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  1. Still here after a long hiatus. Missed all the good folks from around here. Your customizing skills sure have come a long way. Excellent work indeed.
  2. ArchiNov, So the color was correct all along. It just needed to be properly weathered to achieve what we always saw in the anime. Could you get a shot of the VF-0D and the SV-51y together. Congrats to you and your customizer. Job well done!
  3. Gatsu, That is such an incredible build! The details and weathering are fantastic!
  4. Soooo glad I never bought any of the Evo Toys. This Legioss looks really amazing and the new take on the cockpit really solved the issues of the elongated nose profile when in soldier mode. I hope this line is a success and we get to see a Tled down the line. Just not too far off. Pretty excited about this release.
  5. Lots of room for our improvements the for sure, but this seems more inclined toward the Battroid versus fighter mode. Sure, there is a lot to be perfected and desired, but it looks pretty damn good to me.
  6. Such a beautiful collection. It brought a tear to my eye. It’s always amazing to see such wonderful things I such a small space. Especially when the owner is just maintaining them and doing an amazing job caring for his collection. This would make a great front drop for any hangar.
  7. Those are really a great pair of customs. Your collection continues to evolve with these wonderful customs.
  8. Personally, it has been more fun sharing my collection with my son and daughter than just collecting. Overall experience continues to be fun and both my son and daughter like to play with our toys. As they grow older they remember the toys but just don’t play as much as they used too. But I still remember the days when my son would say to my wife “Mom take a picture of me for your Facebook!” Yep, he’s had rich history with toys and continues to do so. I will always cherish these memories. I hope more parents do the same like those of us who have shared experiences here.
  9. Here is at 7 yrs old. He always asks me to pull various items at once. When he’s done we just place them back in their boxes and off to the garage they go.
  10. I say start them as soon as there is any interest in the subject. If you deny them this early on they might never show interest again or feel that these are toys that should never be touched. Allow them to embrace your toys no matter the age or type of toy they want to play with. In the end you can’t take it with you. As long as there is someone willing to carry the torch for even a short distance, well then that’s alright with me. These toys are replaceable, and if they are broken oh well. Let them play!! *Just to add, my son is two years old in these pics.
  11. You could be right. Maybe if Bandai announced an upcoming Kakyzaki TV VF-1A more consumer would be compelled to complete the Vermillion Squadron. This news does not look good for TV Valks. I hope to be wrong.
  12. Ahem, This would not even had existed back in 1985 since the release of M2 was 1992. Sometime thereafter sure it could have been better. The figure does have its charm and honestly, I think it’s just fine as it is. I am one of the very few who bought four and still like them to this day. Just wish the MSRP did not sting as it did when they were released.
  13. Seeing this build from start to finish is truly inspiring. 25yrs have come and gone and now not only do you get to relish in your work, but all the skills you have amassed over the years are clearly illustrated. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and patience to show us all how diligence and dedication pays off.
  14. Great start. Hopefully everything goes back to normal for you dry soon. Looking forward to your completed build.
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