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  1. I honestly think there are two problems with these grand productions. One problem with all of these big screen production is that they tend to kill off the antagonist for the most part. So far, the only survivors on repeated showing have been Thanos, and Loki, I only look at guys with major roles, not the weirdo Hydra repeats that last a minutes on the screen in a subsequent movie. Oh, I suppose Jared Leto's Joker counts as well. But he hasn't had his second movie yet, nor the guys from Suicide squad. The second problem is that Hollywood still likes to make self contained movies because if it bombs, well, no sequel necessary. If you look at the First class series, these are all entirely self contained movies that if they failed, well, that's ok, and the stories are all centered around Mystique, Xavier, and Lensheer. Everyone else is just added on. Whereas the comics were more diverse, and the aforementioned characters were in support roles. Marvel succeeded I think in part because they figured out how to shoehorn in this Thanos arc sometime between Thor and the first Avenger movie, and then they were able to build on the success by laying out a plan for the long term. (mostly because of Disney bucks) You just don't see that for the X-men series. Fox never bothered to say there would be another five or six in the pipeline post the success of DoFP.
  2. I wonder how many of those drones will be directly controlled by the support assets. They could put a station onto the E-3 or the KCs right? I wonder if there is some form of free space communications system when multiple autonomous drones are operating at once in the same region to deconflict flight paths or such. But you know, the funny thing is, there is plenty of places to test this sort of stuff to prove things out.
  3. Oh poor JLaw, how horrible for her to be covered in make up so she can make millions. Wasn't she supposed to be done with the series after XMA? Yet here she is again, more money. She knows where her bread is getting buttered. Just put up with it like Craig has to put up with another Bond. Anyway, the movie doesn't look quite that bad. We'll have to see, they do tend to mangle the Phoenix movies.
  4. So that it'll betray them on the first chance the drone gets? I know, I know, it's Judas, not Judah. But it's hilarious how they picked the name. And besides, the question is always going to be how connected are these drones. You can imagine that they get hacked while on the ground, and turn in mid flight somewhere.
  5. Looks like they are still keeping things under control with a limited engagement, let's hope this ends it. It wasn't that clear to me if this happened during the Indian air strikes, or if the Pakistanis ambushed an Indian air patrol. My sense is the latter. The papers aren't laying out a good timeline of the incidents at this point. Anyway, hopping from one military subject to the next: https://www.defensenews.com/digital-show-dailies/avalon/2019/02/27/boeing-unveils-loyal-wingman-drone/ I like this, it looks like soon we will have Lil' Drakens flying along side full Drakens. It'll also be hilarious if this thing can be scaled down, and fitted inside the 747 carrier that the USAF had in mind back in the 70s. I wonder though, if the idea of the loyal wingman is to protect logistical and support assets, how would they do that, would they act as some type of ECM platform, or would it be something else?
  6. Does anyone know what time it is? That's right. It's time to shoot, hit, stab, kill, maim Yuki again. Remember in each Yamato series, we must have at least one instance of such, the more the series advance along, the more Yuki must be abused so that we can traumatize Kodai and turn him into an emo kid, and make him scream "YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKIIIIIIIIII" This is like a running theme in SBY. If Yuki is not imperiled, something is wrong, like that episode of South Park when Kenny lived, and Cartman is left wondering what's wrong. Although it could be that Yuki is immortal, and they need to come up with a series that's titled SBY: The end of Yuki Mori. But perhaps I misunderstand the situation, somehow, Kodai might be secretly happy that Yuki i imperiled all the time, it gives him the excuse to act the way he does. Oh by the way, Kodai, you talked to Zordar again now, sure it was through Miru, but same difference, so please shot him on sight, and don't waste more time trying to reason with him
  7. Offer a high enough price, I'm sure they'll sell it to whomever. Just look at the Varyag... excuse me Liaoning. But with Hollywood magic, you can get Mav back in the cockpit of a F-14 for the finale. Ideally one loaded with 6xAIM-54 which he can ripple off in a fractional itano circus kind of way before engaging in a lot of gratuitous ACM, and using the Tomcat's often forgotten M61 in spectacular fashion.
  8. Another trailer out So, exciting... Looks like we're setting thing back on track with Dessler getting back in charge. Yuki is about to die/get knocked around again. She is just like Kenny in South Park. And they are going to unleash that ark of destruction thing. Neat
  10. That's true, and there is always the danger of the mothership coming under attack. The practical question becomes what is the best advantage conferred by the mothership. One would assume it has something to do with operational range, and the fact that it is mobile. But if you have to start considering the degree of logistical support for the carried aircraft and defensive capabilities, suddenly you need something a lot larger and a lot more robust than a converted 747...
