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  1. whytwolf


    Cool kit! What's the scale on it? Sean
  2. whytwolf

    Newbie Resin VF-XS Battloid

    WOW. Very cool. You've clinched it for me, I'm gonna have to get one of those resin kits from Hobbyfan now Great work macroadster! Sean
  3. whytwolf

    VF-1 Gun Pod

    The Hasegawa kits actually mold the three barels inside the muzzle of the GU-11. If you want to accurize them, simply drill out the barels with a pin vice (as I did). Much easier than trying to find small diameter styrene tubing. HTH Sean
  4. whytwolf

    VF-0S battroid

    Looks great, and very well proportioned as a Battroid. The few fighter kit to battroid conversions I've seen always look too lanky to me ('thin as a drink of water' my grandpa would say). I look forward to seeing it completed Sean ps - in addition to the pics, could you perhaps explain in a little detail about how you made the mod?
  5. whytwolf

    1/72 Q-Rau WIP

    Oh how gauch, replying to my own reply! Due to the boards being down yesterday, the last post was intended to update to boxing day--now here's what I accomplished tonight while watching a Randy Bachman special (and if you don't know this legend of the Guess Who and BTO, shame on you! ) http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/qrauleg1.jpg http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/qrauleg2.jpg http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/qrauleg3.jpg The little white guy with green putty is the new Valk pilot I'm working on for the Block 5 cockpit mod I mentioned a while back--just to give a sense of scale to the suit. And yes, the leg doesn't look like much now (and it's upside down, with the Club-M leg on the right) but you could think of it as a view of the suit's internal structure Sean
  6. whytwolf

    1/72 Q-Rau WIP

    Mechleader: well, that is part of the plan. Once I'm further along on the 'masters' I'll be talking orders--but thanks for the vote of confidence. Well, thank God for XMas holidays--I got some more work done on the QRau. Mostly I decided that the pilot's head looked NOTHING (even if very skeletal) like Milia's, so I spiked it into the trash, and also discovered that the pilot's arm positions are different between the two suit versions--the DYRL version has the pilot's arms pointed forward to grasp the waldos behind the chest cannons, whereas the TV version has the pilot's hands in the shoulder units. For that reason I repositioned the arms and have started on yet ANOTHER head (will show it when I feel more confident it looks like an anime chick ) The pictures linked below show the refined figure, as well as the beginnings of the suit's main chest/groin section where the pilot compartment resides. http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/qraumain1.JPG http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/qraumain2.JPG As I continue to work on this project I am continually surprised at both the poor engineering of the Club-M kit (most of the ball/socket joints for the limbs don't fit at all) not to mention that the kit and it's pilot are not to scale with the measurements given at Egan's site (well, at least as far as I can tell). That said, I'd like to ask other people who have built or own this kit what they think.. Is it that I simply have a crummy recast (Sorry AlphaHX, but the bubbles and warts in this kit are a shame--hope you don't mind me cleaning it up for you ) or was the original kitpoorly engineered as well? Anyway, I'll keep updating this thread as I progress--although, knowing my life, I could be doing lots of work on it now, only to drop off the face of the earth for several months...fate of a single father I guess Sean
  7. whytwolf

    1/72 Q-Rau WIP

    As some of you may remember, I'd mentioned I was interested in doing a conversion of the Club-M kit from the DYRL version of the Q-Rau to the TV version. My first hurdle though was getting the Club-M kit. Well, much thanks to AlphaHX for loaning me a recast he got--it's allowed me to rethink the scale of this project First off, the recast is a really crummy one, needing a lot of work to clean up to cast masters from to modify. Yech Secondly, as I determined looking at the kit, I was not too impressed with the detail of the original. Much of the interior detail was a rats warren of 'wires', leaving lots of scratchbuilding to capture the interior detail of the TV version. So, with all that in mind, and my handy cache of Robotech (::gasp:: horrors!) DVDs for animation reference, I decided to set out sculpting a new kit. Yes, long, arduous process that it will be, I think it'll be better, and easier in the end to do so than clean up and then modify this kit. Well, then, that brings me to my current progress. Though minimal, I do have some work to show off--namely the start of the Milia figure that will go inside the armor's cockpit. The photos below show my work after about three hours. On the left is my new sculpt, and on the right a semi-clean recast of the Club-M kit. (I'm linking these, beacuse they're rather large) http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/MiliaSculpt1.jpg http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/MiliaSculpt2.jpg http://www.whytewolf.ca/media/MiliaSculpt3.jpg Bearing in mind that this is VERY preliminary (heck, her entire head needs to be fleshed out--basickly she's sholders and a skull) I'm hoping to hear from y'all about what you think, both what my plan is, and what the current results look like. This feedback will help me ensure I have the best Q-Rau sculpt in 1/72 that I can get. After all, two (or two hundred) heads are better than one right? Sean
  8. whytwolf

    Model Valkrie Gallery

    Oh wow, what a great custom Q-Rau. As you mentioned you've seen others I assume it's a kit? Do you know who manufactured it? Whats the media--resin? What scale? Inquiring minds (well, maybe just mine) want to know Sean
  9. whytwolf

    Macross style Tomcat

    Grayson, I think he meant the VF-1 PE set--as he said, he'd wanted to do a 1S first... And from my personal experience the PE details are not really worth it unless you have FAST packs on the valk--although I do like the extra cockpit details, too bad you can't get them on their own... Sean
  10. whytwolf

    Homemade Vacuum Chamber

    Hrmm, that's a neat idea....although the FoodSaver appliances are just outside of my price range, thus my need to go with a cheaper solution Sean
  11. whytwolf

    Homemade Vacuum Chamber

    Sounds cool. Did you have to modify the pressure pot any? Did it come with a compressor, and if not, what do you use for it? Thanks again guys, great ideas! Jesse: I don't think I've gotten a hickey in any way since highschool, but now that I'm divoced, you've giving me some ideas Sean
  12. whytwolf

    VF-0A just finished

    Wow, this is just an outstanding model. Very good work, especially the camo--nice variation (and it would go well head to head with that Flanker-cammoed SV-51) Kudos to you! Sean
  13. whytwolf


    But isn't reanimating it simply playing the Lucas game anyway? To me that would be like all that extra CG crap added to ANH's Mos Eisly scenes etc. In any case, I crave more Macross. Zero just didn't do it for me. I'd LOVE to see a new series, but one definatly more in tune with the hard-edged realism of war than quite as mysticly flightly as M7. Sean
  14. whytwolf

    Dropping a deuce

    Dude! That's some f#*!ed up S#!t right here! Ah toilet humor...where would I be without you? Sean
  15. whytwolf


    I agree with Sithlord, if there was a 'remake' of the TV series, I'd like to see it deal with different characters and different situations during the same timeframe--perhaps set it on earth and let us see what happened while the Macross was away. I'd also like to see the 'definitive' telling of Space War One. Sean