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  1. it would explain why the company already seems to know about zenos and has employs so many skin-jobs to ensure they finally bag one (which they apparently did in Alien 4). Seriously, all the colony expansion crafted by W&Y? They are not trying to create the Inner Sphere or the Star league or the League of Non-Aligned Worlds: They are bait for David (perhaps the engineers as well, maybe even the Yuanti?).
  2. It funny when you realize that the dog is actually barking at the skinjob Telephone Operator.
  3. From a Facebook commenter that posted on a group I follow: All can be explained easily. It is US scriptwriting for mass market performance. Fast food. Superficial instead of tight research, eye candy mass cgi instead of believable battle etc and way too many crew soap opera instead of logical plot developent. GREAT to watch but little to please the intellect. Be it Discovery or Elementary, in the end they will be cancelled. Quality is a dish served way too rately I had to borrow this. Does this comment seem accurate?
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/an-interstellar-meteor-may-have-slammed-into-earth/ar-BBVZawI?ocid=spartandhp a failed planet bomb? Kinda cool (and probably another reminder that most of us ignore that the big one is still out there to smite us back into past era without Netflix...)
  5. Did he get his effort's worth in merchandising (the main reason he jumped ship from Star Trek, once he realized Paramount lied to him)?
  6. Sounds like a excuse for a soft or hard reboot... certainly would be a excuse to reprint old toys to support such an endeavor. I would be shocked if, when HG finally loses the license, TPTB declare a DYRL 2.0 coming to theaters near you...
  7. Lets see... Millennials are currently the demographic still in vogue, what Nielson ratings still care about, etc... when you say the words V-H-S, you already certify that you are a AARP card holder (and possibly qualify for Medicaid) as far demographics are concerned. anyway... I suppose they are making this movie not because they Just want a paycheck but nostalgia? Remaking of decades old films is a thing...
  8. Sure, throw us money, we'll take it.... Why? Does any millennial even know about RH1 & 2? I didn't even know they made a 3rd...
  9. w...hy? We're waiting on pins & needles just in hope that common sense rules and HG is shown the door in 2021... why would we ever want a reboot of something that arguably should have never been created?
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