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  1. Yeah, but even they mainly marketed it mostly as a glorified DVD extra feature... entertainingly as "new" and "never before seen" for something that'd been fansubbed on YouTube for like fifteen years by that point.
  2. That girl needs to be written out of the goddamn show. Her existence is something I can't understand. CBS had literal decades of audience feedback from previous Star Trek shows that should have left no room for doubt that this kind of character is cancer as far as the audience is concerned. Tilly manages to seamlessly combine the wide-eyed chirpy naivete of Kes, the total lack of growth and overwhelming whininess of Harry Kim, and the near-total social obliviousness of Neelix. That's the worst traits of three different characters Voyager's showrunners attempted to write out of the seri
  3. So was the tax avoidance scheme that Frank Agrama got convicted of... selling the rights to shows to shell companies he and his partners owned in tax havens at a huge markup, writing it off as a loss, and pocketing the proceeds. Eh... almost nobody really counts that as a new production, because all they really did was dub over the original MOSPEADA: Love Live Alive with a minute or two of new animation and then market it as a glorified extra features disc with a re-release of Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles. At this juncture, I'd like to point out that MOSPEADA:
  4. We'll see if they can keep it up... Star Trek: Discovery's production crew ran into a lot of trouble with Netflix in the previous two seasons because Kurtzman doesn't know what "fiscal restraint" means. The previous two seasons both went way over budget because of his spendthrift attitude towards production management and all the reshoots they needed, and that led to the budget being slashed by Netflix. Easier, for sure... but it'd undermine one of the few things about Discovery that's keeping at least some die-hard Star Trek fans paying for CBS All Access. Namely, that Di
  5. That was business as usual. Every time one of their attempts at new Robotech development gets cancelled, they spend the next several years loudly insisting that it's still being worked on and giving every excuse they can think of for why it's not coming out at every convention they attend until the fans stop caring. Then they quietly admit it was cancelled all along.
  6. Only in the vaguest possible sense... Macross has never really given any evidence that the ancient Protoculture directly interacted with - or influenced the social, cultural, or scientific development of - humanity at any point. One of the core tenets of the pseudoscientific ancient [alien/astronaut] theory is that extraterrestrials stuck around or made many visits over a long period of time to guide humanity by interbreeding with us to accelerate our evolution or teaching humans stuff like architecture, astronomy, and medicine, and being revered as gods. The Protoculture's influence on
  7. On the one hand, there is some amount of inter-season baggage carried over from season two. On the other hand, season three is basically Star Trek: Discovery making as clean a break as possible with its largely reviled grimdark take on the TOS era and starting there means skipping two entire seasons of plot holes, retcons, bad fanfic-tier writing, and the race to the professional bottom as the crew treat each other with thinly-veiled contempt or overt loathing. About the only things of value you miss by skipping seasons one and two are that first couple episodes of season two where A
  8. As you defined it, yes... Robotech is a dead franchise in the US. The last serious effort to produce a continuation of Robotech's animated series was the Shadow Chronicles OVA, which was cancelled in 2007 with just one episode completed after it was poorly received by fans and ignored by everyone else. In 2014, Harmony Gold tried and failed to crowdfund the production of a pilot episode for a new TV series under the title of Robotech Academy. They quit a week before the end of their fundraising period when it became evident they were only going to reach about 40% of their pledge goal.
  9. ... I don't know if I'd go that far. Burnham is absolutely still set up to be the cause of galactic events. In this case, they seem to be pretty clearly setting her up as the prime mover behind the restoration of the Federation. To be fair, while it is objectively reasonable in purely academic terms... people tend to think of the institutions that existed when they were growing up as somehow being permanent and unchanging. Children often struggle with the idea that their parents and grandparents didn't simply spring into being at their current ages. The idea that
  10. Nah, to file for registration of a trademark or renew a register trademark you have to be able to demonstrate that you are actually using the trademark in a commercial context.
  11. Unless the US reverses itself and adjusts its trademark laws to match what's done in most of the rest of the world, we're kind of stuck unless Harmony Gold either sells its rights or lets those trademarks expire due to disuse. There are a few ways that could happen, like Tatsunoko Production refusing to renew Harmony Gold's license or pricing it beyond what they're willing to spend, the franchise deteriorating to the point that it's not worth maintaining, or simply not having any merchandise sales to support asserting the trademark is in use. That is also possible. Some fans s
  12. Well, not really... We already knew about Big West having successfully challenged Harmony Gold's trademarks in a bunch of key markets including the UK, EU, and PRC... though IIRC in the EU Harmony Gold's pro forma objections to the initial ruling in Big West's favor are still winding their way through the system. The meme you found is kind of an exaggeration. Those rulings aren't enough to inflict lethal damage on the Robotech franchise. Losing their trademarks in the UK and EU is more an inconvenience than anything, since Harmony Gold's own disclosures about their use of their tra
  13. You joke... but both The Next Generation and Voyager did something that was pretty much THAT with a perfectly straight face. The one in TNG worked, but had serious implementation issues. The one in VOY worked pretty much perfectly.
  14. That's actually a really good point. Because practically all of the alternatives to warp drive also use subspace in some way or another, if they'd just gone wtih the Final Frontier take on it they'd have almost been home free with only the "time portals" to worry about.
  15. IMO, it actually marks a significant improvement. I'd have characterized the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery as unwatchable regardless of what the title was thanks to the godawful writing and the way the characters seem to despise each other. That season three's first episode feels like it'd be strong enough to stand on its own merits if it weren't burdened with the Star Trek legacy poking holes in its plot left and right says a lot about how far the writing has come.
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