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  1. I don't get on the computer for a couple of weeks and miss a lot! Great stuff all the way around guys! - MT
  2. Yeah, Duymon, Y-M-C-A-! By the way, I waited nearly 25 years to get my own shop, so it didn't come easy. A little here and there saved up... Derex, I'm givin' your B Wing an "A"! Nice n clean. - MT
  3. Arbit, that LED sequence is great! Duymon, nice finishes on those. Derex, the decanting is a lot of work, but it looks like you have a smooth finish going on. I forgot to take photos of my plane, but as part of our club build, we each built a 1/48 scale warbird and finished it in a NASCAR paint and decal scheme. The 13 foot track the club built is awesome with all the planes on it. I'll have to post photos when I get them. Then I built a 1/72 Osprey with hooks on it. We had to take our models and run them along a cable to make carrier landings using the hooks and a tailhook. I built the Osprey (only plane I had in the right size) and the other photo shows our "carrier deck." It was actually a lot of fun and something different for a change. Back on the ship now. It is taking forever, but it is a PAIN making everything aligned right and getting rid of seams. I'm sure you can see all the clear super glue joints used to fill the gaps a lot of the complicated angles create. Next time I'm drawing this in 3D and cutting parts out digitally. That's it for now. - MT
  4. That looks cool! The first photo looks like you have the toy next to a comic book. - MT
  5. Its quiet over here at MW today! The lifting strakes are now done. It was a pain bending them to fit and then using a ton a glue to seal them down. A whole day of sanding just to clean them up and the other joints. Where you see a visible joint is a lot of glue. The top of the bow is just sitting on to measure the rest of the top sides. - MT
  6. Your finishes are always so smooth Electric Indigo! There's sides on it now! The gaps will become "steps" to provide stability and add lift to get it on a plane. - MT
  7. The only thing I can think of is to carefully glue a piece of sprue onto the cover with a TINY drop of CA and pull it out. Then just clean it up afterward carefully with sandpaper and a bit of buffing. - MT
  8. Thank you guys! Snow day today! So I got some minor work done aligning the water jets. I'm now cleaning up some arrows for clean shafts to go on the underside. - MT
  9. Man! I get to work on my model and miss some great builds and good ideas! Lots of great stuff guys! And happy belated New Year too! Starting Christmas 2018, I finally started on the scratch built ship model. Months back it started as a card stock cutout after drawing it 2D for design. Everything is low tech for now. The bottom is one piece of styrene that was actually cut and folded (after lengthening it). Then came the ribs. I'm using cleaned up carbon fiber arrow shafts on sale for $4 at the local sporting goods store. They give stiffness and are so light. The ship will be 40 inches long and have three jet drives. The last photo is CFS (Cat For Scale). - MT
  10. Merry Macross Christmas guys! I was thinking of getting one of these kits, but looks like they are no longer being carried. - MT
  11. Cool Derex and Arbit! Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully you got some cool models under the tree! - MT
  12. It looks like the ramp hinges on a couple of tabs on the sides of the exit. Its gotta hinge on something - right!? Cool video. Looking good Electric Indigo! - MT
  13. I'm just seeing this now. Welcome to MW and that IS an AWESOME intro! Awesome build and you can have fun getting carried away with all the extras on a build like that! - MT
  14. That is a cool concept and came out great! Thanks for sharing with us. - MT
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