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  1. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    That was probably me... from the Bandai B-Club Magazine #79 feature on Macross's influence on the mecha genre. Zeta Gundam was probably the biggest title listed. Macross II itself, of course, was a new Macross OVA with more than a few Gundam veterans working on it at the time. As far as a Gundam show that's like Macross... we kinda had that too. It was exactly as terrible and forced-feeling as you'd expect an attempt to port Macross's sunny disposition into a franchise which runs on dark and depressing like Gundam. Mobile Suit Gundam: A Wakening of the Trailblazer was just a frigging train wreck start-to-finish, as Gundam's first foray into the subject of actual alien life and first contact. (Sentient life, mind. I don't count the dead space whale in SEED or that bacteria from the Crossbone Gundam: Ghost manga.) These days I certainly find the new AU stories more enjoyable than the Universal Century... barring messes like Build Fighters, Build Divers, and Age. Gundam Unicorn and the Re:0096 series really didn't make much of an impression on me. I've seen both, and neither was engaging enough for me to get invested in the story or so dull that I couldn't stand to watch another minute. Universal Century Gundam show plots are pretty much a foregone conclusion as a rule since the Gundam's side always wins, but because it was set between a pair of older Gundam shows all the fuss and noise about the world-altering implications of Laplace's box in the series fell completely flat because the audience already knew nothing was going to change. If they're determined to keep doing Universal Century stories they need to move to a date beyond what's already been done for the timeline. Side stories like Unicorn and Thunderbolt don't make a meaningful contribution to the setting, because we know going into it that any drama on their part has literally zero impact on the setting. Any consequences the characters incur have no weight to them, because the shape of the future is predetermined. It's like watching a recording of a recent sporting event after you've seen the final score. You can appreciate the technical perspective, but there's little excitement when you already know the outcome.
  2. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    We had one of those... Well, more like two... Maybe three if you count the original concept for the SDF-1, which was a White Base knockoff that turned into a giant Gundam...
  3. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    I feel like we can get some indecent exposure jokes out of that... Still, that story was kind of a downer even by Universal Century standards, what with Bright having to execute his own son...
  4. Gundam Show Thread - MSG thru IBO

    Did Gundam Unicorn really need a sequel? I mean, its plot was pretty self-contained and all and didn't really impact the greater Universal Century any...
  5. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Until @ManhattanProject972 pointed out the A6M Zero connection, I would've said "I have no idea"... since they romanized it "Zeak" in the Visual Book, it just sort of slipped by. That would make it the second VF in that story to have a World War II name reference, the other being the VF-22HG Schwalbe Zwei. That one is a double reference to the Me 262 fighter version (Sturmvogel having been the fighter-bomber configuration) and Messerschmitt's Me 262 V9 Hochgeschwindigkeit (abbreviated HG, lit "high speed") series of test aircraft. The usage of the kanji "改" (kai, lit. "revision") in a context like a vehicle's official designation/model number indicates what might commonly be called an aftermarket modification. For example, Basara's VF-19改 "Fire Valkyrie" started out as a VF-19F1 Excalibur before undergoing extensive modifications to be outfitted with Sound Force equipment. Same as Ray's VF-17T改 and Mylene's VF-11MAXL改, which started out as stock VF-17T and VF-11MAXL units. The VF-0改 Zeak that Hakuna Aoba received in Macross R was a VF-0 airframe that was extensively retrofitted using modern materials and parts from the YF-25 series. 改 wouldn't be used for a one-off or limited production VF that was built to different specs than the mass production model, because it was designed and built that way by the manufacturer. Shinsei's VF-11MAXL Thunderbolt is an ace variant that's built to order for a particular pilot, but because it's delivered that way by the manufacturer it doesn't merit a 改. The same goes for Chelsea Scarlett's VF-19ACTIVE Nothung. It's a one-of-a-kind technology demonstrator, but because it was designed and built to that spec rather than being a VF-19 that was modified after the fact, it isn't a 改. There are a few cases of inconsistent usage. Macross 2036 flipflops on referring to the upgraded VF-1 Valkyries the characters use as VF-1改 or VF-1R. The 改 usage in that case is inappropriate, given that the VF-1R series (VF-1AR/JR/SR) is a production aircraft in its own right that's like the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet to the VF-1's F/A-18C/D. Macross Delta's Siegfried units should properly have been designated VF-31改, since their backstory indicates Surya Aerospace delivered them as trial production VF-31As and they were subsequently modified by Xaos into their present forms. 1. Per Macross Chronicle Mechanic Sheet ALL 01B. Variable Fighter Master File: VF-19 Excalibur takes a different view, and asserts that it was a less heavily modified VF-19E Excalibur instead.
