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  1. 14 hours ago, DewPoint said:

    There is a very big difference in how you develop equipment when under government contract and when developing equipment in house for yourself.  ULA and NASA need to plan/design the entire project, submit for review, build, test, review, etc. all the while hope your lobbyist keep the politician happy so your project doesn't get cancelled so you can get paid and keep your sub-contractors/partners paid.  SpaceX doesn't have to play those games.  They design and build like we think everyone should.

    That’s true, and I for one am glad that SpaceX is out there.  They tend to get a lot of press for their failures,but that’s what ultimately allows them to succeed, rapid and repeated experimentation.  After all, their starship rocker blew up again on Thursday, and  how many rockets were lost before they succeeded on their first landing in the ocean.

    They are still beholden to Government money after a fashion because that’s what keeps the lights on.  But the earlier stages was largely funded in private I believe.

  2. What this launch hopefully will do is to either spur ULA to better things or just kill ULA altogether.  I'm fine with either result, because if there is one thing Musk has demonstrated, it's that there is no such thing as too high a barrier to entry, especially  if you have grit backed up by some money.

    Better yet, if ULA dies, there is a going to be other companies that will pick up the slack.

  3. Does it involve smoking hot sexy green aliens???   No... not the stage after facehuggers.


    Give me a Captain's Captain... a Kirk.  One who doesn't compromise his true values, which is leaving his seed across the galaxy as he explores...

  4. The Batman movies aren’t bad, the JL new 52 were less interesting.  I hope they go back to the Bruce Timm era, if Filoni is who people should go to for SW, then Timm is the guy to do DCAU.


    his Batman series and JL were pretty good.

  5. 6 hours ago, tekering said:

    I have faith in Kathleen Kennedy.  She always hires the most competent of directors...

    ...and then fires them before their Star Wars films are completed.  :unsure:

    I have faith she will gut Taika Waititi's film, and the result will be as bland as Solo or The Rise of Skywalker.  <_<

    Or as good as the Last Jedi....:yahoo:

  6. Nice to kind of know where the Viper monkey came from, to me the F-16 will always be the Fighting Falcon, I think that was the original name.  

    As for the F-35, 6 internal AMRAAM, curious to see how they fit that in, perhaps we can start calling that variant the “Fat Lightning”

  7. 1 hour ago, sketchley said:

    I humbly disagree.  Ron Howard fundamentally understood what Star Wars is (a 2 hour escape from the summer heat).  So, my rewatchable list is:

    • 1. Rogue One
    • 2. Solo
    • 3. TFA (but only IF I remind myself to turn it off when Solo shows up.  After that, the physics problems are maddening, and it gradually becomes a boring rehash)

    As for TLJ and beyond...?  Well, I think Rian Johnson can produce intriguing and thought provoking films.  However, his work just doesn't have the right tone* for Star Wars.  And JJA?  We're back to the physics and rehash problems (except for the middle part, when the "new" characters are allowed to go on an adventure of their own, without being concerned with either walking back the changes in TLJ or concluding the trilogy).


    * By this, I mean a fun, momentary diversion from reality.  "Tone" has become a rather loaded term these past few years...

    We agree on #1, that's good enough for me.   You can't win them all.


  8. 21 hours ago, tekering said:

    I'm surprised how well The Force Awakens holds up on repeated viewings -- much better than Attack of the Clones, for instance -- but The Last Jedi quickly became unwatchable.  I have no intention of revisiting The Rise of Skywalker, as I can't imagine it being any more palatable the second time...  :unsure:

    But yeah, we've still got the OT, the games, The Mandalorian, and new Clone Wars episodes to look forward to, so let's just forget the sequel trilogy and move on.

    Of the new movies, I would say Rogue One was rewatchable, TFA is kind of second....  and there is no third.

  9. On 2/11/2020 at 5:45 AM, electric indigo said:

    With fighter design being bound to the stepped-on-shoebox look for the next generations, at least we get some interesting perspectives for airliners from Airbus.


    The configuration is currently tested with a 2 meter demonstrator (which also demonstrates that someone in the art department at Airbus is into anime).


    I am curious, with a blended wing design like this, why are the engines on the outside?  It seems somewhat counterintuitive, wouldn't that just create drag?

  10. well, I agree that it would not likely happen....  but hey it isn’t out of the question.  There can always be a side story that is down and dirty, look at how Fox did with their Marvel content.  You can bet some Disney execs have considered the idea at least.  The main playground is still very nice, but then there is this gritty dirty corner.

    Appeal to the audience.  Go after a different segment.   :p

  11. Seriously what we need is R rated Star Wars.  Let the scoundrels be real scoundrels, let the megalomaniac bad guy be someone that can be feared, who isn’t above unleashing all sorts of horrors and expletives.

    imagine if Kylo screamed “ frakk you, Dad” as he ran Han through with his lightsaber, that would provide a little more ooomph.   

    and on the good guy side, we get Cassian Andor unchained... ha ha... that would be hilarious.  I am on the side of right and I do what it takes to win as he blows up an Imperial depot while causing a ton of collateral damage to nearby Ewok kids.  And when the whiny parent comes crying, he uses them as meat shields.

    i would like to see Disney have the stones to do that.



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