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  1. @arbit I'm at a loss, where's the piano from? It looks cool and with LEDs too! @Rock Unless you tell someone, they may not notice Sometimes parts are accentuated / under accentuated for effect. This could be like that. @pengbuzz Alright, what communist came up with those roundels? Those were never put into service unless someone did them on a custom job. Then they would have been made to take them off. I know, they were trying to match the Top Gun logo, but you don't mess with American national insignias. There's laws that govern that. Kudos for fixing them! Your Superhornet is
  2. @peter Cool work blending Gundam with Macross parts! I wish Bandai / Imai did that originally! I used to buy cheap Gundam kits (when there was a store by my home growing up) and do the same thing. Epoxy putty REALLY should be used with gloves, but then it sticks like crazy! I just used some recently to make a bottle and surgical needle thread together for a fine glue applicator. I just cleaned my hands really good! @Gabe Q That's looking good Gabe! So did you build the 1/72nd Strike Valk and it came with the different fast packs? If so, that's cool, but too bad they didn't use the same fo
  3. @Chronocidal Congrats on a cool kit! That came our great! lot of 80's square goodness. @pengbuzz That is one dirty cat! If you want the full effect, put some greasy hand prints around some access hatches. Like from a cut out eraser tip to stamp them on. Some friends that were maintenance said there were always hand prints around! We'd never let our aircraft get that dirty in the Air Force @Gabe Q Looking good Gabe! Clean and nice and sharp lines. - MT
  4. @Chronocidal Great job with the printing! It's looking good! @peter Great finish on your models! They look realistic on deck and out in the sun. All that hair (and shoulder pads) on a pilot are just wrong! @pengbuzz It's great news that you got the printer going and decals printed up! They came our great! - MT
  5. @derex3592 I love the lighting color. It looks warm and realistic. Looking good! @505thAirborne Those came out awesome! The colors really make everything pop, especially with the markings. @Chronocidal I hope everything goes well. That's a LONG print time! @peter Looking good on the assembly line! That Tamiya weathering stuff looks so much like makeup I'm actually going to get some when it's back in stock at the local Hobby Lobby. REAL dust has made some of my mecha look more realistic - MT
  6. @pengbuzz The Tamiya canopy looks like it belongs on there! - MT
  7. @505thAirborne That paint scheme DOES look awesome. You can't tell it isn't canon. @derex3592 I'm glad to see things are going smooth on the paint front for you! @peter Great progress on your Valk and Deck! The paint is looking good! Man, if I don't keep checking everyday, there's a TON of stuff I miss! It's good to see this sleepy thread becoming more active! - MT
  8. @Chronocidal Your print came out great! The details look good too. Getting rid of print bias is a pain. If it's ABS, you can use a acetone vapor bath to smooth it over. If not, sorry. Priming and sanding are a pain (my least favorites). @arbit Your door came out great! @peter Your aircraft and flight deck are looking good! Yeah, ejector pin marks are a pain! I wish they would do other things to get the parts out of the mold, but that's the easiest way for now. @pengbuzz It probably feels like your wrestling a full-sized lion vs a tomcat, but your work is a HUGE improvement over
  9. @arbit Battleship parts - what made Star Wars movie models what they are today! Ship models are great for all sorts of bits! @pengbuzz That sucks about getting ripped off! Happened to me to by a well known internet vendor, who'll remain nameless. Have fun with the panel lines. The only thing more fun than that is watching paint dry or sanding seems - MT
  10. @505thAirborne Those colors look good together! Nice scheme. @peter Where do you get all the free time to build! You're building up a massive armada to take over the galaxy! @arbit That's awesome Arbit! What's the little green box? I think I saw those micro switches at Radio Shack. They are TINY! - MT
  11. @Chronocidal That's cool! I think you do have a manufacturer's advertising model. The internal logo inside the wing (as you pointed out) and "Douglas" on the box are indeed old markings you won't see anymore. I always loved that plane! We have one at the museum and the "Ford" was another great airframe design that suffered from an under powered engine. It just looks like it wants to fly. @peter Thanks! I know what I'm getting. If I see things correctly, that will be a 1/72nd scale 76mm cannon (since I already have ammo for it)! Concerning finding that book AFTER building all those
  12. @peter Dude, you are so wrong! That's funny! And thank you. Regarding the Yamato turret, no thank you! It's an awesome looking kit though! In your model stash, is that the M-82? I was thinking that would be cool to go with a mecha. @arbit Consider yourself virtually kicked in the pants and finish that baby! - MT
  13. @pengbuzz Thank you and great change-up of details in the cockpit to include fixing the consoles too! You even striped the helmets! @derex3592 Thank you! I'd have to side with madman. That's what it felt like drilling all those holes and then threading the rods through them! Your Runabout is looking great! Your paint colors are great and like EI said, the nacelle colors look better than solid colored lenses. @electric indigo That just needs some sky for the background and some vortices and it would be hard to tell from the real deal! @505thAirborne That's a nice color! @arb
  14. For the past few weeks I've been trying to engineer and machine the parts for the 1/72nd scale Oto Melara 76/62 76mm naval gun. Since the parts are small and don't have much "meat" on them, it has been tough with a lot of reject parts, but a lot of gained knowledge too. Some parts were just redone so they looked more accurate. It all adds up! Badly scaled parts and things don't look right. The magazine that sits below the deck looks like a sort of bottling plant. It actually spins around independently from the turret which sites inside it (the interior green colored cylinder). Each row ho
  15. @peter AWESOME fleet Peter! All your hard work and tenacity paid off! @derex3592 Looking good! It's a good thing you found some good putty! Looks like you'll be filling in the Grand Canyon! @pengbuzz That's TWO gold stars for the wifey!!! That's awesome! I hope all goes well with this build. - MT
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