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  1. maxoconnor

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Sorry if this is way behind the curve, I don't keep up with the cutting edge of everything Macross. I just recently learned about the YF-24 Evolution. Online it talks about the specs and such, often referencing a scenario where Major Isamu Dyson pilots one and takes out 20 VF-19 / VF-22 fighters with it. I have a few questions on this. 1. Is there any plan to make a model of toy of the YF-24 Evolution? 2. Where does this story occur, is it in a manga? If so, where can I get it. 3. Any other sources for this fighter out there that are hard to find? I've dug around and found some people who have made modified kits of it and such, but nothing more. I would dearly love to get a kit or toy of this fighter since it is all the best parts of several of my favorites all rolled into one design. Any help on this topic is greatly appreciate.
  2. Are you still looking to sell this? I would be interested if you are.
  3. maxoconnor

    Hasegawa 1/72 VE-11D Thunderseeker

    Could you provide a list of the paints you used? I want to attempt this conversion and I'd like to use the same colors.
  4. maxoconnor

    1/72 Hasegawa VE-11D Thunderseeker WIP

    Any update on this project? I was going to attempt this conversion as well and I had some questions on the specific paints you used.
  5. maxoconnor

    Megaro Combat Decals + other pin up art

    I just found this online, grab them while you can. http://ourstarblazers.com/vault/megaro/
  6. maxoconnor

    ORGUSS 3D Hangar

    What do you mean?
  7. maxoconnor

    ORGUSS 3D Hangar

    Orguss never gets enough love. Thank you for making these. Question, do you have any plans to make the unseen models like the Logwood? If you do, can these be 3D printed? I am seriously considering having a Logwood made in 3D but if you are already working on it, I won't bother.
  8. maxoconnor

    Zentradi Battle Suit from Macross Plus?

    Would LOVE to get this if they every made one.
  9. maxoconnor

    Mega Road Update

    I'd love to see this project succeed.
  10. maxoconnor

    Flag of the Southern Cross

    It is the flag of the entire government on Glorie, so in that sense yes, it is the flag for all of the Armies on Glorie. There are only two scenes that show the flag so I had to work from these and tried to keep it as accurate as I could while filling in the vagarities with known heraldic colors and symbols. Glad you all like it.
  11. I just finished my rendition of the proper flag for the Armies of the Southern Cross. Harmony Gold uses the logo for the Tactical Air Force as their default logo for all of Southern Cross but this one is correct. Southern Cross is my favorite Anime and I've spent a lot of time working on this to be true to the couple of images that are seen in the DVD. I took the two screen shots of the flag and created this image trying to utilize proper heraldic style which is what they would use. I hope you like it.
  12. Please put me down for one. Thanks much.
  13. maxoconnor

    Regult Tactical Scout... finished!!

    1. Insanely amazing!!!! 2. Its the most beautiful Regult I've ever seen.Thank you so much for sharing. I'd love to have a dektop wallpaper. 3. Where can I get one of these kits? The Regult Scout pod is my all time favorite Macross Mecha.
  14. maxoconnor

    1/60 Yamato Regult H.D.P. Material Questions

    How do you go about getting one? It sems they are very hard to come by and if you can they are in limited production. Is there any plan to make these as a toy?