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  1. Thanks! Thanks for the heads-up! I've already started changing names and descriptions on then. Thanks! Thanks! We're pretty much stuck with the digital option for now, shipping and sudden filament shortage are a couple of big roadblocks.
  2. I pulled some favors, and got us a video! SDF-1 transformation video EDIT: Fixed video link.
  3. That's great! I'm excited to see how it turns out on your end.
  4. Excellent! The largest parts are the Prometheus deck, at 85mm x 37mm x 15mm and the foot parts, at roughly 65mm x 40mm x 22mm.
  5. Cool! Let me know if there are any problems with the files.
  6. Unfortunately, STEP and IGES aren't an option for me - the formats tend to crash my PC (or the processing takes forever). I uploaded the separate STL files in zip/rar archives instead. I hope that's a little more manageable to work with.
  7. The SDF-1 files are up! Joke Machine SDF-1 3D files
  8. The ARMDs now have proper ground clearance in cruiser mode!
  9. Apparently, Pinshape has been compromised, so I migrated the print files over to CGtrader. GU-11 AMM-1
  10. Apparently, the Pinshape admins have checked out - there are multiple reports of bots and anomalous files being up/downloaded, and no response in the forums. I've migrated most of the files to CGTrader, but I'm still waiting for their payment agreement verification before I can upload the SDF-1. The GU-11 and AMM-1 files are still free to download. CGTrader page
  11. Thanks! It looks like the site administrators are finally aware of the problem, but are taking their time with the fix. They suspended all paid transactions for now, it doesn't seem like a region thing. I'll let you guys know when I've migrated the files to a new site.
  12. While we're playing with renders, here's what it might look like with minimal paint/stickers.
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