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  1. GUNDAM Live Action Movie

    Here's a brief interview with Sunrise President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa about the live-action film project: http://news.mixi.jp/view_news.pl?id=5204390&media_id=141&from=twitter&share_from=view_news It's very short, but at least we can rest assured Sunrise won't let Legendary turn it into a standard American action movie.
  2. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Having no experience with Titan's other work I can't really judge the quality fairly... but it certainly feels like they're phoning this series in.
  3. Macross The First

    ... and the complete confusion that'll set in when the new edition catches back up to Vol.5 and 6 of the previous edition, which diverged into an original flashback story.
  4. Weapons Banter Thread

    That bad? Frankly I'd be more concerned the damned thing would simply explode the first time anyone tried to fire it. A 3D-printed gun strikes me as a Chauchat-level study in "cool idea, crappy execution". Speaking as an engineer, "to see if we could" probably figures pretty heavily into it. With pre-existing files it's also faster and requires less actual work. Time and effort are both money, after all.
  5. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    It says a lot about how I was raised that my first exposure to that quote was the dedication plaque from the USS Excelsior. One of the things I love best about Macross is that it's almost always somewhere completely new. It makes the "shared" Macross universe feel much bigger when you can have multiple stories going on and building up without any crosstalk between them, or with two stories in the same place that are going on independently enough that the participants in one are only dimly aware of the goings-on in the other. It's a setting big enough that earthshaking events and life-or-death stakes can be damped down enough by distance, time, and relevance that they can be either headline news half the galaxy away or squeezed in above an ad for mildew remover on page fourteen below the fold. (I suspect that Delta explicitly being set in a remote, generally poorly trafficked part of the galaxy will mean the events of the series will not be widely known outside of the Brisingr globular cluster during future shows. Even the New UN Government barely acknowledged it as anything but a tiff between colony worlds until the very end.)
  6. Macross Master File

    Yeah, but in theory they're trying to at least stay within eyeshot of the official setting. It's not a bad thing, by any means. It's just that, as a Macross researcher and translator, I'm quite amused that a doujinshi Masahiro Chiba wrote before Macross: Do You Remember Love? came out and probably never expected anyone to remember or take seriously is apparently STILL referenced as an authoritative work by the writers of Macross publications both official and non over 34 years after he published it. (I confess I do sometimes wonder if he's either as amused by its longevity as I am or if he's a little embarrassed by people going back to his oldest work all the time like artists sometimes get.)
  7. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    A point of order... the Space Battleship Yamato franchise isn't developing new material. The last new original story they had was the Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection movie almost ten years ago. What they've been doing ever since is just remaking the first few Yamato titles. "Left" and "Right" are subjective, and depend entirely upon where you're standing at the time. What's that saying... "Not all who wander are lost"?
  8. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Macross 7 is very like its contemporary, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, in that you really need to be able to disengage yourself from your expectations of what a "traditional" title for the franchise is like and just go with the over-the-top enthusiasm in the show. (They were both intended for a somewhat younger audience, IINM.) If there's one thing that the last few years have proven pretty definitively is that it really IS quite impossible to make a show or film with universal appeal... especially if you're making a sequel to some existing title. You can't please some of the people any of the time. I'd rather Macross experiment and push the boundaries of its concept than stagnate the way that Universal Century Gundam titles have been doing for ages and turn to jerking itself off by making shows explicitly about its own merchandise. If it means one show in a dozen isn't a satisfying and delicious treat, so be it... it's still better than the only question being what we're calling the space nazis this season.
  9. Weapons Banter Thread

    This is relevant here, I guess... That 3D-printable gun advocacy group settled their lawsuit with the state department in their favor, so apparently the files are legal again and go back on DEFCAD starting August 1. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/07/3d-printed-gun-lawsuit-ends-after-3-years-in-gun-publishers-favor/
  10. Macross Master File

    We've known the Iron Chiefs were attached to the Megaroad-01 fleet for ages... though it's weird to see a SVF-184 Iron Chiefs VF-1, considering their first and only mention was as one of the first units to transition to the VF-4A. It looks like the legacy of the old Sky Angels VF-1 tech manual is still alive and well. The summary there for the SVF-184 Iron Chiefs mentions them being attached to ARMD-06 Constellation in 2011, after the First Space War ended. That means they're going with the unofficial history where there were two surviving ARMDs (Constellation and Midway) that escaped getting blown up by being out at Apollo Base and the L-5 manufacturing station.
  11. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    I'm not enough of a bastard to reply to this by singing "When September Ends". Anyway, here's Wonderwall... Seriously though, we probably won't have any real news until the end of September. I'm hoping for something akin to what Kawamori was talking about before the last project became Delta... a show about air racing or flight demonstration teams. (I'd love an adaptation of Macross the Ride, though I suspect the toy companies wouldn't be too thrilled with it since design-wise it's basically a showplace for Macross's version of MSV.)
  12. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Part of the problem being that some folks can't seem to separate "objectively bad" from "I didn't like it". Macross Delta has been a fairly successfully and well-received Macross series despite its flaws. The negative reception it gets from certain parts of the English-speaking fandom seems to have a good deal more to do with fans either not getting certain core themes of Macross or simply not being in the show's target demographic to begin with. Sufficed to say, there's a profound unwillingness in some corners to actually judge the show on its own merits (or lack thereof) rather than based on the viewer's unrealistic expectations of a Macross series. I suspect, on that note, this new series will not make those same malcontent fans happy.
  13. Macross Master File

    It can't conceivably be anywhere near as boring as the first book's attempt to explain how they applied overtechnology materials to threaded fasteners. I'm betting it's a structural improvement meant to make them more robust in hand-to-hand. I think he meant more why the design was changed... and what the advantage of the square hands is.
  14. Macross The First

    No, it's not completely drawn from scratch. The character and mecha design hasn't really changed that I've seen.
  15. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    A fair amount of a VF's weight is in the legs (the engines), so having the center of gravity pretty low probably helps.