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  1. Thanks for the tips guyz... i will wait and see but at the moment, i'll experiment with some effect that I can apply on that wing of mine... bullet holes, burn, or maybe post a fight scene...hahah Anyone has any more ideas. Feel free to drop a few line.
  2. I think the wing does look well on bullet holes effects..or crash on something ... it's kinda natural...haha any idea MW guyz? Wanna turn it into a nice peace of work instead of a disaster.
  3. I saw some gundam artist does that but hope some macross artist would have some sample... ahha.. from what i've shown in the pics, it's not that bad, just that I may need to do some nice custom effect on the wing to look more detail and real. Just like came back from war... I think i need some 1/48 size crew fixing the wing... that would look nice also.
  4. Thanks tom. any other solution for this?... repaint to black will be best for it... haha.. i think i'll come out with a custom design.
  5. Here you go, let's make things much more clear for everyone. Thanks for the pics Draykov. Thanks pfunk. I'll do that.
  6. Did you happen to coat those missles with gasoline? I have a hard time believing a simple candle rolling towards your Valk would cause that kind of damage...or were you too caught up in your romantic evening to do anything about it until it was too late. Well, if everyone would like to try, Get a candle and put it just under the wing for 5 second... should get the same effect.
  7. Yeah... everyone can try this effect.. it looks so natural... <_< I would suggest put it into microwave oven for 30min. Should do fine...
  8. Very simple. Fire... from candle light that fall off and roll towards the plane... so make sure your romantic night is not spoiled like mine... <_< Need a genious to clean up this terrible tragedy. Maybe W.M.Cheng can suggest something. Look at my wing...
  9. KiraYamato


    Anyone still wish to experiment this after I show you mine <_< Damn... my wing also caught fire after a fire fight... So don't try this at home Kids. No fun... at all, Wish I can repair my wing and maybe repaint it.
  10. Everything is working fine.. no stand problems, not missle problems, no sticker problems. Work fine. Love it till the end. Impress what yamato has to offer next. Hope Macross Zero will turn out even better and BIGGER ....hahaa..
  11. Finally... wwhhahaha.... got mine today..
  12. B-E-A-utiful.... bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb speachless man.... damn... fantastic. Master Cheng.
  13. Well, my final pic for today... you want more?..MORE...MORE pics... you'll have to wait till I get my FPs.... I'll make sure it looks like a real plane when I post it here again....hahahahha.... Kira
  14. Well... Gun Pod is still nice to view when you look into it .... be careful not to get fired at...hahahha
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