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  1. Seto Kaiba

    Super Macross Mecha Fun Time Discussion Thread!

    Frustratingly, the YF-30's exact relationship to the YF-24 lineage varies a bit from publication to publication. Some say it's primarily a derivative of the YF-24. Others say it's based more on the YF-29. A few say it's equal parts of both.
  2. It really does grow on you. I used to love shonen stuff as a kid (I'm sure you can guess which show was hot when I was like 13), but I'd kind of cooled on it as I got older. My Hero Academia has a certain heartwarming charm and ananarchic sense of humor which I found tremendously endearing. I do enjoy the subversion that Midoriya isn't really getting more powerful in the standard shounen manga style as he is finding unexpected new utility in the power he already has... turning a one-trick pony into a swiss army superpower. (I also rather enjoyed the unusual focus on the lack of required secondary powers, like how Midoriya has his super strength but has to learn how to tune it down so as to not wreck his own body using it, or how Uraraka can turn off gravity but can't turn off the effect a lack of gravity has on her inner ear.) In a few ways, it kind of reminds me of Adam Warren's Empowered with its world-half-empty view of a world where superheroism has become a business with a naive, idealistic main character who'd be a better fit for a world of pro bono super-vigilantism like in typical superhero comics.
  3. More or less. The only real excitement for a good while in the story is this fight with the disaster-grade demon Charybdis, which started in episode 19... and even then it's pretty dull, since the "fight" is mostly Charybdis no-selling everything thrown at it for the better part of a day. I suspect they intend to end it there this season, since the defeat of Charybdis is what sets up Rimiru taking off to another country to be a teacher. Watamote can be... tedious. It's cringe comedy distilled down to its purest form. Normally shows like that (e.g. Haganai) try to soften the blow a little by depicting the socially awkward otaku cast in a somewhat sympathetic light or throwing in a softer subplot like a little romance or some non-cringe-inducing humor, or at least make the protagonist an unapologetically horrible human being the audience won't feel bad for when their horribleness causes life to sh*t all over them (e.g. Fawlty Towers). Watamote is having precisely none of that sh*t. Tomoko Kuroki is here to SUFFER for your entertainment. That she's actually dimly aware of how screwed up her life is and wants little more than to become a socially functional person counts for exactly nothing, so naturally all the comedy comes from her desperate (and desperately misguided) attempts to gain even the tiniest iota of social acceptance. She's the girl who can do no right, so she's perpetually digging a deeper hole for herself. I stopped reading the manga after a few dozen chapters because the one-note humor stopped being funny rather quickly and that just left the cruelty. Haganai, incidentally, I would recommend if you're in the mood for that kind of thing because it's a lot less cruel even if the cast are every bit as weird as Tomoko Kuroki is.
  4. Seto Kaiba

    The Nintendo Switch

    I have really high hopes for the new Fire Emblem game, but I have to admit the CG character models bug me a bit... something to do with the lack of facial expression beyond that thousand-yard stare. Is SEGA still doing Shining games? I'd love to see a remastered version of the original Shining Force.
  5. They never really get into politics in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, barring that brief tiff with the dwarf kingdom early on and a lot of buildup with zero payoff WRT all of the various demon lords. The story totally changes gears and Rimiru takes off to go become a school teacher in another country for some incredibly contrived reason. ... well, that'll depend on how far this animated adaptation goes I guess. Both of those things do in fact occur in the light novel... though spiting Princess Malty is near-term enough that it's likely to get animated, though not by having his own nation.
  6. Slime was always pretty dull, IMO. It's so enamored of its MMO-inspired setting that Rimiru, as the standard massively overleveled isekai protagonist, spends most of the story simply managing resources because he has nothing better to do and nothing can really threaten him. It's like watching someone play Civilization. Overlord is one of the few isekai stories I felt really handled the overleveled protagonist thing well. There, the plot basically revolved around the rest of the world reacting to a godlike (undead) being showing up on their doorstep. That way, even though Ainz doesn't actually do much most of the time, it doesn't get old because the focus isn't on him. The Rising of the Shield Hero got surprisingly good surprisingly fast though. Once it got past that rough, lazy, almost form letter start it went to some interesting places with Naofumi being a Knight in Sour Armor over his false accusations and not being the standard overleveled juggernaut.
  7. Seto Kaiba

    What Current Manga Are You Reading?

    The Full Metal Panic! manga are pretty good... though it has a lot of comedy spinoffs. The actual story is in Retsu Tateo's Full Metal Panic! manga, and finishes in Hiroshi Ueda's Full Metal Panic! Sigma. Comic Mission, Surplus, and Overload are all basically comedy spinoffs. Fan translations of all of them are available, though Sigma's are pretty spotty and have a fair number of inaccurate translator's notes.
  8. Seto Kaiba

    What Current Manga Are You Reading?

