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  1. Ugh.....I like that a lot less than the trooper. I hope that's not the final prototype, though I might get one or two just to have them. I'm definitely in for multiple troopers, though. I dig that sculpt, not so much the scout. Thanks for the pic, by the way.
  2. Oh, HELL yes!! And I don't have to paint it either!? Count me in for 3 or 4. Says they're going to be releasing the scout as well but I couldn't see any pics on their Facebook page. Are there any images up for that?
  3. I'm hoping part of this is because they've had feedback that pink isn't working for Houquet and maybe they need time to readjust the color. The wait would be well worth it, if that were the case. The only reason I'm worried is what happened with Beagle's Houquet. The world's a crazy place, and recessions and pandemics happen.....but, I'd be ok with the apocalypse if we just got a great Houquet ride armor released first. A RED one!
  4. Mine's out for delivery today as well. Crazy.
  5. I just got a shipping notice from HLJ. That was fast.
  6. Dammit. I didn't even need another one but I couldn't pass it up for this price. I'll never say anything to my wife again about buying something we don't need just because it's on sale. I feel so dirty.
  7. I totally agree. That's why I think if we can somehow consolidate all the frequently asked questions in a single place, it'd make referring to, or back to, much less painful. There's so much great information, it's just damn daunting to find, whether you've been following it or not....which is a shame. Looking back for link in this thread....
  8. mantisfists

    Hi-Metal R

    This thread makes me so sad. Mood....
  9. Maybe a separate DX FAQ/For Sale thread where links to FAQs (where to purchase, release dates, etc) could be posted and people wouldn't have to search all 700 pages to find info, or add another few pages by asking and links could be posted thereafter informing people of DXs for sale? That might eliminate a lot of the clutter. I know for me, people posting when DXs were available really helped me acquire the first one or two that I got. I'd hate to rob somebody else of that resource.
  10. Amazon.jp has Roy's 1S for 24.5k yen.....some for as cheap as 23.9k. While they won't ship those ones to my address in the states, it's still crazy to see that they're available for that cheap.
  11. Whachu talking bout, Willis? Semper Fi Wait....was that 1980s or 2180s? If they color Houquet's ride armor close to what Takering painted his pilot figure, I'd be fine with it. It's close enough that I don't think it would grate on my nerves. I am, however, not digging the two tone color scheme on the Zeta. I'm very happy I only went in for one of these.
  12. I know a lot of folks on here aren't really into the movie bots but the designs for the Bumblebee movie characters are absolutely amazing. I haven't been a fan of the movies since the first Transformers flick and, while Bumblebee wasn't terrible, it's not a great film, either. It was mediocre enough for me to fail to notice just how great some of the designs are. Mecanical Alliance's take on Blitzwing (Thunder Warrior).....wow. I couldn't resist picking up one for each mode. Also picked up a Weijiang Metal Dition Optimus and a Trans Craft Bumblebee and am hyped to get my ha
  13. I'll definitely be looking forward to your review, my man.
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