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  1. Yeah, the language is designed to make you feel like a schmuck if you're a human. It's like the character in question is a crazed environmentalist who would prefer to slag half the human population to "heal the planet." I think the right word is fanatic, one of those enlightened folks who think it's their place to tell others what's best for them. The funny thing is that this language is contrasted directly with Serizawa's comments about being Godzilla's pets. I saw it as another one of Hollywood's "messages," to be simply ignored by the guys who came up with it, because they are too busy snorting cocaine and objectifying women while in their private jets flying to Tahiti. Anyway, enough of the psycho babble... let them fight.
  2. So, I had it right, put the Macross in place of Godzilla, and Valks in place of F-35s, and we have DYRL. And of course, the real "King" is Golg Boddole Zer. I really like the line about people being Godzilla's pets.
  3. The trailer was very nice in that it showed not too much in terms of anything that could be considered real spoilers. I think one thing Disney might want to consider is basically doing no more trailers after this first one. Unlike the other movies, this Avenger is in the very unique position of not having to build up anticipation. This little bit is enough, after all, everyone knows that Tony gets out of that capsule, and Renner coming back is not a surprise, only the circumstances would be interesting. They need to really build this up by doing nothing and get the fan base really whipped up that way and see if they can pass up the $2.5B mark.
  4. My personal opinion is that they are better off waiting another five years for the next Macross series. and doing it correctly. More Frontier, less Delta.
  5. So, I saw that poster, higher, further, faster. And I couldn't help but think of a similar poster I saw at a trade show when I was sitting across from this other booth, it said, deeper, faster, and clearer.. my colleagues and I made fun of those lines for hours, substituting clearer for a bunch of other words. That's what that poster above reminds me of.
  6. Yeah, the frigging F-14s had 4xPhoenixes under centerline, and those were a lot bigger than puny AMRAAMs, in fact, the AIM-54 were almost as big as the drop tanks the F-14s carried. For shame...
  7. That's why you have tankers. If I recall correctly, there are quite few situations (especially in carrier operations) where attack aircraft launch with their full bomb load, get up to altitude and re-tank before proceeding on their missions. That's why the JASDF has four KC767 near Tokyo. So, it's not unreasonable to not have the centerline drop tank. Besides, those -15 looks like they have conformal tanks.
  8. Amen, an Itano Circus needs at least 24 missiles, that thing is 6 short. And by the way, the top of the plane is completely empty.
  9. I think they screwed up the subtitling, it should've been VF-1, not F-1. But at least he is still into quality, Waygu bull, not some random cow. Only the finest for Mr. Hunter.
  10. Apologies to all for the last dozen or so post, I've belatedly realized that I haven't put up spoilers around the clips
  11. Woohooo, I'm sure in the near past, someone at Lockheed did a happy dance.
  12. the Gamilas dreadnoughts with their shield wall is apparently capable of preventing warp. That's part of the reason why those ships show up with the Cosmo Navy, to prevent Gatlantis from warping away. After all, the idea of having a physical shield to block fire in space actually doesn't make a lot of sense especially since it also blocks the forward firepower of the ship.
  13. OMG, If that's really true. Then it's really true, Zordar warped to Saturn, then sat with his thumb up his ass for an apparent standoff for no reason whatsoever. While his #1 enemy was sitting right under his nose for however long. That's just lazy writing.
  14. I think they are over Mars. You know, I seriously think that the Andromeda Yamanami is using is a new build ship, not the original. Now unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever know about the exact time skips in each episode, but if I had to guess, if the situation is so dire, and the Andromeda these guys are using is the original, they aren't going to take the time to do a paint job, not when seconds count. In this case, with their time skip factory, the Cosmo Navy is likely just to give Yamanami a new ship, and put the damaged Andromeda aside for later repairs. I'd be curious to see a more detailed explanation though. The funny thing is given how Zordar is interested in killing the Yamato, he isn't just sending ships after the Yamato while it is being towed. Instead, he'll trust Soto to do it. It's just so weird.
