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  1. Yay! I have a few VF-4 from Yamato and Arcadia game versions but I figured what the heck one more isn’t going to hurt. And this is the official FlashBack 2012 version.
  2. Still looking for this GBP set.
  3. If you have these please hit me up. I would prefer to buy both from the same seller if possible. Thanks in advance.
  4. I know this year has put everything and everyone through the ringer. And it is hard to believe it is almost over. To all you fantastic members and lurkers out there, may you have a very Healthy and Happy New Year! Let’s all look forward to a new year with positive outcomes!!!
  5. Yes. Glane21 owns that version with Made In Taiwan stamping on the packaging, yet I don’t think he ever showed it was stamped Made In Taiwan on the VF-1J. I have always been very curious about that Valkyrie.
  6. So I decided to wait until I get VF-1J #4 delivered. Here’s a picture for now as I have comparing to do and present my findings. Man this thread is getting better everyday!
  7. Ok. So after looking at the Roy DX I will have to admit that the color is perfect. This still has that silly dislocating swing bar and the high on the heatshield Jolly Rogers,but overall just like the releases before. It’s a great figure.
  8. Great gif. I honestly hope Bandai will one day release a DX Hikaru VF-1S Fast Pack bundle. And possibly add either a standing Misa saluting him or one to sit on his lap. Roy in Fast Packs isn’t enough.
  9. The ones you are referring to were only prototypes. Unfortunately, they never had a release. But I am pretty sure someone out there could have these in a private collection. http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/unreleased/unreleased.htm
  10. Roy has arrived safe and sound. As always my pleasure doing business with you and looking forward to doing it again. Thank you and stay healthy and have a Happy New Year!!
  11. You might want to understand which came first. Kawamori designs were original pieces of work that started Macross SDFM and any series, movie, book, game, etc. And not to bum you out or anything, but the Rowboatech fandom is a complete rip from Kawamori’ creativity. Do some research or head on over to the “Noob Threads” for the cliff notes. Welcome.
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