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  1. Though initially the animation style on the people seemed a bit weird to me I would agree Zima Blue was a very good and epic segment that I now want to go back and re-watch a third time
  2. yeah you can do some fairly great stuff with the Photon and Mars printers and they are cheap for the quality but bear in mind the print area is not huge. They are amazing though if you are into miniature games and such or are ok to print larger things in smaller chunks. Just might want to review a youtoob video or two to see the process and understand some of the negatives (the smell, the mess, liquid resin toxicity, etc)
  3. Interviews I recall as being quite enjoyable Watching Ascendance of a Bookworm - wow different take on an Isekai - liking it though, so cute Watched Beastars - I think I liked it... still trying to process lol
  4. wow that Yamato build is crazy cool - starting to really regret not getting in on that
  5. Ha was there when it opened and yes there was major WTF when those credits rolled - like THATS IT!?! YOU ARE LEAVING US THERE FOR THREE YEARS? None the less the movie was awesome on about every level but was the first movie I had ever seen that left things at such a state at the end. I wonder if the internet had been a thing back then what level of sh!t storm that cliffhanger would have generated?
  6. Babylon on Prime.... holy #$@#$ that last episode....
  7. Good lord that is impressive progress and looking great - rock on cap!
  8. Wow totally missed Tanya - had never heard of it - about half way through and really digging it so far....
  9. It all is looking very good - so exciting! I would not be adverse to paying for a standing Milia figure to pose next to the Q as an add on - just throwin' that out there
  10. I got into it all with the Witcher 3 game; the trailer for it was fantastic - such immersive music alone! Started the game and was immediately super impressed so paused that and read all the books lol. It has some great great stories/quests - the Bloody Baron alone was one of the best computer RPG things I have ever experienced. I know the second game has some very positive reviews regarding the plot so I keep thinking to try again but the combat in that just really didn't click with me right from the start so never have. I do have to laugh a little at the author Sapkowski and his regard of the games; he was offered up front a cut in profits by the game producer early on and he basically told them to shove it because he figured it would be crap and wouldn't make much. So he took a lump sum for the rights up front back before the first game. When the third game came around and made giant cash he sued them for more $$$ then - not the best look in my opinion lol....
  11. Petrov27

    Macross figures

    I really dig Gloval's porn stash and dead-eye stare though
  12. Petrov27

    Macross figures

    Still do not understand the wing on these - what is it supposed to be? Part of whatever they are sitting on I assume but sure looks odd
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