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  1. Up for sale is a Macross VF-1S Super Valk 1/100 scale by Toynami and was an exclusive to Wondercon. Only a 1000 of these were made. I have 3 of these for sale. Price includes shipping within the US only. I am currently not shipping outside of the US. I only accept Paypal as payment either as Friends/Family or if you pay as merchandise/service, I ask that you pay for fees which is about 4%, I can calculate exact fees after. I have plenty of references and I am on the straight shooters list. Any questions that you have, please ask away! Some trades are welcomed. $
  2. Well kinda. I airdropped my pictures from my iPhone to my Macbook and those were the files it gave me. This was the first time I saw this and decided to see if it would work. I guess not, so now I have to convert them to jpg.
  3. Time to start clearing out some stuff that's just sitting in my storage. Up for sale are my Macross CM's figures. Every single one of these have never been put together or displayed. All I did was open them to see what was inside, placed back in the box, and stuck it in storage till now. They all come with their boxes, instructions, and whatever else they originally came with so nothing is missing. Only thing I see wrong would be Series 1 main box that holds both sets in, is starting to come apart. I have provided pictures of this. You can glue it back if you want. All prices include ship
  4. wait, you sold both for 85 shipped? or was that 85 shipped for each?
  5. Are you planning on getting this one?
  6. Big shout out to subie81 for sending me the metal build gundam quickly and securely! Definitely would buy from again soon!
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