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  1. Actually the arms being used are the Bandai arms. I am waiting for the real FEXT stand to arrive.
  2. Yes, I could have attached them to the base panel, but for this I wanted to show FEXT Stand. So its FEXT inception.
  3. Finally I had some time to work on processing the VF-1A Max photoset, I should have the rest ready for tomorrow but for now here is Fighter mode set. Enjoy!
  4. Thank you @jenius! I try to keep the display simple, representation of each main Valks of the Macross series (except for M7, since I don't have any Valks from that series). I feel its a bit of a mess because I have all the DYRL VFs off stand, and the DX VFs are placed on shelf because I don't know what I want to do displaying them since they are 1:48th and I want to keep the display consistent with scale. Also I haven't put them away yet so I can take more photos of them the Hikaru 1S gets released. You are most welcome @sumyumgoy and thank you!
  5. Yes the Tamashii Arm pegs are the same size, here is it with 2 Tamashii Mechanical arms. Just a note, the adapter peg holes are a little inconsistent, some adapters held the arm firmly and some were not as tight. Not a deal breaker, some future or nail polish will fix that.
  6. FEXT just put them up on the site. Ask and you shall receive. lol https://fext-hobby.myshopify.com/collections/fext-system/products/utility-display-stand https://fext-hobby.myshopify.com/collections/fext-system/products/utility-display-stand-set-of-3 https://fext-hobby.myshopify.com/collections/fext-system/products/utility-display-stand-set-of-6
  7. Sorry @Mommar I don’t know the pricing. They messaged me letting me know they are getting things prepared to post and will be sending over some over for me to photograph.
  8. FEXT will be adding them to their site soon.
  9. 1. VF-1S Strike Valkyrie - Roy Custom 2. VF-27γ Lucifer - Brera Custom 3. YF-19 4. VF-25S Armored Messiah 5. VF-31A Kairos
  10. Time is something I have been having less of lately, I'll try to get through processing soon. Here's a preview of Max's VF-1A, Enjoy!
  11. Max's photo set will hopefully be ready soon, thing have been extremely busy for me
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