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  1. Roy Focker

    FEXTHOBBY Macross Line up

    Does it fit in an IKEA Detolf?
  2. Roy Focker


    It was our 40 yr old parents back in the day who said no to you for buying toys over $10. Now your $1000 is just making the wrongs of past right.
  3. Roy Focker


    Need to see pics of the other modes. But getting a full collection of the bikes.
  4. Kawamori is basically like Lucas. Somebody really good at coming up with great ideas but requires other masters of their craft to make them possible.
  5. Roy Focker

    This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    I think parts of your theory are correct according to my research. Toy companies don't own the factories that make their product. They pay factories extra for QC. Toys that fail to pass QC disappear. 2 defective toys marked for the trash can be taken apart to make a good one. Skilled factory workers have the knowledge and access to machinery to use discarded molds or make new ones. Copies of official product are almost the same quality because they're all made by the same people. Factories themselves are either part of it taking a cut or turn a blind eye on their workers activity as it is just part of the business.
  6. 2022? 40 years of Macross? You know Kawamori might retire by then.
  7. Money's in all things band related. Anime is there to promote the band. When band becomes unpopular they'll create a new series and a new band for it.
  8. Roy Focker

    Takatoku celshading

    Very impressive.
  9. I own this game and a swap disc to use it but never played it as my PS2 died the day before the game arrived in the mail.
  10. They did a good job with the body armor designs and that's about it.
  11. Roy Focker

    Ace Combat 7

    I'm stuck on a mission where you've got to blow up tanker trucks in a dust storm. Online play is really fun through.
  12. Roy Focker

    Ace Combat 7

    My copy arrived in the mail today. Played 3-4 missions. Enough to buy an F-14. Online matches are fun until some guy flying a better fighter kills you with a giant laser.
  13. Roy Focker

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    May? Dang it I thought he was due in December. A 5 month delay is a big one.
  14. Roy Focker

    Ace Combat 7

    I have to wait for mine to arrive in the mail. Downloading my digital bonuses now.
  15. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    They've already made the Defender and that like contains 60% of the parts needed for the Tomahawk.