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  1. ARMA3 Valkyries!!

    They actually just released a new expansion this week with a massive Pacific island: https://arma3.com/tanoa
  2. Hi-Metal R

    Someone linked these earlier in the thread, but the Sankei 1/80 scale papercraft models should be pretty close to perfect for HMR dioramas: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=104&cat=rail&sold=0&state=0&sortid=0&target=maker&searchkey=Sankei&spage=1&Scale=1%2f80 Depending on size, you could probably also use HO-scale train buildings (1/87) or 20mm tabletop game terrain (1/72).
  3. Recently posted this on my new-ish blog, zimmerit, and thought it might be of interest to you guys on MW. It's an interview with Noboru Ishiguro (Orguss), Katsuhisa Yamada (MOSPEADA) and Ryousuke Takahashi (VOTOMS) that took place in 1984, shortly after all three TV shows wrapped up. GOODBYE, SOLDIERS: DIRECTOR’S ROUNDTABLE WITH ISHIGURO, TAKAHASHI AND YAMADA
  4. a shoutout from an old guy

    I had a bizarre Macross World flashback the other day when I had to buy a money order for the first time in nearly a decade, which somehow triggered memories of reading about a huge MW group buy from a Japanese kit manufacturer (involving some big postal money orders, if I recall correctly) that went bad and ended up turning into a multi-year ordeal.
  5. Macross "Insider" ? Fan Magazine Proposal

    If you're only planning on releasing it online, you'd probably be better off starting a Macross website. PDFs can be nifty for tablets, but there's not a whole lot they can do that a decently coded website couldn't. Plus, with an actual site managed through blog or CMS software, you'd benefit from the pages being indexable by search engines and more conducive to discussion (via comments, etc) than you would with a PDF. If you're intent on doing a closed-format fanzine through a PDF, you might as well look at options for printing, as well. MagCloud does a really good job of that, although it's not particularly cheap. If you're curious about the specifics of that sort of stuff, let me know, as I handled organizational, editing and design duties for the two Colony Drop fanzines.
  6. The MW Automotive Thread 5.0 GT

    We only got the ST165 and ST185, and the ST165 was the first of the GT4s. The earlier RWD Celicas were still used to rallying, though: http://www.groupbrally.com/toyota.shtml
  7. The MW Automotive Thread 5.0 GT

    Also, it's worth keeping in mind the 22R was a truck motor. It was 2.4l and really torquey, 137ft lbs. The older 20R motors were used in the Hiluxes and the 22RE was used in the first generation 4Runner, so it was a bit out of place in the "sportier" Celica.
  8. HG and Robotech Debates

    Word coming out of the disappointing Macek retrospective that showed tonight in LA (http://robotech.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=450) is that Harmony Gold is using footage from the Mospeada OAV, Love Live Alive, and mixing it with new Shadow Chronicles-esque footage to create a new Robotech sequel.
  9. 80's anime fans still here?

    Crying Freeman actually just came out in the US again via Discotek: http://www.discotekmedia.com/crying_freeman.htm They've been re-releasing a lot of older titles, like Fist of the Northstar, Project A-Ko, etc.
  10. Galvion

    Not sure what you mean, Wikipedia only lists him as mechanical designer: right here
  11. Galvion

    Ohata only did the mechanical designs for Galvion.
  12. Mecha Designer Credits for Macross II

    And two minutes after I post this, Exo shows me this site: http://valkyrie2.cloud-line.com/ Which says:
  13. I remember discussing this with Renato a year or two back in Den Den Town, but I'm not sure if anyone has actually figured it out. Generally, you see four mecha designers credited with working on Macross II: Atsushi Okuda, Junichi Akutsu, Kazumi Fujita, and Koichi Ohata. I've yet to see any actual credits for who did which design, but it's pretty obvious Ohata did the Marduk power suit designs. Recently I came across this image: http://dump.colonydrop.com/post/2183673367 It certainly suggests that Ohata designed the VF-2SS, as the rest of the designs are his creation. Kind of odd, as I would have credited the Valkyries to Fujita or Okuda. Has anyone ever seen any specific design credits for the mecha from II?