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  1. May I start a thread about this (If a dedicated YouTube thread doesn't exist)? I am still fuzzy just on the concept of monetization at the very least... plus the responses where interesting. I'm asking because some threads just get smitted automatically.
  2. Oh. Flooding? Nah, he doesn't have to do anything. WE the People on Earth are getting around to cause the 3rd Impact eventually...
  3. The rant was average... but... (and this IS off topic) but... what does Doomcock mean about the FCC and channels on YT? I have never understood this concept of monetization (If YT doesn't know my bank account, how do you make $$$ from YT then?)… but what could happen if DC is right?
  4. Here's a cheery thought: Maybe if HG keeps getting mentioned in media (as well as a brief explanation why) might finally work in our collective favor to permanently discredit HG?
  5. I am curious. Although I am sad that VM is involved (of the two major Trek Fan Film series Before Axanar, Star Trek Continues was arguably the better effort... but I still love World Enough and Time), *shrug* all the good ones... are sh*t. Explain the problem, please? I'm not sure how HG follows...? *B.A. which is how I refer to fan films before they were placed forever in prohibition by CBS...
  6. Good lord. Should we come up with a list of Future Events that have already branched off into their individual alternate timelines? I'll start. In 1982, someone farted* wrong in japan causing world timeline to split in two (or three, see below). One timeline is what you are in now, the second one being that leads to the events known as Macross SDF (The 3rd timeline, of course, being Macross: DYRL). * Yes I know it can be argued to infinity to what exactly caused the deviance of timelines.
  7. Michigan still sucks... (per 92.3 The Fan, usually restated around 1845 hours during the work week). I'm surprised you compared 1940's german military to the FO... which is true, I guess. It does show the lack of imagination of Jar-Jar-A. You would think, if they FO was soo fool of idiots they would lose... but the Resistance seemed to be filled with R-people so unlikable that we ended up root for the enemy for lack of better choices. The Sequels: So much wasted material (the dumb R-leader's hyper ship ramming would have been so much better done in Ep 9 (as the dramatic last resort) instead of this idiotic Slow Speed Space chase (the dumb ass who directed ep8 just looked at The Chase is On! on Youtube, watched a couple LA police chases on the 405 Freeway and thought 'Hey, that would look cool with space ships, LOL?') not even gonna mention all Social Justice WoK divel. To be honest, I don't even understand all of that to the point that it's meaningless to me as a adult. [/Rant: OFF]
  8. I did not believe you that there was more than 1 film made so I looked it up on wiki. I'm like... how did I not know about these entries? Then it clicked: When these came out, I had either deployed or stationed overseas at the time... even more amazing that SPR is 20 years old. Oddly, enough so is SRPs...
  9. OH My god. I just noticed. Professor Gonad's reputation went UP by 1 (from Negative 55 to Negative 54). How the hell did someone LIKE one of his posts?
  10. I just come here to see if the Gonard's reputation drops even more or not...
  11. I think the way to fix that, is to animate 'Macross the First' and hit it with the 'It cannon!' hammer... a dozen times. either that or release an updated DYRL... rinse/repeat
  12. any details on the previous version of the DNE?
  13. we must have seen two different versions of the film. I had literally in a death grip with my wife's hand (totally LOL'd at me). Its all about symbolism with this movie. more to the point is was less about backstory for BaTman's greatest foe, than a story about just how we as a society create the very threats that we fear, private or public: The Mentally Ill. Now once the rioting reaches crescendo (and the ending begins), then it starts to cross that line into meta~DC universe... but take away ANYTHING batman... you have a story that chaotics of any alignment cheer and most of the Lawfuls have pursed lips in concern (Lawful Evils, being practical beings, speculate how they can make this work, still)... personally speaking, if this film does not earn at least ONE Oscar next year, it'll be a disappointment.
  14. Rage mode: 11. (warning: Freddie PJr has a rather surprising potty mouth). Does anyone know about this rant that FPJr did recently?
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