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  1. VT 1010

    Prometheus - on Blu-Ray and DVD Oct. 9, 2012

    I'd say the best way to describe Alien 3 is clusterf**k. It is the most apropos word as it describes both the troubled production and the movie itself. Knowing how it was made does soften the blow though, and the Special Edition is an improvement. I still remember reading about one of the producers saying, "Don't listen to him. He's a f**king shoe salesman!" This was referring to David Fincher in one their meetings. No wonder he disowns it...
  2. VT 1010

    Mass Effect III

    Finally, an ending to ME3 with closure.
  3. VT 1010

    The Ghostbusters III Thread.

    I figure it's only a matter of time until they do reboot that's something like Extreme Ghostbusters. They've discussed the possibility before...
  4. VT 1010

    Expendables 2. Coming 08/17/12.

    Jet Li is in it. Rewatch the trailer.
  5. VT 1010


    Actually, he was a Marine. Force Recon, I believe. Changes to comic characters in movies don't bug me much. If it's done well, I can overlook it. The same thing has happened in the comics themselves for years. Take Batman for example...
  6. Goo Gone has worked for me without issues too. The only problem is you have to clean the greasy residue off, but it's minor issue.
  7. VT 1010

    The MW Automotive Thread 5.0 GT

    What do you not like about the gearbox? IIRC, they changed the gearbox on MY2008 (along with other things), but I'm still curious. If it were a GS it wouldn't be a base, would it? I'd love to get a GS, but I don't know if I'd be able to afford it. I'll find out soon though...
  8. VT 1010

    The MW Automotive Thread 5.0 GT

    I might be in the market soon for a newer car and have been considering a Vette. It would probably be the base coupe. If you know of a comparable car in the same price range (high 40's to mid 50's new, low to mid 30's used) that offers equal to better performance, I would be interested in it. What's terrible about them? They offer incredible performance for the price. The recent C6 seems to be heavily praised. Hell, even the guys at Top Gear have liked them.
  9. VT 1010

    Variable Fighter Master File VF-0

    Does anyone have a link for it on amazon.co.jp? I still have to get the VF-25 master file...
  10. VT 1010

    Prometheus - on Blu-Ray and DVD Oct. 9, 2012

    Robin Hood wasn't bad, it was just mediocre.
  11. VT 1010

    Prometheus - on Blu-Ray and DVD Oct. 9, 2012

    The Arcturians were probably regular humans. Thie name "Arcturian" just happened to be the nationality/ethnicity/culture/political group they were identified by. IIRC, there were a few brief mentions of Arctrurians in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual which insinuated this; however, I don't know if it's canon.
  12. VT 1010

    Prometheus - on Blu-Ray and DVD Oct. 9, 2012

    Don't the Predators already count as the third?
  13. I'd rather watch something that takes place before the prequels or after the OT. What happened in between the trilogies is the least interesting time period to me.