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  1. Maiden, I agree, your work is AWESOME! If Toynami could not find away to keep you around, it is truly is their loss. Work and the business of life have kept me away for a while but I still remember all the times I saw you and enjoyed our talks at Comic Con. I also appreciate you taking the time to sign my Masterpiece Collection toys. I was hoping to catch up with you at a future Comic Con and have you sign the rest of my Masterpiece toys. Oh well. I hope and pray you get snatched up by a company that really appreciates your talents so you can continue to share them with the rest of us! Best wishes!
  2. Hey Thanks! And yeah, unfortunately on the sticker sheet it only came in white. You would think that it would be one of the main stickers to have in black since it was so prominent in the show. I thought the another bonus stickers were great, but some black "21" stickers would have been perfect. They do show up well on the blue. The "Mars Base 21" is the "Mars Base" sticker with a separate "21" sticker next to it. I too like the over all look of the Toynami Alpha Beta and I am still amazed the stand works so well. This thing is heavy. The stand, Alpha and Beta clock in at just under 3 pounds! RavenHawk I used Micron pens and a lot of patience. I used black .005 inch size for the finer lines and a black .01 inch for the thicher lines. And Kirik, That is a great idea. I am going to have to try that and you are right, this thing does take up a lot ot room.
  3. Also, I know the painted yellow windows in the cockpit are going to rub against the metal feet of the Alpha. Just as a pre-caution, I placed blue masking tape on the inside thrusters of the Alpha where they come in contact with the Beta's cockpit to cut down on paint chipping on the yellow canopy. I have not posted to these forums in a few years but with the release of the Toynami Beta I could not resist. I just got mine from TMPanime and I had some time to add some panel lining as well as all the basic stickers as well as many of the extra Toynami provided. The official Mospeada line art from the other thread was really helpful. Although not all the labels were the same, it gave me great ideas. I'm still adding little touches here and there but here are some of my pictures. ***I did notice a mistake on Toynami's placement directions for the sticker sheet. If you re-number the 2 stickers for number "24" on the sticker sheet to "25" and "26" respectively and you re-number the 2 stickers for number "25" to "27" and "28" respectively you will be fine. The original numbering on the sticker sheet has two different stickers assigned to the same number and the placement of the "Danger" arrow and "Rescue" arrows are switched. Enjoy! All the pics can been seen here: http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/SDFco...C%20Alpha-Beta/
  4. I too have been following this line for a while. The Evas look AMAZING!!! www.tmpanime.com also has an insane deal. $19.89 for one and if you buy two or more you get them for $16.89 each!!!
  5. Are you serious! I thought it ROCKED!!! We are all entitled to our own opinions. I haven't posted in a while, but I had to chime in here on this. Just finished watching and First of all, this is not anime so you can't expect it to be. If you like super heroes/ comics this is a MUST! This is not the original Avengers, but the Ultimate Avengers which is a modern take on the classic Marvel heroes. If you are an Ultimate Avengers fan REJOICE!!! If you are familiar with the Avengers and are open to a retelling of the characters which retains the drama between the characters you must pick this up! They do a really good job of character development seeing how they are limited within the time restraints of a movie and not a whole series BTW Nick Fury with Samuel L Jackson cool is SWEET! There is also a first look of UA 2. NICE!!! AND the animation is sharp, color full and well detailed and sound was very well done! If you have a nice system, it looks very NICE!
  6. Black Lion smaller than the Blue or Yellow? Huh I like the scale of the MPC Voltron. Some minor compliants, not with the scale but other little details are the solid red sticker on the Yellow Lion should be red with black vents and the wings on the Black Lion fold the wrong way, anyways, here is a screen shot I got from the show that is one of the few scenes where I actually see the lions in scale. Looks spot on with the MPC Voltron.
  7. Here are some of my updated Yellow Lion pics. I'm not fininshed, but this will give you a little idea of how a little panel lining really helps this MPC Voltron shine. The overall look on the legs is subtle but nice. I left one side plain so you can see the difference. I too would love to see a well done MPC Vehicle Voltron. Heck, I would love to see a weapons set like they did with the MPC VF-1 booster pack of bu this time with the lion weapons including all the shoulder monted cannons and Lion Swords.
  8. Thanks stuffparties. I got sick so I was not able to work on it, but here are some burry pics I did of Red and Green Lions. http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/SDFco...on/HPIM0102.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/SDFco...on/HPIM0101.jpg http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a57/SDFco...on/HPIM0103.jpg
  9. You can always get a MPC Ultra Magnus and switch the guns. Convoy's grey gun looks better on Magnus and of coarse Magnus' black gun looks like it belongs on Convoy. I think this was a treat for fans after they realised they packed the wrong color gun with Convoy. The only thing is that the gun is completely black and does not have the blue high lights that MPC Prime's gun had. I think the price of MPC Magnus has also come down.
  10. Has anyone ordered from these guys? I saw that too, but it seemed a little bit too good to be true so I went with a trusted e retailer. I just got the MPC Voltron and I'm loving it! I could not wait to add some panel lining and some paint here and there. Here are some quick shots:
  11. Hayao Kakizaki, I said this in the other thread, but Fantastic job on the sticker application! I know that Yamato stickers although pre-cut have to be trimmed down A LOT. I can appreciate the time it took! You must have pulled an all nighter. Again, good show!
  12. Yeah, sorry that had to happen Well, a 1/60 scale might be a little small since the VF-1s are smaller than Gundams, but some prefer the size. Chech out this custome gallery. It should have the names of the MW members so you can pm them for details. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/toys/m...ustoms-main.htm
  13. this is original sticker come with the box, this sticker is good enough~!(except you want custom decal) 355907[/snapback] Those stock sticker work for me! Good job! I know it took some time and the end result is NICE!!!
  14. Cool >EXO< How did your friend get it so fast? Did it come with any decal? How is the elbow joint in the Green and Red lions? Does it pivot so you can have the lions bend in different directions? How are the Yellow and Blue lions attached? Is there a door under the tails for the attachment to Black Lion? Any mention of an appendix for Lion Weapons or an upcoming MPC Vehicle Voltorn in the manual?
  15. Hang in there Arbalest, You have to have a pretty thick skin if you were found out about Macross via ROBOTECH like me, but you can learn a lot if you stick around. One huge thing is the Yamato 1/48 VF-1 series. You have Master Grade detail and poseability and toy quality and durability PLUS the GBP armor just came out as seen in the other thread. I think this is what you were looking for. Plus you have guys with some real talent around here that can add some much desired little details to the 1/48 to really make it shine. Detailed Yamato 1/48 VF-1J in GBP Armor
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