    It's been a slow weekend, so I've spent my time catching up in Seitokai Yakuindomo, Blue Exorcist, Silver Spoon, and the latest-released light novel volumes of Overlord, Goblin Slayer, and I started The Rising of the Shield Hero. The Yen Press light novel translations are a welcome breath of fresh air, considering how light novels were an almost universally neglected format for localization. There are a couple frustrating translation issues in their translation of Overlord, but on balance they've done a fine job. They recently released Overlord Vol.9, so the light novel's english release is now caught up to the anime. All the extra detail in the light novel version does a lot of good for the whole story arc surrounding the war with the Re-Estize Kingdom spends most of the time in black comedy territory, and might as well be titled "Emperor Jircnev is entertainingly wrong". Goblin Slayer's latest volume is also surprisingly lighthearted, though I swear the new kid is an off-brand Negi Springfield. The whole story around starting a training camp for new adventurers in the hopes of reducing the attrition rate went to interesting places, though six volumes on it's starting to get a bit samey since there are only so many ways that one insane man can kill an entire nest of goblins very, VERY quickly. Silver Spoon has been a consistently fun read. For a slice of life school drama it's surprisingly unconventional and fresh, being set at an agricultural school dedicated to teaching farm management. Doubly interesting for the fact that its author, Hiromu Arakawa (of Fullmetal Alchemist fame), grew up on a dairy farm and so lends a lot of veracity to the lessons about farming and especially livestock management. They even dropped a few Macross references early on, using Macross-class ships as a unit of measure for describing how huge the farm one student's family owns is.
  9. Seto Kaiba

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    Granted, but the cover and/or title are what get your attention. The title's not going to grab anyone who's not already a Robotech fan, and that atrocious cover art isn't going to encourage many (if any) to pick it up outside of maybe morbid curiosity.
  10. Seto Kaiba

    Robotech by Titan Comics

    I know if I saw a book with cover art that badly drawn, there'd be no way I'd be willing to pick it up. Like the song goes, "it was acceptable in the 80's"... but today, you can find art of substantially higher quality from high schoolers on DeviantArt. Someone who doesn't know who Jason and John Waltrip are would be left to wonder if they farmed the cover out to an unpaid intern. Normally one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in comics the cover is what's supposed to promote the book. It won't matter how good or bad the contents are if the packaging screams "this is amateur hour". I mean, they are trying to market this book to someone besides just Robotech fans right?
  11. Seto Kaiba

    The Nintendo Switch

    OK, that is legitimately awesome. Looking at the release calendar, I'm kind of surprised how willing Nintendo seems to be to compromise their normal squeaky clean family-friendly image in this console generation by licensing so many gory survival horror games and risque stuff like Dead or Alive Xtreme and Senran Kagura. They must be serious about trying to break out from their normal "family entertainment" niche.
  12. Yeah, if the New UN Government was gonna send somebody to call Lady M and Xaos to account for illegal cloning, helping various wanted criminals evade justice, etc. they'd probably send a unit from the federal New UN Forces since Xaos are the only ones in the Brisingr cluster besides Windermere IV's Kingdom of the Wind to have 5th Generation VFs at present. They'd probably be using the VF-24, since that design's their current main fighter and hasn't even been in service for a decade yet. If the federal NUNS sent a VF-X special forces unit we might get to see their improved versions of colony-made VFs like the YF-29B Percival (Macross 30) or the YF-30B Chronos (Variable Fighter Master File).
  13. MAAS Toys was, according to their last newspost, attempting to get away from using crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter to finance their projects. They tried essentially running their own crowdfunding/preorder campaign without a third party to collect funds (and take a percentage) and as of their January news update it seems to have backfired and resulted in a financial shortfall for the project when 38 backers and 5 retailers failed to honor their pledges and 3 backers had Paypal refund their money. They may have thought that that approach would be good enough to satisfy Harmony Gold, since it's basically a glorified preorder. Mind you, I've suspected for a while now that this sudden surge in Robotech licensing right before the end of their license is Harmony Gold once again just selling a license to anyone willing to pay and finding only small-time indie outfits willing to bite. (So like the 90's, but with toys and statues instead of comics.)
  14. Huh... I wonder if they've run aground on Harmony Gold's insistence that their licensees not use crowdfunding sites for their projects? Ever since Palladium Books came clean about having been lying about the state of its Robotech Kickstarter's finances for three years, resulting in the project's failure due to inadequate funds Harmony Gold has been death on anything to do with crowdfunding.