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  1. Hey guys, please stay on topic. These may be Bandai items but the thread is for Macross related items only. Thanks.
  2. Head over to the “wanted” section. There is a thread to address this actual issue. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
  3. For me it has only been this release.
  4. Hi guys, Thank you all for the really nice compliments. I only meant to call out how the scale between HMR, 1/60, and 1/48 as they have been interpreted from the actual show. For those who are interested in seeing my customs in person please come to the Super Dimension Convention this year and I am sure these will be there. I hope to see a certain someone’s awesome HMR customs as well. Now back to the Hi Metal topic... chronocidal, I have the same issue with mine. Not sure what’s going on but you might be right about something being installed or assembled incorrectly.
  5. Wow! That looks great. Does the VF-9 have no knee covers? Or are the legs over extended?
  6. All this detail really makes sense for Fokker’s 1S bust. I mean it has a flask on it’s back. No wonder Roy was never afraid of anything he had a camelback with liquor reserve on the VF’s back.
  7. Agreed.
  8. Anime Magic or not. I pretty much think Mike’s 1/48 true scale versions nailed the size. Yamato’s and Bandai scales are always too small to fit the story well.
  9. Now that you mention it. A black GBP would have been canon as it did appear in the series.
  10. Looking good! Can’t wait to see it all painted!
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