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  1. Tell that to the English... and anyone making jokes about the American deep south. Albus Dumbledore's brother Aberforth is introduced to the reader via a hidden-in-plain-sight joke about Scotsmen and bestiality. (For bonus points, he's even depicted wearing a kilt when he appears in the movie series, in line with that old gag about how Scots wear kilts 'because zippers scare the sheep".) The thing about Umbridge and the centaurs isn't terribly subtle either. Centaurs were super rapey in classical mythology, perhaps most famously documented in the final deed of the Greek mythical h
  2. A lot of kid's media includes some hidden-in-plain-sight humor or subtext for the benefit/enjoyment of parents. J.K. Rowling's been put on the spot a few times WRT Aberforth's arrest for "inappropriate charms on a goat" and had to check the age of the requester before answering.
  3. "Network that turned celebrated novel series A Song of Fire and Ice into a small screen pop culture phenomenon and then screwed it up so badly that all interest in the series and franchise vanished practically overnight expresses interest in adapting celebrated novel series Harry Potter for television." ... ... ... Am I the only one who looked a this and immediately thought "So THAT'S what a red flag factory looks like?". Between the cack-handed incompetence at HBO that murdered Game of Thrones in its sleep and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling having spent the last dec
  4. Really, that the New UN Government worlds of the Brisingr Alliance decided to trust Xaos and Walkure again is proof that something ALREADY went horribly wrong. Never mind that their incompetence and refusal to work with the New UN Forces was what allowed Windermere to conquer the Brisingr cluster in the first place, their leaders are very literally interstellar criminals. Especially Lady M, who Windermere outed as engaging in illegal cloning in violation of interstellar law in the last movie.
  5. It's possible, I guess... though it's worth remembering that exactly zero of Delta Flight's VF-31s are production aircraft. Each and every one of them is a one-of-a-kind Ace Custom made by applying extensive aftermarket modifications to a trial production VF-31A Kairos. So if Xaos Valkyrie Works has modded Chuck's VF-31 custom Siegfried to be more like a RVF then it's just another layer of customization on what was already an extensively customized VF. The ones on the nose are polarized covers for a variety of sensors, similar to the ones on the VF-25.
  6. There was never anything stopping him from carrying one... the VF-31's LU-18A beam gunpod can be mounted on a centerline hardpoint or the ordnance container. It looks like they've remodeled the head of Chuck's VF-31 to make it more like Luca's RVF-25. (On the VF-31A, there is fold carbon installed where the Siegfried custom type has fold quartz.)
  7. I really wish people would stop saying this... if it's not a giant technorganic bug, space flower, anatomical abomination, or piece of flying coral it doesn't really have "Protoculture vibes". It has serious General Galaxy vibes. It's worth remembering that quantity doesn't necessarily mean "more powerful". The YF-29 has about 1/3 as many missiles as the VF-25 w/ Armored Pack or 1/4 as many as the VF-31 w/ Armored Pack, and yet it'd easily wreck both because it's armed with MDE weapons and has much higher performance. This is a Macross Delta feature, after all, and Delt
  8. In all fairness, while Tilly is absolutely the USS Discovery's chief screw-up officer she's far from the only one with amazing talent to do the worst thing possible in any situation. She's got Burnham with her, after all. After Tilly's amazing performance in her first command situation, who else would they possibly turn to? It takes a special kind of Starfleet officer to bungle a command situation so completely that Starfleet's most valuable starship falls into enemy hands with such breathtaking speed and ease that veteran Orion space pirates are initially convince
  9. Pretty sure the Eldian Empire in Attack on Titan makes the worst human rights of the Soviet Union look like a goddamn garden party by comparison.
  10. Not just a major power... THE major power. Given the alleged scarcity of dilithium and its alleged indispensability in warp drives, the Federation now has every other galactic power over a barrel. Everyone else is scrounging for scraps to keep what few ships they have running while the Federation now has the reserves to dictate who gets to have interstellar capability.
  11. Definitely against Discovery. Say what you will about Voyager, but its crew actually got along pretty easily with the sole exception of psychopathic murderer Lon Suder and borg drone Seven of Nine. Discovery's crew all treat each other the way Seven of Nine treats Harry. Sneering contempt. We shouldn't expect Discovery to be anything but unapologetically bad. The worst part is that Discovery's showrunners are aware of at least some of the show's problems... but their efforts to address some of those issues only result in them digging a deeper hole for t
  12. No, it's a reference to the plot development in Attack on Titan's last two story arcs. Its author was already known to have some... questionable... views and sensibilities given who some of the characters are based on. The story arcs that followed the time skip changed the setting considerably in a way that can only be described as "putting on the Reich".
  13. So... any artistically-minded soul want to photoshop Mikimoto's head onto Duke Nukem's body?
  14. Ah, no problem. Unlike the start of Discovery's second season when Captain Pike took over, there really isn't a moment in Discovery's third season that actually feels like Star Trek. A lot of the time, what it really feels like is Star Wars. Booker feels like another poorly developed ersatz Han Solo ala Dash Rendar. He's the rogueish loner cargo ship captain running cargo out of various seedy and lawless spaceports, who later ends up on the run from that crime syndicate (which, in this case, is also the closest there is to the government) as the result of a falling out over some cargo.
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