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  1. Boba Fett was good in Empire as the mysterious stranger. He looked cool. Did little but was competent in what he did. You were left wanting to see more. As kid when Jedi came out I knew we would see him again. Being the last film he was sure to die but we would see him use every single weapon before that happens. We didn't and that was so disappointing. Maybe an in universe explanation is that Fett's successful cause he out thinks his targets, intimidates them to surrendering without fighting them or kills them by ambush. In reality he's always been terrible at fighting. Captain Phasma on the other hand was just incompetent. You'd think she would be competent to earn her position but she's out smarted by some of the least smartest heroes and was out fought by a former underling of the lowest rank who just woke up from a coma yesterday. If she was suppose to be a badass we never saw it.
  2. I know some people didn't like The Force Awakens become it was mostly a remake but Abrams did a good job of introducing plots that could be use for the entire trilogy. Did you ever play the group story telling game? Where one person starts a story and passes it to the next person in a circle? Johnson is the jerk who ruins the game because he doesn't like the story that was passed on to him.
  3. Good job Mr. Bay you've managed to get your academic paper published by the main stream media. That's much better than a scholarly journal. Back in my school days if you wanted to go on to graduate school and be somebody in academia getting published was key. He's done a great job by picking a topic that people outside academia care about. I don't know if any scholarly journals published it as well. They only publish research if it passes their standards. Other researchers who subscribe to such journals get to read and evaluate the value of articles within. Main stream media doesn't care too much about evaluating research methods. I haven't read his research. I only got a undergrad degree in a related field. Even without doing the research I think it is common knowledge that the alt-right, Russians and trolls were heavily involved with all the hate. These people like to stir the pot for kicks. Main stream media covering research like this unfortunately allows studios and the press to place all future negative criticism on them. That's what I dislike about this type of fan backlash. Your legitimate complaints will be ignored when you have an element of fandom that crosses the line. If you use the same rhetoric you'll be lumped together with them. Which is part of the reason why we don't want to see it here. You're all capable of legitimate and the occasional childish criticism on pop culture. Sharing and repeating ideas of the alt-right even when they're valid doesn't do your own argument any good.
  4. AfterAfter watching positive and negative reviews I've come to a conclusion. The last movie was a "good" movie. The director had a vision and while not every element was perfect he accomplished his goals. Many people appreciated this new approach. On the other hand it wasn't a good Star Wars movie. These aren't science fiction movies that are meant to mirror out current times. Star Wars is a heroic fantasy series inspired by historic myths. It has more in common with a Disney fairytale than science fiction. Like a bed time story you can't tell your child a reimagined fairytale. A child knows what to expect from such stories. If you change the rules it is no longer a Star Wars movie. Critics can praise it for surpassing our expectations and effective storytelling but it is no longer heroic fantasy.
  5. Roy Focker

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Wow a Transformers movie with Transformers that look like Transformers with Transforming that your eye can actually follow from start to finish.
  6. Roy Focker

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    I wonder if they'll have him doing a stunt where he's outside his fighter jet trying to launch a missile by kicking it loose.
  7. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    I've got enough VF variants. I really want the next one to a Destroid or enemy mech.
  8. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    23 days later and I've got my VT-1. Feet seem okay. The orange on mine seems to match all around.
  9. Roy Focker

    The Predator (2018)

    Wouldn't it be easier if when people see a Predator they just drop their guns, ignore it and carry on with life a usual? They're the ultimate hunters looking for a good hunt. If we don't fight back or run where's the challenge? Won't they just get bored an leave and tell their other Predator friends how hunting humans isn't fun anymore? /
  10. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    After 9 days I finally get a status update on my VT-1. It was stuck in customs for 9 days. A small box containing a plastic toy from a friendly country was stuck in customs for 9 days.
  11. Also if they went with their usual brutal and comedic takedowns it would just look like more man child hate. When it comes to certain movies you have to tone down the hate or even your legitimate criticisms will be dismissed.
  12. Roy Focker

    Produce the latest TV macross!!

    Text size was edited by me for being too big.
  13. Roy Focker

    Cyberpunk 2077

    A bit of history. The IP holder started a Kickstarter for a new edition of Mekton. I and others supported this Kickstarter. We then got screwed over for several years as they abandoned us a prior commitment to work on Cyberpunk when video game developers came along with more money. Only recently did they decide to official cancel the Kickstarter and refund everyone. This came once they started to really promote their new Cyberpunk video game.
  14. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    Plus they've got the old VF-19 from the previous Hi-metals that they could always rebuilt a version 2 off of.
  15. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    My VT-1 left Japan 4 days ago and is now in the stage when nobody updates its status.