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The handle I go by here, and on most other fan sites, is Seto Kaiba. Among other things, I'm known as one of the resident experts on Macross II: Lovers Again and the parallel universe to which it belongs. Over the past few years, I've become part of Mr March's Macross Mecha Manual project, providing the site's web hosting, tracking down old and rare books for him to work his artistic magic on, and supplying translations and technical consultation that helps update the site's many articles. Thanks to all that, my collection is growing at an alarming rate and annexing ever-increasing amounts of shelf space in my study.

For his part, Mr March has gotten me into the hobby of toy collecting by helping me get my hands on a DX YF-30 Chronos... which my wallet my never forgive him for. ;-)

I'm always happy to help fans of Macross (or Robotech) find answers to their questions about the shows, or just point them in the right direction for things like importing art books, figurines, apparel, or just finding some quality fansubs.

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