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  1. That’s a beautiful car!! Reminds me of my brother’s real Mach1. Only my brothers had the Lou era on the rear window and Keystone wheels. When he bought the car a lot of extra parts were included including the Magnum 500 wheels and a separate honeycomb rear panel cover. That car was amazing and thank you JVMacross for res parking those memories.
  2. Until Arcadia releases the 1/60 Regult, there is always this as a stand in also at 1/60. The guy 3D prints and paints them. These come out of Buenos Aires.
  3. So if Bandai is making a TV “accurate” VF-1S Roy Focker... why are we stills getting DYRL articulated hands? It kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?
  4. I think “Special” refers to weapons packs like Strike parts and “Custom” and “Use” refer to designated Mecha.
  5. Well this showed up on my FB feed. The translation is hilarious!
  6. Holy...That looks amazing!! The newly integrated details make it look like a model. Glad to hear you’re back to work.
  7. Without a doubt it looks way better. I know the correct colors should be red but it just seemed right that the heat shields should be blacked out, as should be the background of the Jolly Roger emblem on the boosters. All VF-1S squadron leaders would stand out much better this way. Leave the color arch shield ad booster marking for the VF-1As.
  8. Apparently there seems to be an issue with Bandai QA scattered through out the VF productions. When I purchased my first VF-1D is was missing the large wing with the Macross Kite. After many attempts to get the missing wing the retailer just refunded my money as said for me to keep the toy. It sill bugs me that I don’t have the missing wing. If anyone out there has one to sell it I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. These figures are pure unadulterated fun. So much thought and engineering went into these and the figures tells it all.
  10. Here is an interesting bit for everyone. At the end of the Strike VF-1S/Elintseeker production run there was an uneven production run of VFs to Armour. More VFs were produced and were sold to various retailers through out the US accompanied with Matsushiro armor. From a story I was told involved Pony Go Round in San Francisco, CA. The owner was given a rare opportunity to buy stock in mismatched VFs with Jetfire Armor. These were sold at a steep discount to the retailer and then these ended up in the common market. So this is why you see VE-1 and VF-1S Valkyries with Jetfire Armor from Matsushiro. IIRC, this all took place in mid 1990s. The source was Ravishing Rick an old MW member on the boards. I actually have each of the two versions with Jetfire armor. It’s easy to tell when these are real and not a Frankenstein mash up but I won’t give away the tells. Hope this cleared up a bit of mystique from Valkyries of our past.
  11. Post a picture. Let’s see what we can do to figure out your mysterious parts.
  12. I just received my second complete and beautiful YF-25 Prophecy for 125.00 shipped. So happy at this moment.
  13. Excellent video. Really demonstrates the capabilities of your SDeFo-1. Really need to get one, but I don’t have a 3D printer.
  14. Very cool. The Macross game as a background is a nice touch.
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