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  1. One more sample pictures of Gina Bartrow. More still will be available for the Patreon starting in May. The next sample pictures should feature the return of 2 characters.
  2. I wish I had some knock offs right about now. I picked up my VF-1D. I handle these toys like only once a year. I'm careful when handling them. I don't treat them like toys. I treat them like expensive collectables. This one got a crack on the shoulder pin. I then examined all of my 1/60 and found a crack on Hikaru's Armored VF-1J too. Didn't have them the last time I took them out of the display case. Makes me mad these are starting to break just by standing still on display. If I had a knock off it would be a source for spare parts.
  3. You make a good point. The value of a popular and out of production toys will sky rocket on the 2nd hand market. Whenever there's a reissue everyone planning to resell their spares on eBay get's piss because it no longer rare and valuable. Reissues for the most part don't price match with the 2nd hand market. Reissues hurt the resellers. A good reason for a high pricing is that Arcadia makes them in very limited numbers. Very possible as their target customers likely already has plenty of Yamatos as it is. Another reason is that you're helping them pay off some business loans.
  4. Too late for me to get excited about them. Took them way too long.
  5. Now Sharing 12th Set Preview Pictures (May Release) To view all the pictures please visit the Patreon Page by Clicking Here and consider being a supporter. All contributions collected through Patreon go directly to funding this project. How about an obscure character? Like Gina Bartrow. The female Engineer from Macross the First that replaced that guy with the weird eyeballs from Macross TV. Why this character? Last month we had free access to a remote location and an experience model willingly to travel to said location. Macross The First's Engineer was a quick, easy and under budget costume match for her. Plus the shoot took place in a work shop. A location that only an Engineer would make sense being in. A couple more pictures from this set will be shared next week.
  6. Actually to me it felt like a bad campaign. Good roleplaying experiences involve having fun. You don't have fun with everyone trying to make the most gritty and humorless character. The fun happens when players don't create clones and act off each other. If every player is true to their character's gritty and humorless personality the game becomes boring. The other way the fun happens is when players make a major mistake that technically should end the game early but everyone decides to continue and laugh as they make a disaster even worst. Characters with personalities or a players willing to use humor to entertain each other creates more experiences that you remember. Rogue One was pretty much a Roleplaying adventure played by the dullest group of players. Just because it was a war doesn't mean it needed to lack personality. Hollywood made a ton of gritty war movies involving characters death and still had interesting characters with personalities.
  7. Was finally able to get Milia 3 days after I was suppose to get her. She sure is red! I think I like the red from the 1/48 more it is richer and feels like it matches the screen better. This new red is bright.
  8. These might be good to get for the simple reason that over time if you keep handling and transforming the real deal is going to get loose joints, prone to break and will show signs of wear. You can play with a KO all you want without fear of damaging it while your real stuff sits harmlessly on display.
  9. I showed them the tracking number. They were able to track down that the driver was there that day. I was able to pick up other mail from my box. Every mail box has the occupant's last name printed inside. I'm going to get it one way or the other next week. If I never used this tracking number I could easily assume it was still on route. They might have shipped it back to Japan where it would be put up for sale again and I would have lost it to Sh9000.
  10. Well the Post Office is trying to screw me. I went to check it's status online. It say's "We attempted to delivery today but no one was home. We left a notice. You can reschedule delivery online or take that notice to your Post Office on Monday." Guess what? I was home during this delivery attempt. No one knocked on my door. There was no notice left in the mail box either. I'm thinking the mailman was too lazy to climb some stairs. I don't want to reschedule delivery and have him do the same thing? They didn't leave a slip for me to pick up my package either. This has happen before. They'll leave a notice because they don't want to make the extra trip to someone's door. I've found notices in my mail box when I was home and then saw their mail truck across the street. This time they not only didn't knock on my door they forgot to leave a notice. I ended up driving to the Post Office to find what was going on. My fear is that my package is going to get sent back to Japan. Which would have happen if I didn't have a tracking number. Talked to a supervisor on duty: The Post Man said he tried and left a slip. I'm like, well that's a lie because they never did and that's why I'm here. Now how do I get my package? The supervisor insisted that I can reschedule delivery or bring the slip back on Monday. To which I had to remind them "With what slip? There's was no slip." So I'm going back on Tuesday because I'm at work during their open hours on Monday. Hopefully I can pick mine up without that slip.
  11. I acquired my collection when they first announced them for sale. Didn't have to preorder much back then. A year after a new release I could swing around and pick one up on clearance. I wouldn't attempt to collect my exact collection now as I don't want to pay double or triple on the 2nd hand market. If my house ever burns down my new Valkyrie collection I'd buy with the insurance money would look very different.
  12. Your item arrived at the Post Office at 5:08 am on April 8, 2017 The question now is will they put it on a mail truck for delivery today or will they hold it till Monday?
  13. The post office has decided to stop updating Milia's progress or the mail truck driver has been driving for over 36 hours straight without stopping.
  14. Milia cleared customs. Maybe it gets here by Saturday.