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  1. @derex3592 The screen work looks authentic! OCD about wiring is a GOOD thing! It means you'll have an easier time assembling and troubleshooting later. @peter Thanks Peter! Sorry, it doesn't actually work. There might be pyrotechnic effects elsewhere though Way to go with the 'ole school special effects! That looks cool! @pengbuzz That looks awesome! Are you sure you didn't steel that from a movie screenshot @arbit Thank you, I appreciate it! This is some of the smallest work I've done since moving on from 1/350 scale back to good ole' 1/72. I STILL need a magnifying glass thoug
  2. @Gabe Q That's funny! I hope you like it. It's too bad Hasegawa never came through with an accurate kit. Is that the cruiser mode kit like Pengbuzz asked? - MT
  3. Wow! Just the VF-1Ds are around $70-$100 on their own! No matter the packaging, that is STILL the best SDF-1 TV version model kit. The coloring book pages put it at about $200 worth of stuff!
  4. Thank you, Thom, I appreciate it! I'm hoping to finish all the detail pieces soon. - MT
  5. Derex - I'm glad it worked out! Is that a screw post electrical bus going in there? For those wondering what I was making, it's the next weapon system for my ship. It's the Mk-32 (Mod 14) torpedo tubes. It's finally finished today! I'm actually not sure where I'm going to put it, but thank God I decided not to make two of them! Lots of little details to include the side hand knobs which are smaller than a pin head. Different wires didn't work until I tried some old jumper wire. That's what was around the right size and actually held super glue well. Some details are actually too big
  6. @Gabe Q Cool! That's a win-win! You're welcome. - MT
  7. Urashiman - Cool work! Those things need some practice. Arbit - Thanks for sharing! That guy should just use styrene Derex - Sorry man, that stinks! Get creative I guess and cover it up with something? - MT
  8. Gabe - I thought those looked familiar. They are from the 1/40 variable Orguss model. - MT
  9. Chas - Thanks for posting that! It's almost like someone threw down the gantlet and challenged me! I have an old Aztec airbrush that looks like Peter's Enterprise now The compressor looks cool too for a workout before you airbrush! At least it's nearly whisper quiet. The larger fish tank air pumps will work too. Peter - Would you be insulted if I called that a WRECK? Your work paid off! Creative touches with everything. - MT
  10. Those look great NZEOD! The shots outside really show the colors off better. Peter - Your damage looks even better (that still sounds wrong)! The details all will work together - you'll like the work you put into it. Dobber - Your pencil work looks superb! That would definitely have me bored out of my gourd doing all that! My family has been watching Halloween Wars on Food Network. So I spent some hours in the shop working on this project beforehand, then was watching the show with them. Bad combo! Later that night I was dreaming of building this project out of cake frosting! It
  11. It may be a little too obvious now what it is, but its only half way done. - MT
  12. He he, school portraits! Model photography is tough anyhow focusing on something so small and losing depth. - MT
  13. You don't have enough cars Peter! Nice shelving! - MT
  14. WM Cheng - I have to agree! Very PROFESSIONAL finish. And on everything that is tough to do. White, red and gray masking all together with flying surfaces - and - sharp lines! That is tough to do right. That totally sucks about the canopy though! Two choices, put it in a DARK room forever, or get out the razor blade. It looks like you glued down that canopy tight though. - MT
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