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  1. Have they sold enough versions of the Andy to justify another TV season?
  2. maybe.... but at least its EMPLOYMENT however so tenuous. Not that I think its worth it (do kids today do anything besides play with their phones now?)...
  3. my official view.... but by all means, do it. It just shows that we can't created anything "new" anymore... maybe somebody spammed the Trade Marks so bad that they really CAN'T legally created anything new...?
  4. Don't you get to fight VGER (or something Borg that looks like it) in STO?
  5. Well, I saw the movie yesterday evening with my Kid and his posse of fellow High schoolers. It was better than I thought. Yes, the humans were not as good but I totally enjoyed the mindless blink and they are dead moments. The one-sided air battle vs Rodan, where all the pilots die one by one ID4 style was a nice touch... 8 out of 10 Halflings. Lots of things to chew over for the next film (assuming there is still interest or time left on the contract)?
  6. Why? The LBGTQ aspects of the story are far more acceptable now compared to 3 decades ago...
  7. THAT would piss me the F up.... but sadly I think you're right... :/
  8. Do you think that the Studios, like us, are waiting for 2021 before going directly to Japan to discuss the possibility of doing a Live Action Macross platform in the US? That assumes that the suits even think there's a market for it...?
  9. TBSS as a horror film? EVIIIIIL. I had to think hard to even remember this show... although honestly, I'd rather have a Ghoul Show parody instead...
  10. +1,000. I was happily eating lunch when I watched his rant about Kurtzman. Totally agreed... and dismayed. Star Trek really is dead...
  11. Perhaps they are unaware... perhaps someone should tell them about it?
  12. I PM'd Nerotic on FB. IDK if he'll mention it (he's not talked too much about Macross to my knowledge but between him and that Lawyer, they are the only two I know off who have in the past). I'm still wait & see on this (I'm old and I distrust everything until I see it on NPR LOL)
  13. I had to wiki this just to make sure this was part 5, LOL.
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