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  1. TheLoneWolf

    Hi-Metal R

    I love the paint scheme on the Roy VF-4 and will definitely be getting one. I especially like the updated head, I always thought the head on the 4G was unusually bland. If they do make a cannon fodder VF-4, I wonder if they'd give it an existing head or commission a new one from Kawamori. As for more Destroids, I'm sure Bandai's response to that would be: "If you want more Destroids, then you should've bought more Destroids! Except for you sh9000, we love you. "
  2. I hope that Kids Logic will be using industrial strength resin with these. Regular resin is fairly brittle when it comes to small, thin pieces and I can see those wings and antennas easily breaking.
  3. My guess is that both parties honestly believed that all the contractual issues were ironed out. Perhaps Mikimoto assumed that AnimEigo was going to handle all the various licensing issues with the shikishi; after all, AnimEigo is one of the oldest anime distributors in the US and has a reputation for professional work. Meanwhile, AnimEigo might not have believed that a handful of shikishis would be enough to infringe Japan's copyright laws, especially since Mikimoto isn't being directly paid for them. But given Mikimoto's fame, combined with the shikishis' high pricetag, should make them highly susceptible to Japan's strict copyright enforcement.
  4. Robert Woodhead's explanation jives with my limited knowledge of Japanese copyright law. Japan strictly enforces their copyright laws, more so than the USA in some regards. If Mikimoto was going to draw copyrighted characters from other anime productions in exchange for money, then AnimEigo would need to get permission or a license from those copyright holders to do so. For example, if someone pledged $2,500 for Mikimoto to draw a character from Super Dimension Century Orguss, then AnimEigo would need to get permission from TMS Entertainment Co. and Big West. Since AnimEigo only has a license with AIC for Megazone 23, Mikimoto is limited to drawing characters from Megazone 23. If no money was being exchanged, or if the money from the shikishi was going to a charitable cause, then Japanese copyright holders probably wouldn't care.
  5. Excellent work, I love reading translated interviews! I think the TIA editors made a mistake in that article. It says that Kawamori was born in Fukuyama prefecture, but at his panel at Otakon last year, Kawamori said that he was born in Toyama prefecture. I double-checked the panel's audio and he clearly says Toyama.
  6. TheLoneWolf

    Macross figures

    Hopefully they fix the coloring on Breetai's pants in the new production run. His pants aren't supposed to be purple.
  7. KitzConcept has a contract with both Harmony Gold and Tatsunoko Production. Tatsunoko's contract with Harmony Gold explicitly designates Harmony Gold as "the lawful and authorized representative to exercise merchandising rights related to the underlying series..." As Tatsunoko's authorized representative, Harmony Gold has the authority to legally bind Tatsunoko to contractual obligations involving merchandising. Basically, any merchandising contract signed by Harmony Gold automatically includes Tatsunoko. Back to KC's Dark Gold VF-1S, I really like that color scheme, especially since it prevents KC from applying their usual gaudy panel lines.
  8. KitzConcept should be fine. Since Harmony Gold and Tatsunoko Production are joint copyright owners, if HG's rights expires, then KC's existing contract to produce Robotech/Macross toys should remain in force through Tatsunoko. Think of it as when a married couple takes out a mortgage in both of their names. If one spouse dies, then the mortgage stays in force through the surviving spouse. The only caveat would be if KC's contract contains an explicit provision stating that the contract becomes void if HG's rights epire. But if that were the case, then KC should be fully aware of what may come.
  9. If UK trademark law is similar to ours, then it's business as usual for Titan while the appeal process plays out. But when Harmony Gold loses the appeal, I can see Titan renaming everything "Macross" to something else, or even just referring to it as "the city" or "the ship." It'll be a bit embarrassing, but nothing they're already used to, considering the comic's content. Take this with a grain of salt as I'm not familiar with UK law. To Macross fans in the UK, if Big West releases Macross Blu-ray discs and books over there, please buy them. If fans just download torrents and call it a day, Big West may wonder if their legal expenses are worth the trouble.
  10. Ah, my mistake. I thought you had bought that new Fext stand and that the photos were yours.
  11. Do you prefer these over Tamashii's stands? It seems weird that the arm can't be plugged in to the center of the stand.
  12. Whoah, that Books Nippan newsletter has some crazy romanizations! Does it happen to say what month it was written? Thanks for posting those pics, it's great to see what anime fandom was like during the early days of the web.
  13. In the books, the White Walkers' origin has yet to be revealed. But Melisandre does say that they are creations of the dark god, whereas in the show they're the creations of the Children of the Forest. Maybe the showrunners gleaned their info from GRRM's notes or maybe they just pulled it out of their asses. Nothing's mentioned about them being immortal neither, it's just assumed. As for female White Walkers, one is mentioned in the story of the Night's King. In this story, a Lord Commander of the Night's Watch fell in love with a woman who matches the description of a White Walker. While the White Walkers resemble monsters in the TV show, GRRM described them in the books as having a strange type of beauty, so a human falling in love with one wouldn't be outright disgusting. There aren't any more instances of female White Walkers in the books, but then again, only a scant few have been seen up close, so it's difficult to say that there just aren't any. As for Craster's deal, I just assumed that he wanted to be the only pervert rooster in the hen house, so getting rid of his sons was a win-win deal for him. But I could be wrong and perhaps the White Walkers specifically requested his sons.
  14. This is fantastic, your translations and explanations are invaluable!
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