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  1. Yeah, what happened to the itasha VFs? That said, I love the colorful Walkure variants and I'm glad they are (apparently) doing a full set.
  2. VF-31E? Finally. FINALLY. Very good news. And I'm glad it looks like they'll do a full set for the Walkure livery versions. This means it's just a matter of time before they at long last do the VF-31S so they can complete both the regular set and the Walkure set.
  3. I rather like having fleets of VFs in different squadron and special markings, so Hasegawa's business plan is awesome to me.
  4. They can do a flashy VF-31F, but it'll be hard to do flashy VF-31E or VF-31S since they haven't even done a regular kit of those versions yet...
  5. The Makina VF-31C is back in stock (for now) at HLJ in case anyone besides me missed it. https://hlj.com/1-72-scale-vf-31c-siegfried-makina-nakajima-color-macross-delta-the-movie-hsg65845
  6. They seem to have really backed off on battroids. I'd love a battroid of any type (YF-19 and YF-21 first, and then VF-11, VF-25, VF-31 later) but I don't see it happening. I actually DO hope they finish the colorful set of VF-31s they've started. But they also need to get that VF-31E and VF-31S out. And then supers.
  7. I REALLY don't know why they are taking so long to release VF-31E and VF-31S.
  8. This is cool.... and I pre-ordered one... and I hope to get the Makina VF-31C as well when they finally re-issue it, but.... Where the heck is the VF-31S and VF-31E??
  9. OK then I hope the other similar designs show up as kits later.
  10. So does this design actually appear in the Macross Delta movie? If so, are there any others like this in the movie? Or is this made up for the model kit line?
  11. Hah. Awesome. Have to get one for sure.
  12. That would be great... but doesn't seem likely since Hasegawa has never sold standalone super packs in the past. Only Bandai has done that. The closest Hasegawa got was with the VF-1 weapon packs.
  13. If they don't do kits of the supers, there won't be artwork of the super versions to put in the artbooks...
  14. But but but.... New kits for the VF-31 supers (instead of a generic super pack kit to be combined with the already available base kits) means more sweet box art. Don't we want more sweet box art? In any case, I always like to be able to do a set of variants in basic config, and a set in super or armored mode. So I'll be buying 2 sets of each fighter no matter what...
  15. Normal VF-31F, VF-31S, and VF-31E later hopefully. Can't see why they'd skip them... And then supers. And then armored!
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