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  1. @Thom Looking good, Thom! Looks like you're improving on the details too? @Ignacio Ocamica Your details look good and I like the wrinkle you put in the shirt, it adds realism. Originally I spent all that time on the Mk-45 5" gun turret. It just looked huge when I was done. Plus, it's heavy! Mine and the real one! The actual Mk-45 Mod 4 is something like 53,000 pounds - before you add in the magazine and feed mechanism, then ammo. The Oto Melara/Leonardo 76mm Super Rapid is about 16,000 pounds ready to go minus ammo. It also has a rate of fire of 120 RPM - but of course shorter range.
  2. @arbit Thanks Arbit! @derex3592 Great work on your lighting! It looks like the kit seam fit is atrocious. I don't envy the fixes you'll have to do. - MT
  3. @derex3592 Ha ha, thanks Derex! My annual styrene budget is VERY low! A lot of the sheet stock goes back to the 1/200 Daedalus build. On the rare occasion I actually buy some Evergreen or Plastruct. In fact, one of the pieces I used this week was about 15 years old judging by the hobby store price tag I removed. Thankfully Hobby Lobby started carry some Evergreen stuff. My favorite place to buy in bulk, when I do, is U.S. Plastics: https://www.usplastic.com/search/?it=item&keyword=styrene This is the cheapest way to get huge sheets. You can buy one or in bulk. They also cut to or
  4. Sorry if this post is image intense, some people like to see process on how you did something. This week we dive into the exciting world of bitts/mooring bollards and chocks! For those non-nautical, here's something new for you (it was for me!). The photos below show how the mooring bitts (or bollards) are used to tie up the ship when docked. Chocks (not airplane wheel chocks) are what the rope goes through. How the two have the same name is beyond me! First the bitts. I used a hole punch to make the top pieces. Then lathed a bunch of tube pieces the same length. When cut-off, they
  5. @Rock Your Tomcat is looking good! @Angesdad Anasazi's decals make that look much better! @derex3592 So does the table get cable TV? The interior is looking good! You can include these too: - MT
  6. That looks nice and clean! Now you won't be able to look at without that stuff bending! - MT
  7. Ha ha! Does the model come with under-wing radioactive meteor ordnance? - MT
  8. @vsim You definitely need to get back on the boards again! Looking good! Stripes on white are tough. @electric indigo AWESOME paint! It looks nice and clean! @derex3592 Did you get the feeling they should have just made the whole top one piece of photoetch!? Great gluing all the same. Cat hugs are cool! - MT
  9. @Rock The guys who have built that kit in my club say you just throw it in a bag with some glue and it goes together by itself! I got the padeyes (tie downs) punched into the flight deck. Same method as before. I machined a die and used a drill press as an arbor to stamp them in place. It still needs some hatches and other deck details in there before it gets glues to the side rails on the hull. The holes are for future landing light lenses. - MT
  10. @derex3592 That sucks about the Rona, but good it's only minor and that you get a paid "vacation." I built the LCS-2 and it just needed soaked joints and when dried, needed a slight sand and no putty. Hopefully yours is the same. The kit looks good! - MT
  11. It's not Macross, but the 1/72 Harpy looks great and it's only about $20. - MT
  12. @derex3592 Nooo, don't go to the dark side! Cool work all the same! @neptunesurvey Thanks! Those look cool with your SSD and help put it in scale. @Convectuoso That's looking great! I never could understand the stickers thing either except that what they do with Gundam for the amateur builders. They're probably cheaper to produce too - MT
  13. @Urashiman Nice catch! Is that the 1/48th VF-1S (the box top doesn't say). This weekend I tackled the task I feared most of all on my ship build, cutting the holes out for the waterjet intakes. Taking a perfectly good boat hull and cutting holes into it is counter-intuitive, but necessary. The waterjets are only sitting in the rails I made for them, they are not sealed and mounted yet. Thank God it's done now! The plastic is fairly thin, but there is a bit of a ramp running into the intakes to help guide the water flow. The trailing edges were smoothed to reduce vortex drag. I
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