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  1. CDJapan's page for the movie says the Blu-ray is region-free? (I'll doublecheck my copy to make sure that's accurate in a few minutes.) Edit: yeah, there's no sign of a region code marking on the box. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BCXA-1376 Japan landed in the same DVD region code as Western Europe (Region 2), so the DVD should also be an option. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BCBA-4911 The only potential sticking point is they're both NTSC formatted, so there's an outside chance you may run into some slight difficulty there. Most TVs and DVD/BD players support both PAL and NTSC these days though.
  2. What I was getting at was more that the OVA's Gundam-esque story direction resulted in Gundam designers doing Gundam-esque designs, rather than vice versa. ("Going full Gundam" being mostly a reference to II sticking very close to the original's formula... though they did have a fair few Gundam references in there both overt and reasonably well-concealed.) "Obari's" Macross? IIRC wasn't Obari's credit for II just unit direction for the OP, animation direction for Ep5, and key animation for 1, 5, and 6?
  3. Goin' out on a limb here, but I suspect the point of contention there isn't so much that Jeanne's eventual ambition is to be a housewife as it is that Jeanne's only reason for joining the military was to go husband-hunting in its ranks and quit the minute she snared a good one. (Not that the show's handling of Lana and Marie was any better.) It's kind of an earlier, prototypical version of the dichotomy that people would use to take shots at Twilight by comparing it to Harry Potter. Macross is about love and the power of culture and communication... Southern Cross is about how vitally important it is to have a boyfriend, even if he's batsh*t crazy. That's a dubious proposition if ever there was one... I'm wondering that myself... as this inquiry has apparently been posted on other sites besides this one too, including The Forum That Must Not Be Named. ... I must have missed that one. Please don't fill me in.
  4. Any verdict on Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Rail Wars, or Caligula? I'm rather bemused that people actually got heated over the content of episode 8. It was a twist, for sure, and not one I'd have seen coming in an idol anime but...
  5. The aborted Robotech II: the Sentinels animated series predates the novels by several years. "Edwards" actually predates Robotech II: the Sentinels though. He was originally supposed to be a tie-in character connecting HG's butchering of Megazone 23 Part 1 (Robotech: the Movie) to the "original" series Robotech II: the Sentinels. The original plan for their adaptation of Megazone 23 was to make it a side story to their adaptation of Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The coverup that the protagonist was to uncover was the real fate of the SDF-1 (from before the ship returned to Earth the first time). The principal antagonist, B.D. Andrews, was to be brought into Robotech II: the Sentinels as a foil for "Rick Hunter" and Eve was going to become the android girl (later known as Janice Em). That plan changed when Tatsunoko Production told HG on no uncertain terms that they were not permitted to use Macross for the movie. So Robotech: the Movie was rethought into a Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross adaptation side story about an alien attack trying to recover part of the SDF-1's computer core. With that, their plans for a tie-in were dead so they changed the names somewhat and invented a new backstory where T.R. Edwards (the renamed B.D. Andrews) was another survivor from the Grand Cannon who was bitter because he and his dying lover were missed by "Rick Hunter" when he was legging it out of the place. The goofy phantom of the opera mask was to ensure that HG could go "Original the Character: DO NOT STEAL" regarding him, even though he was supposed to be the baddie from Megazone 23. The Regent isn't the Invid queen... that's the Regess. The Regent is an original character that was modeled on the Inbit line art from the original Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, who was supposed to be the Regess's estranged husband and "king" of the Invid who was not obsessed with evolving but rather was on a massive revenge trip against the Robotech Masters that left him a delightfully hammy Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. Unless it's a technology/mecha question, then it's an AMA for me and sketchley.
  6. They're both from the canceled Robotech II: the Sentinels series that was terminated early in production with only about three episodes of material finished. T.R. Edwards was the mook in the half-mask who was basically Starscream and the Invid Regent was the big, dumb, Saturday morning cartoon villain bad guy.
  7. Is it just me, or is Lily keeping hers on the outside? I feel a bit like Focslain undersold Zombie Land Saga... six episodes in this show is great and not slowing down in the slightest. Definitely one of my favorites for the season and for 2018.
  8. The irony is not lost on me one bit. Macross II was, after all, Macross's attempt to go full Gundam done by Gundam staffers from Char's Counterattack and Zeta Gundam.
