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  1. Not that I've seen, no... the publisher doesn't seem to offer eBook versions of these. If they did, it'd probably be region-locked and DRM'd to be unavailable outside of the JDM.
  2. Nope, there were a bunch of rejected Ride Armor concepts that were used in the "UEEF Marines" sourcebook... but IIRC the so-called "Super Cyclone" you're thinking of was something they came up with for Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles (and all it really is is a regular VR-052 MOSPEADA painted black - because black is edgy, right? - with a bigger gun). Oh, the 126 person figure is for the coast guard cutter in question... I used the Heritage-class as an example, since it's approximately to scale with a Zentradi fleet picket in terms of the relative sizes of crew and ship. Though, as noted, the picket would have less space for actual crew since it has to accommodate a hangar as well. So in all likelihood, your headcanon's fairly close to the truth. It's been called a lot of things... for the longest time people were calling it by the name Quiltra Quelamitz and asserting it's a monitor. The ship is a gunboat, and doesn't have a class name. Fanon's weird sometimes. Though I did recently notice something that'd been bugging me and sketchley. The term "GNERL" that never seems to be used in print sources but is always used to refer to the Zentradi dogfighter pod... that's from a line in Super Dimension Fortress Macross's very first episode (about 19 minutes in).
  3. Oh, yes... after they exhausted what little official setting material exists for Robotech, HG gave them permission to use the so-called "Imai Files" for what turned out to be the game's last book (of blatant filler) before the publisher's license was revoked. It was an embarrassing desperation move and a hilariously poor-quality product even by the publisher's already-low standards. Yup... if you get right down to it, in scale to its crew, the Zentradi fleet picket is about the same size as a typical US Coast Guard patrol cutter. Those have a crew of 126, and didn't have to support aircraft. The picket's got a big damn hangar at the back that's going to cut into the available space rather heavily. They scaled it back somewhat in RT2E, but at no point have they gone to the actual numbers in the OSM and noticed that the average Zentradi ship should only have a crew of about 1,500 men. There are no Monitors in the Zentradi forces... the ship you're thinking of is a gunboat. (中型砲艦) The key distinction there is that a monitor is a ship designed for ship-to-ship combat that carries disproportionately large guns while a gunboat is a ship mounting a heavy gun that's made for surface bombardment.
  4. Nope, she never does use those railguns... and we only ever see her fire her guided beam cannon turrets in Ep27. The Macross is extremely heavily armed compared to other UN Forces warships of the period... but its armament isn't particularly impressive compared to the larger Zentradi warships unless you count it having thermonuclear reaction munitions and various add-ons like a barrier system that the Zentradi didn't.
  5. Hey, Quartermaster General Benny Hill's decisions about equipment will NOT be questioned! Nope, it's an emergency crowd control measure... the GMP is tapping into that hindbrain reaction that distracts people when they see a nice pair. Fun fact... it normally takes a minimum of nine years of service to reach the rank of Sergeant Major or its equivalent in most world militaries. Jeanne Francaix is a Sergeant Major at the start of Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Jeanne Francaix is also seventeen years old at the start of Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. We can only assume she's been MASSIVELY overpromoted which must've happened before Glorie's military got to know her, as her frequent flier status to the stockade would normally disqualify one from any kind of promotion. (Of course, that the 15th exists at all instead of handing the soldiers dumped there their dishonorable discharge papers shows the Southern Cross Army's brass are taking the piss too.) IIRC, wasn't she a transfer from Liberte or something? Lana and Marie technically don't have that problem, since they're both 2nd Lieutenants and officer training is usually not much longer than basic training (~10-12 weeks) for those coming in on the OCS option. Like most anime that indulge in this, there's a baked-in excuse that the military had to relax its age requirements a bit in the wake of a global catastrophe (back on Earth) that took the population down a few dozen notches.
