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  1. OMG!!! I'm speechless. Nothing like shooting the photos outside to capture the sharp shadows from the sun.
  2. Yeah, I think its the hip joint - at the top of the thighs that controls how far out I can spread the legs? I haven't looked at it, but can you unscrew it to get to the inside cups? I thought I might be able just to put some crazy glue or future on the metal ball and be done with it?
  3. Beautiful - what did you do to tighten the joints? I have to do that with mine too, I have it on a stand with the legs splayed but now its loosened and the legs just falls and aligns straight down due to the weight of the leg armors.
  4. YES!!! So envious of you all - at least I can live vicariously through your achievements.
  5. Hey @Chronocidal I love your shape, when you're done could you post a set of instructions with any additional parts I have to buy to make it work? Like you I don't like the shape of the tail - I just got the set but haven't started building it yet. That the omission of the Canadarm sticker and the location of the landing gears are my only nitpiks to an otherwise amazing set.
  6. @pengbuzz I don't know how you do it, but you've pulled some amazingly patient rescues with the crap you had to start with. What a great wife there too, thank her - nice to see someone so understanding. My wife has often said to me when I get frustrated; "why are you even doing this, it obviously brings you no joy, you should just quit!" I often get an anxiety attack just watching you attempt some of your projects :P I've come to the realization that my time is so precious to me that I will spend whatever it costs to get a great model kit (Taimya, FineMolds, GWH or Hasegawa) complete wit
  7. Thanks @borgified and @Nerd-linger - I hope by July we might get EMS back again, I hope they would offer an alternative form of shipping otherwise. I can't imagine FedEx or DHL to be more than 5,200Y - I guess they put in a low base price and jack up the shipping to make the profit. The main thing is I hope they can get the item, hate to wonder and worry about it for 7 months only to get an email on July 31st to saying they couldn't get it.
  8. Thanks for the link - I took the chance and ordered from Hobby-Genki. I hope they come through and EMS gets to me (I have no doubts with Japan Post, its when it gets to Canada, our Postal System here sucks - but at least the chance exists that I won't get dinged with Customs & Duties which is a certainty with FedEx or DHL plus their service charges).
  9. Wow, Japan Post EMS was the only option to Canada at 5,200Y (that's steep) Is EMS available from Japan to Canada?
  10. Is Hobby Genki any good? Are they reliable? Never heard or used them before?
  11. I was really hoping for Anime Export as I have experience with them. I have not ever used a Proxy service so I would like to stay away from them. I'd pay a bit more for piece of mind knowing they would come through in the end. So who (what stores) are left that haven't posted that we might have a chance at tonight? (my wife is going to kill me getting up at 2am on Christmas to do this - she definitely doesn't understand and constantly tells me to stop it as its a TOY that doesn't seem to bring me joy, only pain and anguish).
  12. Oh NO!!! I thought it was supposed to be 4pm Dec 25th in Tokyo - which is 2am for me in Toronto. I was getting all ready to stay up tonight for this. Now I just checked in here and its sold out a day before it goes on sale? What did I miss? Did I just get the days mixed up?!?! I thought TWE were easier to get. How did you guys all know to check a day ahead? I must be getting too old for this to have missed this. I love orange Valks!!! Now what can I do? Where can I order this? Just noticed nin nin doesn't seem have opened up yet - is this my best chance now? (even NY i
  13. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Thanks. I wasn't going to get all of them, but now I find myself only missing VF-31c (I don't want to pay the high price for it now - so I'm hoping for a reissue in some form or another).
  14. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    So are they going to re-release the VF-31c again? (with the speaker pods?)
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