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  1. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    I swear the Detolfs weight limit was once 15 pound. Maybe they updated it knowing people would try to exceed the limits.
  2. Remember when he was just a troll who kept coming here to cause trouble but never did it so overtly that would warrant an instant lifetime ban but resulted in you having to step in to tell him and others who took his bait to stop it or else? I sure do and this is the guy HG hired to tell everyone about Robotech. It never ceased to amaze we.
  3. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    Worth quoting.
  4. I was too busy to remember to check for the Strike/Super packs. Yes I want one but considering I already over paid for the VF-1S they need anymore of my money.
  5. I hate those your items have shipped emails. Paying postage by remote isn't shipped. Only when the shipper picks it up counts as shipped.
  6. NY is just full of shit. I'm fine with a price raise after the release date or earlier if people cancel orders. This holding back stock is the worst and they get us suckers to pay because all the other stores quickly sale out. Some of the other stores sold out so quickly that no human could submit orders that fast. Scalpers are either using bots or there's employees buying them first. A modern day version of breaking open the case in the backroom and putting what you want resell on the side.
  7. Pay Pal says I got one for $289 at NY. I think I'm going to be sick. That's like $100 over MSRP is it not? I paid $260 for Hikaru's VF-1J but the was months after the preorder. Shouldn't be paying these prices in the first hour of a preorder. I don't why I ordered it. I think it is just a feeling that I'm going to miss out of the VF-1S Roy type. The one I really want and this might be the only VF-1S I have even a chance of getting even at a higher price. Maybe Bandai will decide not to fill NY orders for their preorder price fixing.
  8. My anti-virus software doesn't like NY.
  9. Should I pay $289 with shipping at NY?
  10. NY shipping options page loading...
  11. It is still my NY cart at the higher price wont let me process. I kind of want to see price with shipping.
  12. NY now at a jacked up price!
  13. I guess I don't get one. So what happens now? Those of who didn't get one will now order multiples of the Strike Packs in hope we trade them with those who got doubles?
  14. These webstores should be capable of handling a good number of visitors. Is it just 5 guys using bots that just over load these stores? I bombed out on these 2 pre-orders. I'm going to out of the game the way this is going.
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