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  1. Cleaning out the garage and getting rid of the dead wood to keep my collection somewhat focused. Keep checking back, I will be adding more stuff. http://www.ebay.com/sch/vostok_7/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p3686
  2. Wrong forum, but yes, my understanding is they quietly went out of business for reasons unknown. Too bad, too. The bikes we got were fantastic.
  3. Same here, I knew about Robotech and I had bought one of those old Revell fully transformable VF-1 model kits at an antique store but it was missing parts so I came on here way way back when (2000-2001) in order to find out more about it and try to get parts. Around the same time I found the Toycom ads for the YF-19 and had to have it. Placed a pre-order with a member on here who had a shop and the rest was history. My dad and grandpa ended up getting me the whole Mac+ set in Singapore from a member on here who had a shop there, that was probably 2002 when the VF-11 came out.
  4. Got my Cavalier from HLJ. Color scheme is very nice. However, on their site it says "With Option Parts" and yet I didn't get anything. I've emailed HLJ to ask them but just wondering if anyone else had the same problem, or if I just didn't look close enough.
  5. Did I ever send you money for one of these? Or did I miss out again No biggie if it's already gone, I don't even have a renewal VF-25 yet either. Edit: And at the prices they are going for now, I'm not getting one any time soon either
  6. If anyone is still looking for one, I have one I'll probably be selling soon.
  7. I have a first release Millia Q-Rau I'd be willing to part with. Little dusty but I believe it's complete, just got to dig out the box. I also had an extra Millia figure set but I just sold it
  8. I've been super happy with the RD line. They are amazing figures at a very agreeable price point, and they more than make up for all the sins of the MSIAs IMO. Tracked down a Guncannon DT which I had apparently missed. I'd kill for a RD Heavyarms Custom (EW Version) though!
  9. Ebay's price seems reasonable so I might just pick one up there. The DYRL CF -1A is the one I've been dying for since the V2s came out. Normally I'd get multiples but meh. Probably should pick up a Cavalier on HLJ while I still can.
  10. Anyone know what's up with the VF-1A "movie version" with option parts that's showing up on eBay but nowhere else? That's the exact one I've been waiting for.
  11. A new HGUC Zaku I Sniper? What was wrong with the other one? Edit: Oh, I see it's a custom. Mmmmm RG MkII... I know my next RG!
  12. Bump. Will be getting Picts and adding more soon.
  13. I meant "Macek" in the sense that Harmony Gold still tries to shoot down any forward progress on Macross/Mospeada/Battletech in the US.
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