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  1. OK, finally watched the whole series. Really had my hopes high for it. Was a little turned off by the initial episode but decided to go along with it. However I never felt any emotion for this series. I decided to re-watch Macross Frontier again to kind of get the bad taste out of my mouth. Realized the issues with Delta are really multifaceted. 1. Did Satelight's B-team work on this? Seems like it, the Valkyrie animation was boring, and seemed like they were just shooting at nothing. There was no sense of an actual battle sometimes. The valkyries had no weight, just seemed there on the screen. I thought Kawamori wanted air combat in this - where was it? 2. The love triangle was a joke. Seemed tacked on to say we checked that box off. 3. The Chaos group is bad, fail at everything until the end, where the enemy has to help you out to set things right. 4. Windermereans - almost zero development, Cassim was the only one who I had any feeling for at all 5. Secondary characters are flat - Frontier had development for a lot of characters. Michael and Klan (Michael's sister story), Ozma and Kathy, Luca/Nanase, Even small things with Canaria and her son, Leon and Kathy, Ranka and Brera, Sheryl and Grace - there was feeling that these characters were in a real world. Delta felt like the characters were in a bubble. I would write out Raina and Makina and Chuck and his family - too many characters no development. Johnson was a bad character - he needs complete re-write/re-do, he was actually laugh out loud bad (giant size and incompetence). Mikumo - to important to write out, but geez what a let down of a character. On the Windermere side, get rid of the twins, get rid of Herman (mix his character with Cassim), You don't need the king either, have Roid manipulate Heinz from the beginning. 6. Same bad guy master plan as Frontier is terrible writing. 7. Background music was very lacking. When Alto did something major in Frontier the music matched. 8. The story kept going back to the well one to many times...sneak onto a planet, fail, go back to space. 9. How about a Ragna based series, where the Windermereans take over and Chaos has to fight to take it back. 10. Never got the sense that Windermereans did anything, take over a planet? In what way, almost never see any troops, just a couple vid screens of Drakens. 11. The best Walkure songs, were never used during the final battle. Terrible mix of songs in the final episode. 12. Even when we got character development episodes, we jumped around to much, we can't linger on Hayate and Mirage to long, because we have to look and see what other characters are doing. 13. Berger - wtf? use 2 episodes to explain things to the stupid Chaos group, and then not be in the final episode? How does this fly? Will he play a bigger part in a movie? 14. Lady M - saving for a movie? 15. Too much talking heads episodes - really this series could have been done in 16 episodes. I just hope that it makes enough money to warrant new Macross in the near future. I would be OK with a Delta movie, hopefully it will realize the characters better, and have a new story.
  2. Anticipation building, having flashbacks to frontier and waiting for every tid bit of information.
  3. VF-5000 please Arcadia. This is one of the last variable fighters that gets a lot of screen time but has never been made in toy form. The VF-5000G has a major presence in Dynamite7 and it is in multiple video games. It deserves a toy. It would be an instant purchase for me, then Arcadia doing all these renewals of valks, which I have only bothered with the YF-19.
  4. http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2015/06/13/president-michiaki-sato-of-satelight-on-fairness-and-holding-onto-what-you-make/ Not sure if this was posted somewhere.
  5. More creative booking, I don't mind the angle, but having Ziggler lose the IC title just as he is gaining momentum seems like bad booking. Thought they were going to try to bring the IC title more relevence. Starting to look like Lesner is leaving soon...looks like Roman Reigns wins rumble...and the title will be on Rollins at Wrestlemania.
  6. VF-5000, many paint schemes, fast packs, speakers and 2 designs B & G. It is in Macross Dynamite 7 OVA, M3 video game, and VF-X games. My second choice would be VF-14 M7 version, also the mold could be tweaked to make Varauta fighters.
  7. If memory serves me, I believe Victor put out a casting call in March 2007 for Ranka, the series came out in December 2007. I am not sure if the new series was announced before that.
  8. In this order: VF-5000 YF-19/VF-19A v.2 VF-0 v.2
  9. I agree, Yamato needs to make the VF-5000.
  10. Happy 30th Macross, can't wait to see what comes next.
  11. Someone (looking at Mr. March..lol) needs to do a a clean up of the VF-14, maybe an overlay with the FZ-109A. I have only access with paint but here is a quick and dirty of what I mean. I love this variable but it has long been overlooked.
  12. valk1j

    Yamato 1/60 VF-5000G

    VF-5000B Model Studio Half Eye Scratch Built link Link Link
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