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  1. That is cool, thank you for the information. I learned something new today! That awesome to have something like that in your area. I commend you, I am not brave enough to bring my toys outside. Your family shots are great too.
  2. Thank you @KFDzero, much appreciated.
  3. Great shots @peter, the location is cool. Is it a bike path?
  4. Saburo

    Bandai DX VF-31

    not just a Super Enabler, its a Super Dimensional Enabler. I gotta find my lighter.
  5. Finally got my MB Destiny Gundam Soul Red Ver to go along with my MB Strike Freedom Gundam Soul Blue Ver.
  6. Thank you @Kanedas Bike for the kind words, but I am sorry for any damage that you or forum members wallet incurred. I'll see what I can do or I might ask a friend to paint them for me. If you look around in the VF-31 thread, I have some shots with the equipment in the photo. Thank you! I appreciate it but there are other forum members whose photos I consider great; you (@Lolicon), @tekering, @MacrossJunkie and @enphily. @no3Ljm haha maybe or its a photo of a motorcycle or car. Haha, I had a similar situation with my brushes, m
  7. Saburo

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Funny how that sale has perfect timing.
  8. Saburo

    Bandai DX VF-31

    @Lolicon Haha sorry about that. If there is a reissue I'll make sure to PO a couple of them. @kkx Sorry about that about "spreading the poison". @Chronocidal, I also noticed the fins, there is also new sensors on the chest armor parts, like you I noticed the boosters in the trailer change their orientation in Gerwalk mode. In the Delta series the boosters would be shown in horizontal orientation, it the movie trailer in Gerwalk mode they rotated to a vertical orientation. Bottom line... More toys!
  9. Saburo

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Haha, I am living up to my custom forum title. @Rogueload here are a few more pics to nudge.
  10. @sqidd's Air compressor and @vladykinscompressed air cans suggestion works really well, I use a lens air duster but its not that strong. I bought some makeup brushes to clear dust off figures. I make sure to wipe down the hangar to minimize the amount of clean up during photo processing. I do have some maintenance crew & equipment but I haven't had a chance to paint the crew figures yet.
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