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  1. They already pixelate the VF-4 reissue picture.
  2. I see Basara with the guitar there... must be another Fire Bomber valk.
  3. walawala

    Hi-Metal R

    I received the notification from N-Y about the extra payment for shipping even though it is Eco Sal... so I paid 8 dollars and kept the same method. I thought it was only related to EMS.
  4. Hi guys, do you know where I can find the additional/replace parts for the CM Legioss and Tread? Is there any Shapeways option -at least- to keep together both planes?
  5. Available again at N-Y, actually I just bought one minutes ago
  6. Santiago de Chile... For once, I'm happy I couldn't buy this Valk. I cannot afford becoming a valkoholic (?)
  7. Hi everyone, What do you think about this "bargain". It looks too cheap to be true... http://www.amazon.com/60-Scale-VF-1S-TV-Version/dp/B003I85GZA/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&qid=1378167594&sr=8-26&keywords=yamato+1%2F60
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