improve until after Maizlish was finally banned from the set and studio premises, and Rick Berman installed t
  17. Monster Girl Doctor's final episode dropped on Crunchyroll a bit ago. Kind of a nonevent episode, really. The ending of the previous episode would probably have been a much more solid series finale. Fetish-y fanservice aside, all this episode really does is offer one last inconsequential scene to the various patients from previous episodes before trying to go out on a harem note with the lamia, centaur, arachne, and dragon loli all fighting over the protagonist.
  18. Yeah, Macross 7 makes some fairly extensive usage of stock footage in order to keep its production costs down. A lot of anime titles do that as a way to keep costs down, some more blatantly than others. Complicated transformation sequences and that kind of thing are great fodder for reuse like that. Gundam SEED Destiny is, if anything, even more blatant about it with every launch of the Impulse Gundam. Like two minutes of recycled footage every time that thing sets out. Being a music-heavy series even by Macross standards, Macross 7 can't have been cheap to produce given the cost
  19. I have to admit, I was not expecting to enjoy Gasaraki as much as I am. This is some good old-school mecha. The ADV Films previews I remember seeing it advertised in did not do it justice. This season's starting to wrap up, and Crunchyroll is teasing shows it's licensed for its Fall lineup. I can't say I'll be sad to see Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time go... I feel like this 13 minute short series format is really more conducive to adapting something like a 4koma (e.g. Azumanga Daioh) rather than trying to do anything like storytelling. Doing a whole series where the
  20. Hm... I don't know about official. It's not one of the three front/side/rear view pieces I've seen in official publications. Those were all Type I Bioroids, and this piece is a Type II. Official or not, this looks pretty accurate to me.
  21. Eh... I don't think even he knew what his point was. TBH. Yeah, he doesn't like the negativity and I get that. The problem is that he's taking the same deeply disingenuous, gaslighting approach CBS uses by trying to argue about the "negativity" (read: "criticism and dissatisfaction") as though it somehow came into being independently rather than as a direct result of the show's content. Essentially, he's got his cause and effect backwards for his entire argument. The "negativity" isn't the cause of Discovery's problems and the lack of enthusiasm for it, it's a symptom of them. I
  22. Yeah, Star Trek fans were pretty emphatic about wanting Star Trek back on television again. No, for several reasons. First and foremost, ViacomCBS trotted Star Trek: Discovery's premiere on broadcast television not as an idle "well, this garbage'll fill some airtime" move... this was their streaming service's - and network's - flagship series going to broadcast, and they treated it like it was a major event. Secondly, what was it actually up against? The kind of people who usually watch Star Trek are usually not the same demographic rabidly watching professional or co
  23. Given how tight the budget on 7 was, that may just be a consequence of how bloody expensive it is to draw someone properly playing something like a guitar, bass, or keyboard that requires complex finger movements. Macross 7 and Macross Dynamite 7 were hand-animated, not like the later Macross Zero OVA and Macross Frontier series that leveraged the latest digital animation technologies.
  24. Yeah, it's technically a rerun... but they're marketing it as a broadcast debut. Normally, the fans would come out in numbers for even a rerun or to support a show's launch on a new channel/platform, and a lot of Star Trek fans were put off by locking Discovery behind a paywall on CBS All Access for North American viewers. You'd think they'd be able to drum up an actual audience, but this just shows how much damage they've done to their own brand.
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