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  1. Another aspect of story telling that could have been... Imagine if MD had the time and effort to show of it's lead toons better from a adult prospective instead of the Musical BS story (that hacked VFs on the side)?
  2. I thought the career path for Naval Aviators (from the VFA community, as a example) was Pilot/XO-Squadron/CO-Squadron/XO-CVN/CO-CVN/CAG or Wing/Flag? Rarely does much about Macross follow the proper organizational schemes of actual military formations (in fact, I always though, if anything, any thought into it would be based on JSDF methods over anything else... I mean, unless the UN Spacy of 2009 used insignia other than a Japanese Rising Sun and Diamond?
  3. Was this from The Clash of the Bionoids version of DYRL? You are right about the cleanliness. Something else about this... the explosions are newer sounding. Weapons fire are all classic macross but some sound effects sound new... Do subbers do that? change explosion sounds? I can't imagine the original makers doing that (they would have corrected the minor few errors on the original version)
  4. You guys know that we have an actual 2205 thread already made (and well buried apparently)
  5. Robotech, when it aired in 1986, become the world's very first AU... if you think about it.
  6. Those subs on that particular version of DYRL... leaves somethings to be desired. RAAk! De Bru Ah. One was clearly Luck in 1984 Japanese-speaking-English, the other her cursing. That probably why 6 peps Down Voted that video (but not me, FTR). I'm just surprised I'm allowed to even watch that? Is you-know-whom Not tending stock?
  7. This is something I've pondered for a phat minute. I know many of you hold the position that FASA, back in the day, did dirty by using the art designs imagery from the Nichomo 1/200 scale kits that 20th Century Imports was selling to various toy stores (namely, Toys R Us) back in 1984. That part of the deal is irrelevant to the topic today. Today, I want to talk about the Artist, Loose, who did the original art for TRO-3025. Back in the day, I used to think that those imagery of original Battlemechs (Not the Unseen themselves) were and would always be icon. But as I grow older, although I always kinda assumed the fact, I realize that Loose was also really lazy doing TRO 3025's art. Most, if not all the original classics, were draw using the postures emulated from the Nichomo art. I've visualized a few but I'm uncertain which units are truly original and which are truly just pure lazy artistry. I suspect some of the postures are from the other anime (manly Dougram) but I've never seen the model kits so that's pure speculation... Can someone with a better eye than I fill in the gaps for my curiosity? http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/nichimo/nichimo_orig.htm https://www.sarna.net/wiki/Technical_Readout:_3025 Commando/Panther/Centurion/Victor/Banshee – 1/200 VF-1A Soldier Javelin -? Spider -? Urbanmech-? Firestarter/Clint/Hermes II -1/200 VF-1S Battroid Jenner -? Assassin -? Cicada -? Vulcan -? Whitworth -? Blackjack -? Vindicator -? Enforcer -? Hunchback -? Trebuchet-? Dervish-? Dragon -? Quickdraw -? Catapult -? Jagermech -1/200 Rifleman Grasshopper -? Orion -1/200 Spartan Awesome -? Charger -? Zeus -? Stalker -? Cyclops -? Atlas -?
  8. I don't why I started thinking about this (I blame seeing on my YT feed a random 'cut' of the Space Jockey 12 second scream, which clearly was the moan of the dying SJ and birth scream of the SJ Alien) but I wonder. Why did Director Scott change the SJ from elephant analog to a organic space suit for the humanoid they ultimately went with? Was the reason, possibly, royalizes they might have had to pay to Dark Horse Comics (who clearly went deeper into the elephant man angle in their comics runs of the Alien IP in the 1990's)?
  9. Well, Heaven's gain... is still our loss... :/
  10. I don't even watch much TV anymore... Here's my problem: The tech has advanced enough to spoof voices of specific peeps (kinda). Do you really require the original VA's?
  11. How much bigger does it need to be? It still has to be no bigger that a typical Fighter deployed from the platforms available to the UNS & Nescient NUNS in the 2040's...
  12. OMG that was *&^%ing EPIC . Seriously, I was like... those are paper clips...
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