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  1. Teen Titans TV Series

    yeah im tryin real hard to keep an open mind but this almost feels like someone took a survey of everything fans disliked from the previous DC movies and decided to just double down on those points in this show. You didnt like how dark they were? Well TITANS is "EXTREME DARK!" You didn't like how Batman became super violent and was killin folks left and right? Well in TITANS they kill everybody!!
  2. Yeah, when I first read the announcement for Crowds I was like holy #$@$# then I got a look at the series and was like awwwww man so disappointed....
  3. Yep - agreed - that was I guess where I was going with saying a "2199" style reboot as I personally felt the Yamato 2199 artwork and style was pretty faithful to the original '70s Space Battle Yamato yet upgraded with modern visuals etc...
  4. Yeah I totally dig that artwork there Dang so wish they would do a 2199 style reboot with associated new merch like figs etc.
  5. Same here - along with maybe Speed Racer this was one of the 1st anime I saw as a kid and was totally amazed by it. Wish there was a good modern-quality series of figures out for the whole team...
  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    Ha - I did the same this evening and received similar: Thank you for your message Unfortunately we did not receive yet our stock form the maker We will honor your pre order but as you see it will take times We apologies for this delay behind our control
  7. Bandai DX VF-31

    Ha yeah I need more than that I think - my odds of delivery are grim lol
  8. Franxx is an odd one indeed yet I find myself enjoying the WTF moments of which there are many..... Thought this was a good interpretation sourced from the Crunchyroll forum (poster Sentinel-Wraith) of where the last episode has left things - all quite simple really (lol) - major spoilers:
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody

    looking good - must see here Always been a Queen fan big-time - first heard them in the soundtrack to Flash Gordon when 10 or 11 I think - best part of that movie (though even at 11 I thought Princess Aura was mighty interesting....)
  10. Yep pretty good though also a bit of Harold Ramis circa Stripes goin on....
  11. Megalo Box

    yeah - this is really good and I have like zero interest in boxing....
  12. Speaking of collectibles - wonder if we will see ships from the new series? I seem to recall the old series had quite a lot of that sort of thing (Fleet boxes?)
  13. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Bring back the A-6 Shoot most got brand new composite wings and upgraded avionics then were promptly retired to the desert
  14. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Yeah shoot those renders make it look a 1000x better than the prototype