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  1. So, as often as the Millennium Falcon breaks down, Luke was right that it was a piece of junk? I guess it's not that surprising, given that the galaxy far far away has been an interstellar civilization for thousands and thousands of years... they'd have had plenty of time to refine the technology for space travel to improve its overall safety.
  2. You're supposed to... she's meant to be awful, as a comedic counterpart to Shiraishi. She's the embodiment of that gap between how idols act when the camera's on them vs. in private.
  3. Yeah, it got me reading the TVTropes pages for H.P. Lovecraft and some of his more iconic works that get referenced in Crawl up! Nyaruko-san. The series drops a LOT of references to the Call of Cthulhu RPG too. Since I'm feeling cruddy and working partly from home today, I've started a new series after finishing Crawl up! Nyaruko-san. I was in the mood for something light, so I went for We Can't Study! (Bokutachi wa Benkyō ga Dekinai). It seems fairly cute, one episode in.
  4. "Slowly". About two months after SDCon, I got an unasked-for promotion that about tripled my workload at my day job in the short term. I ended up with a lot less time to devote to the hobby while I was grappling with my new responsibilities and trying to get on top of everything my predecessor left unfinished and undocumented. I finally got everything back onto an even keel right before the Christmas break, so now I'm playing catch-up on development. We've broken (metaphorical) ground on the site design after a good deal of debate about how it's going to look, and now it's mostly coding the layouts. The easy part comes after that: populating the pages with articles and translations. The moral of the story is that having rare and difficult-to-replace skills is great for contract negotiations and job security, but horrible for your health and peace of mind if vacancies on your team are nearly impossible to fill with qualified candidates. Unlike the post-war New UN Government, I can't just clone my way out of a skills shortage.
  5. Yeah, kinda... though the Macross 7 PLUS "Spiritia Dreaming" version of the VF-14 (which may or may not appear in Macross Plus in a background shot) has an even better claim to being a "super-advanced YF-12" given that it IS ONE in a more stringently literal sense.
  6. Well, yeah... that's the conclusion that the Star Trek fanbase reached after Star Trek: Discovery came out and revealed itself to be an atrocious mess almost entirely unlike the Star Trek fans had known and loved for six previous TV series and ten feature films. CBS (or as viewers have it, "See? BS!") is adamant that what they call Star Trek's "Prime" universe is the same universe and timeline that all pre-Abrams Star Trek works belong to. It's one of many failed efforts to make Star Trek: Discovery more palatable to fans, after fans were rejecting the series before it even aired because of the obvious continuity-f*ckery. Much like how Paramount had to do an awful lot of backpedaling after fans picked up on their intention of treating Star Trek 2009 as a franchise reboot and rushed to insist it was just an alternate universe story in the hopes of not losing their audience. So, at the very least, the official line is that the "Prime" universe is the official canon one of old. They've written a number of their tie-ins for Star Trek: Discovery on the basis of that as well, like having some members of Discovery's crew involved in the arrest of Governor Kodos ("the Executioner") from TOS. Bringing in the Enterprise along with Captain Pike, Number One, and Spock was a move intended to reinforce that line as well. Its cup already runneth over with stupid fanfic-y bullsh*t. I think the best example is right in the trailer, with career stoic Seven of Nine blasting away with a phaser rifle in each hand like she's assimilated the memories of John f*cking Rambo. An isolationist, regressive Federation ripe for all kinds of gritty edgelord bullsh*t narratives? A bunch of main characters "going rogue". Patrick Stewart's said he's got political motivations for setting the story up this way, but TBH the point he's trying to make the what they did with the setting are headed in two completely different directions.
  7. Other than the Macross-7, no... it's too blurry to read the names. They're probably later (4th or 5th Gen) fleets if they've got names instead of just numbers though. There are a LOT of the New Macross-class emigrant ships. At least 29 of them given that 29 was the highest-mentioned number for one in an official Macross production (Macross the Musiculture, a stage musical).
  8. One thing I've always suspected is that the VF-4 would be pretty amazing at extreme high-altitude interception. It's got the engine power to climb like a beast as soon as it gets up to a speed suitable for turning the ramjets on, and it can swap from those to the rockets when it gets above the atmospheric service limitation. According to the available original line art, yes. According to Variable Fighter Master File, yes. According to the various model kits made over the years, yes. How many? Well, that's a matter of opinion. Depending on which source you consult, the VF-4 Lightning III has either six or eight underwing pylon stations. The line art shows eight, two inboard and two outboard of the engine nacelle on either side of the aircraft. Master File also shows eight (two inboard two outboard) in most configurations. Many of the model kits only show six, usually two outboard and one inboard. Master File's version and the old line art differ on one key point... the Musasiya line art sheets show the inboard pylons in a side-by-side layout with all eight pylons in one row, where Master File shows the inboard pair as fore and aft stations equidistant from the centerline and nacelle.
  9. For what it's worth, it doesn't seem to have stopped the New UN Forces from using the VF-4 in atmosphere enough to justify at least two atmosphere-specific variants... the VF-4D and VF-4S, both used by the Navy.
  10. YMMV, I guess... I found God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! pretty insufferable after about the seventh volume, just because character development seems to have become utterly nonexistent. Kazuma's always back to being a NEET by the start of the next volume. I've generally enjoyed Crawl up! Nyaruko-san. Saiyuki's a long one, kind of a show for people who are more into character drama than anything. A very unfaithful/irreverent version of the old novel Journey to the West, where a very dysfunctional version of Genjo/Xuanzang's party are sent to the west to put a stop to an attempt to resurrect the ox demon king rather than to collect scriptures. (It's more popular with women, I think, owing to all four members being fairly pretty dysfunctional men with a modest amount of very tame yaoi fangirl bait thrown in.)
  11. Sadly, having read the light novels for The Rising of the Shield Hero, they've more or less exhausted the good material in the series already. It's kind of the same problem that God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! has, where after they get past the initial bit of character development the series becomes a one trick pony. I'm mostly catching up on old stuff like Crawl up! Nyaruko-san!, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Saiyuki Reload Blast, and Aldnoah.Zero.
  12. This season really feels like a weak one. It kind of says it all that one of the few titles to stand out among the dross this season is Nekopara, an anime adaptation of a pornographic visual novel about bestiality. Yes, you read that right. They decided to make an anime out of a visual novel about a guy who couldn't keep his d*ck out of the family pets. So far, all that's really caught my interest for reasons that don't cause dry heaving are Isekai Quartet 2, which seems to exist mostly to drum up interest for new seasons of the shows it crosses over (Re:Zero is getting another season in April, we've been promised another season of The Rising of the Shield Hero, and possibly Overlord), the remake of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (just to see how they'll f*ck it up), A Destructive God Sits Next to Me (just to see how cringey it'll be), and a fairly cute romcom I found called Science Fell In Love, So I Tried to Prove It about two socially awkward research students who are into each other but so completely obsessed with the scientific method that they keep missing the point and trying to analyze their mutual attraction scientifically instead of acting on it.
  13. I can almost hear it begging for a merciful death.
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