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  1. That's pretty amazing! Thanks for share @arbit
  2. Great Wall Hobby L7206 F-14A Tomcat in 1/72 scale https://www.scalemates.com/kits/great-wall-hobby-l7206-f-14a-tomcat--1249151 Definitely not a beginner kit, lots of mistakes in the instructions, must piece together a few steps ahead before gluing things down, could use a lot more pegs/surfaces to glue or align parts and mistakes in decals both in instructions and sizing (a little over sized). But with all the flaws, its an extremely detailed kit with the most option parts for an early block Tomcat and only one with proper spoilers/flaps assembly for the wings. Plus how can you pas
  3. Well I had to finish by today (I start work Monday again ) Its by no means perfect, but I had to rush it. I weathered it very lightly, but its hard to see in the photos through the semi-gloss finish. The most disappointing thing is you can hardly see any of the cockpit detailing AND when I uncovered the mask, there was some hazing on the inside surface of the canopy glass (I'm just having such bad luck with canopies these days). I've glued it shut a long time ago, I wonder if I should risk it and pry it apart (I'm sure to damage the finish around the fuselage and worst crack the canopy in
  4. @NZEOD those are amazing!!! So small and detailed. Fantasic, what kits are they? @MechTech I still can't believe you make that out of scratch (I know I sound like a broken record) but its amazing. Do you build ships for a maritime museum? What do you do with your big boats afterwards? Getting closer, doesn’t look like I’ll finish before I start work Monday (Love 70’s hi-viz graphics - come shoot me, if you dare) I'm going to try to finish up the plane and leave all the ordinance and tanks till the weekends between work (maybe a big break between finishing it up unfortun
  5. Thanks for the tip @MacrossJunkie on those airbrush splatter stencils. Just ordered those - exactly what I was hoping for before I ever get to the newer Tomcats. That Death Star II is looking great @derex3592!! Amazing how much detail they can pack into something that small.
  6. Woohoo!!! After a long journey, its finally starting to look like an airplane... (this is my favourite stage, decaling and weathering :P)
  7. Yes I see what you mean @MacrossJunkie, but I think people who are happy with it have no customizing or modeling expertise at all and are happy with what they get out of the box. The problem for people like you and I and others that customize is that our standards are too high since we only have to work on one at time for ourselves. There is no way any mass manufacturing is going to complete with our level of customization. Those brush touch points are actually intentional, I've seen them in the anime lineart and was considering replicating them for my custom VF-0D back in the day, but then
  8. Well you guys have made me spend way more than I had planned to over these years, so I guess we're even!!! Nice work BTW! @Lolicon
  9. I've got the game already - just wondering if the DLCs were worth it (I could care less about more aircraft skins)
  10. I would love it if all the mission were VR instead of just the two. Is this Premium Edition all the missions in VR? Are there any more VR missions in the DLCs?
  11. LOVE IT!!! Awesome work @MacrossJunkie Its tough to weather dark planes and you did a fantastic job on that one. Looks just like the anime and very realistic. Especially the love the orange tinting to the canopy - really adds to the overall custom. @electric indigo - phenomenally smooth paint job as always - I wish I can get mine so smooth. I must try your method of using flat paints (which always goes on smoother and better coverage) and then clear coating for decals. I try to use glossy paints first for decals as I find I want to try to minimize the layers of paint before I do the
  12. Amazing @MechTech - almost a shame to paint over all that metal goodness. Fantastic weathering @Return To Kit Form - always love seeing your stuff!!!
  13. @Dobber That's gorgeous!!! I love all the different shading you did, I can't believe that's pencil. Yes, much better design than Discovery or the JJPrise.
  14. Wow @derex3592 your SD looks fantastic!!! I just received the Greenstrawberry resin engine and photoetched upgrade parts for this kit and if I don't go back to work, it will be my next build (if I ever finish my F-14) - you're inspiring! The upgrade is pretty crazy, they included separate antennas for the little pointy tips for the shield generators - don't know if I can get that small. Congrats on a beautiful build! BTW I'm curious about that bowing your talking about and the light leaks and not fitting - could you point me to any threads about that and if there's anyway of mitigating thi
  15. What a flashback to be getting decals from @Anasazi37 again! Thanks so much for doing this. Here's what I did with the last ones he did for 1/48 scale for my old Yamatos, how long was that?!?!
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