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  1. This is looking great Tekering! I like your idea and mods. Plus the yellow will be gone when you're done - MT
  2. Lots of great build guys in this and the past page. Derex, the shipyards got nothin on you! You're popping those suckers out fast. You can take on the Borg with ships to spare! They're looking good too! Thanks for sharing Gabe. I'd love to see that guy finished. Looking good Pengbuzz! It's sad about people buying everything out! No isopropyl on the shelves anywhere. No noodles, no TP, but there are plenty of vegetarian foods on the shelves! No real photos yet of my canon build. The pieces would look like modern art until put together. - MT
  3. Derex, I AM at home and teleworking. It's still tough to get to modelling. In fact, I've gotten less done since teleworking! Although we do get smoke breaks (minus the smoke and plus the modelling I can't sit all day, a guy's gotta get some exercise at the bench. Cool Electric Indigo! I got to see some of those abandoned in Afghanistan. I wonder if that was the aircraft some LT sat in and pulled the ejection seat handle (and yes, it still worked) That's coming along great Pengbuzz! The flaps add realism. No plane sits out on the ready minus flaps down. So to relate with everyone's pains, I just had carpal tunnel surgery about two months ago. Next hand is probably coming up soon. I can only hold parts for a while before my hand goes to sleep. I miss the days of my "kung foo grip" on parts. That's one thing that slowed me down. Now it's just reworking my current design. - MT
  4. Sqidd, I've used good ole isopropyl alcohol for decades. 70% and 91% are both fine. Its good to ensure all oils and waxes are cleaned off and won't touch the plastic. It may harm some paint (not usually) so protect pre-painted parts just in case. - MT
  5. Sorry to hear that Pengbuzz! I hope all works out for you! - MT
  6. I saw a guy building the Hatchette Bismark. That is just insanely expensive for a kit. That display is CRAZY cool!!! I didn't know they had small screens like that commercially available, but then again, I haven't needed something that size. Would be cool if you could do that for 1/72 scale. - MT
  7. He looks great, in an evil sorta way. Great work and scratchbuilding! - MT
  8. Pengbuzz, Rustoleum for metal is hot towards plastics. This stuff is great. I use the primer for most of my models. Cool Thom and Derex! Looking good! This place is starting to look like the Starship Modeller's Boards Its slow going, but you can see the helical drive from last posts at the bottom and the bolt it drives above it. The backplate will hold everything and the semicircular part is where the caps will feed around. The round milled piece (on top of double sided duct tape) will be cut in half to also be part of the cap feedway. It will all eventually come together. - MT
  9. I like the colors SunDuk! Clean finish too. Nice mods Thom! Cool way to get an obscure vessel. Joscasle, that Tomcat is looking awesome! Great finishing details are going into your build! - MT
  10. The YF-21 and Enterprise are looking great so far! I was having trouble trying to fit the old cap gun mechanism into the turrets I built. Hopefully this is the start of one that WILL fit. So far this is a steel sleeve with a helix soldered around it. A bearing fits on the front to support it. The planetary motor fits into the sleeve for compactness. This mechanism drives the bolt forward and releases it on the cap gun. - MT
  11. Wow, I missed a lot of stuff the last few days! Some cool stuff going on! The Ghost looks like a cool kit! Derex, glad to see you and the other species are getting along now - MT
  12. Cool Electric Indigo (on both). The Minerva cockpit is a cool idea. I'm glad you guys made up Derex. Cats actually make good modelling partners. They don't talk much, though mine keep bumping my hand for loves. - MT
  13. That's great! I love the monster! I was going to share about the printers on sale too. I'm tempted to get one, but gotta replace my mill head first. - MT
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