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  1. Hi Everybody! Here'a a different take on Valk-girl, I guess. I should probably ink these. Thanks for looking! -UN_M
  2. It'll be a rough road ahead, with tons of filler and sanding! The large parts will be the worst of it, because of the print orientation - at least the small parts are a lot smoother (on the outside). Thanks for the painting tips! - I always appreciate new and different ways of doing things!
  3. Awesome work, MechTech! That custom work is fantastic, and the paint work is superb! Wow! I'm afraid my boosterlust is completely inadequate by comparison. Great work! Looks like it's gonna take a while to have all the parts printed on this guy, but so far, so good.
  4. The theory is sound, but the minor discrepancies between the model manufacturers will definitely cause something to mismatch. It would certainly take a few attempts at modeling and printing to get things right, even with a perfectly scanned part. Sometimes, the old ways are just better.
  5. Wow, I had a feeling it would be a challenge! It could be a little above my skill set, but I can give it a try. I use Solidworks for modeling. Oddly enough, I have a couple of Aventador models in 1/24 & 1/18 I could take dimensions from. My concern at this point is how far off the accuracy would be between models & mating surfaces.
  6. Is scanning a necessary step, or is the goal simply a digital version of the parts? I've been working on a couple of digitally recreated parts recently, minus the 3D scanning - cause it's hella' fiddly. Maybe I can help?
  7. I suppose dyeing would work too, but I imagine it's a more involved process. The marker trick takes about less than an hour - disassemble, paint, let dry, retouch, let dry, reassemble. Edit: Here's pics of the marker trick, 6 years in.
  8. Mine flaked a while back, I took a brush to the fabric to take off everything, then used a Gundam marker to recolor the fabric. Fairly easy fix, and no issues so far - apart from the plastic yellowing.
  9. Hopefully it'll look like this when it's done. It's going to be a conversion kit, so it can swap parts back to normal.
  10. It's scratch built, the armature is 3D printed & the armor parts are hand-made.
  11. Old school is the best! Thanks, slide! Display options - now that's something to think about! Thanks, modelglue! Thanks, teckno viking! Is that a custom Colonial Marine?
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