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  1. RAMPAGE Movie

    When I first saw this I thought it was a parody trailer.
  2. Robotech by Titan Comics

    I think they only stay good for 5 years.
  3. You mean the same 2nd Edition RPG that decided the Tomahawk has a crew of 2 despite line art and animation showing just one seat? Harmony Gold approved that?
  4. Ace Combat 7

    I've decided there's enough good games coming out to upgrade to a PS4.
  5. Last 2 sample pictures from this set. Rest will for the Patreon The next picture set isn't likely to be another cosplay one and samples won't be shared here. For weekly cosplay & non-cosplay picture updates can be found on Instagram @superdimensionfoto
  6. The Walking Dead

    Fear the Walking Dead is fun show to watch. The lead family are the stupidest and most selfish people on television. They always screw things up. You have to watch it as it were a comedy.
  7. The real airport employees and plane owners were wearing t-shirts and jeans. Just two more sample pictures after this. All will be on Patreon in November.
  8. General TV thread

    The Orville is improving. It's a strange show. I would sum it up as if someone found a stack of discarded STNG scripts. Read them while taking notes of funny things they've noticed. Then filming those scripts and adding their notes as in character dialog. End results are some episodes dealing with heavy themes that has characters making a few jokes to each other here and there.
  9. Thanks and here's two more pictures of Misa at the controls. As you can see one of the planes she's in was still being worked on. All will be on Patreon in November.
  10. Hi-Metal R

    I remember when HLJ was pretty much the only game in town. I stopped using them because they're usually everyone's first choice for preorder madness.
  11. Hi-Metal R

    Messer's VF-1S was an easy one to skip.
  12. Now Sharing 15th Set Preview Pictures ( November Release) To view all the pictures please visit the Patreon Page by Clicking Here and consider being a supporter. All contributions collected through Patreon go directly to funding this project. What's Misa doing with Hikaru's jacket and helmet? Simple Hikaru has gone missing and Misa is going to look for him! The real reason is that we were asking people about interesting locations. A small airport said yes. We rushed over as soon as we could. In case you're wondering where's Set 14. That picture set didn't include cosplay. There will be an alternating mix of cosplay and non-cosplay content. Some more sample pictures from the 15th set will be posted here during October. Regular updates for all sorts of photography will be posted on Instagram @superdimensionfoto
  13. Hi-Metal R

    Got my Hi-Metal VF-19S Blazer last week and broke it. I had no idea the main head laser couldn't move. Had to glue it back on.
  14. Robotech by Titan Comics

    What is with all the over bites? And is that 2nd cover legit or a fan made one? I've seen that photo before. Did they work a deal with photographer/Computer artist or just found it online and borrowed it?