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  1. Yes!! I mean......NO!!!!! I mean.....YESS!!!....
  2. It'd be my guess that was from the removable side covers scraping the fuselage while connecting the front and rear of the plane during transformation into battloid mode. While it sucks that happened, whether it was a decal or tampo, I'd still be wary of letting it scrape for fear of scraping.
  3. This, I totally get and is a very valid reason for staying away (not to say price point isn't).
  4. I don't want to speak for Stampeed Valkyrie, but I think the contentiousness (I wasn't even sure that was a word but spellcheck didn't flag it so, hey....) might be partially due to the assumption that everyone most people a lot of people more than a few people are able to get DXs at anywhere near MSRP. Lets face it, there's a window that's MAYBE a few minutes.....at 0200-0500 in the US, depending on what time zone you live in. Many people might not have the access to the connection speeds, hardware or whatever to even get through in that tiny window which, again, is at a time of day that mo
  5. That's good eyes. I was on there today looking to see if the GBP was up for preorder and didn't even see that. I got a V2 with fast packs because....why not? But, $139.90 is getting close to DX pricing and, while I love the KC line, that's pushing it, price wise.
  6. Hey, thanks. It actually wasn't that bad. It took a few hours. Since I'd never used this wash before (and the only other wash I'd done was a pastel wash 15 or so years ago) I did the removable chest side panels first to get a feel for it. Was super easy. I did it in stages. Started in fighter mode with the wings and stabilizers. Once those were dried and wiped, did the main body. From there, I did separate the legs from the upper body via the body swivel clasp, but that was the extent of my disassembly. I did kind of a half way transformation of the upper body just to expose everything a
  7. Git em, Roy! Guess we should be calling him Royy Focker Fockers from now on.
  8. Been trying to get ahold of one of these little mamas for a while now and finally snagged one..... Not 1/100 scale, unfortunately....but, still scales well enough to party with some of the boys last night! Happy New Year, everyone! 2021 has GOT to be better, right? Right?
  9. Now, that would be cool!
  10. Just finished giving Max's 1A a wash. Thanks to Lolicon for the Flory wash suggestion. Very happy with the results. Cue the BeeGees..... ...or Cardi-B.... You can look but don't touch. Max's milkshake bring the Meltran to the yard, and they're like "It's better than yours". *edit* You're welcome for that little ear worm, Macrossworld. Don't say I never contributed anything. :P I'm sorry, but this is what the DXs are supposed to look like. I really wish Bandai had done this themselves (much like Kitzconcept does) or, at the very least, offered a
  11. Me looking at RedComet's pic.....
  12. In the last 6 months, I've bought at least 10 items from Mandarake and I've been happy with the condition and price of every item I've received. The only issue I've ever had from Manda was some of the shipping rates being inconsistent. Even then, the DHL they use got here extremely fast and the items were packed very securely. For the most part, the items I got were described as having damaged packaging/unopened, but I couldn't find a single blemish on the boxes. Obviously, their standards are WAY higher than mine. Definitely recommend using them.
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