  6. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Yeah, the Robotech fan film group from (IIRC) Serbia that got hit with a cease and desist before they did went the same route... ditch the Robotech IP and repurpose the original aspects of their existing work as the starting point for an original science fiction series. Mind you, those two groups got their projects nuked for very different reasons. UEG Productions' fan film Robotech Genesis got slapped with a cease and desist when they refused to surrender all rights to their work to HG in exchange for the fan film being exhibited on robotech.com. HG has asserted, in documents provided for the lawsuit between them and CGL/PGI that they shut down that Valkyrie Project fan series under orders from Big West (via Tatsunoko)... though, if true, the decision was probably motivated by HG having publicly endorsed the fan film. Hiring the Valkyrie Project guys was a desperate face-saving move, since HG had previously given that fan film their blessing and then shut it down. Doubly so since the rumor at the time was that Harmony Gold was shutting down these fan film projects because they were angry that those fans were creating higher quality material than they were.
  7. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Back when the book was written, that was a bank-breakingly massive, downright unreasonable sum for a development program... almost double what was projected for the first 5th Gen fighters, in the same way the individual unit cost of the VF-1 was a good 4-5 times what a modern fighter jet at the time was.
  8. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Volume 1's cover is Hakuna Aoba's VF-1X++ Valkyrie Double Plus and Chelsea Scarlett's VF-19ACTIVE "Nothung". Volume 2's cover is their respective "mid-season" upgrades... Chelsea Scarlett's YF-25 Prophecy w/ Paladin Pack (SPS-25P/MF25) and Hakuna Aoba's VF-0改 "Zeak", which is basically a VF-0 rebuilt with YF-25 parts.
  9. Before that, when Mirage takes him up in her VF-31C and he barfs all over her on landing.
  10. Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    As @sketchley said, it's the Russian word for "Eagle"... the Sv-52 in question even has wings designed with feather-like control surfaces (primary remiges). Magdalena Zielonaska is, evidence would suggest, Polish rather than Russian. Her family's company has a name referencing an offensive in the liberation of Poland by the Red Army (Vistula & Oder, the two rivers in Poland that marked the approximate bounds of the Vistula-Oder Offensive that reclaimed most of Poland from the Nazis).
  11. Huh... so are they measuring that with an onboard accelerometer, or are they computing it from slow motion footage? I imagine they're probably less worried about injury than they are about some hotshot putting himself into G-LOC and putting his plane into the spectators (or the ground). The human body can take astonishing amounts of g's as transitory split-second loadings without incurring lethal damage... IIRC the standard benchmarks for injury start at around 50g with death being around 75-100g depending on the body part pulling that load... but sustained g-loads become injurious at much lower levels. One can only wonder how many g's Guld was pulling when he died, since his fighter was equipped with an inertia vector control system to buffer high g and he STILL incurred lethal g-loads. For that matter, it makes one wonder were the buffer point starts on an inertia store converter. Hayate was clearly pulling several g's when he got violently ill in his first flight with Mirage, and that VF did have a very good quality inertia store converter in it.
  12. The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Yes, that is Ogol 7312... self-styled as Naresuan after adopting Earth's culture in the wake of the First Space War. Fun fact, he took the name of one of Thailand's most revered monarchs, also known as Sanphet II. He's the leader of Fasces, and a former NUNS Special Forces squadron commander (of SVF-473 Etoile Filane - french for "Shooting Star") who mentored both Hakuna Aoba (right book left dude in the orange jacket) and Angers 672 (the one standing next to him). Very true... which is why I restricted referencing them to corroboration of things said in more official publications. (IIRC, doesn't your site list them as "Expanded Universe"? Incidentally, you have a LOT of AwardZone broken link notifications on the Glossary pages.)
  13. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Safe bet it's Harmony Gold. After all, Catalyst and Piranha submitted that motion to dismiss alleging that Harmony Gold didn't have the rights under license that it claimed to and thus didn't have the standing to bring the suit against them and this is arguing the opposite. I suppose I can't definitively rule out that they might be so stupid they'd refute the entire premise of their own motion to dismiss though, in light of the fact that they keep getting caught trying to commit precisely the same crime over and over again like they're an even less competent Team Rocket.