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  1. that advert is amazing - captures both the awesomeness of the statue and the deep deep crap you are gonna be in when the SO sees the charge on the credit card. Not sure thats what they were going for but all it needs is a speech balloon saying "YOU PAID WHAT!!!!!"
  2. Agreed - this is a surprisingly enjoyable show with a lot of feel-good vibes for me Also watching Kayuga-Sama season 2 and really enjoying that. Sing Yesterday to Me: ok for the most part, very melancholy though Tower of God; ok but not super into it for some reason Dorohedoro; loved this, very unusual and bloody though, needs more episodes
  3. Whelp tried the first three eps and now another series goes on the must watch list - thought i was getting burned out on isekai but here we are.
  4. on episode four of Dorehedoro - wow good stuff so far
  5. I finished it and overall liked it. Thoughts: 2d half (after defeating Patrick Huge) had better story and felt more like the older series the new characters were a total waste IMHO not sure why they bothered on that note the new female character in the 2nd half was extremely irritating. They can totally lose her if they continue this. animation still somewhat bothered me - the faces mostly I think. I fear most of the CGI budget was spent designing the major's rear end and walking away from the camera animation
  6. Watched through the first half - despite initially being really put off by the CGI I got used to it fairly quick. It does have this weird almost "Toy Story" animation feel at times. Eps 5 and 6 were pretty cool - yeah naked guy backflips (Patrick Huge - I think that is my new porn star name) out of context is hilarious, but in that scene I found him extremely unnerving. Also after being strangely bloodless through the first four eps it flipped the table and went the other way. Again another oddity but not a show stopper.
  7. Ha yep - checking my history it was: If Moebius Made Anime
  8. Just watched Dragon's Heaven from 1988 - wow pretty interesting though short and not a whole lot of story there Continuing Haikyu and enjoying it, though at one point I somehow jumped from season 1 ep 17 or so to season 3 some episode and I didn't even realize it till half way through. Them volleyball matches starting to look mighty similar....
  9. Yeah LDR I enjoyed a ton. Sick today and not moving around much so on a whim started Haikyu!! To the Top - not typically into sports based anime at all so have ignored it for ages - but got right into it and through ep 11 today, good stuff.
  10. Its a hard call - I would be up for a remake/reboot with modern top notch animation but personally I would want the iconic mech designs, uniforms and general look of the characters to remain the same. My worry if they did a remake they would redesign everything and screw it all the hell up.....
  11. made the mistake of watching some Blood-C - it did not improve my sleeping last night wow....
  12. watching some stuff that I had ignored or passed on when released: Puella Magi Madoka Magica series and third movie - liked very much. Great imagery. I feel like some mind altering substances were consumed in the production (and may have enhanced further the viewing of) Lovely Complex - good stuff, maybe could have been a few episodes shorter Orange - enjoying, only at ep 7 Your Lie in April - very pretty, was OK Date a Live - three eps into this one, not my typical cup of tea but nice looking so we will see
  13. Though initially the animation style on the people seemed a bit weird to me I would agree Zima Blue was a very good and epic segment that I now want to go back and re-watch a third time
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