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  1. TehPW

    Battle Angel Alita

    time mark 0:56s in: I am not worried at all. She Loves Ido.
  2. TehPW

    Star Wars Fan films

    I heard about that from Geeks & Gamers. I wonder if that move was more PR desperation/damage control than pure concern to the fan owner/maker? Certainly, Disney has been intent on driving the bus into oncoming traffic... I only have one question: who is the other company that this guys mentions, that caused all this ruckus in the first place?
  3. TehPW

    Yamato 2202

    Regardless, that pic is awesome...
  4. TehPW

    Yamato 2202

    did they (the Japanese) have working helicopters in WWII? I thought the first combat use of helicopters was the Korean War?
  5. TehPW

    Battle Angel Alita

    please, don't &^%$ this up, C.
  6. You have to admit, in a lot of anime & manga in the past decade, Nazi-ism isn't as looked down upon as it once was (in fact, the only anime that I know that uses German militarism to good effect (minus the facist motifs) is Gundam and Yamato 2199/2202. As for the D&D references, I disagree partially. Because the anime setting is a MMO, the inspiration that comes to mind is WoW, Final Fantasy and older MMO's (defunct or active) besides classic D&D (and by extension, DDO) for all those powers, skills & feats. The only thing that you don't see or referred, in Overlord, is references to actual skill checks and DC's (classic D&D references).
  7. Oh... I didn't know anything about the PC's real world player (let alone the dystopian setting the individual was in). Was this series created in any attempt to piggyback on Ready Player One (since the premise of Overlord sounds a lot like RPO)?
  8. can someone explain Overlord (and why does it feel like that the Evil toons win in the end)? I understand that the skeleton Necro is/was a PC that remained logged in after the server shut down but he still seems like he's either Chaotic Evil (or Chaotic Neutral)…? I started watching random clips on YouTube (pity that Abridged only has 1 eps for Overlord) and I do like it... but it's rather... hmm.
  9. TehPW

    Battle Angel Alita

    IDK if this new-ish or just a rehash of already released media...?
  10. Something to think about: When I was 9-10, I didn't have fancy computers, Play Stations and the like. The market range for toys is rather narrow once a kid gets a game system...
  11. The very best? playing 80's Swivel Arm Battle Grip Joes with a 70's Space: 1999 Eagle. Oh the times I had in my back yard as a minion...
  12. TehPW

    Yamato 2202

    Is it possible it looks all AFU because the films are done up in film format (not television episodic)?
  13. TehPW

    Top Gun 2 is comin

    at 1:00 into the video (from that article) I see a turbine hose (used to supply pressure air for air starts for F-14s and other Vietnam-era A/C). I assume the machine they are gathered around is the airstart unit itself but I wonder: is it there for effects/sh*ts&giggles or does that Tomcat have cans that light up? Very Curious... its obviously not Navy GSE (we used legacy GTC-85 [as well as the A/M47 A-3] and NCPP-105 [ or the A/M47A-4] for shore duty starting)… still I'm insanely curious why that machine is there?
  14. TehPW

    Battle Angel Alita

    *claps* I am not worried at ALL for this movie... it's little things like that, that make me sing...