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  1. The SOC is my favorite and the best. It has the best overall stable articulation, best accessories mine a fire sword and the best articulation of the individual lions. I’ve had others, original Matbox and Toynami and SOC towers over most of not all Voltrons.
  2. Actually Amazon carried the original release. I got mine on Amazon. They just don’t do pre-orders on Japanese figures a lot
  3. When I’m bored lol so quite often. Though in honesty probably every other week or so
  4. You didn’t miss it. It hasn’t been released yet. Will be in the summer
  5. Actually it gets close. Bandai did their beat to make all the lion be able to sit and have great individual articulation
  6. I was thinking of buying one at my local store but a snowstorm is coming and not sure if I’m up for the drive.
  7. See my grail is having a fully transforming getter with all modes. Studio Halfeye was close but that was over a decade ago. That a new Escaflowne and the Bismarck/ Ramrod from Saber Rider from Bandai
  8. But there’s a marvel legends iceman already not to derail the thread. However as good as these look unless there a full on plan for the whole team I’ll pass.
  9. Yes. Yes it is. I kept going back and forth then said screw it I have the funds might as well
  10. I.....can’t .........stop........touching it. I should’ve gotten two. One for display and one for play. Welp guess my display will just change every few hours
  11. Finally got mine. It is definitely a beautiful figure and I’m happy to have it. It’s been awhile since I’ve handled a 1/48 so I forgot how big they are in person even though this one is a tad bigger than Yamato’s
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