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  1. Macross Cosplay

    thanks folks, but just a disclaimer, i had nothing to do with that cosplay work, i just shared it it's the work of my countrymen and i really just had to share it with all of you, its awesome considering nobody cosplays from the first series anymore (too much Frontier )!
  2. Macross Cosplay

  3. VF Girls

    hello everybody! i made a vector of the Macross 30th anniversary celebration logo: ...and maybe i'll put a Macross Girl to replace the SDF1 profile in that logo soon. Macrossworld is free to use this on our website's front page, just tell me you'll be doing so have fun with it!
  4. Color my valkgirls!

    you guys are missing Bake? he's right here: http://bake.deviantart.com/
  5. VF Girls

    HAHA! magical thread revival!
  6. Sexy Macross Advertising

    you made me giggle. does i know what a GERWALK is ?! XD
  7. VF Girls

    yeah, David has a fixation on them crusty aliens
  8. VF Girls

    whew. how long has it been since you guys have been asking for a Vajra-Girl ? T__T 2007 ?
  9. Character Art Appreciation Thread III

    facepaint on Basara and Mylene... Space KISS ? and wow, i spot some pilot interface on Basara's sunglasses... the squirrel-looking Gubaba design was later used in Macross 7: Trash, i think Enika has a pet which looked like it.
  10. Macross in the weirdest places

    "Maguross Aji Oboete Imasu Ka" and the "Valkyrie" is shaped like a tuna fish hahaha!
  11. VF Girls

    see you next deculture!
  12. VF Girls

    Hurrr hurrr hurrr ! i have a joke: Polidread: Knock knock! MacrossWorld: Who's there? Polidread: Macross Frontier X Lady Gaga MacrossWorld: Macross Frontier X Lady Gaga, who? Polidread: look at my drawing
  13. allow me to share this, at least... i hope Kirik and the rest of the organizers might still be able to use this for promotions...
  14. VF Girls

    also, "i rose from the grave" to share this, i hope Kirik and the rest of the organizers might still be able to use this for promotions...

    its cute and awesome ! i love the painting!