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  1. This is my combination of the VF-XX and the Marduk Power Armor.
  2. I'd also love to get the Wolf pistol, I looked on thingiverse but didn't see either of them. Can you send me a link for them? Or if they are for sale, how do I buy them? Thanks
  3. Did you make the 3D file for this yourself? If so, are you going to be sharing this for download?
  4. I purchased this earlier this year and I have had some unexpected bills come up that force me to sell this. I am asking exactly the cost I paid for it, $1085.00 US Dollars in total. Shipping will be cost to wherever you live. US Seller, product is in hand, it will be shipped double boxed in its original container. I put this on display straight out of the box, smoke free house, out of the sunlight. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Original description below. Limited Quantity: 800 pieces ST02 1:4 Robotech Armor Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard statue. Kids
  5. Sorry if this is way behind the curve, I don't keep up with the cutting edge of everything Macross. I just recently learned about the YF-24 Evolution. Online it talks about the specs and such, often referencing a scenario where Major Isamu Dyson pilots one and takes out 20 VF-19 / VF-22 fighters with it. I have a few questions on this. 1. Is there any plan to make a model of toy of the YF-24 Evolution? 2. Where does this story occur, is it in a manga? If so, where can I get it. 3. Any other sources for this fighter out there that are hard to find? I've dug around an
  6. Are you still looking to sell this? I would be interested if you are.
  7. Could you provide a list of the paints you used? I want to attempt this conversion and I'd like to use the same colors.
  8. Any update on this project? I was going to attempt this conversion as well and I had some questions on the specific paints you used.
  9. I've decided to clear out my Southern Cross kits since I am never going to build them. ALL of these kits are the ORIGINAL issue versions. These are not the reissues you can get anywhere. I am selling the whole lot together. The price is $500.00, that is the current, fair market value for all of these kits in the condition they are in. All of them are MINT with the exception of the Flash Clapper which was started. I am happy to provide any pictures you wish of the interiors. Shipping will be COST to wherever you want it, so even if you are overseas, you won't be charged any mo
  10. I just found this online, grab them while you can. http://ourstarblazers.com/vault/megaro/
  11. Orguss never gets enough love. Thank you for making these. Question, do you have any plans to make the unseen models like the Logwood? If you do, can these be 3D printed? I am seriously considering having a Logwood made in 3D but if you are already working on it, I won't bother.
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