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  1. Why not watch with your family, keep your job, while fulfilling your adult duties & obligations
  2. I’m not interested for this to be in scale with the VF1. It needs to be big and imposing as a display piece too, especially at that price
  3. Over $2 bills and shorter than the Yamato 1/48 VF1???? Yikes
  4. What makes u think a Roy won’t get done???
  5. Oooh fuk yes! Bandai must make these old school boxes
  6. Never understood this spasm or paranoia on the VF-1 mold. Bandai has invested in this mold so it is with anticipation that new characters and variants sure to follow. Historically, companies would pump out as much as they can on the mold like a cash cow. Yes, I’m pretty sure the VE/VT will be made at some point too
  7. Anyhoo, I was thinking of grabbing those ET 1/60 VF-2SS on sale but decided on this DX Max instead. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Had to contemplate again on getting these VF-2SS but I decided to get the Bandai DX Max for $215 shipped. If the VF-2SS goes even lower than $50 than yeah I’ll grab one for display
  9. Eh..... love the overall look of the VF-2SS but man after watching so many reviews ET sure dropped the ball on this one and their Alpha fighters. So even at the 50-60% off I’m still on the fence. For those that have it, is it still worth getting even after the discount at hlj?
  10. It says used tho??? I wasn’t gonna get it either but do u have a direct link?
  11. I’ve dumped the majority of my 1/48 Yammies in favor of the 1/60 v2. Now after handling this DX 1/48, it sure brings back that good ‘ol old school 1/55 feel again. Overall, I’m elated! But since there seems to be some nit pick, I’ll share mine too. I noticed the gap around the tail fin and the arms in fighter mode. Not a deal breaker but just kinda a sore eye if seen from behind. Perhaps it was done intentionally to make the backpack proportional?
  12. CDJ required full payment up front, plus shipping. It was paid via PP. The initial shipping was $20. Then out the blue they requested another $29. This toy with no frakkin missiles set has now become $220-230 lol
  13. That sounds like bullshit to me. The preorder required full payment up front which include shipping. That’s on their part for not properly accessing the shipping. Now they just billed be for $29 for shipping when I already paid for shipping. Its like they double charged you for shipping. If they pull this crap for the next VF-1 PO then I’m done. I’ll take my chance when it becomes in stock.
  14. Did anyone else paid full payment upfront at CDJapan?
  15. Holy mother! I’ve watched a few video reviews and couldn’t justify the regular msrp. Wanted one so bad since that 1991 Bandai 1/100 model kit. Now it’s the right price I’m willing to pay. Patience is a virtue indeed!! Big thanks NO3
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