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  1. Haha, My apologies to your wallet @Anasazi37. Also going to ask you a about a decal/waterslide idea. I’ll send you a pm.
  2. @borgified your request is noted and I will make it happen.
  3. *Foreboding music plays* My wallet is cringing...
  4. Finally, been waiting for the Nora version. My Macross Zero Valks collection will be complete. Praying that there are no issues with it.
  5. Yes, there is a screw that holds the Intake assembly (hips), once that taken out it splits in half then you have access to the cups. There is some rubber/plastic inserts in the cups to provide friction, but in time they wear out. Future would work well for the ball joint, I did the paper method for a semi-permanent solution.
  6. Ok, let me look into that. I was going to try to wrap the ends of the prongs of the diecast piece that locks into the socket with modeling masking take just at add a bit of friction. Not sure it that will be able to hold the weight of the Armored Boosters. My other thought is not bothering with it, the DX adapter piece with mini Yeti stand gives the very back heavy Armored Valk quite a bit of stability and is less likely to fall over backwards.
  7. Thank you @Kanedas Bike. The DX Ozma is getting old, and surprising he’s still holding together pretty well. Needs a bit of tightening up. You can never tell what Gojira is up to, he just shows up in the photos.
  8. @wm cheng its been a while! For tightening up the hip joints and collar bone joint, I cut small pieces of paper and placed them in the ball joint cups. As for the other joints I used this product Kiki Joint-fix, just applied a small amount it and it tightens it up well. The one that I am trying to figure out if there is a way to tighten it up is the crotch fold over section. The clipping mechanism can’t seem to held together the section with the Armored Parts on anymore, I have to use the stand adapter piece to keep everything locked in place. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  9. @Mog I need to resupply on the instant favorites, all added to the shopping list. @Mog Looks like Milia wants the Vienna Sausage and Corned Beef for herself. @treatment Goji wasn't too happy about Max hoarding the SPAM. . I can make that wallpaper happen.
  10. Give me some time, let me see what can do.
  11. @Lolicon you inspired me. Its been a trend to post SPAM, so here I am SPAMMING... well 25% less sodium. Quick setup and shoot.
  12. Haha, if that is the case Bandai has me dialed in, i'll need have complete sets.
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