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  1. Nice car, where did you get it? Goes perfectly with the figures.
  2. No longer on sale Looked before I went to bed and was on sale, back from work and ready to order and back to full price. Grrrr
  3. Seen this: http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00077 HLJ have Macross 1/200 scale toys on sale 1/3 normal cost
  4. Patlabor 3 is more of a detective story rather than a labor story like the 2 other films. The artwork is different too as well as the director (not Mamoru Oshii). Is worth watching but th original OVA, TV series, new TV series, movie 1 and 2 are all far better.
  5. Take a look at: http://www.makerbot.com/
  6. Am still very tempted by the 1/24 Ingram. But can't justify the cost and customs charges I will get hit with. The 1/24 command car is another matter, need at least 1 of those
  7. I have the CM Brocken and really like it. There are 3? layers to the box, you have extra hands, the extra armour kit and a choice of guns. Is worth the money as you get loads of extras. I just hope the more expensive 'Economy Ingrams' have loads of extras too. The moulding is quite good, no visable screws and its pretty posable. The only downside is the shoulders and knee polycaps could be a little tighter as 1 of the legs tends to fall off when I lift it up and 1 shoulder tends to pop out if I play with it too much.
  8. Have a look on ebay for 12CH RF remote, these give either latching or momentary switches. I have loads of these for various projects and they are superb. The ones with the blue faceplate give a lot longer range and are worth the extra money. The only downside is you can only use 1 button per remote at a time but you can have different remotes on different channels. I have a mounting bracket on my Spektrum that the remote sits on so I can easily get to the buttons. Sp is this a model, boat or ship? Not sure what 6ft of scale model counts as
  9. Got my 2*1/72 Hannibals this morning. WOW, Kotobukiya have really outdone themselves and I am really going to enjoy making these models. For the scale the detail is incredible. Was also thinking it would be fairly easy to scale up to 1/35 so it matches the Master Grade kits. Will have to take a proper look once I start making one of them. White NATO colours I think for the first one.
  10. I like some of the non-mech eps. The one when the chief goes on a rampage and bans all the mechanics stuff is classic, with Shige becoming a dictator like figure is awesome. Prefer Patlabor 1 to 2. 2 is just a remake of SV2's Longest Day part 1 and 2 done better. WXIII is really bad. Think part of the attraction of Patlabor is that it isn't a 100% mecha show but does have lots of character stuff and character growth. Some eps such as the onsen and Ohta Blade Runner ep are a bit pointless.
  11. So what is the best bit of the Patlabor series then? I like the Griffon fights, you kow bothtimes it will end up with Alphonse vs Griffon but is worth it. Favorite bit has to be the Tokyo heleport Ingrams vs the Phantom backed up by the Brockens, then the Helldivers turn up to help.
  12. Need an Ingram Mark 1, may even be tempted by the Mark 2 as well. On a slightly different note didn't see this coming: http://www.hlj.com/product/CMS65154 Pre-ordered it straight away.
  13. Think I will have to invest in the Helldiver and Economy. Got enough Ingrams around.
  14. Superb work, coming along really nicely. Would love to come along for the 'grand floating', not sure how the ducks will handle it. Do you have a home made vac form machine? I have always looked at making one but never got round to it, any details would be great.
  15. I'll only be getting 2 of the above (well 3 as 2 Hannibals). Not sure why anyone would buy the live action Ingram, it looks nasty.
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