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  1. Lord of the Rings TV series coming to Amazon

    If that ends up being true, this series is going to be a must-watch.
  2. Lord of the Rings TV series coming to Amazon

    Since they said the series will precede LotR, but made no mention of The Hobbit, I assume it's going to fill in the 60 year gap between the two stories. The problem with that is that there isn't enough action in there for multiple TV seasons. Sure, there's the (temporary) retaking of Moria, but outside of that, there's no epic battles, which is what people will want to see. The show's writers are going to have their hands full trying to turn minor skirmishes into huge battles. When I first heard of these rumors last week, I was hoping that Amazon would make a TV series out of The Silmarillion. That book is teeming with wars, lust, tragedy, political intrigue, betrayal, dragons (yes, plural), balrogs (again, plural), and catastrophes. It's an epic that could go toe-to-toe with Game of Thrones, which is what Amazon wants. Alas.
  3. Prime 1 Studio Non-Scale VF-1

    While I agree that the "VF" is unsightly, it is a part of Macross history.
  4. Hi-Metal R

    The only armaments listed for non-SAP mode are the head lasers. I know it sounds silly, but since the VF-2JA is supposed to be UN Spacy's main atmospheric fighter in MII, it's possible they never envisioned the VF-2SS flying in the atmosphere, except for emergency landings.

    MacrossWorld Ruins Everything!

    Harmony Gold has no jurisdiction over anything occurring in Japan. Their contract with Tatsunoko Production states: Regarding Harmony Gold's history of blocking toys, that only pertains to Macross toys, not Mospeada toys. For example, they never blocked the importation of CM's Mospeada toys, which was a pretty extensive release. The reason can be found in the arbitrator's report: In summary, as long as these toys are only being released in Japan, Harmony Gold has no say in it. Online retailers are free to import them on the gray market since Harmony Gold's litigation provision only applies to Macross. If Sentinel wants to actively market these toys in the USA, then they'll have to work with Harmony Gold and Toynami. Conversely, if Harmony Gold and Toynami want to officially import these in the USA, then they'll have to reach out to Sentinel. As you stated above, it's possible that Harmony Gold is quietly in the process of working out a distribution deal on their own. But, given that Harmony Gold is desperately trying to market anything Robotech for the sake of the LAM, it would be absolutely bizarre if haven't finalized anything this late in the game.

    Harmony Gold's input isn't necessary since these updated Ride Armors are only released in Japan, not the USA. While BBTS and other online retailers will be importing them in the USA, that doesn't qualify as an official Harmony Gold release. Considering that Beagle's old Ride Armors were officially released in the USA as "Cyclones" by Harmony Gold and Toynami, I'm surprised that neither of them are jumping on these updated toys. Maybe those Cyclones tanked so hard that they're sitting out this release?
  8. Prime 1 Studio Non-Scale VF-1

    I have to admit, it surprisingly looks better in person. I like its beefy proportions. For better or worse, its proportions resemble vintage Macross promotional art. But the nosecone looks too pointy in guardian mode. I can understand that nosecone concessions have to be made with transforming toys, but it's unforgivable with fixed-pose statues. I also don't like the blue-tinted canopy. I didn't like it with the HMR VF-1J and I don't like it here either. They also messed up the Super Armor boosters. There shouldn't be interior panel lines for an insignia, insignia panels lines are only on the outside of the boosters. Normally I'd think that they did it as a cost-saving measure, but it looks like it's been molded as one solid piece. Speaking of panel lines, they went nuts with them. It reminds me of bad 90's artists who threw random cross-hatching and lines anywhere they could.
  9. I completely agree. A subtle, but persistent watermark that refers back to your channel is the best way to combat this sort of theft. I understand that you might be worried that a watermark may irk some viewers, but honestly, they're becoming so common now most viewers wouldn't mind. Plus, your videos are well worth it.
  10. Retro Gaming

    Got my SNES Classic today from Target and it went better than expected. There were 13 people in line by the time I got there at 7:30. When the doors opened at 8:00 there were about 19 of us. It looked like they got about 40 in stock total, so I didn't even need to get there early. edit: I'm surprised that neither side of the box has any tape or seal keeping it shut. All you have to do is unfold the flap and it's open. Is this normal?
  11. Retro Gaming

    Nice one, hyperkin. This would've been great if it was available at launch, instead of 3 weeks later.
  12. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Omg, in that panel, Minmei really does look your photoshopped Courtney Love!
  13. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    Because the arbitrator concluded that if Harmony Gold loses their rights to SDF Macross, then Harmony Gold should also lose the "Macross" trademark. Both companies agreed to be legally bound by the arbitrator's decision, so that's pretty much the end of it.
  14. Arcadia Offices.

    Great article! I'm glad to see that Arcadia would like to make a TV SDF-1.
  15. Hi-Metal R

    One thing to keep in mind is that the VF-1's are based off old 2010 molds, whereas the rest of the HM-R line are modern designs. Also, the HM-R is supposed to be a flagship line, which is reflected in these newer designs. I don't know what Bandai's intentions were for the 2010 lineup, but they certainly weren't trying to make waves with it. When the HM-R VF-2SS comes out, we'll get a good look at what Bandai can really do transforming with toys at this scale.