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  1. Hi-Metal R

    Good night.
  2. Hi-Metal R

    Finally 1 from Ami Ami. Takes so long for the ordering page to load.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    page loading...
  4. Hi-Metal R

    Okay where are they?
  5. Hi-Metal R

    6 minutes to go.
  6. That death was so stupid and pointless. I get they wanted to show Luke's mastery of the force. By showing that he can display such power from so far away. Kylo wanted him dead. They could have easily had Luke appear for real, perform some miracle and then die. That would have made sense. Instead they wanted do one more surprise on the audience by showing that he wasn't really there. But then he dies anyways. What's the point of keeping him thousands of light years away in safe place if he still dies? Imagine watching Indiana Jones and Last Crusade. It's the scene where Indy friends think he went over the cliff inside that German tank. Instead of finding out he jumped out at the last minute we discover that after he jumped out of the tank he stepped on a venomous snake and still dies. If a character is suppose to die. Fine kill them off but don't use their death for a pointless twist. Audience: "Did Kylo just kill Luke!?!" Disney : "Surprise Luke is still alive because he wasn't really there!" Audience: "Wow! You got me there!" Disney: "Surprise Luke dies anyways of a force heart attack!"
  7. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Looks like the VF-1S on the cover is jealous of that kiss!
  8. Hi-Metal R

    Yes! Now just give me the last 2 Destroids for 2018 and I'll consider this a great year to have been alive.
  9. Cobra Kai

    Pretty sure this was inspired by that "Sweep the leg" music video from years back that featured a Johnny who fell on hard times.
  10. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Cool you've found out the truth that Roy....er....I was the one who killed him. At least I think that's me. Not the best drawing going on here. Of course you're all going to find out that Edwards used CGI to frame me for a crime he committed.
  11. Toys R Us files Chapter 11

    Visited my local store. It wasn't on the list of stores to close first. More people visiting than normal. Nothing on sale. Just the same sad store with pegs only half full of unsold product that came out over a year ago. Same old same old. They've been on the decline for well over a decade.
  12. Cobra Kai

    It is strange seeing actual teenagers playing teenagers. I was expecting them to be played by 20 to 30 year old adults again.
  13. Star Wars Rebels - animated series

    Good ending for a cartoon but doesn't make sense if it is part of Star Wars as a whole. 1. Was nice to team them up with all their allies from the past. I too think more character's should die as the first step of Ezra plan was risky one that could easily lead to some rebels getting killed. 2. So our heroes committed mass murder? Blowing up fully crewed Death Stars is one thing. Those are weapons of mass destruction. If Luke had to fire or Yavin would be destroyed. In this cartoon the heroes trapped all the Imperials in one place and then blew them up? It looked they were capable of kicking them off the planet. 3. Why is the Emperor still so confident in his dealing with Luke Skywalker when he failed to best Ezra? You'd think he remember that time one a couple years ago when he was bested by that other teenager. 4. Why do they need "hope" and the think of the Jedi like a myth in Rogue One and Episode IV? Don't they remember that time last year when Rebels on liberated their planet against incredible odds and had all those adventures with light saber carrying force users? Did Ezra's gang heroics fail to inspire anyone outside of that one planet?
  14. Last 2 sample pictures from this set. Rest will for the Patreon The next picture set isn't likely to be another cosplay one and samples won't be shared here. For weekly cosplay & non-cosplay picture updates can be found on Instagram @superdimensionfoto