  9. Hi @Brofessor... I'm guessing you didn't read the Forum Rules & Guidelines before posting? The short answer to your question is "probably not". Robotech is, for a variety of reasons, a profoundly unwelcome topic on most any Macross fansite or Facebook group. MacrossWorld is unusually lenient with it, in that discussion of Robotech is allowed only in the context of how it relates to the original shows that were adapted to make it (Macross, Southern Cross, MOSPEADA, and the first episode of Megazone 23). Most Macross fansites and Facebook groups greet attempts to start discussion of Robotech with an immediate and permanent ban for the poor sod who didn't read the rules before posting. Even here, since the topic of how the shows changed in the adaptation was talked to death over a decade ago, the only real discussion of the topic is a thread devoted to pointing and laughing at what a crappy job Titan Comics is doing with their comic book adaptation of Robotech's adaptation of the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I could recommend a place to actually have an intelligent, academic discussion of Robotech. Its fans tend to be much more interested in bickering over minutae and fan theories that were officially jossed over 15 years ago. To be frank, I'd also question the sanity of trying to do a literary analysis of Robotech given the thoroughly documented and attested-to fact that the series was an incredibly rushed adaptation wherein the rewriters and voice actors were largely making it up as they went with no time to check their work for quality or consistency. Doing an analysis of a work generally depends on seeking out authorial intent, be it overt or implicit. That would be a bit of a fool's errand in a gag dub quality edit of a pre-existing work. It'd be like looking for subtext in the cliffnotes or a blooper reel. You'd be better served to analyze the original shows, where there was a demonstrable, coordinated authorial direction set for the story and character development undiluted by a faintly racist editor who thought references to other cultures except as caricatures would cause the audience's heads to explode.
  10. The second one is Gall Force II: Destruction... almost exactly fifteen minutes in.
  11. After watching episode two of Zombie Land Saga, I really wish I could've been a fly on the wall of the studio meeting room when this show was being pitched just so I could see the looks on the faces of the studio execs when they explained the premise. Still, after two episodes I'm still having loads of fun with this series. It has a surprising amount of anarchic charm to it with such an odd premise and Sakura's determination to simply roll with the weird mess her unlife has become. A rap battle accompanied by beatboxing and a shamisen isn't the weirdest instrumentation I've seen1, but it's up there and it works surprisingly well. Kotaro's entire management style seems to be a Bavarian Fire Drill... just shout important-sounding things and act like you should be doing what you're doing and nobody's inclined to question it. For an idol group made up of the undead, Death Musume seems to have a lot more soul than Walkure's animated incarnation. EDIT: After episode three, I'm still having a grand time with it. Didn't that show come out like ten years ago? What took so long? I remember @Talos mentioning to me the manga had been canceled due to legal issues surrounding the likeness of one of the principal characters when the real person she was based on had a falling out with the author. 1. That would have to be a piece of modern classical music I once saw that called for a slide didgeridoo made from schedule 40 PVC pipe, a slide whistle, and a slapstick made from a 2x4.
  12. Seto Kaiba

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    For the New UN Spacy defense force maintained by the Macross Frontier fleet government and those of its close allies who chose to purchase it... not for all New UN Spacy forces in the entire galaxy. For logistical reasons, the New UN Government gives the emigrant fleets and planets a fair amount of autonomy when it comes to deciding how best to arm local defense forces that operate under the auspices of the New UN Forces. The idea of having a single model of VF be the universally adopted standard arguably died with the VF-4, which was an excellent space fighter and indifferent atmospheric craft that ended up sharing the main fighter role with a slew of different low-cost atmospheric VFs depending on the needs of the various newly settled planets. It was definitively a dead idea after Project Nova, when a number of the New UN Gov't members opted to adopt the VF-14 over the winning VF-11 design like the Varauta 3198XE colony that would later be captured by the Protodeviln and become the antagonists in Macross 7. General Galaxy's VF-171 Nightmare Plus was widely adopted as a 4th Generation main fighter, but there are noted cases where fleet or planetary governments opted for all-Ghost air forces or designs from other manufacturers like the Sv-154 Svard used by Windermere IV. Between the arms export restrictions the New UN Gov't imposed in the early 2040s in an effort to keep advanced weapons out of the hands of anti-government forces and the ever-increasing size of emigrant populations, the 5th Generation was the first one to have some emigrant governments developing their own next-generation fighters using the redacted specs for Earth's next-gen VF prototype (the YF-24 Evolution) as a starting point. The VF-25 was one of two YF-24 derivative programs locally developed in the Macross Frontier fleet. The VF-27 was the same in Macross Galaxy. The VF-31 is the next main fighter the Brisingr Alliance had locally developed to replace their VF-171s. Earth and the federal New UN Forces have the VF-24, which is allegedly an incredibly overpowered fighter that is rivaled only by the YF-29. Not quite. The reason the Brisingr Alliance NUNS was still using the VF-171-II was because their economy is stagnant, and instead of buying an export model from Earth or another emigrant government they opted to try to stimulate their economy by locally developing an original 5th Generation fighter to replace the VF-171 that they could then market to their allies as an export model. The VF-31 Kairos is their next main fighter, slated to enter military service c.2069 or 2070.
  13. If it's carried off with the same grace and style as this first episode, I think I can get on board with that. The opening, "Fruitless Necromancy", is surprisingly catchy too...
  14. Seto Kaiba

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Almost. The basic design of the helmet is the same and they look identical from the front except for character-specific color schemes, but there's some extra business on the back of the DYRL? version between the neckline and where that ridge going around the crown of the head is that provides an attachment point for a pair of oxygen hoses from the backpack. There's a really good side-by-side of them in identical poses in Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie Vol.1 on page 76.