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  1. I think you can substitute the white for another color. Possibly do black, magenta and white at the same time? I'm not sure how they're doing it. - MT
  2. Cool MickyG! I found Gorilla glue is best when you don't see it. It's weird stuff. Funny Pengbuzz! But the changes look great! Electric Indigo: Awww! It is cute. Is that going to be one of the Arab Nations schemes? Derex, that's good! You're wife understands and accepts your hobby! Now you know she's a keeper No photos yet. My maniacal cap gun design is still being machined and experimented with. I'm hoping to finish it soon and get back to the styrene assembly of the ship. - MY
  3. Anasazi, have you seen this yet: HP Laserjet and Ghost White Toner ? At $789.95 its expensive, but should last a long time. It's cool more white toners are starting to come out. - MT
  4. For those of you that are hardcore, they now have a printer and white toner combo up at Micro Mark. It's only $789.95 for the combo, also sold separately. HP Laserjet and Ghost White Toner In case the link breaks, check out the HP Color Laserjet Pro M452dw and Ghost White Toner when doing searches. - MT
  5. Awww - it's so cute -in a cool manly way! - MT
  6. That's too bad Pengbuzz! It almost sounds like something got to it to attack it for parts that got brittle. For the whole kit being bad, that's just bad chemistry. Poor Derex, can't get any slack around here! Cool Pengbuzz, except, "My eyes!" That just hurts looking at the light - MT
  7. Cool Derex! I love that kit despite its fit. Pengbuzz, what old kits have you experienced that brittleness with? Just curious.-MY
  8. Congrats on an awesome joint project! Great internal details and overall design too!-MT
  9. Looking GREAT Pengbuzz? You have a lot of cool details in there. Yeah, old printers are awesome for all kinds of parts. I usually find old ones for $5 at thrift stores. -MT
  10. Those look GREAT Thom and Pengbuzz! I'm glad to see you guys making progress! Derex, the ole' girl is looking good so far (for being gray)! No photos yet, but my cap cannon is still in bitty pieces that don't look like anything yet. - MT
  11. Thanks 505! I'm shooting for realistic - pun intended! - MT
  12. Nice n clean Derex. That thing almost looks the size of the Chrsitmas ornament Defiant we have. Thank you guys! That was the first time I've cut flutes into barrels like that. "Does this muzzle brake make me look fat?" I thought the first muzzle brakes looked awkward, bulbous at the end so I made something more modern looking in brass. The turrets are nearly done now too after adding details. I wanted optics turrets for the ship and turrets so I turned some radii (balls) on my lathe and then milled "lenses" into them of various sizes to simulate lasers, IR cameras and cameras. I just need to clean the dust out of the cuts. Long story short, I rechecked the main turret size and am going to redo the cap firing mechanism to make it smaller. Right now the mechanism sticks out of the turret where it should and has no room to cycle in either. Hopefully it won't take me another month like the last ones did each. - MT
  13. I'm just now seeing this. AWESOME work as always! Great details and design work! - MT
  14. It's great to see this step by step now from the Workbench thread! Awesome work! - MT
  15. That's looking great Thom! I got some details done this weekend. The first was the louvers for the air intakes. A strip of styrene was milled to simulate the louvers. Then a template was made to etch the four openings and louvers were cut to fit. A thin strip will go between the louvers and the opening. Next, the tough part. I always loved the look of the fluted barrels on the Oerlikon 35mm. Those are what will be the secondary turrets. The tough part is machining them. I tried a lot of methods and materials. Aluminum, too soft. Brass, too hard, but not strong enough. I finally found steel could be lathed thin enough (with a live chuck holder on the other end). Next, I carefully milled the length of them with a special, thin saw blade. The slots were then hand widened with hobby files. I milled some muzzle brakes to go on them, but not sure they are convincing enough. They are shown in their turrets (modified Bradley turrets under construction). Then the RAM launcher was finally completed. Its an enlarged and stealthy version I made up. Next step will be making the tie-downs in the decking areas and other deck related details. - MT
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