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  1. So I just got a VF-0D and was getting ready to display it when I realized the display stand adapter connection is completely different from all my other Yamato/Arcadia valkyries (it's my first Macross Zero valk), I also see that YetiStand products are no longer being sold. Any suggestions for alternative display stands that would work for the VF-0D and are actually available?
  2. This has bothered me for years but does anyone have any insight as to why modern VF-1 toys position the pilot so far forward in the cockpit?
  3. I just wish they managed to properly capture the curves of the nose and cockpit. It looks so much better in the animation
  4. This sums up my thoughts on it as well
  5. Except on Ouroboros
  6. Any news on the release date for the premium finish 0D?
  7. Nice. I may eventually get one and try it out
  8. Anywhere still selling preorders for the weapons set?
  9. Did you ever confirm that they were the same measurements as the SV-262 adapaters?
  10. Giggity! Still one of my favourite gerwalk designs (and valk designs overall)
  11. Not liking what I see of the nose so far. Need better pics of fighter mode
  12. So I just realized my 31A came with two right gun holding hands and no left fist hand. Anyone in the opposite situation and wanna trade?
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