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  1. I am thinking 3, because the Max VF-1S is probably not going to be produced due to its short screen time. *Puts on Flame Suit* But I wouldn't put it past Bandai to make it just make some extra money.
  2. @Lolicon, no schooling here. Your shots are coming out great!
  3. Oh sorry about that. Nothing special to it, I tied the knots and added a tiny drop of gorilla clear glue to hold the knot. I did use upholstery thread for more durability. Agreed!
  4. Small mod that made a big difference to me, strung the bow.
  5. Got Storm Shadow yesterday and did a quick mod.
  6. Kakizaki finally delivered.
  7. Thanks for the link! I do my best! @ErikElvis Did NY ship it via UPS?
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask who still has their VF-1 Strike Parts from NY waiting to be shipped?
  9. @borgified, haha! Sorry been offline from MWF recently, and taking a break from photographing. Funny you mentioned the forklift, I had reorganized some of my stuff just recently found where I had stored the forklifts. Not quite sure what to photograph, I'll figure out something or if anyone has requests I'll see what I can do for photos.
  10. I have ordered from them, I got my stuff. They are a bit slow when it comes to sending stuff out but you will get it.
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