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  1. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    I pre-paid CD Japan for the 1D through Paypal quick purchase back during the preorder. Found the order email and it came with a order status link. In Shipping Process it says with no tracking info yet. 99% chance I'm moving within the next 2 months. I hope all my preorders reach me.
  2. In my universe there's only episodes IV and V. They end with Luke hallucinating all the other episodes as he falls to his death from Cloud City.
  3. And this isn't suppose to be Boba Fett? Boba Fett is less cool when there's a bunch other dudes and dudettes running around in the same get up.
  4. STAY ON TARGET No this isn't just another Star Wars reference.
  5. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    Finally got my VF-4. Easier to transform than I thought it would be. This is an odd looking battroid. Not much range with the shoulders. It would outclassed in hand to hand combat. The toy's color doesn't match the pictures on it's own box. Fighter mode look gorgeous.
  6. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    My VF-4 is here! No wait it ain't cause the mail man likes to leave the we missed you please come to the post office and pick it up note instead of actually knocking on the door.
  7. N-Y can go to hell with that price.
  8. Is there plenty of money for CGI SpaceShips and what about the sound track?
  9. I was just able to preordered Yellow from BBTS. That was a toy on my wanted list. Japanese retailers might have a cheaper price later but won't have $4 shipping so it will all balance out. See what I hassle free experience this is was all suppose to be.
  10. I went to bed around 1:40am. Nature called at 4am and thought I should check stores again and nothing. I was among those here who said when this was first announced that I was on the fence about getting Max. I still am. If I was able to casually pick one up at the preorder 5% to 10% discount with a fair shipping cost I would have been okay. I'm not going to pay 200% the MSRP just for a preorder. What gets me mad isn't the fact I lost out of Max but how I may lose future preorders that I really want if this becomes the new trend.
  11. Putting my credit card away. Going to bed after a final 20 minute wait.
  12. Who else has to go to work tomorrow?
  13. Biggest flaw is no site will keep items in your cart. At least keep it people's carts from more than 1 minute.
  14. Last preorder I made was for the Hi-metal VF-1D. I got my order in on the side of the road from inside my car in the dark with an outdated phone. Here I'm at home with a better computer, better internet and nothing.
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