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  1. Haha, I really should’ve put that one in. Skywalker’s reaction was just hilarious. besides, it could’ve been a lot worse, think Leia costume with a bigger blaster.
  2. Not Discovery related, but looks like Patrick Stewart has found his calling at long last. Pushing for the ordinary Uber drivers on behalf of a mega corporation. But at least the commercial was funny.
  3. Too bad CBS didn’t just hire these guys. Always a problem when you have a bunch of lawyers involved.
  4. Just have to think these Fulcrums are all aggressors, so they are the good guys....
  5. Running joke of the week apparently. Can anyone identify the silhouette of the plane? The punchline is that the troops that is supposed to be supported are US troops. I guess one could make the argument that they are aggressors...
  6. What I’d like at the end of this film is for Bond to die. it would set a precedent like no other. Make the movie a worth it. The end of the edgier Bond should be a good end. no time to die until the last minute.
  7. wait a minute, is she swinging from lightning bolt to lightning bolt? like... like... like Spiderman? what the.... can we go back to the invisible jet?
  8. Because it’s Picard’s fault, he set standards in Starfleet so high that it made life difficult for the less capable. Picard need to be woke enough to realize that his pursuit of excellence is causing dramatic harm to many who might be less ambitious or less capable. Especially since he had so many advantages obviously denied to Raffi like a stable family, a good upbringing, work ethics ingrained by his parents. It’s all Picard’s fault, and he needs to admit that, and give Raffi command of a starship in recognition of the fact that he (Picard) has led a life of privilege and his s
  9. Seriously, the more anyone thinks about this, the more this is a brilliant idea. Just don't know if this was little Bob or Sideshow Bob. (Chapek and Iger respectively) Disney needs a sea change, they know the parks are hosed for the next year no matter what happens, their worst case is to expect 2021 to be a total loss too, and part of 2022 because Covid is going to be seared into people's brains for the next generation, probably through Gen Z. They've got to make money somehow. Sports will come back, so their TV properties will get some traction, cause hey, locked up people has to do
  10. little Bob Jr wants to make his mark... and $30 is perfectly reasonable considering It will be a family event for four or five people. Besides think of it as a trial run, if successful, next will come Black Widow and others. Disney can ditch the theaters and make Megabucks, genius ploy to get more data. Depending on how many takers, next movie might be $24.99 or $19.99. Everyone has a price, Disney just need to figure out critical mass, easy to go high price and then move down. May be even easier to down tier down pricing over time if needed, $30 in first four weeks, $28 the three
  11. Random thought: Kyle Reese just killed a terminator. right? Jai Courtney just put down Robert Patrick.
  12. OMG, that sounds like a disaster in the making. I think the last American fighter the Luftwaffe has was the F-4. If anything, they might be better off with the F-15X as an interim solution. Or just get more Eurofighters. They can be bombed up, right?
  13. The Red Hood movie was one of the better DCAU movies, hit all the right buttons. I don’t know about this interactive stuff though. Hope they do a good job with it.
  14. How many Tornados do the Germans have left? I think the Brits have retired all of them.
  15. Imagine if the Federation was a capitalist society. The inventor of the replicator or the holodeck/holosuite would be able to buy entire sectors. All they want is to sell a bunch of programs, it’s the ultimate razor blade model. Would be so weird.
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