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  1. Love the Manga def recommend, at least the original volumes (9?)
  2. My roommate is a cat is a joy, just started Love and War and hooked immediately. Mob Psycho just got serious (like crazy serious end of previous episode) and went from what had become almost slice of life comedy to all hell breaking loose with esper superpowers which has my attention....
  3. Petrov27

    Macross figures

    Are those just repaints of the existing Plamax kits? I really like the top set...
  4. Petrov27

    Macross figures

    the art looks good on those though am confused by the butt-wing as well (are they sitting on a headless bird statue maybe? its odd...)
  5. Petrov27

    Bandai DX VF-31

    whats a reasonable price right now for a NIB never transformed VF-31A?
  6. Hinamatsuri - on episode 10. Not sure how I missed this one but wow its great
  7. Same - the figure does look very good though. I would like one maybe half that size and mucho cheaper (along with the entire rest of the team)
  8. Goblin Slayer - liking it more than I thought I would Slime - pretty average but watchable Golden Kamuy - love it - really great Zombie Land - this did not look at all like something I would like, but gave it a shot and digging it so far
  9. Regardless of anything else that animation/style is not doing anything for me - really not keen on it at all....
  10. yeah the eyes are just odd - I never took the manga to imply Alita had larger eyes than anyone else, human or otherwise so it is a weird thing to do in the movie really and a big distraction....
  11. Looks like they are mashing several arcs together - awful lot to cram into a single film - action shots seem good though
  12. Petrov27

    Bandai DX VF-31

    For reference my order # was 499561 placed Nov 11 2017 It stuns me that I actually got it. The fact that they are still filling orders at such a slow rate is baffling. Like shouldn't the stock be long gone by now? Can Bandai still be producing a small amount of the 31A per month? From a production standpoint that doesnt seem to make much sense does it?
  13. Petrov27

    Bandai DX VF-31

    huh. Finally in hand from NY....amazing
  14. Ha my problem with most of Rockstar's games has been a bit different; I just have not been that into games where you play a bad guy. I don't need to play the perfect paladin by any means a character who operates in grey areas in fine - but its always felt to me that their games encourage the player to go full serial killer murder rampage... Im interested in Read Dead 2 though - but I just expect you will be forced to do some really bad-sh!!t in the course of the story and that is not terribly appealing to me....
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