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  1. Although this is not the first the Japanese have created an anime that is quazi Pro-Nazi, i was still shocked to even hear the suggestion of it in AonT. Is this part of the story revealed in the anime (especially the English Language version). Somehow i doubt such a story detail would get past American Censors...
  2. Someone on Battletech's forums stated it clearly: When B5 aired, 26 years ago, most of the principle players ranged from 30's to 50s. No real shock other than 'we lost another one'. (109) In Memory of Mira Furlan - The Ares Studios Interview - YouTube here is a interview from... a year ago? Now i am no friend to Axanar (i find it hilarious their spin on the legalize) but the interview was nice... Indeed, we are all starstuff...
  3. Slight derail of the topic train: What is this all about?
  4. It's the second week of October.... Someone explain how a show that has been only on for a couple months is already "Season One Done" or has the definition of a TV season actually following planetary seasons???
  5. So it's Live Action Wreck-it Ralph? It seems OK... but one little problem: Who is gonna show it? This Zombie pandemic isn't exactly over yet...
  6. I suppose he finally did take a step out for mankind. He was a euro actor, Quiaff? I don't recall him in anything else (CONUS wise) but i assume he was active in European entertainment circles?
  7. I did not know of this man while he walked with us... but Alien still frightens me at times and i vaguely recall the GunStar... I've always wondered if a VF-2SS could pull off the same maneuver? *Salute*
  8. #Necrobump2020 Can someone explain the reasons why this movie has been delayed, after delayed? I have knowledge of a child who is quite perturbed about this movie not being available until 2021... If you live in the States... and i'd love to have a better explanation than what Wiki provides https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_SpongeBob_Movie:_Sponge_on_the_Run
  9. Ran across this on my thread today. Ridiculously epic modeling work. I assume this is the model kit, highly modded into this configuration?
  10. What's worse is that most of the major events that happen (The Shut Down at the worst moment possible by Monk Guy, the BFG Fish Gun aimed at Earth, The Battles at Saturn and Mars... even the final fight to reach the interior of the Galantis Facility and Confront Lord Zoldar) could have been soooo much more dramatic if they had COMPETANT STORY WRITERS that could use those events to maximum angst. If Kodia wasn't angry that they made a wave motion fleet but that they used it to destroy the fleet holding that first false planet BY going through one of its moons. Things like that. (and that major
  11. Another aspect of story telling that could have been... Imagine if MD had the time and effort to show of it's lead toons better from a adult prospective instead of the Musical BS story (that hacked VFs on the side)?
  12. I thought the career path for Naval Aviators (from the VFA community, as a example) was Pilot/XO-Squadron/CO-Squadron/XO-CVN/CO-CVN/CAG or Wing/Flag? Rarely does much about Macross follow the proper organizational schemes of actual military formations (in fact, I always though, if anything, any thought into it would be based on JSDF methods over anything else... I mean, unless the UN Spacy of 2009 used insignia other than a Japanese Rising Sun and Diamond?
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