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  1. I was sarcastically responding to the guy that asked why Yamato would make the new 1/60's cheaper than the 1/60 Macross Zero stuff. I know the price is justified.
  2. It's more expensive than the old 1/60 VF-1's by almost $20!
  3. ditto on the 1/60 VF-11B. I sold off all my 1/72's.
  4. Gluing the hinge is to reinforce it from flexing during transformation. Glue the sides.
  5. THose were some damn interesting spoilers!!!! Can't wait to see the next episodes.
  6. Finally posted my version of the neck fix in this thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...st&p=474998
  7. Ok, I haven't seen anyone post this type of fix for the obnoxiously overly-tight canopy neck yet. Most of the fixes I've seen involved sanding down those 2 notches that lock onto the hinge. This fix doesn't require modifying those 2 notches at all. Basically take out the 2 gray hinges and snip the notch to make it bigger. After modifying hinges... lightly glue and screw back into place (WITH THE LEVER BAR... or else you won't be able to put it in later.) Here are my pictures for the fix as well as the highlight of the problem.
  8. So...... after a long hiatus... I decided I would post. I finally opened my YF-19 recently (as I have been pretty much been in get and box away in storage mode for a while now), and I had the same difficult to separate neck section that a lot of people have been having. I managed to separate it apart after much needed force, but on the way to transforming it back... I could not for the life of me change it back to fighter mode. Too much force required, and I didn't want to risk it. I think I figured out the problem, and I fixed it. Now mine transforms easily. However, I didn't use the sand down method like some people here used... in fact I didn't touch those square pegs at all. It's kind of hard to explain.... so I will post pictures tonight of what I did after I get home.
  9. They should've made an a$$hole on the toy to let all the waste from the inhabitants get disposed from. That would've been cool! Guess MW fans just like their toys constipated.
  10. Wow... been a while since I visited. Makes me feel better about what's in my collection seeing how much stuff you guys have. I'll have to get around to taking some pictures of it when I have time...
  11. After being used to Jung's and Kurt's CF customs.... I didn't think the CF looked right w/out panel lines, because of the shade of brown it uses.
  12. soze

    1/48th scale hands

    D finally finished!!! Now if he can make ones that will fold up and fit in the arm.... Of course, that'll take about 5 years...
  13. I thought that was a Supra instead of Celica?
  14. soze

    Hikaru VF-1S & VF-1A

    It's worth it. Especially if you want to make customs.
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