  15. Crazed Andromeda AI wreaks havoc on Gamilas, news at 11. Heh heh, as 2202 goes on, I get the vibe that goes back to the old scene from "Enter the Dragon." The part toward the end where the main bad guy is sending his unnamed yet unique underlings against Bruce Lee and John Saxon in an effort to overwhelm them. The funny part is he starts by naming them individually and ordering them to attack, even though they're just stormtroopers.
  16. Oh my goodness, that's a whole lot of ships, and dare I ask what the Black Berserk Battlion is? I mean, ok, I know that's what BBB stands for. But my goodness. I see three Andromeda variants, and a better look at the Gamilas version of the Andromeda. Very interesting. Now they have Andromedas in battalion formation. Ha ha.
  17. Oops, didn't realize, the only thing I ever heard him say is about Space Force. oh well, here is to hoping NASA makes it back to the moon by 2030. We can all hope, right?
  18. Well, I place my faith in industry, not any of our political leadership, haven't had faith in those for almost two decades as far as space is concerned. All they are is about talking, and they don't do anything more than that... one is about going to Mars, another about the moon, neither had done anything. At least the current one has had the good grace to not say anything yet.... keeping my fingers crossed. Although I do have to hand it to NASA to have been brave enough, or I suppose desperate enough to try to pull in the private sector in the early 2000s, and then succeeding with SpaceX. Hopefully Blue Origin will kick in something as well, Bezos seem to be very quiet, not like Musk, hope his efforts produce something spectacular like he has done with Amazon.
  19. That would be kinda cool, I wonder if that extra bit of memory is adding to the weight restrictions... Personally, I can't wait until they start launching the crewed versions of either the Dragon or the starliner. It'll be good to get space exploration going again. After the money sink that was the ISS, I hope the next set of exploratory effort will be more cost effective and interesting. Hopefully, we'll get to a see a return to the moon before the end of the next decade.
  20. You know, there should be a sommelier (like the one from John Wick) for the combat aircraft. Sommelier: "General, what can I interest you in today?" General: "I need something big and bold, makes a statement on a tank column." Sommelier: "Big, Bold, tank column... Might I suggest the A-10 Thunderbolt II. GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon, shots 30 mm depleted uranium rounds, total capacity of 1,174 rounds. goes through armor like paper, infra-red sensor for low visibility environments, eleven hardpoints on the wings carrying any combination of Maverick missiles, Paveway laser guided bombs, JDAMs for stand off requirements, and cluster bombs for those wide area targets. Two GE TF34 turbofan engines mounted on the aircraft, stall speed of 138 mph when you need to perform more accurate gun runs. Cockpit encased in a titanium tub, capable of withstanding 23 mm rounds, just in case you run into those pesky mobile anti-aircraft artillery platform. An American classic."
  21. Well, I did think about that. But let's play a game here of thinking about the missions, and what might be a role for a country like Canada. I think we can agree that Canada won't take an expedition on its own. So what are the missions. The ones I could think of right off the bat. 1. Cooperate with the US to defend North American air space and control of nearby sea lanes. 2. Engage in support missions as a part of an expeditionary force, i.e. defend Europe against the Russians, support the Japan and So. Korea against an ultra aggressive China, support peacekeeping missions. 3. Patrol and control its maritime borders. Ok, so from that perspective, what can we expect, for missions 1 and 3, there is no need for stealth fighters. Canada would need maritime patrol aircraft, and aircraft that can support extended range missions, especially up north (probably in support of USAF in Alaska) and its own regions near the Arctic circle. Then there is the swaths of Atlantic that it borders. So, for maritime patrol, P-8s and Global Hawks would be perfect, probably supported by tankers, whether they are KC-46 of the A330 derivatives doesn't matter. It would be useful to have a few of their own AEW aircrafts, but that can be covered by the US to some extent, but half a dozen E767 variants like those from Japan or even E-2Ds wouldn't hurt. For defense of North American airspace, we think about what could be threatening. You can class those into two categories, cruise missiles, and bombers. (not thinking about ballistic missiles, because in that case, the world is hosed anyway) So, we're talking Bears, Backfires (are there still any left?) and Blackjacks. Forget about Russian