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  1. Pengbuzz, great little build. I built that kit as well and considered making it transformable, but opted not to do so as I think it looks pretty good only in attacker mode. Rogueload, sent you a PM. I want to be sure to respect tekering’s thread and not hijack. Tekering, I like the direction you’re taking. The only thing I noticed is that the inconsistency between modes will become more apparent if you decide to extend the legs in attack mode. In cruiser mode, according to your overlay, the legs would dangle way out too far behind as you have not yet added the extension you planned for them on the toy. Hope that make sense.
  2. Scroll here for customs made by various members. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/gallery/category/4-148-customs/
  3. Ball joints can resolve that issue pretty easily. Cutting at the base of the barrel where it meets the turret will allow you to keep the swivel intact for transformation and positioning.
  4. You could use flat to begin with an add a clear coat of matte to seal and protect.
  5. I would lightly sand it to remove the roughness left behind by the primer. You could use 2400 grit paper. Anything with a lower grain will gouge your surface.
  6. Try the sing an inexpensive acrylic paint. If you take the head to Micheal’s there is a cheap paint that actually matches. I can’t remember the brand but it is there. I think it cost 1.00. Best way to use it is to prime your parts with light gray. Lightly sand. Thin paint down by water 60 parts and paint 40 parts. Apply thin coats with airbrush or hand brush. It will take about five light coats to achieve your desired color. Don’t apply heavy coats or you will have a ton of runs. Use matte coat to finish. Or you can leave as is if desired. Paint is actually pretty resilient.
  7. Hey Tekering, That is looking pretty awesome. The base toy used is a Takatoku 1/3000 SDF-1. My approach to this was quite different as I used the size of the chest blocks to determine the size I wanted and try and maintain the 1/3000 scale as much possible so it could match the Yamato 1/3000. By using this method I only needed to extend the booms. But I did reshape quite a few parts like the Prometheus and Daedelus hulls. Reworked the elbows to release per TV and lineart capabilities (using magnets and metal parts). Provided an A-stance hip. Added knee joints with 1/55 VF-1 parts. Opened the Daedelus hatch, and added PE parts for the bridge amongst many other custom tweaks. My real goal was to produce a “what if old school modelers during the Takatoku era decided to customize this toy” type of custom. And so I met my goal quite nicely for me and in the process kept the firing mechanisms intact for pew-pew fun. I am really looking forward to another one of your awesome builds! If there is anything I can provide to help I would be happy to do so. Claude - Thank you. I really appreciate you kind acknowledgement.
  8. I would honestly say it is more than likely. The color scheme of the black valkyrie is pretty nice and it would have been a shame to waste it.
  9. So glad you found it. I was going crazy looking for it. You sir are a true hero of history.
  10. According to an MW member on here know as Major Tom said this is the prototype color palette that Hikaru was supposed to use. Because the colors did not look “hero” worthy this color combination was passed on and the grayish-white with red accent color combination was used instead. Hope Major Tom can chime in to validate or elaborate further on the story.
  11. Why must HG continue to desecrate our childhood memories.
  12. Best Toy Takatoku: 1/55 VF-1 Super/Strike/GBP Combo Sets Yamato: 1/60 VF-11B/C W/Super Packs Yamato: 1/60 VF-4G Lighting III Favorite Toy Yamato: 1/48 VF-1 Super/Strike Combo Sets and GBP Armor Takatoku: 1/3000 SDF-1 TV Yamato: 1/3000 SDF-1 DYRL
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