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  1. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Your Yamato came out great Peter! Especially in that scale. - MT
  2. 1/12 Custom Hikaru and Roy Figures

    That's cool! Great conversions! - MT
  3. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    TAMIYA PAINT SALE! MicroMark has most of their Tamiya paints on sale (minus the newer special metalics)! These are the .75oz/23ml ones -NOT the little mini ones! $2.39 each and their surface primers are on sale too. I ordered a ton since most of mine are 16-30 years old (no, not a typo). Most everything was in stock too! Link: https://www.micromark.com/search?keywords=tamiya paint If you haven't looked at their tools, try not to drool on your computer and ruin it! Sorry I haven't been online much guys, too busy! I'm glad to see Urashiman is still alive too! It's been too long man - MT
  4. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Hey Arbit. I don't know about a cap for each item, but it may help. It DRASTICALLY (but not completely) reduced the flashing, and therefore surges. You turn it on and it takes a second to charge before the lights come on - kinda cool. - MT
  5. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Lots of cool stuff guys! I've been too busy to get online lately for hobby stuff. Gotta finish the Dougram Ironfoot by midmonth to make it to the next modelr's meeting. I was pratically dared too. On that note, getting there! You can see the cheap $1.00 LED board I used then replaced the LEDs on it by soldering the dashboard lights in. The flashing lights caused the white "headlights" to blink so I soldered a huge capacitor in series to give the white lights a steadier stream of power. The red button on the back selects the blinking modes. All the dash board lights can flash in a given sequence now to add action. I cut short aluminum tube segments on my lathe then placed them over a thick piece of wire after cleaning up the edges. That's how I got more realistic looking armored tubes. I think I'll keep them and the smoke discharger barrels raw aluminum for some "bling." Ironfoot should be called "leadfoot" after putting batteries in them to power everything. Thansk for your feedback guys and I'll try and get online more this week. Hopefully things have calmed down somewhat work wise. - MT
  6. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Great looking builds guys! Pengbuzz, your photos are so dark I can hardly see them.
  7. They still are cool! Sound cool too! - MT
  8. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Those figures look AWESOME NZEOD! The white one sitting in the cockpit looks like he was Photo Shopped in! Valhary - That is a cool concept and I look forward to seeing it done. By the way, you can flush mount and paint the magnets to help hide them where possible. I like your idea! Nyankodevice - What model is that? It looks similar to the other one you did in design. That's a cool looking tank. Is it SD? Arbit, those colors are new to me too as undercoats. They look great all the same. My last modelers club meeting theme was "Reel Models" - anything from TV or movies. We all brought in military hardware and this guy brings in all sorts and scales of movie cowboy figures from 1/6 busts down to 1/48th scale figures on horseback. He only uses cheap acrylics and his stuff looked awesome! He won the award that night too. I wonder if he uses some of those same effects? Nice diamond! I forgot to take photos of the main mecha body, but I'm working on an original Takara 1/48 Ironfoot / Hasty from Dougram (Gartan from the Revell Robotech line). I had the kit when I was a kid and hastily built it (my Macross models got all the attention) and since the kit I just bought is getting so rare and expensive to buy, I wanted to add detail to this one. The hatch opens exposing the cockpit so you can see everything inside it. I thought it would be cool to use fiber optics in the cockpit so I went that route. I was just using toy quality fiber so it kept breaking despite watching the angles (I used to fabricate fiber cables in communications systems). Plus gluing it to the cockpit areas defused the light wherever the glue went. Aftre three days of this I gave up! So I got out my little box of surface mount LEDs I scrapped from busted electronics and wired them up with micro insulated wire. Then glued them to each panel in the cockpit. The first picture is the lights and wires glue in place solid. The second photo shows the cockpit in place. The chrome paint still needs to be cleaned off the monitors here. The third photo is of the smoke launchers. Everything in the anime has a rifled barrel so I rifled the barrels too. They attach with a screw in the back so they will mount solid without easily being broken. All of the flashing lights will connect to a $1 light stick board that changes the flashing rate with each push of a button. More lights and details will be added. - MT
  9. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Lots of great stuff guys! Too busy to photograph, but primed my ship from months ago and a couple of other kits ion the bench. - MT
  10. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    That's looking good 505! I like your modification Nyankodevice. Yeah, what hinge did you use for that? I might steel your idea if I buy one of those kits That is some SERIOUS scratch building Pengbuzz! You put everything but the kitchen sink into that model. Forget styrene! Arbit, that valk came out AWESOME!!! Great all the way around! I'm building a Dougram Ironfoot /Hasty right now and going to put fiber optics in the cockpit too since the model is so rare and expensive. Plus, the hatch opens so you can see everything. That's cool NZEOD! What's the nail polish for? - MT
  11. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    That's cool Nyankodevice! Man, I love Mandarake! They have some awesome stuff there and their shipping is the fastest I have experienced yet! Got two packages on the way from them too. - MT
  12. RTKF 1/72 "Legult" Build Ups

    That's looking good Brett! Just seeing this now. The base is classy and the blue paint looked very "automotive" before adding the other colors. Great paint chipping. Nice sponsorship decals. They going on the pod? Just kidding! Looking good! - MT
  13. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Your VF-31 is looking good 505! Hammina hammina! Your Hamma Hamma looks great Electric Indigo! Great finish and colors too! It just goes to show you can never have enough engines. You scared me Arbit! I thought you were sniffing glue or something. Plus there aren't many Transformers models anyhow My daughter will love the Kelsain! Coolest Pony mod ever! For those that "like it dirty," I completed the Dougram Bromry JRS Native Dancer with a little "mud." Modifications: added tiny screws and covers to hold the missile pods in place. The surface area to glue with was small and wouldn't hold up well under pressure. Created a new stick shift. The original was tiny. If I had a 1/72 scale skull, I could have used that for the shifter handle. The two holes on the roof were made larger to match drawings and artwork. Added reflective material for the mirrors. And of course the antenna and flag mentioned last week. The crew still needs painting. There is a gaming store nearby so I tried the Games Workshop paints out. I used the brown wash and the darker tan color you see in the photos. Great paints and the lid has a special decanter on it to pick some up on your brush. This was a fun kit all in all. I have this in the new 1/72 scale kits too so I'm not really done. The 1/48th Iron Foot / Hasty is next on my workbench / coffee table for construction. - MT
  14. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    I like it Kenny! Right now it has that underwater look of light patterns hitting it. That sucks about your experience. It may just be the rapid drying, I don't know. A friend told me to strain the paint with pant hose fabric. I haven't tried yet, but he says its the best thing prior to painting. Despite it all, it is coming along great! - MT
  15. Wave 1/72 VF-4 lightning

    Post some picture guys of the parts. I'm slowly getting back into 1/72 kits. I might get one. I love my old resign kit back in the 80's... - MT