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  1. The engine pistons move and some other cool mechanical moving pieces like the chain. Problem with the pistons is that they are covered up by the engine block so you don’t actually get to see it. But it was a great fun build and a beautiful piece next to my Mustang though it’s bigger than the ‘Stang.
  2. I just picked one up today at my local Lego store. Can’t wait to put it together tomorrow
  3. https://news.tfw2005.com/2019/06/15/takara-tomys-next-beast-wars-masterpiece-is-lio-convoy-389784 Lio Convoy is the next Masterpiece
  4. So did I. Hopefully they get enough and don’t cancel since they seem smaller than my usual places.
  5. How the hell were both in my cart then finally at the end of checkout nope both items are sold out. This is BS and I can’t believe I woke up for it
  6. Holy crap I think my first initial click from 20 mins ago got through. Let’s see if I can proceed to check out at HLJ
  7. Screw this im going back to bed. I’ll just have to get lucky on launch day and find one without a huge mark up like I did with the 1J.
  8. Wooooooow!! I never left HLJ and the moment both appeared I hit add to cart and like that they were already both gone.
  9. The SOC is my favorite and the best. It has the best overall stable articulation, best accessories mine a fire sword and the best articulation of the individual lions. I’ve had others, original Matbox and Toynami and SOC towers over most of not all Voltrons.
  10. Actually Amazon carried the original release. I got mine on Amazon. They just don’t do pre-orders on Japanese figures a lot
  11. When I’m bored lol so quite often. Though in honesty probably every other week or so
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