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  1. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Var syndrome was first identified by human science at some point in the wake of the Vajra conflict's conclusion in 2059. That it wasn't discovered until after the Vajra conflict ended seems to be the basis for the highly problematic theory several characters are pushing in the Macross Delta series, that stated that Var syndrome emerged because v-type fold bacteria from the Vajra migrated into new hosts when the Vajra hive left our galaxy. Kind of a massive scientific cockup, as correlation doesn't imply causation and the theory incorrectly took it as read that Var syndrome was a natural occurrence. Almost every aspect of that theory doesn't hold up under examination though, and several outright contradict Macross Delta's own prequels. The first (chronologically speaking) case of Var syndrome depicted in Macross may be in an early mission in Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy, where one of the earliest Hunters Guild missions has you encounter a unit of Zentradi in Ratatoskr Cave who are seemingly going berserk for no reason and are snapped out of it by Mina's song. Just the one, AFAIK... the manga adaptation of the Macross Delta series running in Monthly Shonen Sirius. Dunno how many chapters it's up to, but it must be at least a dozen. The Black-Winged White Knight ran for 11 chapters, Macross E ran for 9 chapters, and the The Diva Who Guides the Galaxy manga ran for 17.
  2. YF-25 Prophecy with customized Tornado Pack

    Absolutely gorgeous handiwork.
  3. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    At your service... and thank you once again for a good clean image of this odd little variant of the VF-171. I really ought to knuckle down and order the last volume of Macross E at some point. After seeing them in both Macross Frontier's TV series and Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy, the VF-171EX units operated by the Xaos branch on Pipure look subtly wrong without the MDE beam cannon and anti-ship missile rack on the dorsal mounts. Makes sense they wouldn't have them, though, given the restrictions on using MDE weapons and Xaos seemingly not being as flush with cash as its rival SMS.
  4. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Nah, if it'd been a connection timeout the code would've something like a 408 Request Timeout or one of the 500 level error codes. This was a fast redirect to a hosting service 403 Forbidden error page, suggesting something was wrong with the site itself. Good that it's straightened out though. Considering the Galaxy Network in Macross is basically a fold wave-based mother of all satellite internet networks, one has to wonder what the latency's like. sketchley, have you seen anything on how long it takes to get a message across the galaxy?
  5. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Triple word score if it ends with a capital Q in a word that is otherwise not capitalized. Either approach is fine and dandy with me, though I would like to note that while it was initially true that some of the more unusual spellings came from, most of them have been used in official material over the years. The most recent newcomer is, IIRC, "Gnerl" referring to the Dogfighter pod, which for the life of me I can't recall seeing used outside of model kits until dogfighter pods made an appearance on the Siera Desert map in Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy tagged with "GNERL" on the game's HUD. (Incidentally, the main page of your site appears to be down... a 403 Forbidden error? Is it that time of year again?)
  6. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Because it looks more alien that way... even though the Zentradi alphabet used in some merchandise and seen in DYRL? and Frontier is just a symbol substitution cypher for English. (Same reason a lot of western sci-fi and fantasy love putting apostrophes in the middle of names. The more alien and/or powerful, the greater the number of apostrophes and other out-of-place punctuation.)
  7. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    That's Kite Kinjo's VF-171EX Custom from the Macross Delta gaiden manga Macross E. I hadn't seen as clean a picture of that as the one you posted, so thank you for that. Its operator is the Xaos branch office on Pipure, c.2062. It was originally a stock VF-171EX that was attached to the branch's Echo Platoon, callsign Echo 3. It was modified into the configuration in the picture after being badly damaged by Var-infected megafauna during a Var suppression experiment for Xaos's Project Thrones - a joint venture with the indie idol group Thrones. It's essentially a first try at developing a variable fighter developed for supporting a Tactical Sound Unit. (The idol group Thrones are Xaos's first Tactical Sound Unit, supported by Echo Platoon.) The modifications weren't anywhere near as extreme as those made to the VF-31 Kairos five years later to create the VF-31 Siegfried, but still involved remodeling the monitor turret, fitting a second seat into the cockpit, and the installation of a "live dome"... a custom radome assembly which had fold amps built in, and was used as a stage by the members of Thrones during operations. (That thing where Walkure rides Chuck's radome? Thrones seems to have started that.) Otherwise, the units were basically stock VF-171EX Nightmare Pluses. AFAIK the only source of info on it to date is the manga itself.
