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  1. Got mine from HLJ yesterday and the only problem I found was 3 barely noticeable glue lines on the right wing. Quite happy with it
  2. Played the early stages of Operation Anchorage and here's my thoughts about it. You can't pick up the gear of the soldiers you kill since right after they're dead, simulation erases them. You have to pick up weapons, ammo and health at specific locations. (there are plenty of those around) You get the gauss rifle pretty early in the game, and it's AWESOME! You have to reload it after each shot so you got to use it carefully, it fires a blue bolt of energy that explodes on contact, really cool animation. Those Chinese boys in stealth suit are a real pain, the suit acts as a big stealth boy so they're really hard to spot when they're moving around, you usually only spot them when they get really close to you or attack. The new setting in a snowy environment is a great thing, it's a nice change from the radioactive brown world of the post apocalyptic DC. Getting the new perk is really tricky since you have to look everywhere to find them. In the first part of the DLC, I've collected 1 out of a possible 4 intel suitcase. (have to redo it from the start) Played a little more than 1 hour, so far, it's more than well worth the 800 MS points, and the time toying around to make it work on the PC... Plus, getting to the mission itself was a really fun experience, as you have to assist a few outcasts to fight their way through a horde of super mutants to actually get to the base where you will begin the simulation. So if you have Fallout 3 (on something else than a PS3) you really should give it a look, it doesn't disappoint.
  3. Just got my Nora (I'm late I know) Color is really darker than I expected, pics of it don't give justice to such an awesome paint job, great job Yamato! Oops, forgot pic
  4. Got the GSC Tachikoma about 2 weeks back. Figure is REALLY heavy, so heavy in fact that the legs are barely supporting it, limiting poses. Mine came with the previously mentioned problem with the right hand (fingers not aligned) But one thing's sure, it looks AWESOME, and it's heavy (yeah it's both a good and a bad thing) Motoko figure is really small (less than 9cm or 3.5 inch) but at that small size, it's really detailed, has lots of joints and she looks really beautiful, face is especially really well done, way better than I had hoped. Highly recommended, and not just for the Motoko figure the GSC Tachikoma is a really nice figure and if you're a fan of the series, or simply love the Tachikoma, you really should consider getting it
  5. This is macross World, what else did you expect?
  6. Nah, he'll get her to wear a Minmay dress instead of getting a hooker
  7. Seems like Yamato learned about our little buying strategy
  8. Is it just me or does the forward fuselage really seem like a SV-51?
  9. Will they fix Nora's paint job before the release (face, hands, etc.) ?
  10. Cheap Yamato factory didn't fully glue my YF-19 FP leg on. Trying to figure out what's the best kind of glue I should use on that part of the toy, I'd prefer not to use crazy glue or something of the likes since those tend to get dry and break off easily, and since that part is under continuous stress, that fix wouldn't last too long. Having a few other issues that are bothering me on my 19, like the left shoulder part that doesn't hold really well when folded up and the right wing being too loose in battroid mode. the last two are minor problems, but the leg is somewhat unforgivable since it makes the toy too loose in fighter and gerwalk mode, not to mention making me wonder when the leg is going to pop causing the toy to fall down and probably damage the rest that's, so far, holding pretty well.
  11. NoSuchFile

    Buying a YF-19

    Got mine from ebay, was 45$ for shipping, still the thing costed me 220$ CAD a lot less than I would have gotten it if I would have bought it from a store in the US
  12. Probably will work on the PC, there are reports that the older flight sticks for Ace Combat 5 work with some obscure drivers Ask Google for more info on that. It's too bad the colors are fugly tho
  13. Well ok here it goes, got the VF-11B (first edition) broke both hips. Got the YF-21 (Fast Pack) broke little thing that covers the feets in fighter mode. Got several 1/60 VF-1's, one of them had a feet explode when it fell to the ground Got a 1/48 VF-1S, broke backpack due to the fast pack Didn't break the 1/72 VF-19A, barely touched the thing Didn't break the Q-Rau, but that thing spent more time in the box than out Broke my Escaflowne's leg, but no surprises there Didn't get any other Yamato's mainly cuz of fear to spend more money i can't afford to spend on something that i'll break, since i broke 5 ouf of 8
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