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  1. Not quite... trademarks are on a "use it or lose it" basis, so if HG were to stop releasing Robotech merch to keep that trademark alive they wouldn't be able to renew it.
  2. A little from Column A, a little from Column B. I haven't seen the latest leaks, but I have to admit I'd have agreed with the theory that Rey intends to either adopt the name Skywalker or turn it into a title for her new Jedi order because she hero-worships the original trilogy cast regardless of any leaks. Her whole character arc is about looking for her identity.
  3. Yeah, pretty much. Big West is entirely content to sit back and watch Harmony Gold's Robotech franchise sink from a distance. It's not like they need to bother with dubs of Macross since the majority of anime fans prefer subs anyway. They can just mass-market Macross Blu-rays from Japan with official multilingual subtitles and knock off for lunch. Of course... but the Harmony Gold Robotech creative staff lost touch with objective reality and started to believe their own hype back when Carl Macek was still running things, and the ascended fanboys who replaced him have been drinking his Kool-Aid for years. It's not surprising they're clueless enough to actually believe Robotech is a viable property or that they're going to be gatekeepers to Macross in the west. As above, Harmony Gold's real problem there is that the Robotech franchise's staff are all ascended fanboys... they simply don't have a realistic outlook, because they've spent so long immersed in Harmony Gold's blatant lies about Robotech and its supposed standing in the industry. Just a few posts ago we got to see a great example of that mindset, when someone tried to argue that Robotech's value was more than just Macross despite the entire history of the franchise and virtually its entire merchandise line is an irrefutable argument to the contrary. Robotech would probably have folded back at any of a dozen points in its history if not for its own delusions of grandeur. It took repeated (and hilarious) professional and public humiliation for Harmony Gold's management to finally rein in Yune Quixote and stop the waste of time and money that was attempting to develop continuations for Robotech's animated series. Personally, I'm inclined to suspect that the adoption of the original Macross logo and name for their latest line of merchandise was something done over the objections of Robotech's creative staff, rather than something they initiated. I think the back-to-back failures of Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles, Robotech Academy, and Robotech RPG Tactics convinced the management at HG to stop taking the Robotech creative staff's advice seriously. After all, it was the Robotech creative staff who had the brilliant idea to court disaster by attempting to troll Macross fans on the Kickstarter they were attempting to use to finance their new series development. Switching to attempting to court Macross fans with Macross-branded Hong Kong bootleg merchandise feels like the kind of tone-deaf reaction you'd get from senior management. Any way you shake it, Robotech is f*cked. It's only a matter of time before the brand is simply no longer turning enough of a profit for HG to justify keeping the lights on in the Robotech division. Macross is coming for them, and they know it. Whether they'll try to go down with the ship or they'll bow out and try to tell off remaining assets remains to be seen, but the end is close and getting closer still with every trademark victory for Big West.
  4. To be honest, I don't have the free time to take on another fan project. I'm only barely keeping up with the development of a website for my Macross translation work, and my day job leaves me with very little free time as it is. I'm also not much of a writer when it comes to prose, I'm more of a researcher.
  5. Well, your OC is supposed to be 15. He and Klan would both be high school age, so he could be enrolled at Mihoshi Academy with the other principal characters of Macross Frontier sans Ranka and Nanase who go to a private all-girls school instead. If he's in the space navigation major at Mihoshi Academy he'd be in a position to be around people who are around Klan a lot like Michael Blanc.
  6. If anything, the fact that George Lucas was able to succeed with the prequel trilogy despite f*cking it up pretty hard was probably what convinced Disney that Star Wars fans would buy any damn thing they bothered to slap the Star Wars name on regardless of quality. Killing Yuenglings instead of Younglings sounds like a good place to start? Considering that what George has revealed about his own plans for a sequel trilogy are, if anything, worse than anything Disney came up with... I think it's pretty safe to say he'd likely ignore or dismiss anyone who told him he was f*cking up. Anyone out there wanna put up their hand and say Osmosis Jones would've been better with midichlorians?
