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  1. Enough with the demo pictures. Give me a pre-order.
  2. Ha we all used the same seller. I found that Ami-Ami page load times were a little slow when ordering.
  3. Mission Complete 1 Spartan Pre-ordered from Ami-Ami.
  4. So what is it like 2 hours to go before preorders start?
  5. I'm curious too. I thought TFA was a good movie. Sure the basic story was a retelling of ANH but there was new characters who had personalities and a backstory. You could get emotionally invested in them. Actions and visuals in Rogue One were better but its characters weren't interesting enough to care about what happen to them. Rogue One became a chore to watch.
  6. Why didn't Vader use the force to pull the plans from the Rebels in a airlock? In Cloud City Dinning Scene he forced pulled the blaster away from Han's hand. Couldn't he have done the same with the Death Star plans?
  7. To add to this the planet Saw was operating on was a planet whose people we're suppose to feel sad for because their occupied under Imperial martial law. This is where they show us to look at the evil Empire but they have shown the Rebels are also capable of evil actions. This planet has Jedi-friendly monks. The Jedi tried to "take over" the Republic in Episode III and Saw a rebel extremist is based on it. There's plenty of reasons to believe that the planet was rightfully under martial law. Without complete knowledge of prior films or an opening crawl to setup things neither side is shown being very good or very bad. The Imperials are occupying planets and building a super weapon capable of blowing up planets that rebel but they've up against Rebels that are extremist. If the Rebels are all like Saw's group or like that Captain Endor then it is possible to believe that the Empire had a legitimate reason to consider making a super weapon to stop them. Based on their actions in this movie I think we know the real reason why Han Solo came back to help Luke blow up the death stars. The Rebels were going to kill him for knowing too much.
  8. Last Samples Pictures from January's Set Looks like Macross World came back in time for me to post the final 2 sample pictures from January's set. If you want to see more from this part a pledge of $5 will get you access. A pledge of just $1 will gain you access to sneak peaks of futures sets on the Patreon Page by clicking here. As stated before this was to be one of the more complex and expensive shoots. Mirage's model expressed interest since the beginning. It just a matter of time to find the right character. Total professional and a brought lots of experience from being a traveling model. Having her as the model and access to real studio made it one of the most easiest shoots. Remember don't mix Windermerean apples with Voldor's spring water! They're a dangerous mix!
  9. Maybe Vader pulled a muscle in his big scene that causes him to send the Storm Troopers in first in Episode IV. It also explains why the last duel with Obi-wan was so epic. Anyways there's also this.
  10. I was bored during the entire viewing. Phantom Menace was better, from a certain point of view. CGI effects, not the CGI character effects was outstanding. The action scenes were good. Technically is was a well crafted movie. Problem is that the characters had no character and zero chemistry. It is hard to get caught up in the world of make believe, to care whether characters live or die when the characters themselves aren't interesting to watch.
  11. Pre-order is January 6? I was planning to go out of town to a place without Internet access. Change of plans I'm staying in to pre-order the Spartan!
  12. More Samples Pictures from January's Set The last 2 sample pictures from this set are suppose to be shared next week but maybe delayed due to the site going offline for Maintenance.
  13. Well they never showed them courting. There was a time jump and they woke up in bed together.
  14. Many of the clothes are premade costumes or regular street clothes found in a regular store. I have hand sewed additional details on to some of the costumes. Like Hikaru's flight suit in my avatar started off as a white coveralls. I just sewed all the red and blue material on to it.