  6. In an unusual turn for the publisher, Palladium Books's "2nd Edition" Robotech RPG isn't atrociously inaccurate... in no small part because a lot of its information was shamelessly cribbed from Macross fan sites. So much so, in fact, that they accidentally copied things that are unique to Macross's sequels and not at all present in Robotech like the UUM-7 micro-missile pod used by the VF-1 Valkyrie. All in all, it's not a bad starting point for a homebrew Macross game. I'd argue the Macross II RPG is slightly better, despite its much greater number of content errors, because it lacks a few system-level screwups like the erroneous division of micro-missiles into "short-range missiles" and "mini-missiles" and depriving approximately half of them of guidance. (Nobody seems to have the heart to tell Kevin that an unguided missile is called a rocket.) That said, their stats for Zentradi ships tend towards the absurd because the writers of the RPGs seem to have no concept of the size of these ships relative to their crews. They end up being given ridiculously massive crew sizes and mecha complements because the writers forget the individual crew members are 125x the size of a human being, making the ships 1/5 the relative size in every dimension if you're looking at them in human terms. Relative to its crew, the largest regular Zentradi ship is only about 2/3 the size of the Macross relative to her miclone crew. Esp. in light of the fact that the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross series pretty clearly depicts Zentradi ships shooting at incoming fighters with the same guided beam cannon turrets they use for anti-warship work.
  7. It's pretty slim... we know what the basic systems are and the basic types of weaponry they use, but not specific numbers or anything like that.
  8. One of the Southern Cross model kits by Arii did it even earlier... complete with a removable chest plate so you could see Lana's knockers for some reason?
  9. Same... this is one of the rare Robotech products that doesn't look like complete arse, but because it has the R-word on it and profits Harmony Gold it's a hard pass from me.
  10. You just HAD to tempt fate... ... I hope this isn't the final cover. This looks way worse than the previous one, with the blatant copy-pasted ARMD-class ships and wonky lighting. The preview pics on Amazon are pretty underwhelming too. Nothing like an actual image of a page, just random shots of the VF-1S. I say again, the Mikimoto book's title should be changed to Haruhiko Mikimoto Forever to match its "coming when it's done" attitude towards release dates...
  11. The La Sirena set layouts shown on The Ready Room suggest the ship is MUCH smaller than that... and that the internal spaces we see comprise somewhere on the order of half or more of the ship's internal volume. That, combined with exterior shots (most tellingly the bridge windows) points to the ship being only two decks tall and maybe 2-3x the size of Picard's captain's yacht Cousteau from the Enterprise-E. Given that it's depicted as being a fair bit smaller than the 23rd century Romulan Bird-of-Prey, it's probably less than 100m end-to-end. (Cousteau was 33m, and the average Danube-class runabout is 23m, the BoP is 150m.) Granted, most of the technology in Star Trek: Picard fails to follow the established design conventions of Star Trek or anything resembling common sense... prompting the Star Trek: Picard creative team to trot out a variety of half-assed attempted justifications. (To date, I think my favorite is the half-assed excuse for their terrible props. The reason the phasers from La Sirena's armory and various other places look like modern guns with random crap glued to them is because they're old. REALLY old. Like a century and a half old, making them models introduced around the time the original USS Enterprise was commissioned. Rios can afford the latest holosuite and emergency hologram technology for his ship but makes do with phasers and tricorders from his great grandfather's era?) Based on the creator commentary, La Sirena was designed and built as a freighter... so it's unlikely that it was ever heavily armed. They seem to be too narrow for anything, really, unless they're meant to be fuel tanks or something like that. They're definitely not where the weapons are mounted, since La Sirena's only apparent phaser bank seems to be in its nose. What appear to be the ship's warp nacelles are connected to their bottom edges, however.
  12. Tell that to the writers, who've been building on and directly referencing stuff that only happened in video games and light novels. Maybe it's time Macross branches out to something like metal? That seems like a genre that'd go over well with the Zentradi. Hell, maybe do a Zentradi version of Detroit Metal City, about an up-and-coming Zentradi metal band.
  13. Placed my order... I figured they'd post it eventually.
  14. Ration packs being horrible is kind of truth-in-television, tho... it's a rare soldier who thinks military ration packs actually taste good, most usually think they're iffy at best. They're at least VERY consistent in Star Trek that field rations are bloody awful. Even Gul Dukat chimes in that they've possibly started tasting even worse since the Cardassian border wars. (One thing in Picard that's really bloody incongruous WRT the show's weird hate-on for replicated food is Maddox's insistence that baking cookies with replicated ingredients somehow is different/better than just replicating the cookies. It's the same synthesized matter one way or the other.)
  15. ... too already done, that's basically Macross the Ride if you take out the grandpa and have the main protagonist's backstory tie directly into Macross 7.
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