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  1. must have macross zero version. My destroid collection is not complete without Cheyenne
  2. Still applying decals. this thing has a ton
  3. The yellow is all decals
  4. Recently finished this Academy 1/72 OV 10 A. I added alot of detail to the cockpit
  5. A SV 51 i picked up from the IPMS Nationals from a MW member who had a stall there
  6. 19 inches tall and ready for paint.
  7. Battroid version now in progress.
  8. What Arbit said. You dont always need photoetch and resin to make a nice model.
  9. im slowly getting back. things have been a roller coaster from hell for me.
  10. thanks guys. another VF-0 coming soon too
  11. Yes i am . Still some more finishing work and other effects to add. I also ran out of dull coat.
  12. Paint, clearcoat and decals applied. now some weathering and dullcoat.
  13. After a very turbulent 2 years and alot of other stuff i managed to finish the Battroid kit my wife got for me back on christmas of 2013....Hasegawa kit straight out of the box. nothing fancy as far as finish or anything.
  14. They are out of production Moscato resin kits.
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