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  1. Thank you promethuem5, the things you pointed out did nag me, but frankly, I did use decal softer for them, but didn't work very well, especially on the dark color area, I guess a gloss coat under the decals is the ideal way. And let's continue... After the assemble, I used Gunze's Mr. White Surface 1000 for coating, it coule help you to check if there is anything not that good on the surface and can be as the color paniting basis, especially for the rubber parts. I used Alclad 2 Jet Exhaust mixed with some drops of Pale Burnt Metal for the metal color. Then I made the pre-shading, I used Gunze's Navy blue and NATO Brown. I used Gunze's c318 Light Grey mixed with some white for the basic color. Then I used even whiter grey for the high-light areas, and NATO Black for the strips, for me, pure black is too black. In the actual world nothing is pure black due to a lot of reasons esecially the sun light and air.
  2. Well...I cannot say I have tips or tricks... but I do have something that can be shared... hope that can be helpful. First, you probably need to strengthen this area, carefully drill and a steel wire would be enough. Making these holes would do fine for the final effect And I also cut the fingers individually to make a good fit and effect
  3. Well... it's been sooooooooo long since I posted my last work here... To say sorry to you guys, I bring you new stuff. I can't tell that it's my brand new work,but it was finished last fall, the whole production time was like two weeks. The kit was build out of box, while building this I felt Hasegawa did make a good kit... I used pre-shading with regular shading during my painting job, and it looked pretty well... Hope you like it. The other two were also my old works, I build the B version for VF-31 Tomcatters and the A version for Top Gun Aggressor.
  4. THX, everyone! It's so sweet that you said so. Now, I'm in the middle of painting the SV-51 of PLAF (Chinese Air Force) camo. I used "Nora's" version model which is kinda purple and I really hate that, but the reason that I choosed it is I can't wait for the release of "Ivanov", so the only way is to ignore the purple color and paint a thick base color, and so far everything goes pretty good I can't wait to share it with all of you soon.
  5. viperbite

    Zero VF-0S

    Damn... what can I say. Just GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!
  6. Great! Like your color so much! And the family pics are AWESOME!
  7. Kinda yes, I used the decal from another model which has the painting plan for NSAWC( TOP GUN).
  8. The HUD BTW, THX to wm cheng, thank you for your great tips!
  9. The close-up to the compartment
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