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  1. Well kinda. I airdropped my pictures from my iPhone to my Macbook and those were the files it gave me. This was the first time I saw this and decided to see if it would work. I guess not, so now I have to convert them to jpg.
  2. Friggin sweet. Even the gunpod has been modded! Can't get enough of looking at this in person!
  3. Yup, I saw it walk right out the door as soon as we opened the convention. I don't know who was selling it or how much either, but for sure it sold.
  4. Finally took some pictures of the autograph and sketch I got from mikimoto and kawamori!
  5. Well here's a picture of me and Mikimoto at 2001 Anime Expo. He signed and sketched minmay in that book I'm holding. I just gotta take a pix of it when I get home! Oh and I was able to barely get Kawamori's autograph at the 2002 Anime Expo. He was doing sketches for some people but I got there too late. Oh well.
  6. That's actually a Medicom Kubrick figure. I have one. =)
  7. I have too many favorite artists to only list five, so ill just list them all. Jim Lee Alex Ross Todd Mcfarlane's work on spidey Steven Platt Brett Booth Art Thibert Ian Churchill before he totally changed his style Eric Larson's work on spidey J Scott Campbell Michael Turner David Finch Ed Benes Joe Mad Whilce Portacio Sam Kieth Jae Lee
  8. So according to BBTS, they have a third one coming out soon. Here is what they have so far: Snake (Sneaking Suit Version) Snake (Jungle Version) Snake (Battle Dress Version)
  9. There are two different versions out now. There was supposedly a sdcc exclusive version last year, but im not sure if it was just an early release or what.
  10. Normal Play art figures cost between 40 to 55 depending on the retailer selling it. The red n blue halo figures I'm guessing are paying homage to the whole Red Vs. Blue series. Since they are exclusives, I'm guessing maybe they are 100 to 110? But I don't see anybody selling them since SDCC is over already. Are they next year's exclusives?
  11. Anybody pick up TFCC exclusive Sideburn on their website this morning?
  12. Junkion news is awesome. I'd be a little pissed if they just recolored scrapheap. I want a new junkion head! Damn that soundwave is pretty sweet....
  13. Bape and Takara Collaboration! Bapeformers stuff
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