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  1. Wow! This new Max makes Max's 1/60 like a piece of cat poop. Maybe that's too harsh. The 1/60 just looks odd now in battroid mode. Oh and DHL delivered it to the wrong address. A senior citizen couple that lives next door.
  2. Okay I'm not weak. I didn't buy this after saying I would skip Max. As you can clearly see my cat is the one who bought it.
  3. There actually was a SE and Baroness feud. In the comics the Baroness thought SE killed her brother in Vietnam and it led her to a life of international terrorism. In the comics everyone's origin story is connected to SE.
  4. Okay after seeing those pics I have no regrets over paying for that preorder now.
  5. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    We waited all this time for a non-canonical repaint. Here's to a toy that sure to be safe from preorder madness.
  6. I started this topic and I say that the Yamato 1/48 VF-1 still looks good in fighter mode. If you want a VF-1 in this scale to display in other modes get a DX.
  7. I skipped Max's preorder night. I picked up Hikaru's VF-1J weeks after the release at a moderate markup. Just so I could have at least one example from the new line. Even though I was very impressed with the toy I'm not a fan of that Max variant. His price is still good but I have already over paid on a Hikaru VF-1S preorder. My preference is Roy's but I expect that preorder madness to be even worst than Hikaru's. If I can't get Roy's at least I got Hikaru's. If I have to over pay for some of these toys it will means I'm going to skip getting some of the others ones like Max's 1A.
  8. Sounds like they tried to make amends with a 2nd offer but the damage was done and Mari declined. This is from a recent Facebook post from her. It pretty much sounds like she's done with this con.
  9. From my understanding you pay for different grades of QC. The same factories make goods for multiple companies. A major brand with a rep for quality is going to pay for extra QC and will have their own rep on site while very small operation doesn't.
  10. Well here he is. Besides being too tall his portions are way off. Very long skinny limbs and torso would fit better for a character known for having such a body type like Roy...er...me. Yeah like me. As I said before they are likely going with a universal body to save on costs on later releases. The helmet does seem undersized. It is kinda fun trying different faces and guns. All the joints seem on the fragile side. I would take care and pose them slowly. With all the joints being white it is hard to see if you're bending them in the right direction. Even with his odd proportions he's still a fun display piece to have. Last but not least he has a soft crotch. I guess that's to put less stress on and to allow greater movement at the hips. I just had ends things on a soft crotch.
  11. I think Rick is on tall side because they're going to re-use his body for Ben, Max & Roy. Just like I'm sure Lisa's body will be used for all the bridge operators.
  12. My eta is Friday. Provided they send it to my new address.
  13. I've moved since I placed my pre-order. I later contacted Kitz Concept and they asked me for my new address. The automated email I got today from PayPal still list my old address. I'm crossing my fingers that it is being shipped to my current address.
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