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  1. wm cheng

    Hi-Metal R

    Amazing work Lolicon! Really needs it and you made it look great. Am I the only one here not that impressed with this tiny VF-4? I just don't get it, its ok, especially for its small size, but there's no comparison to the Yamato/Arcadia version. Someone here said it was leaps and bounds better than the Yamato/Arcadia version and a ton of people agreed, so it really upped my expectations. When I finally received it, I guess I was too pumped because I felt such a let down. I consider the Yamato/Arcadia VF-4 the pinnacle of their design production, everything fit so perfectly, there were no gaps and closed up so sleek with fantastic proportions and perfectly scaled panel lines. The only thing wrong with it was the colour scheme. While I'm so happy Bandai actually chose to represent this amazingly beautiful design and they did the best they could at this size, its far from perfect. My gripes are that there's a huge gap between the nose cone and the forward fuselage, the nose is a bit too needely/long and lacks the typical VF-1 side profile downward drop, nothing locks in place (relying on friction to hold), all the fins/wings move at the slightest handling, but there is not real detent at any of the right angles, the downward fin under the cockpit is too small and all the panel lines are massively to big and out of scale. The brown stripes on the tail fins at the top and bottom of the black field with the white skull, shouldn't they be red and shouldn't there be another black stripe at the very top and bottom before the marking goes to the grey of the tailfin? Oh plus that stupid huge yellow rescue arrow in the middle of the side pointing at nothing - argh! I do like the toy, its fine for its size but its just not comparable to the Yamato/Arcadia 1/60 version. I guess I just don't get these HM-R line.
  2. Hey Gatsu, Sorry with March Break vacation, my new job and running a basement renovation in my home, I don't have very much time with my hobbies anymore. I'll look at my model when I get home, I think its currently in fighter form so I can snap a picture of the thigh to see if its aligned or not. My guess is that it isn't and its like the old VF-1 where the green part is slightly rotated downward from the purple intake part. I certainly don't remember much of that build, especially the details - the only thing I got out of it was that I never want to build another one of these model kits again - it was so unpleasant and frustrating.
  3. wm cheng

    Hi-Metal R

    Has anyone gotten shipping notice on the VF-4? Especially if they ordered it through AmiAmi like I did.
  4. GSI Creos Mr Topcoat semi-gloss - hmm never heard of that. Is it more durable than semi-gloss Future? I'd like to find something that would be able to withstand transformation better. Oh gorgeous photography BTW Lolicon - aside from the amazing weathering too.
  5. Can't wait!! Yes please. BTW, if you went 1/48 - may I ask why you didn't go Tamiya?
  6. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Why did it go up early?! Thank Goodness you guys are on it and I happened to check in with this forum. I thought it was supposed to be 8pm EST tonight for Mar 10 JPT.
  7. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Is it only me or am I crazy, but the light grey makes it look very plasticky in a lot of the pictures - a darker shade would be better, but its not going to deter me from ordering this puppy, its the only reason I got the VF-31S (I'm not a fan of the teal and crimson colour scheme)
  8. I totally agree 110% Which kit is this? I've got 6 Hasegawa & 2 FineMolds 1/72 stashed away awaiting some free time. Yay I can live vicariously through you.
  9. Gorgeous Lolicon!!! What did you clear coat it with?
  10. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    LOL - yeah you're right that it would serve me right to tempt the fates. I'm going on Vacation next week and it would be my luck for them to PO on my week off with unreliable internet - plus my family would kill me if I'm online. So this armor pack is TWE? That means the order window would be open longer right? But wasn't the VF-31A also TWE and we all know the craziness of not ordering right away when it opened.
  11. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    PLEASE!!! Please just not next week...
  12. Sure thing! I hope this helps all. Please post your work so I can enjoy when you're done with them. I got lots of help from these great forums doing this baby too. I've included a scaled ruler in the background so if you scaled it according to the ruler you should be fine. Good luck!
  13. wm cheng

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Pre-order date? (or did I miss it?)
  14. HLJ have this on pre-order yet? I always get dinged by customs on Amazon.jp packages
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