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  1. Hi-Metal R

    My original solo issued Regult didn't have loose knee joints. It still doesn't have them. That's because I don't handle the toy that often and when I do I treat it like an expensive imported collectable. Over the course of a few years of even with careful handling they'll eventually get loose. That type of wear and tear over time is too be expected. You don't expect to find this upfront out of the package. This is a QC issue.
  2. Hi-Metal R

    Well my Regults arrived here last Friday but I wasn't home and wasn't able to pick them from the post office until today. One of them has a problem. It's knee joint is loose and doesn't want to standup. If the stance isn't perfect the pod starts dragging down.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    Last night the status of my Regult was that they moved them to another distribution center that would have meant a few more days of domestic travel. Well that information must have been wrong or they decided to express mail it over night instead of moving it by truck. A delivery was attempted today. During the time I decided to leave the house.
  4. Hi-Metal R

    My Regult set cleared US customs.
  5. If Luke cut himself off from the force during his self imposed exile how is he able to do his pole vault fishing without falling to his death? When I first saw the scene I thought that's how a Jedi Master would do things but if he's not trying to use the force how can he physically do that?
  6. Image if Admiral Purple Hair was in charge during the battle of Yavin? The Death Star is coming. Everyone knows what destruction it is capable of. Instead of informing the base staff and the star fighter pilots about the Death Star's weakness to give them hope against terrible odds she just tells everyone to remain at their stations during the entire attack. She has secretly only told Gold Leader the truth. You don't think more people there would running away with Han? What did she do when she took over command in the Last Jedi? Did she ask someone for a report on the crew's morale? Rose was sending crew members trying to flee to the brig. Poe didn't seem to have any problems finding supporters. It would have been smarter for her to get Poe on her side early on. Both of them seemed like two stubborn idiots who thought they knew best and was too proud to work with the other. I hold her to the higher standard because she's the one with higher rank. All of her experience should have told her that in order for her plan to work she needed the support of the crew.
  7. So what was the plan if Purple hair lady died before her planned work? Every other commander was dead. Hothead or not there was a good chance Poe could be next to lead. Wouldn't you want make sure he knows the good plan instead of going with a stupid one?
  8. How many mistakes does Poe need? Half the blame still goes to Purple hair lady. This is a volunteer resistance. The high command is gone. To avoid ship wipe panic you talk to your crew.
  9. Another video review. Overall they were positive about the movie but did draw plenty attention to its many flaws. And a few days after seeing the movie my feelings are mixed. I understand characters and in universe rules from the OT had to change for this new universe to work. There were many parts from this movie that I liked. But that script was a mess.
  10. Hi-Metal R

    7 days since my Regult set have left Japan's customs and no update from the US on it's current status.
  11. Hi-Metal R

    Finally transformed my VF-2SS. Someone at the factory didn't put a shoulder in correctly. A tab that was suppose to be under the chest was outside of it. Might have broke it if I didn't notice it.
  12. You can really tell the difference in tone by looking at General Hux. In The Force Awakens he's your stereotypical classic ranting Nazi straight from a classic war movie. In The Last Jedi he's a Mel Brook's Nazi. I'll accept a few stupid decisions for the sake of the plot. "Because Movie" is something that were use to. They just go overboard with it. Usually you'll notice characters acting stupid and a things not making sense on repeat viewings cause there's so few or they're well hidden. This movie is so long your mind has time to process it quicker.
  13. My problem with it is This movie was bad not because of character's acting different but because a bad comedic tone and needlessly subplots. I'm tempted to buy a copy of it just to see if the movie can re-edited to something better.