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  1. Tried that last year, my wife gave me an ultimatum, for every kit I completed I could buy a new one... it work like a few weeks... I'm lucky she cant make any diff between them so I ... "ts always been there honey" lol I'm going to hell for this ' But yes, when is the VF-11 coming out again?
  2. LOL I just turned 40 and I still have unbuilt kits from when I was 21 and unfinished ones way before that... Like I said, this is a disease man '
  3. WOW! what is that?! the blue one below the YF-21 (pic too small for me to recognized it). Can you send me a link to that one pretty please? Yah big guys never listen to the small fan. Just like I've been asking John to do the Logan for sometime now (2 or 3 years, lost count)... I think I'm in the minority so my request been ignored lol
  4. Well if you think about it, what do we work for? to make $$ so we can buy stuffs we want right? I mean we buy shoes, food, car, house, bikini for the Gf or wife so why work for the $$ if its not for buying stuffs we want?
  5. Yah man! I think this is more like a disease we all have... I mean I started collecting WW2 model planes then car then battle ship then I discovered Gundam kits in mid-80 and that open a whole big ass door to the rest of the Anime model kits... However, I never got into toys though
  6. Don't tell me you never ever spend that much $$ on a kit. My pride possession was LED Mirage 1/35 scale from G-system at $700 before shipping =) $800 isnt all that bad =)
  7. FINALLY! I wanted to have this like for EVER! I know I know, I could have had the toy or the resin (even recast) but I pref plastic Another one onto the pilled of "models to do when I retired"
  8. I havent done any serious work lately due to my new born... 9 months of next to not time for model ' So I have from 9 months ago: Macross Zero, Macross Plus, Macross F, lots of Gundam of diff scale and lots of resin fig from started to sand to online waiting to be painted... 9 months ... BUT, my baby is sooooo cuuuute I dont regret one bit :)
  9. HEH! Ya wearing the same watch as moi =] oh! and good work =) dont forget the Logan. =)
  10. WOW Dude! the Tiger look so... small lol Nice job dude =]
  11. That was a great idea dude! Good job dude There were time when I was thinking of doing that but on a gundam
  12. John if ever you want a challenge, better yet, I challenge you to built a 1/72 scale Logan from southern cross LOL Sure I'll buy one ... or 2 I'm sure there will be 28 other buyer for the rest
  13. I want one I want oneee??? .... ???? wait amenete... i want a refund, spartan doesnt have fingers?! OMG! lol
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