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  1. Indeed it its! I was half expecting the printer to ignore the model.
  2. I adjusted the canopy part so it installs better - the canopy will slide right in, after the control tower halves are secured together, no more need to trap it inside before painting. Looks like it'll go together with minimal effort, except for the "snap-of-doom" in the hip segment. We'll know for sure as soon as the new test prints are done.
  3. This is probably the smallest model I've printed. Quick & dirty Gundam marker paint job.
  4. The model took a week to finish, about 4-6 hours a day. Possibly 35-40 hours total. Plus 31 hours of printing. Thanks!
  5. That's pretty cool. I don't believe that level of security is necessary for this little project, though. Got some minor adjustments to the model. The center antenna mast now has holes, so it doesn't look like a sail, and added some detail on the thighs. Also added/enlarged some tabs for more positive locking for transformation. I'll run a test print to see if everything works, then I can work on uploading the files.
  6. Thanks! I guess that's one way to impose DRM haha. "Printing complete. This 3D file will self-destruct in 5 seconds..."
  7. I figure once the files are out there, it's pretty much the wild west/high seas. So uh... just remember to point to where it came from, I guess (A feature or interview on a blog/site will do nicely).
  8. That's what I was worried about. All that extra work to add sprues to lower the price by a fraction isn't really winning me over. Option 3 looks feasible through Pinshape. I've uploaded a design for free distribution there before, I just need to check the payment option. I'll probably upload the files arranged per group, color, and optimal layer thickness, like the raw print pics. I don't think the site will let me upload 80 individual model files.
  9. It's about $150 to print on this type of printer, + $65-$110 shipping estimate, from this side of the world (yikes!). And it'll need a bit of extra work to make it look smooth & pretty. I'm still in the middle of improving the model for weight/material reduction, I'll get back to you guys when I get everything "packaged" for Shapeways.
  10. Wow... I forgot I posted in this thread. Nice prints! It shows the difference between a competent slicer/g-code and a not-so-smart one. I never printed any kind of calibration blocks or benchmark models, I just tend to adjust after the fact. After a couple of mishaps, we pretty much adjusted for any quirks the printer had. I'm still using an Up! Plus 2.
  11. I'm looking into possible options: I figure a fully built kit will be very expensive, on top of the shipping - this may as well come from Mars. The second option is Shapeways, which will probably be ridiculous expensive. Third option is a distribute-able file set, for a reasonable cost. Considering the time & effort required to build & make it pretty - I figure # 3 could be our best case scenario. Thanks!
  12. Messing around with a composite of the transformation sequence.
  13. Thanks! It's in Epic scale (I think). The STL's are free if anybody's interested in it, although I wasn't able to layout the parts for proper print orientation (I figured different orientations work for different printers). Micro Land Raider .stl files I pretty much go for a "close enough" model for printing, it gets sanded down & improved anyway, so any fine details the printer missed is "recovered" later.
  14. Thanks! I found the Valk at a local swap meet/convention, the box was messed up, but everything inside was complete, including the sticker sheet.
  15. After a bit of sanding, the parts fit a whole lot better. I can probably run a v1.5 print with improvements next week. Tiny Destroid Monster! Also got rid of the chest/cannon drooping in Storm Attacker mode.
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