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  1. Macross Movie Final Outpost: Earth

    That was just the initial 10 page outline, not the fleshed out script.
  2. Macross Movie Final Outpost: Earth

    Big thumbs up. Would love to see the rest of this! Thanks for sharing!
  3. What's the future of this site?

    For long-time posters such as yourself, that seems like the norm here. Again, not knocking that AT ALL, but it does seem to reiterate my thoughts that that's all this site seems to be for these days; a place for for long time friends to hang out rather than be an actual site to promote the franchise it chooses to represent. An entirely new series came out in 2016! Love it or hate it (and honestly, I wasn't totally in love with it myself), someone who may have been introduced to Macross through that series may have come here only to be left scratching their heads, because other than the podocasts, there was NOTHING about it on the front page. Hell, last year I was the first person to find and publish Kawamori's live-action Macross treatment from the 90's on this very site and no one really seemed to care. I was happy with it, I got to satisfy a decades-old curiosity that I had, and I wanted to share it. Maybe I was expecting more people to be just as excited as I was about it, but that obviously wasn't the case. To each their own, but if someone else can't be excited about it here, where else can they be?
  4. From mostly a lurker perspective, I'm just kind of wondering. For a few years, it seemed this site had a ton of news pouring out of it. The front page was updated regularly, I'd get to see some cool photos of trade shows and stuff going down in Japan. But over the past year, it's been nada. I mean, over the past 12 months I see only updates for the Speaker Podcast, which I do enjoy (mainly because personal friends have been doing it, so they'll give me crap if I don't listen) and cosplay photos which honestly hold no interest to me (and I know they themselves have been the cause of some drama, which I mostly avoided). And even on Facebook there seems to have been a splinter, MacrossWorld is now "Macross Fan Central" and/or there's been another spin-off group, I honestly can't tell. I've attended MacrossWorld Con for the last 9 years or so, and now that's something else, apparently The forums here are obviously plenty active, but at this point it seems like a lot of old friends who just connect via a message board. I'm not knocking that, I do the same thing myself on other sites. But, is that all this place is now? I guess I'm wondering why the updates here seem to have been all but abandoned. For the one or two of you who recognize my username, I was big Robotech blogger for a few years back around 2004 - 2007. Small timeframe, I know, but I managed to keep up to date with all of the Robotech news on a daily basis, and as we all know, Robotech and Harmony Gold have done next to nothing in the last 30 years. Even then, I found daily updates to give. Macross, on the other hand, has done SO MUCH in the past decade that the updates should be abundant. Why no front page update of the new series announced at the Walkurie concert? Or the new Sheryl Nome video supposed to be announced in a week? Shouldn't this be the one-stop shop for all thing Macross? Like I said, just a lurker wondering...
  5. Wait a sec - this is the INTERNET. Ask a question on a forum and you'll get 100% certain answers, regardless of qualifications of the person posting. INTERNET!
  6. Total speculation on my end, but I have to wonder if this is related to the Veroninca Mars / WB Kickstarter. Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas (the series creator), were looking to make a VM movie with their own money, but WB owned the IP and wasn't willing to take the risk (they'd still be spending money on marketing, distribution, financials, etc). WB and/or Rob Thomas came up with the Kickstarter idea purely to guage interest and it obviously worked. Not knowing how long the Live Action term is, its obvious that there's less and happening with it. Maybe Harmony Gold is hoping WB will get a new sparked interest in this liscense they have? I mean, it worked for Veronica Mars... Also, not to get off-topic, but this makes me wonder about the oddity that is Shadow Rising. A (very brief) recap going off my memory: Tommy annoucnes publicly that they's started production on it in 2007, shows a trailer at Comic-Con and/or Anime Expo. Around the same time Kevin McKeever says its "greenlit" on the Space Station Liberty podcast Tommy says (again publicly) in 2008 at Comic-Con that the Shadow Rising trailer was made to mainly gain investor interest, and goes into the live action movie Years go by with super-vague answers about it. No real implication of it being worked on or if its on hiatus Anime Expo 2013, Tommy states that they've "never stopped' working on it and teases it yet again, showing the trailer. Anime Expo 2014, it becomes completely moot. No mention whatsoever. When Tommy first said it was mainly to gain investor interest, I felt like it was a huge slip-up on his part when I heard it. When Tommy showed the trailer again last year, there Lionsgate reps in the audience, so he could have been playing that up to them? Has this been purposefly planned as vaporware the whole time? I've met and gotten to know a number of other people involved in Robotech Academy who are pretty great people, so I actually hope they get decent paid gig out of it. It's all just really, really bizarre and feels like there's an ulterior motive. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows?
  7. They're not actually showing Love Live Alive, they're showing the Carl Macek documentary that was an extra on the A+E DVD from a year and a half ago. It contains about a 3-second preview of LLA
  8. 30th Anniversary Exhibit NEWS - Talk

    I'll be in Tokyo starting this coming Friday for a week, do you guys know if there are any events going on? I've browsed the thread and didn't see anything, but I might have missed something. Looks like I'm just going to miss the art exhibit. thanks
  9. DYRL Bluray Release Confirmed

    Question for anyone who may know. I'm going to be in Tokyo at the end of August, will it be likely that I can pick up the deluxe box set at that time? Or will it have likely sold out at that point?
  10. DYRL Bluray Release Confirmed

    As I read not a word of Japanese, is there any word on a release date? I'm going to be in Japan in August and would love to pick up the Hybrid pack without paying shipping fees.
  11. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Keep in mind, that for 99% of the people who actually buy Robotech, they've been on hiatus since they first saw Shadow Chronicles on the Best Buy shelf 5 years ago. A majority of the audience doesn't follow what's being said at every con, forum post, etc. When they see it, they'll be like "oh yeah, I remember that show" As I said before, it can and does bring in $$ when stuff actually gets produced.
  12. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    I think more than likely, they followed Macross's script and deviated more and more when it came to Southern Cross and Moresopedia in order to to shoehorn it in as a continuation. But also, let's think about it realistically. This was one project Greg Snegoff worked on starting 28 years ago and probably hasn't seen since. Obviously, his memory is going to be fuzzy. The guys who work on these shows don't act like fans and talk and analyze it for years afterwards. Most conspiracies that arise can usually be attributed to people who are overworked and underpaid, and just got something out the door in a tight deadline. I've worked in TV for 12 years and I can't believe the amount of conspiracy theories that pop up about hidden agendas people have. At the end of the day, we're just people doing a job wanting to go home and crack open a beer.
  13. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    I just came here to meet chicks.
  14. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Keep in mind that Greg Snegoff also didn't specify if he was talking about Macross, Moresopedia, or Southern Cross, when it came to translations. Like I said, I wouldn't doubt if a lot of the translations were crap. I think Sandy Frank said the same thing when he did Battle of the Planets, he just made up a lot of crap (and added R2D2) I've heard that horrible English translations can kind of be the norm in Japan. When I went last year, a lot of English text looked like it was dumped into Google translate and spit out.
  15. HG and Robotech Debates, ep. 8

    Just to feed the flames (this thread has gotten amusing), from my interview with Greg from 7 years (holy crap!) ago on 5/30/05: