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  1. Searching for advice..... the head/ neck joint on my Bandai Yf-19 is very loose yet I can’t seem to find a way to disassemble the unit to try and tighten the area. Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. I got out of the 1/6 game years ago but damn I wanted a few select pieces. So out here at this con I picked up the Hot Toys Deluxe Jedi Luke, Deluxe Darth Maul and Deluxe R2D2 and I’m debating a pair of storm troopers
  3. Mine was like that too. A little glue fixed it. It’s as if the glue they used wasn’t good enough
  4. A Batman villain he left to die at one point
  5. Oh I can’t wait to build this.
  6. Yeah BBTS is solid and rarely has problems but with that they are usually the last major e-retailer to get their stock. I use them often unless I’m impatient which then I cancel my order and go elsewhere
  7. The articulation is actually pretty awesome. Better than the GoLion version in some ways
  8. Thanks to @Buddhais for an awesome and smooth transaction.
  9. eBay. Paid a little more but not bad overall and got him in 3 days from japan
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