  8. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    If the incredibly brief explanation on Macross Chronicle's Worldguide sheet for "Renowned VF Units" is a fair indication, the key distinguishing trait is that they exist separately from the regular chain of command. A lot of them seem to be centered around commando-esque independent operations in the field, like the Ravens, Hávamál, or the Dancing Skulls1. The aforementioned Round Table from the Macross R light novel might also belong to that category, as it was (at least on paper) a special force intended for anti-terrorist2 special operations like the others. Others, like Sound Force and the Jamming Birds, seem to have been given that classification as an effort to find a way to identify irregulars and units containing civilian volunteers on the fleet TO&E, or perhaps because they practiced "unconventional3 warfare" tactics. It's possible that units which are optimized to fight a particular foe or employ non-standard equipment, like SMS's Skull Platoon, may fall under this category. Then there's that weird subset that contains units like Diamond Force and Emerald Force, that are seemingly just small units of elite troops who answer directly to the highest-ranking officials in the area and serve as troubleshooters... prestige units that wade into the heaviest combat to turn the tide and deal with especially large threats with maximum force. This group might also be serving the fleet as guinea pigs, testing the latest fighters in combat before the rank and file get 'em, like Docker's Emerald Force was at least theoretically doing. Those all seem to be, for the most part, the responsibility of the regular forces. "Special Forces" in the Macross setting seems to be more a catch-all term for anything that doesn't fit neatly into fleet or planetary defense force TO&Es. Most seem to be, outside of the ones in the "irregulars" category who are civilians. Diamond and Emerald Force gave a good accounting of themselves on foot on numerous occasions, with Gamlin going above and beyond. The Ravens, I know, also had hand-to-hand and infantry ops training. I doubt they're actually used in an infantry capacity unless things go horribly south though. Dunno 'bout that... in the TV series, at least, they lost Battle Galaxy and a good chunk of their fleet but their actual habitat ships and so on are still around. The legacy of their work certainly seems to be alive in the "present day" of 2067 though... although it's being used against the New UN Forces again. 1. Max and Milia's special forces unit from Macross M3. 2. "Anti-terrorist" seems to cover a LOT of ground though, from dealing with actual anti-government forces before they become enough of an issue to merit the en masse attention of the regular forces, to stamping out hostile rogue Zentradi factions and New UN Forces soldiers who've gone off the deep end. Even investigating anomalous readings from decommissioned bases or areas where normal troops like infantry can't go. 3. In a good, legal, entirely above board let's-all-join-hands-and-sing-rainbow-connection, feel-good sort of way.
  9. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Are we counting the novelization in this? If so, yes. Otherwise it's a very definite "maybe"... unless you didn't specifically mean Variable Fighters, since they did have the AIF-9V Ghosts seen in the last episode and the QF-5100D Goblin II drones seen in the second movie as part of the VF-27's Super Pack. Back in Macross R, set a year before the Vajra conflict, the Macross Galaxy corporate army did have at least one unit (Pegasus squadron) which was outfitted with a local specification version of the old VF-19C (VF-19C/MG21). The first volume of the Macross Frontier novelization ("Close Encounter") puts a number of other units in the Galaxy fleet's arsenal including a never-before-seen and unfortunately unelaborated-upon VF-17 variant (VF-17F) and several VF-9's that are presumably (but not explicitly said to be) the upgraded VF-9E type. I would assume that they hadn't had time to upgrade every unit in their corporate army to the VF-27 yet, so there were probably VF-171s offscreen as well.
