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  1. This model looks great! I'm not into SD models, but yours looks great! Nice clean engineering too. - MT
  2. Cool build Pengbuzz! Your project is coming along smoothly Arbit! You need to take that to a show. People will get a kick out of the blue tooth. Checkmate, your build looks really good so far. I guess you're preshading it? I was trying to figure out if it was a new model until I took a second look. Chavakaiser - Fantastico! Time to make the ship's flight deck tie-downs (Padeyes). First I made a die to use in my drill press as an arbor press. Then simply press into the plastic and you have padeyes galore for free. It adds no more weight to the ship from sheets of photo etch, no hole drilling and no gluing. I used masking tape on the grid so I could make adjustments before pressing the deck into shape. I STILL can't get all the permanent ink off the deck, but the padeyes are all clean without marring. The paint will make them stand out. Some of you may ask where I get my inspiration from. Here's two of them. They think AND sleep outside the box! They also seem to like the Frame Arms kits too! - MT
  3. Arbit - That came out great! Nice and smooth too. The HMS Invincible class carriers used the same scissor lifts too for their aircraft elevators. I got to see one up close. Chavalaiser - Grande y excelente! Sigan con el buen trabajo! - MT
  4. That is a tough one. Even the older model kits with fastpacks molded them in that light greenish color. I thought it was odd until looking at screenshots too! - MT
  5. Ha ha! Yes, we recycle! - MT
  6. I'm just catching the end of this. Everything came out great Pengbuzz! Especially when you consider it was all scratch built from common materials! - MT
  7. Thanks for sharing! I've seen this at Micromark: https://www.micromark.com/Wondercutter For only $399.95 its a steel! I thought of getting one, but its that or making my mill work better. Since most things are made on my mill... My recommended tool: https://www.micromark.com/5400-Deluxe-Mill-Package My mill has another base, but the vertical and motor are the same (from my lathe).- MT
  8. Thanks for posting not only all your work, but your parts too! Most of mine are recycled from something else so not much help to others. - MT
  9. He he. We always joked about the "beer can" missiles. NOW they actually are that size! - MT
  10. That's also a long time to wait on building up your kit. Then you hope the company doesn't fold after your kit is halfway done. - MT
  11. Thanks for posting pictures Derex. I ddin'tknow that was a kit yet! I'd use the surprised look on Woody's face. It would go perfect with some of the modeling conundrums I face! Cool mods UN Marine. My son and I have been watching Gundam Origins so we're kinda in the Gundam frame of model building now. - MT
  12. Cool Nighmareb4macross!!! SMOOTH finishes. That's GREAT Arbit! You just need an aircraft with afterburners blowin'! - MT
  13. NB4M, thanks for sharing the prints with us. I have to agree they are the best looking, whole set of ships. Not only that, but they have the size to back up the scale of how enormous the design is. Your SDF-1 came out great too. That pose is funny; it looks like it's dancing! ..."And jazz hands everyone!" Clean paint Nyankodevice! He'll look sharp when done. This month's (meets this week) modeler's club meeting theme is "Go Big or Go Home." I'm working on my ship partly for that, and partly for my personal creativity. We'll, I'm going to miss getting anywhere near having my ship done, but we have an "Amnesty Night" coming in August of next year. Hopefully I'll be done by then! I got two big things accomplished this weekend. First, I ordered a complete inert round for the 76mm Oto Melara (also Strales - Oto Melara) cannon on ships. It will be part of the ship's stand. Second, I completed the buck and made a vacuum-formed pull of it for the cannon turret. The first photo shows the unevenness of the plastic on the sides before sanding. I had to make cuts in the side for it to come off the mold. The turret is not done yet nor are the metal cannon parts, but should look like the attached when done. It's an ugly turret, but the only thing I could get with enough room for the cap gun parts to fit into. It will almost be like driving around a Corvette Stingray with a toolbox stuck to the hood. It will break up the lines, but will function. Keep up the great builds you all are doing! - MT
  14. I agree, the 3D thread should be here. Somebody should have told them 3D printing is no longer "science fiction"! I wish they had styrene 3D print material. It would stink the house up though. Chronocidal, if I were you, I'd try and keep the panel lines as part of the print. I can't tell you how many times I've made crooked lines or slipped up making other etchings. And I don't even drink! The back end/bracket is done. I drilled the heck out of it to lighten it up. The second photo shows what everything looks like without the motor. I added bearings and machined some things so the mechanism is smoother. The motor attaches to the left-hand upper bracket. The barrel is still not machined and a mechanism has to be made to feed the cap belt through the white styrene chute. Yes, this has styrene on it so technically it is still a model. - MT
  15. Cool models Pengbuzz and UN Marine! Regarding the 3D printers, thanks for the updates guys! Chronocidal, your print did look too hot with all the melty blobs. I'm seriously thinking of getting a 3D printer, but will have to upgrade my mill first. I'm currently taking my lathe head and swapping it out with my mill as I do one or the other. My mill machine head failed (cheap Chinese circuits). I have a Sherline lathe and bought their adaptor that I machined to fit my mill. Now the same machine head is doing double duty. I'm thinking resign printers too for detail and to minimize bias marks. The only downfalls are that they are messier and the resins can get brittle with age. I watched a factory made model of the X-32 break itself under its own weight over time as pieces got brittle. I just HATE the bias marks that spool style printers can add too. Plus the de-laminating of layers too. -MT
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