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  1. Not to mention all of the official publications in the 90's and 2000's... In hindsight, it's actually REALLY weird that anyone thought that Big West or Kawamori in any way disapproved of Macross II considering how often it got brought up.
  2. As far as I know, the 117th Research Fleet's home port is not identified. In the Macross Frontier novelization, Manfred Brando was a part of the board of inquiry that investigated its destruction. That could be taken as circumstantial evidence that its home port was Earth since Brando and his company Critical Path were supporters of the Earth supremacist group Latence in Macross VF-X2. No involvement from Macross Galaxy is mentioned, but some of its surviving researchers (e.g. Grace) and its financial backers (Manfred) did move on to supporting the Macross Galaxy fleet.
  3. No, it's not a question of semantics... it's a distinction that the people who rag on Macross II don't want to acknowledge because it's inconvenient to their trollish premise. Macross II and its tie-ins were classified as a "parallel world". An alternate universe. Like the alternate universe storylines in Star Trek, in Gundam, or in DC and Marvel's superhero comics, they're separate but coequal official settings. Even if they're no longer under active development they're acknowledged and treated as valid installments in the franchise's storylines and promoted alongside the rest of the
  4. The ink's barely dry on the deal... it was only signed back in March. It's gonna take time for individual licensees and distributors to digest the big news, reach out to Big West for a better picture of the legal implications, and examine the market to see where the money is. I'd expect Q4 2021 at the earliest.
  5. Yes, but he also doesn't say anywhere that it was disowned, disavowed, or "stricken from canon". Which, of course, it wasn't. It was merely an above average OVA that failed to live up to everyone's expectations that it'd set the world on fire. Nevertheless, Big West never disowned it, disavowed it, struck it from the canon Macross doesn't have, or in any way attempted to hide it... and it'll no doubt be prominently featured alongside its younger siblings when Macross goes to streaming and home video outside Japan in the near future.
  6. Safe bet... streaming licenses. Harmony Gold's in bed with Funimation, which would make them landing on Funimation Now seem pretty likely.
  7. I'm amused that the "disowned" myth keeps going around WRT II... even after Kawamori himself publicly refuted it. I guess some parts of MW's toxic history simply aren't going to die easily. Really, no Macross sequel has been poorly received overall. II and Plus came the closest, being far better received outside Japan than in it. Too many folks in here generalizing from themselves when talking about how Macross shows were received tho.
  8. Having read the light novel... this season is going even further over the top with the fanservice. They're adding two more characters to Diablo's harem (a grasswalker loli and a robot maid with a one-track mind), the local governor wants to jump his bones, and the first villain's evil plan is literally powered by public indecency. The only upsides are that you'll get to see Diablo's first real fight (as in, the first one that's not a curbstomp or interrupted) and watch him go absolutely apesh*t when the second villain brings his wives and they're all wearing that item that's his berserk butt
  9. What little information has been made available for Absolute Live!!!!!! has indicated that the antagonist in the movie is a new threat rather than the return of an old one. The trailer suggests whoever it is, Windermere IV is willing to put aside its differences with the Brisingr Alliance and New UN Government to stop them. Insufficient information to make any determination at this time. Mind you, with Kawamori's loose attitude towards continuity in general the answer could well be "Both" or "Neither". (For instance, in the Macross Frontier side story light novel
  10. As in the Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series, a portion of the Zentradi forces defected to the UN Forces while the remainder retreated as per standard practice when they lost their command ships either during or at the end of the battle. Many of the defectors and stranded Zentradi managed to live on Earth and integrated successfully into human society. Some tried and failed. One area where Macross II's timeline is different is that a small group of those who tried and failed were able to secure a ship and flee into deep space... resulting in the events of Macross 2036 and Macros
  11. Yeah, but that's the difference between having days of advance warning vs. thousands or millions of years. A supernova's not something that sneaks up on you unannounced. Stars give a LOT of advance warning when they're about to blow even with today's technology. With the far more advanced technology of the 24th century, having a supernova detonation sneak up on you means someone (or in this case an entire interstellar civilization of billions and billions of someones) were asleep at the switch for literal centuries.
  12. Fittingly, given that it was a stand-in for the Chernobyl disaster, an accident caused by unsafe operating conditions and insufficient safety measures. Millions, usually... but something that normally happens on a geological timescale somehow caught the Romulans completely by surprise without, at any point, being indicated to be in any way unnatural.
  13. So... is the actual question "Will a handful of butthurt fanboy gatekeepers fold their arms and refuse to accept a new Macross series from Kawamori's successor?" I'd bet on it. But who cares? It'll be like the droning of cicadas in summer. Inevitable, but trivial, background noise. Kawamori's been pretty clear about his view that Macross has no canon and that the Macross titles he didn't work on are as valid as his own. I doubt most Macross fans will really be at all bothered by it. Will the next Macross be the last Macross? No.
  14. *looks at G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, Gundam SEED, Gundam 00, Gundam AGE, Gundam Build Fighters, Reconguista in G, and Iron-Blooded Orphans* ... I'm pretty sure they'll be OK if they don't stick to the original Gundam timeline.
  15. No can do... Alien vs. Predator already trademarked the best tagline: "Whoever wins, we lose."
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