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  1. I’ve dumped the majority of my 1/48 Yammies in favor of the 1/60 v2. Now after handling this DX 1/48, it sure brings back that good ‘ol old school 1/55 feel again. Overall, I’m elated! But since there seems to be some nit pick, I’ll share mine too. I noticed the gap around the tail fin and the arms in fighter mode. Not a deal breaker but just kinda a sore eye if seen from behind. Perhaps it was done intentionally to make the backpack proportional?
  2. CDJ required full payment up front, plus shipping. It was paid via PP. The initial shipping was $20. Then out the blue they requested another $29. This toy with no frakkin missiles set has now become $220-230 lol
  3. That sounds like bullshit to me. The preorder required full payment up front which include shipping. That’s on their part for not properly accessing the shipping. Now they just billed be for $29 for shipping when I already paid for shipping. Its like they double charged you for shipping. If they pull this crap for the next VF-1 PO then I’m done. I’ll take my chance when it becomes in stock.
  4. Did anyone else paid full payment upfront at CDJapan?
  5. Holy mother! I’ve watched a few video reviews and couldn’t justify the regular msrp. Wanted one so bad since that 1991 Bandai 1/100 model kit. Now it’s the right price I’m willing to pay. Patience is a virtue indeed!! Big thanks NO3
  6. Nvm...had to F5 the crap out of it for like 20 or so times. Must be a voodoo spell or something. Anyways, got it for $178 shipped. Still had to scratch my head if this already 1/48 line worth another collection of the same scale
  7. On my end it says sold out completely
  8. LMFAO @ NY!!! Not giving them my business anymore. As for CDJ, made it to the final page and a BIG ass red texts sasying no longer avail. This is getting ridiculous!! I'll just wait for a GBP combo with the painted visor.
  9. YIKES!!!! frakk Nooooooo………..
  10. I'm getting SYNTAX error lol
  11. So i'm going through stock photos in AmiAmi and the youtube product review with Kawamori and I don't see any missiles!!!!! WTH is this correct guys? I'm thinking.... what if the next run comes with a painted visor or a combo pack with the GBP armor. Gosh.,,,, do I really need another run of 1/48 line again?
  12. Wouldn't it be easier to tell her the truth? lol QUESTION: So what merchant is the cheapeast??
  13. Agent-GHQ

    Hi-Metal R

    Woah is max n Mira sold as a set???
  14. How's the QC on the Nexx Strike set? If it improved since the Slyvie then I might take a stab.
  15. Agent-GHQ

    Hi-Metal R

    how many pieces are in a case? if one, those fukkers from AmiAmi might as well just ship them with the case
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