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  1. Want to thank @HG Blows great seller, he gave me a week to pay him, he also packaged the YF-19 well. I would recommend him to any buyer. Thank you again.
  2. I hope there will be a 1/20 Battroid mode with FP or GPB.
  3. Thank you for the YF-19 Sale and giving me a week to send the money
  4. my email address is tread72@gmail.com please PM pictures and price. How are the joints ?
  5. Any version, I am going to custom paint it to go with my 1/48 thunderhammer armour, as long as its not broken or loose joints, I am not looking to spend money on something that is mint and complete. So if you have something loose that is reasonably prices please PM. Also I work in the medical field so I am slow to respond to PM, sorry in advance,
  6. Looking for a Loose 1/48 VF-1S in good condition.
  7. Looking the the Yamato 1/60 unpainted assembly kit for the VF-1J https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-vf-1j-transformable-unpainted-assembly-kit-with-option-parts-ymtgk-17
  8. Grrrr should have purchased the Armament set. Has anyone purchased from Nippon Yasan here? Looks like they have a set left. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/28050-plamax-mf-38-minimum-factory-vf-1-valkyrie-armament-set.html
  9. Will check shapeways thanks
  10. Hopefully one of the 3d printer gurus can make some hands
  11. I hope they reissue the weapon set, I should have picked one up when I ordered the strike fighter with the fast packs.
  12. just got the email from HLJ, waiting on how much shipping is, glad they will hold it for 60 days, please keep me up to date on shipping also if you find out and final price
  13. Hope we get the Sue Graham version also.
  14. I canceled my order and a member on MW sold me thier second copy.
  15. Just sent money to a member here on MW (no3Ljm), thank you for the sale. Can't wait to get it.
  16. man I wish BBTS would hurry up,
  17. Wish BBTS would hurry up cant wait to get this.
  18. 1/12 gear update, need to clean the stuff up and paint it
  19. Hope we get a Sue Graham version or grab two bartley and custom make one of them.
  20. Thank you for the sale, want the rest of the MW family to know the seller is awesome and was willing to work with me on the sale. Thank you Bolt.
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