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  1. Got my notice too. I wonder how long shipping will be with all the shipping delays in general.
  2. Grey list? I think they're all black. They're refusing refund and instead giving store credit. Apply that credit on something else you'll be over paying since they over charge. Find something to order that's under the value of that credit they'll be keep the difference. Find something to order that's over the value of that credit and you're giving them even more money with no idea with they even send the new item out. Can't send the higher price item to you? They'll convert that extra money to more store credit. They'll come out making more money off you no matter what. Keeping you
  3. It's cool but it just a high-tech display for 1 model. I wonder how much a non-electric hand crank version would cost? At $170 I just think that money could be used instead on just buying another Valkyrie. On the other hand I do think it would make a great gift choice for your friends and family who knows that you collect model/toy planes but don't know which plane to get you. It's a safe but impressive gift to give to a collectors that you know.
  4. I've been keeping all my boxes in a closet. Is the attic a safe space? You're not going to find a colony of baby spiders in those boxes a year from now? My attic crawl space is located in the garage. I'd need a 12ft ladder to reach it. I don't get NY business model. Stuff happens not getting correct orders or on time from a supplier can happen. No other business that I've ever dealt with passes their problems on to their customers.
  5. As far I know they didn't inform people when they learned they couldn't fulfill orders. You had to ask them what was going on and then they gave you store credit.
  6. Decided to open a Pay-Pal auto-complaint. We'll send your dispute to the seller. I get an instant auto answer back from Pay-Pal this time to dispute has expired so not our problem. Guess this will make NY mad at me for trying to go to Pay-Pal. What can they do? Close my account and keep my money? Is there a Japanese version of Yelp?
  7. With the helmet on you know he's already dubbing his lines in post anyways.
  8. NY told me no refund because the refund window has expired. Like it's a preorder. You wait for the release date when they'll get their stock. I'm suppose to cancel before they're released? They are the ones who messed up and was unable to meet their orders. Why should take the hit for their failure?
  9. Kakizaki has arrived in town at 10am but they are holding him instead of delivering today.
  10. Zombies war heroes don't need to breath air.
  11. Kakizaki isn't one of my favorite characters. I do like his DYRL colors. I just managed to order one from Amazon with the Roy Focker Special book shipped for just over $300. With an eta of one week I just couldn't refuse. Now if N-Y would just give me back my money.
  12. Trying to get an explanation from them feels like being a kid again. "Can I go to little Johnny's birthday party?" "No." "Why?" "Because" "Because why?" "Because is said so." "That doesn't explain why." "Go to your room!" I'm currently at the "Because why?" with N-Y.
  13. Store credit is still theft. They keep your money without giving what you ordered. Do you use store credit for something else and pay the difference if it's not enough? I don't want to give them any more of my money. Do you order something that within the store credit? If there's left over balance they still keep it. With store credit they'll come out ahead no matter what.
  14. If I give you $100 to buy pizza for a pizza party and you come back wearing a brand new pair of shoes and tell me they had no pizza but you give me free coupons saying you'll mow my lawn instead of returning my $100 that's a called theft which is a crime.
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