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  1. Meanwhile dozens (maybe hundreds) of us never got our items or a cash refund. They can fix things by paying us back.
  2. We get a new series every several years. It is likely that his involvement will decrease after the next series. He'll show up to design some new valks but others will take over.
  3. Sorry for the clickbait Topic Title. Macross has been going on for nearly 40 years. We consider any Macross that Kawamori has worked on to be canon. He's currently 61 years old. I'm sure there's examples of people in the 70's still working in anime. Many people have retired by then.
  4. I love Indy but he belongs in a 1930's serial. Indy in his 70's in the 1970's could be a good movie but it wouldn't be an Indy movie.
  5. More I think about it there is no "agreement" or to be more correct: Both parties are really just publically acknowledging rights of the other party that was already decided by the courts. The agreement is that they came up with an undisclosed (at this time) price for times when they'll cross into the other parties rights. After 20 years of lawsuits it must have been clear that neither was going to get everything they wanted. Only way to expand to other markets was to cooperate. Now here's a positive. Harmony Gold could always later sell some of its assests. BW now on better terms c
  6. That's what I suggested. Business in 2020 couldn't have been that great for either. HG has just been collecting licensing fees. Judging of the size companies paying them I don't think HG is charging top dollar. Meanwhile in Japan they're still milking Delta for all that it's worth. Delta came out 5 years ago. By now they should be making a new series with a new cast of characters and setting. I don't think they want to risk spend money on all new production that will have to win over the fans. Give them a chance to pursue fans outside of Japan and maybe they can raise the funds.
  7. I agree. HG has pretty much abandoned Robotech. Sure they've handed out licence agreements for 3rd parties to make toys and games but they haven't added anything new to continue the story themselves. They can just let Bigwest do all the creative work. My guess is if Bigwest has a new Macross sequel they first have to approach HG and give them the option join in on international distribution. HG can pickup some of the costs for a share profits or do nothing and accept an agreed upon lower fee.
  8. What's new today? Holy crap! My guess is business hasn't been that good for either company and both saw that they should make a deal. Both acknowledge that the other party has rights and will cooperate in distribution. In other words for decades both could have been making more money but were limited in what and where they could do it. Now they've got a deal for what happens for all those things they make that falls in that grey area of rights.
  9. First thought yesterday after seeing the thumbnail: Is this a parody? First thought today after watching the trailer: Is this a parody?
  10. no3Ljm, You've made well over 15,000 post here. You're not the new to this place. I get it you read something about the Mandalorian and wanted to share it here. When you saw that the Mandalorian thread was locked that didn't give you a clue that maybe something was up? Instead you went ahead and shared it in 2 threads that weren't locked. We have this big no Politics and Religion rule. That thread was closed for review because this rule. Last thing we need right now are members bringing up a sensitive topic while it is under review. I'm asking everyone reading this post not t
  11. Latest comments in this topic may require a review. It is being closed for now.
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