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  1. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Uh, and I thought I was the only one that didn't complete the squad or had multiples. (from the armchair it sure felt like I was the only one!)
  2. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Oh darn it, I thought it was one of the more obscure ones. Oh well, I don't really need it - so I guess that's good.
  3. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Any VF-31C available for a decent price? I wasn't going to collect the entire squad, but getting one here and there for the armored or super packs, I find that now I'm only this one short. So if a VF-31C comes available for a cheap price, I might as well complete it. It was never a really popular model was it?
  4. NICE!!! I like the scheme, I wonder how much of the blue is decals?
  5. WOW!!!! Absolutely fantastic. This is how the F-22 Raptor should look! I hate the upward turned nose of the F-22, but this has great nose proportions. Great call on toning down the panel stenciling, it looks great. Yeah, I'm only sticking with 1/72 scales, 1/48 are too big to display for my tiny house and I would take too long detailing them up because you can see so much more. Any rivets on the molding? I like lots of surface details even when it probably wouldn't read in real life at 1/72 scale. Any chance of a Hasegawa, Fine Molds, Academy or GWH version? You've inspired me to get back into real world aircraft - I might get one of my many F-14 stash to start on to get back into things.
  6. OMG, your painting is always so smooth and flawless! Absolutely amazing. Now I want this kit. That digital camo, is that all masked?! Its amazing, but looks so labour intensive. Can;t wait to see it finished. The tailcones look so thin and detailed, did they come with the kit or are they resin aftermarket?
  7. Totally agree, Arcadia has totally priced themselves out of my collection now.
  8. Bought myself my Christmas present to make me feel better (way too expensive, but I'm worth it!) Joints are a little floppy, but wow, what paint finish, such a gorgeous mech! Really makes the Bandai/Arcadia/Yamato stuff look and feel like toys compared to this collectable.
  9. Thanks! I bought the Fewture Garland to make myself feel better :P This was the piece I just couldn't justify the price to myself, and now after how Christmas went, I figured, what the hell! $600cdn later and $75cdn in customs & duties fees, I hope its worth it.
  10. Even though getting delayed sucks, I just wanted to thank everyone who has chimed in on this thread/boards. During the Holidays, I don't get on these boards as much as I would like to, but it calmed me down when I got the NY email and went WTF?!?! Then I see I'm not alone, misery is company I guess (had a horrible Christmas, my parents totally forgot me - not expecting much, more token than anything - as the extended family was exchanging presents around me, the only thing I got was the huge dinner restaurant bill!) Thanks to everyone for being here, and happy holidays.
  11. Yep got my delay to April as well from NY even though I was in the first pre-order batch. So has anyone gotten any SSP from NY? Did NY deliver any to anyone in the first batch?
  12. I don't know if the Tamiya silver spray is anything like the paint markers.
  13. I use the Tamiya silver paint marker, I push down on it to retract the felt tip to get a pool going in a plastic lid, then dip my brush in it to paint from it (its a lacquer so you can thin it if you need to, but its a very smooth chrome finish without any visible glitter speckles).
  14. Great shots Lolicon! What a difference it makes to have the gears in white. Might I suggest you painting that shock struct bright chromed silver, it does take it to the next level.
  15. Thanks Lolicon about the tip about the Bandai Tampo, I was just going to use the Tamiya masking tape right on it - lucky I read your post first. Have white gears makes so much of a difference! Hopefully I can get to the VF-1J & VF-1S over the holidays.
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