  11. Amen, now, that's a defense project I can get behind. Except, now it can be more realistic, we don't need pilots, we have drones. It would be cool. In fact, I have an even better alternative here. Use the A380, it has a larger carrying capacity, and this needs to be a European project to save the line before it is permanently killed. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/airbus-to-axe-a380-programme-after-emirates-order-re-455756/ In fact, they don't even have to wait for a process, someone could use their discretionary budget, to buy the two A380 from Dr Peters on the cheap, then retrofit and test.
  12. Do you remember when the Lightnings went out of service? How about the Phantoms? The RAF has better tech for sure, but its is a farcry from the late 80s in terms of mass and just overall readiness. I think if the Falklands happened today, the RN and RAF will not be in any better shape than it was in 1982. But then, the same can be said about most of the western armed forces. These Tornadoes are the attack versions I believe, the air defense variants has been phased out for a while, is that right?
  13. Just because anyone can be Batman, it doesn't not mean anyone should Batman. Although this is a good point, Keaton was a decent enough Batman. But I doubt John Goodman would've been a good Batman.
  14. Nice, WPAFB, shame, they didn't have the YF-23 when I was there. But it was an amazing collection.
  15. Ok, having finally watched the subs. This set was better than the earlier stuff. The explanation was still lacking in some of the battle scenes, but passable enough. The flow seems a little disjointed in some cases, for example, just cutting straight into the Gamilas attack, or cutting away right after the Andromeda squadrons hit Gatlantis with the WMGs. Then you just see the Andy by itself blasting crap away, with no idea how it even got there, or where the ship was, or how all the other Andies got blown away. Wished there were actually more actions sequences there that connect to each other. The pacing actually feels a little rushed now, and it wouldn't have happened if we didn't have so much crap like the blue tunnel of love that led to nowhere, or the extended getting to Telezart arc, because no one gave two shits about baldy in command of the fleet and his little clone, or the ground forces commander, all of whom died and nobody cared. If they can pull off the conclusion with the right pacing (which should be possible), then 2202 would be at least passable in terms of story telling even with all the inflated military action and exponential increase in fire power.
  16. Well, can't argue that. I noticed Desslar was firing on Gatlantis ships again, wonder if that means he survived being shot in the gut. Or may be this is his swan song. But it does look like Kinman is going to bite the dust. (not surprising, we expect a few deaths here. The captain and the marine, Kato, and half the pilots, and of course, we can't have a season if Yuki isn't injured or dying or dead in some ways). Heh heh, Kodai is going to have a relationship with a zombie at this rate.
  17. I'm more of a Balebat fan myself, but whatever. You know what I do see though, a new F***ing origin story so we can see Thomas and Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtha been gunned down for the (I lost count how many) times. Alright. Time to introduce the new generation of movie goers to the sad sad Bat story and explain why the Batman is such an a-hole.
  18. I think Central Anime will release in the next few weeks. OMG, that trailer is so melodramatic.
  19. Let's put it this way, if Tom Cruise manages to make movies for another 80 years, good stuff like the first Jack Reacher, or the MI series, or some other similiar movies, would you not enjoy that? Think about all of the other action heroes from the 80s and 90s, Bruce Willis done, Arnie Pooh, over the hill, Stallone, is he still alive, Harrison Ford, OMG, can't believe they offed Han...hmmm, in retrospect, Thank God. Isn't it amazing that Cruise is still doing movies at the level he is doing?
  20. Geez, that's just evil. Although part of me wonders why pretty boy isn't trying to get older machines from the USN or USMC. I suppose they might be even more worn than the stuff from down under.
  21. Oh man, Le Chiffre has gone hard core. I guess Mr. White didn't really kill him. Having the hand controlled machine gun was absolutely hilarious. Imagine if one of those guns were misangled, he'd cut himself in half.
  22. Nice, I wonder what type of munitions. I'm sure that the -35 can easily carry that many SBD in its internal bays. Although a moving target would suggest some other type of ordinance. A Paveway would make sense as it would be an LGB. I wonder in that case if the -35 was doing the illumination by itself or if it had a buddy. What would be freakish is if the -35 was lasing by itself, and all five of the munitions were Paveways. Beagles, is that what they call the Boeing built planes as opposed to when McD did it, I guess then it would've been either Meagles or McDeagles.
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