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  1. Oh, right - the download host adds 3% to transactions, so it ended up at $45.50 for the files.
  2. The RMBO is done (I think). The files are out in the wild. Feel free to message me for the link.
  3. Quick update: Even with the "instant-ness" of the software, this is still a lot of work!
  4. If Fusion 360 is capable of importing a watertight model, it should also convert it into a solid body by default. One way I use to transfer models is by exporting them to .STEP format, it usually turns them into solid bodies.
  5. Panel line detail is surprisingly easy. You can pretty much have 1 sketch for the panel lines, and build/cut every feature from it. And you can adjust the dimensions on demand. This is covered in panel lines, and it was a pretty quick turnover, even with the constant adjustments. It's got 277 parts (so far), compared to the SDF-1's 135.
  6. The parametric history-based modeling is a game changer. I started with AutoCAD, and tried Rhino, and I've never looked back. Looks like Fusion 360 has a pretty comprehensive list of compatible files. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/fusion-360/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/File-formats-supported-by-Fusion-360.html
  7. Here's a look at the RMBO. The layout process might take a while (been swamped at work lately), but it's still chugging along. I think the cannon proportions are OK. It's SD after all.
  8. Good initial print! The layers are pretty much a constant with these type of printers, you'll want to adjust the 3D model to compensate for what kind of artifacts your printer makes. A digital caliper is well worth the investment. I started with analog calipers, but quickly switched to digital when the opportunity came around. Very nice! I used Solidworks (education license) for this guy. I've heard Fusion 360 does the same thing for free, and it's cloud based, so computer specs aren't a problem. Very effective, especially when you're working with assemblies and moveable parts.
  9. Thanks! I'll work my way up to a properly proportioned project eventually, I just figured this one would take the least amount of time to complete.
  10. Based on the line art, I don't think the TV version has that particular detail.
  11. Yup, 135 parts. Hopefully your printers are much smarter than mine - less cleanup work! I just need to work on the manual, then it'll be ready for distribution.
  12. Quick update: Looks like version 1.5 is pretty much debugged. I've started doing the layout work for the STL files. These should comfortably fit in a 140mm x 140mm print bed. RMBO (Read Manual Before Operation) to follow soon after the print files are done.
  13. Thanks! Hopefully, it's the first of many projects.
  14. I'm looking into digital distribution for the files, or printing & shipping - depends on which is more cost-effective for you. It can be scaled up or down. In theory, you can print one that's 5 feet tall, if you had the resources to do it.
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