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  1. Amazing what a difference it makes! Great job!!! Damn you, now it seems like something I should do too. Just remember add the silver to the shock struts.
  2. Beautiful! Did you take it apart to paint the landing gears or did you paint them in place?
  3. My weapons set from NY is still in "Preparation in Progress" as well
  4. After making me go through all the hoops... wah, wah, wah...
  5. Oh well, lost out this time... sold out everywhere, but it sounds like some people here got lucky. What are the chances that this will be available at release date for MSRP?
  6. AmiAmi = " Unfortunately, DX Chogokin Movie VF-1S Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijyou Custom) "Macross: Do You Remember Love?"(Pre-order) is sold out. " Anywhere else?
  7. Cart jacked at CDJapan... ;(
  8. Access Restriction Notice from Ami Ami
  9. Any links to HLJ? or anyone else other than Ami Ami?
  10. Ah damn it! You're right. What a newbie mistake. 48mins to go. 2:12am and I've got to get up in 3hrs for work - the things we do for our toys!
  11. Hobby SEarch went to Reservation Closed! But nothing else anywhere else
  12. With all those crazy tampo markings, did anyone else notice that they missed the little yellow rescue arrow on the chest pointing to the access panel that releases the forward fuselage? Aside from the skull on shield markings behind the cockpit which someone else here pointed out. Why make up so many other extraneous markings and not include the important ones? At least they finally got the Ejection Seat triangles on this this one. Too bad they missed the VF markings on the legs especially since the first VF-1J was a TV release. I wasn't going to get this, waiting for Roy's VF-1S, but I might break down...
  13. Wow! It looks great but I'm with the way over done Tampo camp (can't believe I'm actually saying it). These maintenance guys working on these birds must be near sighted to need such big fonts - the big words make it look a bit more toy-like IMHO. I'm still on the fence.
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