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  1. In the books, the White Walkers' origin has yet to be revealed. But Melisandre does say that they are creations of the dark god, whereas in the show they're the creations of the Children of the Forest. Maybe the showrunners gleaned their info from GRRM's notes or maybe they just pulled it out of their asses. Nothing's mentioned about them being immortal neither, it's just assumed. As for female White Walkers, one is mentioned in the story of the Night's King. In this story, a Lord Commander of the Night's Watch fell in love with a woman who matches the description of a White Walker. While the White Walkers resemble monsters in the TV show, GRRM described them in the books as having a strange type of beauty, so a human falling in love with one wouldn't be outright disgusting. There aren't any more instances of female White Walkers in the books, but then again, only a scant few have been seen up close, so it's difficult to say that there just aren't any. As for Craster's deal, I just assumed that he wanted to be the only pervert rooster in the hen house, so getting rid of his sons was a win-win deal for him. But I could be wrong and perhaps the White Walkers specifically requested his sons.
  2. This is fantastic, your translations and explanations are invaluable!
  3. That's a pretty fascinating case. From the information in that video, it looks to me like Capcom is in the clear. The problem with the FinalBurn Alpha team is that the proverbial right-hand doesn't know what the left-hand is doing. The first thing to check is FBA's Articles of Incorporation (assuming they have one). The Articles of Incorporation should state whether Barry Harris is empowered to make legally binding decisions on the behalf of the team. If he doesn't have that power, then the contract he signed with Capcom is as worthless as used toilet paper. If Harris has the authority to make such decisions, then the next step is to determine whether the rest of the FBA team are legally considered employees who are producing code under a written "work-for-hire" agreement, or whether they're independent contractors. If they're employees producing code on a "work-for-hire" basis, then Harris can license their code to whomever he wishes. But if they're independent contractors, then they legally own their respective portions of code that went into FBA, so Harris has no right to license their work to anyone without their permission. Since the team is comprised of volunteers who are working from home using their own hardware, compilers, etc., they're almost certainly independent contractors. If my analysis is right, then the lesson here is to hire a lawyer before signing any major contract. Unfortunately for Capcom, they're going to take the brunt of the blame for Harris' mistake. Anyways, that's the kitscshiest arcade stick I've ever seen. Someone's going to make big money selling a decal to cover up that thing.
  4. Called it. This might actually be a blessing in disguise for Southern Cross. If MAAS' lazy designs were actually released, their sales probably would've been so disastrous as to completely extinguish that 0.001% chance the show has of seeing more mecha toys. Harmony Gold should count their blessings that MAAS died when they did. If they had relented to MAAS' Kickstarter plans, it would've been yet another Kickstarter debacle for them.
  5. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    More VF-1 and VF-4 repaints. With the VF-4 just being released, I wouldn't expect any new sculpts for another year or so. Beyond that, I'm thinking the Q-rau.
  6. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    The Regult is way too small to fit an average-sized Zentradi pilot, even if you squish the pilot inside. These are photos of John Moscato's Regult and Zentradi pilot models; the Zentradi pilot is 1/72 scale and the Regult is 1/57 scale. Even though the Regult is much larger than it should be, the pilot barely fits inside. As for the HMR line, as Lolicon said, it's a non-scale toy line, so don't try to do serious scale comparisons with it. Model builder and photo credit: Cool8tor
  7. The buyer might not be aware that a reissue is being released soon. Or maybe the buyer is securing one just in case the Arcadia version has QC problems or has some minor, undesirable design change.
  8. I noticed that clicking on any of the articles on the main page leads to a blank page. Also, there's no articles at all prior to January 2012.
  9. I'm pretty sure there never was a chrome version of the VF-19 Kai, just the VF-19S, VF-17S, and VF-17D. If there was, then Kawamori forgot to include it on the limited edition card that came with the set
  10. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    If you're looking for cheaper Regults, you're best bet would be Toynami's 1/100 Battlepods. They don't have the crazy posability and details of the HMR, but they look decent. If the HMR's don't get a reissue, I can see Toynami's Battelpods going up in price.
  11. Packaging designs are indeed protected by copyrights. Assuming that Bandai acquired all of Takatoku's intellectual property, and not just their toy moulds, they would have a leg to stand on. But I don't see Bandai doing anything. Bandai never used that packaging design under their own brand, not to mention that the 1/55 line is long dead; it'd be hard to argue that they're suffering actual harm. The best that they could hope for is an injunction, which doesn't net them anything.
  12. There's no record of Harmony Gold ever suing Bandai over the 2002 reissues, but Bandai knew that Harmony Gold would nevertheless block their Macross products outside of Japan, so they probably factored that in to their production numbers. But to be honest, the 2002 reissues sold poorly because of competition from Yamato's v1 1/60 VF-1 line and that most people thought the reissues looked like dinosaurs compared to newer toys. You could usually find the reissues selling at half the price of their original MSRP, which ironically brought them down to the price range of 1/55 bootlegs. This is most likely why the later releases, such as the Max & Milia reissues, had small production runs. I doubt Macross Zero had anything to do with the 2002 reissues. Macross Zero was released in the end of 2002, whereas Bandai announced the reissues in the end of 2001. Bandai was probably just jumping on the 2001 Macross bandwagon when they saw all the interest being generated by Yamato's v1 1/60 VF-1's and Toynami's 1/55 line.
  13. Just to add on to what jenius said, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2002 and Origin of Valkyrie lines also had smaller production runs than the the original Takatoku/Bandai toys. Back in the 80's, Macross was on fire and Takatoku and Bandai practically had a monopoly on the 1/55's. But in the 2000's, the marketplace was saturated with toys from Yamato, Toynami, and numerous bootleg 1/55's, so Bandai probably manufactured less of them.
  14. Since these are reimagined designs, one could always say that in this reimagined universe that Yellow has similar proportions to Stick and Ray. Speaking of designs, does anyone know if Sentinel commissioned Shinji Aramaki to redesign Yellow's Ride Armor, or did they do it themselves?
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