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  1. I've moved since I placed my pre-order. I later contacted Kitz Concept and they asked me for my new address. The automated email I got today from PayPal still list my old address. I'm crossing my fingers that it is being shipped to my current address.
  2. Now Sharing the 26th Set Preview (September Release) Minmay & Myung is the subject of next Macross related cosplay set. It will be release in September on the Patreon Page by Clicking Here. More sample pictures from this set and from others can be found on Instagram @superdimensionfoto
  3. It just showed up in my feed. This is fan convention so making mistakes is understandable. But it still doesn't look good.
  4. I remember seeing rumors years ago on other message boards. They were mostly hearsay from someone that had a friend who saw him at a convention. At the same time there were people who praised him. We have since learned about claims of unwanted behavior from his very peers. These claims aren't rumors traded on the Internet. Here we have his fellow Voice Actors of worked with or attended conventions with him. When his peers start speaking up you have to think maybe there's more to this than just rumors. I'm now shutting down this topic.
  5. Yeah but the MSRP could triple in price if this becomes a preorder madness item.
  6. A new series makes sense. After all there's only 4 featured ride armor in the actual series. They've got to invent new excuses to make and sell toys.
  7. Q "I can make you young again Jean-luc with the snap of my fingers" Picard "Don't!" Snaps fingers. Insert Professor X footage from X-Men Origins.
  8. Wasn't there already a live action movie made in Japan only a few years ago,
  9. What do you guy think would have happened if Tatsunoko parted ways with HG? More Macross for all? Tatsunoko would have international rights to a property that couldn't make a sequel to without using the same character and mecha designs. The Japanese market is out of their reach. They could re-release some DVD and make more toys but all that stuff cost money. There aren't enough international fans to support doing that. Look at HG when was the last time they made something in house for Robotech? HG earns money on Robotech by licensing it to 3rd parties who take on the costs for making product. Did you think that Tatsunoko would become friends with Big west again? How many decades have they been suing each other? How many decades have Tatsunoko been in partnership with HG? Yes HG doesn't deserve rights to these animated classics but who else is willingly to handle them internationally? Tatsunoko can either work with the first guy that's willingly to pay them or sit on the property and make nothing off of it.
  10. Why? Because money. On the rare chance they make that live action movie Tatsunoko will get their cut. Also maybe Tatsunoko doesn't care. It costs money to keep a property in the public eye. If HG wants to invest money in a dead horse that's okay with Tatsunoko. Better HG dime than theirs.
  11. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    I swear the Detolfs weight limit was once 15 pound. Maybe they updated it knowing people would try to exceed the limits.
  12. Remember when he was just a troll who kept coming here to cause trouble but never did it so overtly that would warrant an instant lifetime ban but resulted in you having to step in to tell him and others who took his bait to stop it or else? I sure do and this is the guy HG hired to tell everyone about Robotech. It never ceased to amaze we.
  13. Roy Focker

    Hi-Metal R

    Worth quoting.
  14. I was too busy to remember to check for the Strike/Super packs. Yes I want one but considering I already over paid for the VF-1S they need anymore of my money.
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