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  1. If it came broken it would be better to get it replaced. Since there seems to be various reasons to send it back the great thing is Arcadia is being responsive and responsible enough to address the issue. You paid a lot of money for this, why settle? It may be a hassle, but once you get a corrected replacement at least you can enjoy more than one mode.
  2. All in one place? Not really. My collection is mostly stored in my garage. I have lots of goodies that I have not seen in years but I know they are there. I will definitely have to make an effort to bring out the collection and take pictures of it to share. At the same time I can do the same for my other collections. Thank you for the kind compliment.
  3. Totally forgot about that instance with the M&M. Good point! Well there goes my ramble! Thanks for the discussion guys.
  4. You are right about choices being available as in the real world, like automakers and food manufacturers. Truth of the matter is Arcadia does not announce a PF the same time they announce a regular version. So the choice is never really available. PF is only a hopeful assumption only after release of the regular version. Even though a regular version is released and PF is not always going to follow suit, such as: VF-0A Shin.
  5. Hopefully the “if” in the response favors you. Who knows how many Arcadia will have to replace.
  6. I understand your point and business practices of Arcadia might be governed by lesson learned from the past. Yet, possibly because of this we could be loosing on opportunities on reprints versus rehashes. Right about now a grey CF VF-0D would have been better than getting a PF VF-OD. Or a CF VF-0A versus a PF VF-OS. After all these are just slight recolors and molding at best. Arcadia could provide most new products from making new variants in limited runs.
  7. Arms would be a little snug with this coat in particular, but it seems doable for a Bandai DX.
  8. I completely understand having limited funds, but would’t having one option make it easier to choose? Regarding the SV-51 V.1 and newest release is really not a comparison. They realistically are two different renditions.
  9. Apparently there was VE1 PF. Not hear to judge people’s guilty pleasures. Just feel that Arcadia should consider selling fully tampo-ed products versus the current duality that exists. I have no complaints about the price for a PF, but if that was to be the only release I would definitely jump on it.
  10. A thought came to me and I wondered about Arcadia PF nonsense. So to what extent will Arcadia continue to fool customers into buying the same item twice? Arcadia already knows how to make tampo printing a normal efficiency during production but continue to pull the wool over peoples eyes. There is no need to compare this to Bandai as we already know they have the know how and means and nowadays so does Arcadia. So why does Arcadia feel the need to continue this asinine and expensive method of production. To the customer wallet. If all the Arcadia offerings were already tampo printed I for one would buy this version over the plane type. But realistically speaking there are never any assurances with Yamato production runs that everything released will later receive the PF treatment. What are your thoughts about this?
  11. That Zhentloudjy ship came out fantastic!!! Building this kit is really fun and the details are amazing. The sculpt is very faithful to the lineart. Congratulations!!
  12. Same here! The 1st version is really impressive. But will your version two be “Perfect Finish”? Xigfrid, keep up the great work!
  13. Wasn’t the original look of these two from the YF-24?
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