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  1. Nothing on the front page. The site hasn't really been using it for anything in months. I suspect it will eventually be replaced. I've only been updating with a cosplay post every 2 months. The next one would have been due in August but I've got no cosplay announcements for August. The next update after that would have been in October. I'm going to wait to see what will eventually happen to the front page. I'll post regular updates here as needed. For weekly cosplay & non-cosplay picture updates can be found on Instagram @superdimensionfoto
  2. First learn about this movie last week in a trailer before Spider-Man started. Had no idea of the properties long history. My thought during the trailer was is this some teen actor movie for teens based on a young adult novel? The 2 leads look so young.
  3. I have Stealth on Blu-Ray! It was part of a get 3 free Blu-Rays for buying a PS3 years ago. The other 2 movies I picked from the short list of options was Blazing Saddles and Pearl Harbor.
  4. Dr. Who is the only franchise where drastic casting changes to the lead makes sense.
  5. Wasn't up for this and missed getting it from my usual stores. Did get one from Anime Export. Not thrilled with paying up front.
  6. It looks like cheap Television. I don't expect major motion picture cinematography but they've done some pretty good stuff with cable, Netflix and even other television shows.
  7. Looks okay. Even looks capable of being its own movie without having to use the title of another one.
  8. I wasn't that eager to get a VF-2 but after looking at those pics I think it would make a fine addition to my collection.
  9. I don't know if I want it. Looks neat.
  10. I would read it but Forbes doesn't like my ad blocker either. Sorry Forbes but my computer's health and freedom of not being assaulted spam is not worth it.
  11. A screw fell out of my Spartan the day after handling it. I have no idea where the screw came from on it.
  12. You'd think after 20 years of fighting these nations of this alternative Earth would be out of resources to wage these air wars and building super weapons. This might be the game that gets me to buy a PS4.
  13. Two more sample pictures of Hikaru & Misa trying to survive. You might notice there's a natural height difference between the 2. We've also done a studio shoot together where we've fixed it. More beach pictures of them not speaking to each other and looking all depressed will still be available for the Patreon starting in July.
  14. Got mine yesterday. I'm late to the party but this Spartan is rad. At least that's after my 10 minute experience with it. Lot's of metal in nearly every joint. I didn't know you could bend the waist joint to make it taller. Can't wait to get the other 3 Destroids.