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  1. And done. Had to increase playback to 1.5x to finish it more quickly. Fun show but the action is bit too much. Every episode they find an excuse for a big fight. It's like watching the A-Team.
  2. This movie is good example of why they should release these movies now instead of keep pushing them back. I was really looking forward to the next Bond film but those rose colored glasses of excitement that would overlook any of the film's flaws was only good for Summer of 2020. After a bunch of delays I'm going to be expecting something that Hollywood can't deliver. None of these films they pushed back a year just to play them in the theater are going to wow me.
  3. The owner of Pit Viper has major health issues. I think a bad heart. Doctor told him to stop working before he drops dead but continues until he can find a buyer for the business. I think he also said his vision is bad too. He also made a post explaining how he figured out the dimensions for the Macross helmet. Based on inaccurate data even for Robotech. That helmet design was discontinued after the last batch for being too difficult to make.
  4. I was going to try Amazon after the release. I like the 1D but not enough to deal with exclusives pre-ordering. Then I saw the fan racer and I was all in.
  5. I too order from AE. Used a CC but paid as guest via PP. Please don't screw me over! This is going to be pricey after shipping.
  6. Luke's entire appearance was off. You know they could have also just kept the hood over the double's head and have Hamil do the voice over. We would never get good look at his face but we'd all know by his voice that this is Luke. Hamil's performance seem off too. His lines were very simple and almost, emotionless. Maybe he suppose to be in a super calm peaceful Jedi Master state. I watched it and think maybe his performance was limited by technology. Boba should had been in the room. I wanted him ready to take his revenge on Luke and then he'd start crying like a baby when Man
  7. I don't think this season was that good. Sure it had good moments and cool scenes. Overhaul I think it was more a vehicle to showcase all the possible spin offs. First season had many self contained episodes and occasional there was an episode that advanced the plot. Season finale ended with the hero having met the series villain and taking the quest to return baby Yoda to the Jedi. Second season Mando was a supporting character to a series of visiting fan favorites. There was 8 episodes with an average running time of 30 minutes each. That's enough time for 4 hour long movie. I think
  8. That post credit scene was horrible. Who thought ending things on Endor with Wicket bathing in a hot spring with Jar Jar and them finding Vader's burnt Helmet was a good idea.
  9. Are we sure there's going to be a season 3? One nitpick was a pretty bad CGI effect. I like the effort it just wasn't good.
  10. That kiss was weak. People wanted to see LGBT representation and Disney listened and got cold feet. They aren't that worried about American homophobia or racists. They're worried about the International ones. They give us a brief scenes involving a minor characters that they can get the clickbait Internet to press create a buzz. It is also something that they can easily remove when they release these movies for a countries that might not allow it. Fans asked for Finn and Poe. Disney could have left it vague and people would have happy. Instead Disney gives them both potential f
  11. 5 minutes into watching latest episode. Boba's armor has a fresh new paint job. Same colors. He kept the worn paint during the original trilogy while business was good. My guess is a blemish free Boba Fett makes a cheaper to make action figure compared to one that requires a complex paint application.
  12. I'm amazed by how much he saved. Not just the near finished drawings but the very rough early sketches.
  13. The DX line is far superior in nearly every way. HMR is the winner if you're interested in Destroids or Enemy Mecha to go with your hero VFs.
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