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  1. Sure they can. They have been doing it for years and consumers keep purchasing. Just watch and see.
  2. Magic Square Light pf Justice and NewAge Agamemnon. There are different variations of each to choose from. They are both pretty amazing, sturdy, and have incredible transformation processes.
  3. I got both at Ebay. There are different finishes for both so you really have to search out the version you like. The Optimus version posted in mikeszekely review is more animated, versus what I purchased that comes with a metal finish on the legs and does not have the cab stripe, but appears more to what I remember seeing in the opening the the Transformers cartoons. Megatron selected here is more similar to the MP-34 with no red innards of the legs. Stock pics.
  4. At 4 inches tall the MS Prime and NA Megatron are amazing. Off to start a new collection with my son. NA Bumblebee and NA Insecticons are incoming. If these don’t disappoint we’ll see where this goes.
  5. Like most here, I do love me some masterpiece scale items. But when I decided to purchase these for my son I immediately fell in love with the size transformation, sculpts, and sturdiness. Sure they are no where near MP status yet for the size they sure pack a punch and are widely fun to transform. My son loves these as well. The transformation size and playability is what made these his favorite new figures. We are now off to begin a new collection he can play with.
  6. SDFM is not really round as portrayed there but it seems it would be easier to do that create a thruster. DYRL is 4 or 5 rectangular exhaust ports.
  7. Great collection Kicker773 and SH9000 We need more monsters!!
  8. Unless you really want to keep it, it will take a long time before the smell is gone or you have become accustomed to it. I tried using Zero Odor Eliminator and it worked out well. I would first clean as much of the figure with isopropyl alchohol to get some of the sticky smoke residue off. Then spray the figure with ZOE and repeat spray after one day then wipe it down. Then do it again about a week later. Do this in your garage because the smell will take hold of your living space. The plus for me was that the figure was a loose Jun Planning Oogie Boogie that I picked up for close to nothing in a large lot. I tried this also on two Medicom RAH Jack Skellingtons and those had to be done with extreme care due to the metal armature and boxes, but it did work. Just be patient and clean the item well before you start. Hope this helps.
  9. And don’t forget about the totally screwed up markings ahead of the kite symbol on the cockpit. I try not to think about it, but every time someone posts a side profile comparison it’s just a glaring reminder of how little Bandai cares about the details.
  10. All Joons and PC Toys brands are manufactured in Korea.
  11. Awesome find Tom. Totally forgot I have this.
  12. Very clean storage. Or is this your display? Either way it looks great.
  13. I love the progression shown of the armour packs but why does the Delta look like he’s packing oranges? i have always felt that a more subtle color palette could have been used.
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