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  1. Love that shot.
  2. NY cancelled your order?
  3. Played around with the figure and bike. I wanted to let everyone know that with my Ride Armor missile piece underneath the chest cover is not glued in place and has a tendency to pop out when opening the cover. At first I thought the piece was missing from the factory but found the missile piece on the floor, YMMV.
  4. Thanks @Kuma Style, I hope I'll get to the shots soon. I like them but they are quite fiddilly. Just as a note for everyone, with mine the missile piece beneath the chest cover is not glued in and have tendency to pop out when you open the cover.
  5. Mine arrived too, with Kit Kats!
  6. Thank you @sumyumgoy! I'll hopefully have some time to finish processing the rest of the hangar shots.
  7. From today's photo shoot.
  8. Got a chance to play around with the VF-1S, all the joints seem tight and no major issues found, besides the Modex. Here studio shot of gerwalk mode.
  9. This weeks haul. Glad everything arrived before Thanksgiving.
  10. Yes, iPhone pic. I use it for quick shots when I first get the toy. The Modex is unfortunate, I guess its better that its on the vertical stabilizer than fuselage or wing. Hope you had a good time drinking!
  11. I gotta get the missile out of storage and waiting on Strike/Super parts.
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