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  1. flayn80

    Any Macross fans in Singapore?

    There used to be a large group of Macross fans here in Singapore 10 years back. We lurked in Sgcollect and Katoots forums then. We used to meet up and do POs/trading, phototaking etc. Most of us had already moved on due to family commitments. Nice to meet a local fan:)
  2. flayn80

    Tomytec Gimix 1:144 VF-1

    It will be cool if it's transformable, even it means part swapping:)
  3. flayn80

    Macross Arcade top shooter?

    So far I do not encounter any problems when i install it on my iphone 6 plus and Samsung note 8:)
  4. flayn80

    Macross Arcade top shooter?

    For those whose trying to play the Macross arcade games on android, try this emulator: http://www.xiaoji001.com/en.html After installing it, u can searh for all the Macross games in this emulator and it will automatically download the roms for you. Just configure the controls and you are good to go:)
  5. flayn80

    Hasegawa 1/72 Kit

    U can go to Hobby Art Gallery, M Workshop in Singapore. Both shops are located in Sunshine Plaza in Singapore. Google for their address:) Alternatively, Hobby Kulture in Penisular Paza is a great place too.
  6. flayn80

    Macross minmay 1/60, 1/48, 1/72 decals

    @ Cesar Enrique: point u to the correct link:) http://old.samueldecal.com/
  7. flayn80

    Korean Knock-Off SD Valk Model kits

    I wonder if we can hunt them down on ebay or taobao? Not to promote knock-off kits, but Bandai not re-issue them for eons
  8. flayn80

    Korean Knock-Off SD Valk Model kits

    @chyll2: My guess will be the Koreans knock-off the kits from the Bandai vintage SD macross kits:) Anyone own the vintage kits can verify it?
  9. flayn80

    Korean Knock-Off SD Valk Model kits

    As promised:
  10. flayn80

    Korean Knock-Off SD Valk Model kits

    I got 2 VF-1A in Singapore local shops near my flat a couple of years ago. Too bad i can't find them anymore. They are cheap! Only 5sgd per pop! And quality is not bad imho, only need a proper paint job. Will share the contents ltr once I knock off from work:)
  11. flayn80

    Kit bash 1/100 VF-1S

    I have been a lurker in this forum since I joined it. Always admiring the amazing work done on Macross kits and toys by fellow forumers. I was fortunately able to snipe off a bootleg 1/100 VF-1S toy off Ebay recently at a low price. But the previous owner had superglued every joints of the toy, rendering it untransformable. I managed to removed most of the superglue and take apart the toy for restoration as in the picture: Some parts damaged during the taking apart, namely the main wings, tailfins and shoulder hinges. That guy superglued every single part! After searching through the forums and internet, I was thinking of kitbashing this toy with the bandai 1/100 VF-1S transforming kit from HLJ: image courtesy of HLJ. Hopefully this will be a fun project and I can have a cheap "Hi-metal" VF-1S to play with:). Meanwhile I am looking for other alternatives too, suggestion are most welcomed:). If anyone here have a spare 1/100 valk or spare parts to let go, do shoot me a PM too;) Patiently waiting for the kit to arrive from Japan.
  12. flayn80

    Naruto HK DVDs...

    These are actually bootlegs DVDs from Malaysia instead of Hong Kong. They are relatively cheap cos the bootleggers ripped them off fan subs. The DVDs have Japanese and Cantonese for the audios, not too sure for the subtitles though:)
  13. flayn80

    Transformable Lego Armored GBP VF-1

    Given my support. This is the will 1st lego i'm buying:)
  14. I have Max, Roy, Misa, Millia and Quamzin. Lacking a Hikaru. Most probably will try painting them. Not good with human figures though:)
  15. flayn80

    Disintegrating 1/60 YF-19 Joints

    I already suffered the same kind of breakage 2 years back. Managed to fix it using super glue. I have moved away from yamato's valks since then. Very over-priced but lousy material used!