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  1. Yeah I liked seeing that planet again and how things have changed ever so slightly since we last saw it. Now a really stupid question. The Mandalorian is on the run for betraying the Empire and the guild. Everywhere he goes with baby Yoda they follow. It is pretty clear the only save place left is to take baby Yoda to the Republic. Luke's not yet a hermit. They'll keep baby Yoda safe. I don't know if the Mandalorian has a bunch of unpaid parking tickets or something but I'm sure the Republic would over look it.
  2. This is episode 5 out of 8. When we get there we're not going to spend that much time. Formula of The Mandalorian is he arrives somewhere with baby Yoda. Teams up with the guest star of the week. They do a predictable side quest. They part and he leaves with baby Yoda for the next location to repeat the process.
  3. My quick thoughts about a female Bond. First my quick thoughts about a non-white dude as Bond. I've got no objections if it a Bond film taking place in our modern times. If the movie takes places in 1950s or 1960s like in the original books that's a different story. Now a female Bond. I honestly don't know how they could do it. So much of Bond's character has to do with the fact that he's a man and his relationship problems with women. Make Bond female and your forced to just make an entirely new character who just happens to share the same name. Do people go to these movies to watch a generic super spy adventure or to see a specific familiar character in super spy adventure?
  4. Oh no! Bond's love interest has deep dark secret that she's been hiding! Like having a father working for Quantum/Spectre didn't count.
  5. Skip. Give me more new characters before the same old characters in new outfits.
  6. Forget taking out the AT-ST. The dude walks into a bar with his shinny Mandalorian armor with a baby Yoda. That's not going to go unnoticed.
  7. What's the point? Will anything that happens in this movie even matter? Why wasn't this movie made before Infinity War?
  8. An email I got last week from NY said fast packs have been moved to 12/23.
  9. Spoiler? The opening scene pretty much lets you know it is inspired by the 7 Samurai.
  10. If you've seen the 7 Samurai you can just skip episode 4. Instead of 7 there's only 2 defending a village. The 7 Samurai is a nearly 3 and half hour long movie. This episode covers it all in about a half an hour. He makes another 1 or 2 episode partner. I kind of want these partner characters to stick around. Either with the Mandalorian as his crew or a separate crew that he just keeps bumping into.
  11. Email from NY they have started processing my order.
  12. I'll see mine in February 2020 with NY.
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