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  1. Thank you all for your responses and help! I am really happy that I got good prices at the beginning I was a reluctant about it, but the 1/48s have just arrived and all is good! I hope the 1/60 will arrive too! I am getting greedy now, but because I was doubting in buying the VFs due the low prices and now I have lost a: 1/60 VF19 (115USD), 1/48 VF1S Roy weathering special (170USD), 1/48 VF1J super strike stealth(170USD), 1/48 VF1A low visibility (170USD), 1/48 VF1A Kakisakki (115USD), and the cherry of the cake 3 1/48 super packs (regular one, low visibility and black) at 60USD each!!!
  2. Thank you for the feedback Dafob! Jenius, I am passing on the VF-11, 19 and 21. Any advice between VF-1A 10th years anniversary V/S VF-1A big yellow circle in Japanese ? is there any difference?
  3. I understand that it has been never transformed, but I have no idea if it is true or not. Nothing broken/modified. The price is: Max and Miria: 195usd/each shipping included VF 1A Mass prod. and Max: 90usd/each shipping included So is it good? These are the only "inside the box" pictures available
  4. And about some Yamatos 1/48 - Miria and Max super valk. - VF-1A Mass production - VF-1A Max How much should I pay for it? Thank you! PS: Sorry I have no idea how to resize the pictures
  5. Thank you NightmareB4macross and Bolt for your feedback! I am buying only the one on the list, not the vf-11b, 19, 21, etc. The price I got is 67 USD/each shipping included, so based on your comments I understand that it is a pretty good deal! I would love to have some Yamatos V2 or Arcadia but at the moment they are just to expensive for me. Some day
  6. yes, I know. But V2 are to expensive for me. That is why I would love to know the price of these VF to know if it is a good deal or not.
  7. Hello! I need some help. I would like to know 2 things 1) VF-1A mass production 10th anniversary v/s V1.0 which one it would be more enjoyable? 2) How much will you pay for the following (I want to buy, NOT to sell) : VF1A mass production - VF1A Blue - VF1D - VF1S super valkyrie, - VF1S Roy, - Tomahawk - VF 1j Max, - VF 1j Miria, - VF 1J super valkyrie, - Vf 1 super Ostrich - Queadluum-ran Max - vf1J armored Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi guys, I need your help again, I would like to buy these ones (see pictures) how much should I pay? the are NOT in mint condition. Thanks
  9. Just in case, I am not trying to sell the Yamato, I want to buy it!, so I would like to know if the price is fair or not Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! How much is market price for a: Yamato V2 "Elintseeker" 1/60? The box it is NOT in perfect shape
  11. Hi! Could you tell me how much will you pay for the following:
  12. Hello! What do you think about the following: 1 Yamato super strike parts 1/48 + 1 Yamato VF-1s 1/48 for: 130US plus shipping costs. The issue is that the VF is broken (see pictures attached). Could be fixed? is it worthed?
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