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  1. PC Gamers are a bunch of uptight babies! I downloaded a cheap game on Steam called Gary's Mod. People create worlds on it and do multi-player games. Joined a military RP. Everyone on them is like so uptight. "Don't speak unless ask permission" "Don't enter this room" "Blah Don't Blah" It is a game for Christ sake. Unless people are saying racists comments just let them play. I'm at my first debriefing. My knowledge of the Keys isn't at 100%. A Sergeant Player is like "Do what I damn say" I'm like "Trying to figure this out and don't use such bad language. It isn't nice." Then an Admin with the Rank of General dropped the f-bomb. Saying something like "you follow orders in my bleeping army." And I'm all like "There's too much potty talk in this army." My M-16 accidently fired a burst at the General.
  2. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    Aren't these stickers (I have that issue too) for making a Hi-metal VF-1 look like it is from Macross the 1st?
  3. Roy Focker

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    The first episode/Pilot was different. The first half afterwards contained episodes ranging from okay to good. The second half was lost and confused. Macross Delta = Star Wars The Last Jedi?
  4. Roy Focker

    DC SHAZAM! live Action

    Why aren't they drinking beer? I don't know anything about this Super Hero. From the picture it looks like a teenager got him to buy him beer from the convenience store. Yet they're drinking cola?
  5. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    Skipping this one. I've got first VF-2SS with red markings. Another one with blue markings isn't that much a difference for me.
  6. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    I need more than just repaints or new parts added to an existing toy. I need a new Destroid!
  7. Comcast is horrible company. People hate having to use them is their ISP but they've got no choice. Disney just ruined Star Wars. Comcast has had a more negative impact on my life than Disney has ever had.
  8. Roy Focker

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I think Patrick Stewart is bit too old to be running around the galaxy. He's nearing 80 and the character most likely retired to take care of the family vineyard. Does he become the new Boothby?
  9. Roy Focker

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Ordered one. Just to evaluate it. I'm like 60% for it based on appearance alone. That's enough to pass on it but I do like the scale. Maybe it will look better in person. If they make more that do look better in preview pics then I won't have to hunt for this one. I did pass on Minmay as I really don't like that green and yellow dress.
  10. Roy Focker

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    Extreme depression and suicidal thoughts don't make sense.
  11. Roy Focker

    Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Oh no! More human and droid pansexual relationships!
  12. I never saw problems with them casting Alden as Han Solo. Haven't seen the move yet. I'm sure there's actors who look and sound more like him. Alden did have a feature part in Hail Caesar by the Coen Brothers. The critics love them. Alden acted in several scenes in that move with some really big name stars. When casting someone to play Han Solo in film staring Han Solo they don't just use the actor who looks best. They use someone who has acted with the best. It's the idea that if you've worked next to somebody good you must be better than those other guys.
  13. I'm debating see this. I'm sure I'll rent it but after Rogue One and The Last Jedi I might be done with seeing Star Wars in the theaters.
  14. Roy Focker


    And being weak I decided to order Ray as well.
  15. Boba Fett is a man of few words and villain. How do you make a movie featuring him without changing these things? Multiple comedic sidekicks!