  10. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Yep... the Macross Frontier fleet NUNS issued some of the VF-19EF Caliburn units to one of its own special forces squadrons, a unit called Round Table.
  11. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    Eh... that's not really "things that never [got] animated", it's more along the lines of "things that the GA Graphic staff came up with on their own because they needed to pad a badly-written book like a menstruating firehose so it'd reach the 128 pages management committed to".1 EDIT: Don't get me wrong here, the problems with the VF-31 Master File are entirely on the staff that wrote the book, not the staff of the show. They had information and chose not to use it, or to contradict it, for reasons that aren't clear. With a few exceptions in the earlier books, the original variants in Variable Fighter Master File aren't based on anything official. Several of them even straight-up contradict official series materials from various Macross shows.2 They're basically throw-it-in filler intended to inflate page count and add a bit of visual diversity to what would otherwise be a realistically samey Variants section where all the variants look almost identical. The variants that ARE official or at least based on material in official publications fall into three categories: ones nicked from other sources whole cloth3, ones which are straight-up official4, and ones which are current-model versions of things that existed for a previous VF model.5 The only book that really stayed away from it was the VF-0 book, which covered only the official five variants in any depth... though it did add one or two intermediate variants between the F-14A+ and VF-0A in passing. There are a fair few variants in Master File that don't make a ton of sense... again, because they're throw-it-in filler meant to add visual interest and pad page count. What use is a VF-25 biplane, for instance? Or a VF-19 for ground attack with a tiny little chin turret when it's already got much more powerful beam guns and a rotary gunpod? That one, the book at least explains in a way that doesn't make you wonder if the writer spent the previous hour sampling everything in the nurse's medicine cabinet... some of the others, not so much.
  12. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Nah, there was a pretty concerted effort to preserve humanity via cloning and good old fashioned boot-knocking. Zentradi-Human hybrids weren't rare, but they weren't exactly ubiquitous either... hence the big to-do about Guld's ancestry in Macross Plus. (There do seem to have been no shortage of Zentradi couples pairing off though.) Yep, even exploiting the captured Zentradi Army cloning technology to its fullest, they ran up against that wall around 2030 and pulled the plug. Of course, sending ships full of clones with a sufficiently diverse genetic origin off to colonize other planets in the galaxy helped defer the inevitable. (There is also some indication that the cloning tech can mix and match genes to create individuals who aren't simply genetic duplicates, but its usefulness in that regard is apparently limited.)
  13. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Just imagine it... Warera Nantes, Roli Dosel, and Conda Bromco: Space Nannies. (Or from Macross 2036, the implication that General Vrlitwhai Kridanik himself may have been the one babysitting Komilia when her parents were busy. "Uncle Vrlitwhai" indeed...) Clearly... I can only imagine that "Day care worker" suddenly became a fairly lucrative business, considering Max and Milia's seven (plus one) kids weren't even the largest family we know about from that period. Shammy Milliome and her husband had ELEVEN, and they were living in those relatively small colonies on the moon. That must have been a nightmare, you can't even tell the kids "go play outside" when outside is an airless 1/6th G dustball. It's certainly possible. (It'd be like the Jackie Chan movie Shuāng Lóng Huì /Twin Dragons, but with even more potential for comedy.) Raising eight daughters with his clone soldier wife, I can only assume Max locked himself in a bunker for a couple days every month for his own safety...
  14. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    About 9 million, all told... ~1 million humans and ~8 million Zentradi. Presumably, yes... since it's mentioned that they duplicated important personnel with key skills right down to their memories and learned skills. On Earth, as far as we know. Apparently not, given that a portion of it was identical copies of people with key skills and they had to kill the program after about 20 years because of a significant increase in the rate of recessive genetic illnesses. As far as we know, Aegis has no relation to Roy.
  15. Macross Δ (Delta) Movie Announced

    Depends if they're mecha-oriented fans like us, or the more typical Delta fan who'd probably ask if you'd hit your head if you said it was a mecha series.