fighters, they don't have the legs anyway, if they did, it would require massive tanker support which is likely not practical. There are wartime situations, or peace time, where you're intercepting bombers, for that, you need fighters with legs and lots of missiles, stealth characteristics are unimportant. You don't need an F-35 to sneak up on a Bear or a Blackjack, you need a fighter that can detect the target, go fast, and show off its AAMs, and with a big radar to boot to light up somebody's threat detectors. None of those characteristics come anywhere to resembling an F-35. The fighter that most resemble that requirement is the F-15. Something fast, loaded for bear, and has a big fat radar. Now, onto the final point, expeditionary activities, any expedition will be conducted jointly with the US. That's just the reality. In that case, you're talking about an integrated air force going in. All sorts of assets from partners like F-22s and 4.5th generation fighters to do counter air. Specialty aircraft to do SEAD. Then, lots of bomb trucks to do air support. There, you can see perhaps Canadians needing a few F-35s in highly defended air space to support counter air and SEAD, and may be highly specialized anti-ground missions requiring stealth. Everything else is literally pointless. Given limited budgets, the best thing might be a formation of like sixty to seventy F-15s, and a couple of squadrons of F-35s. The current generation of -15s sold for exports are good both for countering 4.5th gen fighters and as ground support. Those same -15s supported by tankers would be perfect for control of North American airspace. The rationale is simple, unless Canada decided to get aggressive and start picking fights by itself, they aren't likely to encounter J-20s or Su-57s in the foreseeable future. By the time fighters of potential opposition get the legs to reach all the way to Canada from Russia or Asia (at least another half a century), the Canadians would've long since deployed 6th generation fighters to face those. (And if somehow the US became the enemy, well, there is no real defense against that anyway)
  22. I do wonder though if countries should be really looking at themselves as part of an integrate whole rather than a stand alone when it comes to their military budgets. For example, if you were the Benelux countries, what would be the most effective bang for the buck, and then given the context that the countries are part of NATO. The calculus changes of course if there was no NATO or no nearby allies that can provide immediate support. If we take a more distant example, Australia, you can kind of see their rationale for the type of planes they've picked. F-35 for the more advanced air to air role, superhornets to act either as missile trucks or in an anti surface role once anti-air assets are cleared out, Growlers to support in EW role as needed, given their country's proximity to potential enemies, P-8s to provide maritime coverage, and tankers to extend range. This works very well with their geography and the relative lack of immediate allies nearby unless there happens to be US carriers in the vicinity. But the scarcity of potential adversaries helps as well, the closest potential problem would be Indonesia, and that's not a real issue. China would not be going that far anyway. So, a limited number of -35 with perhaps more super hornets could make sense for the next fifteen to twenty years. So, apply that thought to the Canadians, and may be they could be thinking about a different air to air mix. For example, given the larger territory, wouldn't it be better to have fighters with longer legs, extra tanker support (not necessarily rely on the US for that), and more maritime capabilities. The likelihood of facing off against enemies with 5th generation fighters are low. So, at least from that view, the -35 might not be the very best option.
  23. Ouch, how is that even possible? Oh well, that report paints a sad picture for the RCAF. But commonality will be a big theme here, that and the proximity of the support base. Those might end up giving the US offerings more of an edge. I wonder how far Pretty Boy will go to try to push for a manufacturing base for aeronautics inside Canada. This is what everyone else is trying to do. Indians with their fighter program, the Chinese with their commercial programs, and on and on.
  24. heh, well, pretty boy doesn't like the Super Hornets because of Boeing/Bombardier, and the RCAF doesn't like it because it's only a stop gap that doesn't really make up for the shortfall. Guess the F-18 is just unloved. I'm honestly surprised that none of the CF-18s were ever upgraded over time, even if they are old, it doesn't make them useless. I'd suggest buying F-15s, but unfortunately that's just another Boeing product... old and Boeing. Heh heh.
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