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  1. Lots of great builds guys! There's a lot of cool builds going on. Electric Indigo, that is coming along nicely. It's smooth, nice n clean. - MT
  2. He he, redshirts. So that's what happens to them. That looks great Edstuff! - MT
  3. That came out AWESOME Arbit!!! The video thoroughly highlights just how cool this project came out! Congrats on an excellent execution of a great idea!!! - MT
  4. Thanks Derex. Yeah, I do remember building those. - MT
  5. Cool Derex! I think they'll turn out alright. I wonder if the Round 2 kits are the same ones I built decades ago! They didn't all fit that great if I remember correctly. - MT
  6. Nice n clean build anubis! The color scheme works well. Great build CrossAir! Great photos too! Congrats on garnering a trophy Neptunesurvey! Great lighting job! Vifam, that is a cool model! I've probably seen that model several times and not realized how "Macrossy" it looks! I'm going to have to get one of those. - MT
  7. Thanks Thom! Looking nice n clean anubis! Thanks for sharing Arbit! That is some cool lighting. I also got the crud too. DON'T take Zicam. I lost my smell and taste for a week. Thank God I'm getting them back. I searched and found out people have lost their smell and taste permanently, mostly from the nasal drops. Its some nasty stuff! So, I built those nice compact servo switches, glued them into my ship model, and they BOTH stopped working! Talk about frustrated. It turns out the diodes dropped the voltage too low to give the motors enough "umph" to move anymore. I could hear and feel them try to move, but they both jammed. Using only three volts really lowers your opportunities. So, I went even lower tech and older school and used wind-up toy motor clutches and a single micro gearmotor (6mm diameter) to drive them and cammed switches. One clutch faces upward and the other faces downward. When the motor turns one way, only one cam works and visa versa. It also weighs 6 grams less so that's another positive. It is not my prettiest work, but only you guys are going to see it. More detail work got done on the crane and more work on the ship's bridge as well. Bit by bit its coming together. - MT
  8. Sorry Pengbuzz! I feel for you. I had to go through the whole A+ thing when I was a technician. Don't give up! Group study helps if you can find some study buddies, that's what I did. I've been in your shoes. I had a tough time going from my last career to my present. I'm praying for you! - MT
  9. Merry Christmas everyone! Nice n clean Thom! It looks great! Been working this week on the crane for my ship. Its a hydraulic style folding crane. Its all styrene except for hollow brass hinge points and aluminum tubing for the hydraulic shafts. Still has more detail to be added. - MT
  10. The Superbug is looking good Thom! Great diorama Salamander. The details really make it! That car reminds me of the three wheelers in England and Italy. Choice rides for pickin' up chicks in! Electric Indigo, that thing does look like its from Macross! Maybe that's where they got the look from? The paint scheme is looking cool! - MT
  11. BEAUTIFUL work Capn'! Thanks for showing your build process and technique. - MT
  12. He he! I dreamed that someday radio gear would get small enough to fit in tiny stuff. And 30 years later, it finally happened! - MT
  13. Yeah, I was doing that back in the 80's That's when servos were MUCH bigger. -MT
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