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  1. Great people will get their TV Packs delivered to them and some of us will still be waiting to get our Movie Packs from NY.
  2. Come on NY! I don't need to order one from you but I need a good laugh.
  3. Okay fixed my Ami Ami address. This whole preorder process is going to give me a nervous breakdown.
  4. When I moved last year I did update my shipping address at Ami Ami but not my payment address. During checkout it showed my old address. Wasn't going to leave that screen and risk losing it. After confirmation I updated all my addresses. The order page still shows the old one. I'll have to fix this by November .
  5. I have to now update my home address with Ami Ami.
  6. Yes Yes Yes from Ami Ami!
  7. Ahh it was my old address!
  8. fighting with a payment screen!
  9. Ami Ami logged me off the site.
  10. I bet you NY will start off markup.
  11. Nin-Nin just let add one and then said nope sorry.
  12. Ami Ami - Why don't you come back later. Why it in my cart let me check out!
  13. HLJ seems frozen.
  14. I have one in my cart with Ami Ami but site won't let me finish arrghhhhh.
  15. confirm you bastard site!
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