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  1. is there a new version for windows 7 or windows 10? I love this game and want to play again on my new system.
  2. Thanks Yea it's more for fun me and my son play for hours
  3. Finished Table pics! Destroid Monster is on its way! testing rules now...
  4. Table Top Game Testing! ( gonna need a bigger table! ) set up in game combat! instead of capture the flag we played Capture the SDF-1
  5. White Dragon Restaurant and Macross Arcade!! here are my Armies so Far... Zentradi UNSPACY I cant wait till the 2 Zentraedi Heavy Artillery Battlepod get here!!! I need 2, 1/100 brownie cannon fodder fighters too
  6. Razor x

    Macross Island 2009

  7. Razor x

    VF-1A Max TV

    BEST VF-1A EVER!!!!!
  8. OMG!! looks like a must have Game!!
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