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  1. Wumzi

    Macross Ace Frontier for the PSP.

    If anyone's considering buying a PSP for this game, might want to hold off until October when the PSP-3000 comes out (the current one is the PSP-2000, known as the slim). The new one has a built in mic (handy for the built in Skype feature) and a much better screen. http://www.engadget.com/2008/08/22/psp-300...-oh-thats-what/
  2. First thing's first, WTF at that ending! Sweet! My guess is that the SDF-1's new location is a consequence of NUNS's formation. Thing is, I never played VF-X2, so I have no idea as to what people keep referring to when they talk about UNS's downfall. Anyone have a link to the game's summary?
  3. Ah ok, so it's not out yet. The first post stated that "Raw: Available", so I spent the past 30 minutes going over the sites trying to find it
  4. By the way, why is everyone ? I don't recall hearing that anywhere in this episode.
  5. Mine went up to 300 seeders at one point, and it was working relatively well until recently where it dropped to just 1 seeder
  6. Well, yes and no. Let's just say M25 has it's own version. And let me just say this about this week's episode... WOW. I was on the edge of my seat with my jaw open for most of it!
  7. Check the first post, it's in there.
  8. Stupid torrent throttling... Won't be able to see this for another few hours! I guess now we know what that fighter in the opening is. The way they cross each other leads me to believe that Alto and whoever is flying it are bound to be enemies. Epic dogfight for a future episode?
  9. I seem to remember someone mentioning this in another thread. The reason why Kawamori chose the VF-17 over the 19 is that the 19 looks very similar to the 25, and he wanted people to differentiate between the fighters easily. Heck, take a VF-25, make the wings sweep forward, and you'd think it's a VF-19.
  10. It is. No doubt about it If you go back to the Deculture edition during the ghost fighter scene, in the command center hologram map, you can clearly see Macross 25 written above the ship currently docked to the front of Island 1.
  11. I'm loving the fight sequences! So far all of them have been top notch. But is anyone else bothered by the fact that by this episode, Alto has been in a valk only a couple of times, and yet he's flying the thing like an Ace? Show him stumble a bit at least