  7. It'd be more complicated, I'm not sure if it'd necessarily be easier. Enforcement of more localized, transient intellectual property rights like trademarks can be a bit fraught when international trade agreements are concerned. Oh, they're still making a profit on it. Not much of one, mind you... but since all they do is re-release the same old show over and over, their production expenses were amortized ages ago and the take is practically pure profit. The reason they're so determined to hang onto the Super Dimension Fortress Macross rights is that that's the ONLY part of Robotech which is still able to turn a profit. That's why I think their planned endgame for Robotech is to transition to being an intermediary for the release of Macross in the west. They've been steadily Macross-izing Robotech in several different ways and minimizing the importance and relevance of the other two-thirds of the show while chasing Macross Saga merchandise profits. It's like they're preparing to write Robotech off as "American Macross" the way StarBlazers is just "American Yamato" in exchange for a share of the licensing royalties. I suspect Big West won't play ball, and HG'll have to fall back on trying to inflate the price of the rights to turn the maximum one-time profit divesting themselves of Super Dimension Fortress Macross (and Robotech) instead of simply letting the license expire. (Like extortion, but technically legal.)
  8. Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou is pretty good stuff... sadly it's really short, though the ending isn't much different from how the manga ended. (Sadly, the pun in the title doesn't translate well... kind of like the lolicon trio joke in Macross.)
  9. That's definitely the impression I got... though didn't TPTB at Disney have to snap Mark Hamill back after he briefly expressed his real thoughts about The Last Jedi? Best of luck to them... but normally a starring role in Star Wars is a "marked for life" kind of thing. You never escape it. Let's just cross our fingers and hope it ends better for them than it did for poor Jake Lloyd. Let's be honest... who would want them to? Their characters suck.
  10. That'd work, there are plenty of older officers in SMS who could probably take a kid in. Henry Gilliam might be a good option there, since he's a mostly undeveloped character and an old friend of Ozma's who's in at least his mid-20's. He'd have regular contact with the members of Pixie Platoon given that he was part of Skull Platoon and would've been part of the VF-25's operational evaluation program. Strategic Military Services doesn't have a military base as such... just an office building and dock in Island-1, and the Macross Quarter. As seen in the series, Major Ozma Lee lives in a terraced townhouse in the replica San Francisco section of Island-1. (Ozma and Ranka's townhouse is the only time we see the living arrangements of the main cast in the series. The only other homes we see in the series are the Saotome family's sukiya-zukuri style Japanese mansion that was Alto's childhood home and the mansion of Richard Bilra, the founder and owner of SMS's parent company Bilra Transport, neither of which would be what you'd call typical living quarters.)
  11. Not as such... but they're obligated to respect intellectual property ownership filings in each other's jurisdictions under the trade agreement. (NAFTA, and whatever's replacing it.) Basically, if Harmony Gold trademarks in Canada or Mexico were overturned in Big West's favor, it wouldn't impact the US trademarks as such but it could complicate matters if HG were to try to challenge the new registrations. Seemed like a bit of a boondoggle even before Big West started taking an active interest in reclaiming the Macross trademarks... Kevin McKeever's account of his trip to China was a bit, well, creepy. Like "anecdotes about perving on girls at the airport" creepy. Plus China already had Macross in bootleg form for ages and their own half-baked local knockoff of Gundam SEED and Macross Frontier called Astro Plan... that @areaseven infamously tricked a bunch of Robotech fans into thinking HG was going to license and localize as a new Robotech series. Never mind that Robotech's "glory days" were pretty heavily exaggerated by Harmony Gold and Robotech fans. The show was never better than a middle-of-the-pack performer in the ratings race and had an unsuccessful toy line. Not exactly glorious, IMO. Depending on who you ask, this wasn't actually their decision... but rather something Revell forced on them in exchange for the merchandising rights it'd acquired to Macross kits. Harmony Gold's apparent desire to strongarm Big West into licensing Macross in the US through them, so they can have a cut without doing any actual work, is a complete waste of time on their part. Their only realistic prospect at this point is to try to hold out long enough to transfer their rights to Big West and sell the trademarks.
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