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  1. 1 hour ago, sketchley said:

    I humbly disagree.  Ron Howard fundamentally understood what Star Wars is (a 2 hour escape from the summer heat).  So, my rewatchable list is:

    • 1. Rogue One
    • 2. Solo
    • 3. TFA (but only IF I remind myself to turn it off when Solo shows up.  After that, the physics problems are maddening, and it gradually becomes a boring rehash)

    As for TLJ and beyond...?  Well, I think Rian Johnson can produce intriguing and thought provoking films.  However, his work just doesn't have the right tone* for Star Wars.  And JJA?  We're back to the physics and rehash problems (except for the middle part, when the "new" characters are allowed to go on an adventure of their own, without being concerned with either walking back the changes in TLJ or concluding the trilogy).


    * By this, I mean a fun, momentary diversion from reality.  "Tone" has become a rather loaded term these past few years...

    We agree on #1, that's good enough for me.   You can't win them all.


  2. 21 hours ago, tekering said:

    I'm surprised how well The Force Awakens holds up on repeated viewings -- much better than Attack of the Clones, for instance -- but The Last Jedi quickly became unwatchable.  I have no intention of revisiting The Rise of Skywalker, as I can't imagine it being any more palatable the second time...  :unsure:

    But yeah, we've still got the OT, the games, The Mandalorian, and new Clone Wars episodes to look forward to, so let's just forget the sequel trilogy and move on.

    Of the new movies, I would say Rogue One was rewatchable, TFA is kind of second....  and there is no third.

  3. On 2/11/2020 at 5:45 AM, electric indigo said:

    With fighter design being bound to the stepped-on-shoebox look for the next generations, at least we get some interesting perspectives for airliners from Airbus.


    The configuration is currently tested with a 2 meter demonstrator (which also demonstrates that someone in the art department at Airbus is into anime).


    I am curious, with a blended wing design like this, why are the engines on the outside?  It seems somewhat counterintuitive, wouldn't that just create drag?

  4. well, I agree that it would not likely happen....  but hey it isn’t out of the question.  There can always be a side story that is down and dirty, look at how Fox did with their Marvel content.  You can bet some Disney execs have considered the idea at least.  The main playground is still very nice, but then there is this gritty dirty corner.

    Appeal to the audience.  Go after a different segment.   :p

  5. Seriously what we need is R rated Star Wars.  Let the scoundrels be real scoundrels, let the megalomaniac bad guy be someone that can be feared, who isn’t above unleashing all sorts of horrors and expletives.

    imagine if Kylo screamed “ frakk you, Dad” as he ran Han through with his lightsaber, that would provide a little more ooomph.   

    and on the good guy side, we get Cassian Andor unchained... ha ha... that would be hilarious.  I am on the side of right and I do what it takes to win as he blows up an Imperial depot while causing a ton of collateral damage to nearby Ewok kids.  And when the whiny parent comes crying, he uses them as meat shields.

    i would like to see Disney have the stones to do that.



  6. 3 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

    You can't have that without adding another competent fighter pilot to the plot, which is more than these movies were willing to do.  How are they supposed to keep believably screaming in your face about how awesome Poe is if they add someone he might possibly struggle against?

    I think the bigger problem is the believeability of a competent Tie fighter pilot outside of a Sith.  SW has gone such a ways to show the incompetence of the Imperials, it's going to be difficult to see a competent pilot that isn't also a Force wielder. 

    As for the idea of Phasma... I just looked at her as another incompetent Stormtrooper who happened to have a different color palette.

  7. Like others have expressed here, it would've been better if they concentrated on Kylo and Rey story and just shoved TLJ and TROS into a single movie.  Cause the rest of it was practically stuff we didn't need to see.

    Alternatively, a movie about Top Gun Damron and focused exclusively on his flying antics would have been ok too.  You can in fact think of a movie where it's about Poe vs an ace Tie Fighter pilot that culminates in the ultimate dog fight at the end where Poe finally kills the antagonist.  That might be watchable.  Heck, make the Tie ace Finn's older brother.  Who is pissed that the younger bro was swayed into joining the evil rebellion. 


  8. Not sure I want to see young Luke.   Can you imagine watching him ogling over girls, finding porn videos and such... but eventually settling into frenching his own sister, not sure that's a good fit for Disney, or perhaps considering all the hidden gems in old Disney animation, it's the best fit of all.

    I think they're better off with the Cassian series that shows him as an amoral terrorist, because remember, one man's terrorist is another man's liberator, ok, toss in a little bit of struggle with having to blow up innocent woman and children with the Stormtroopers, cause he is the protagonist.  After all, what distinguishes George Washington from a guy like Bin Laden or the Iranian general that just got blown up, the only difference is history and media.  You can easily imagine if GW was running around today trying to free the colonies from the Empire, he'd be vilified as a terrorist, killing law abiding citizens and soldiers trying to help a civilian population, the only difference would be which side you happen to be on.

  9. 4 hours ago, azrael said:

    At the end of the day, very few of us doubted this movie would make money. But that’s all this movie it is now. A cash grab. 

    I think though that Disney has found their particular golden egg at that point.  But into recognized franchises, stick B listers into them with locked deals.  Then dump them at the end of the contract and repeat.  If there are particular fan favorites, find ways to bring them back.  It is a good idea.

    Star Wars will continue to draw, the only thing I object to is the pointless pandering and the need to try to stand out and be different.  They shoved KMT into the movie for what I thought was a completely contrived reason, the fans who reacted I think were mostly disappointed with the role she had, which was pointless.  It felt like people were trying hard checking a box or something.  Conversely, I don’t think I heard many people complain about Donnie or Jiang in Rogue One, which didn’t seem at all unreasonable in the context of the story.

    I also think a live action trilogy of the original KPTOR would really rock.

  10. 1 hour ago, Bolt said:

    I find  her saber to be a bit unsightly and crude. It has a more KOTOR look. And so, looks out of place.1DEDA18D-A92F-481B-A6A8-E19D28B82D5D.jpeg.5b72cddaec08071fbc8dfc2b99ff1258.jpegObviously she used parts from her staff..

    Leia's lightsaber, on the other hand, is beautiful..C860F451-767E-482A-BD8D-4D2EAA8CFC12.jpeg.b862217fbf0855ad8cc16990efeaeaa9.jpeg

    Well, perhaps she was feeling adventurous and wanted to go for a rougher feel.   Having experienced the smoothness from Skywalker, she probably wanted a different feel.

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