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  1. I like it, with a bit of Harlock thrown in too. Let's rip up more of the childhood heroes.
  2. That’s true, and I for one am glad that SpaceX is out there. They tend to get a lot of press for their failures,but that’s what ultimately allows them to succeed, rapid and repeated experimentation. After all, their starship rocker blew up again on Thursday, and how many rockets were lost before they succeeded on their first landing in the ocean. They are still beholden to Government money after a fashion because that’s what keeps the lights on. But the earlier stages was largely funded in private I believe.
  3. What this launch hopefully will do is to either spur ULA to better things or just kill ULA altogether. I'm fine with either result, because if there is one thing Musk has demonstrated, it's that there is no such thing as too high a barrier to entry, especially if you have grit backed up by some money. Better yet, if ULA dies, there is a going to be other companies that will pick up the slack.
  4. It will be good to have an American made manned space craft again. Whether you like him or not, Musk has revolutionized the launch business. Without him, we’d still be stuck with the Russians or praying that a miracle happens and ULA comes through.
  5. Just a little? I was expecting a lot.
  6. Does it involve smoking hot sexy green aliens??? No... not the stage after facehuggers. Give me a Captain's Captain... a Kirk. One who doesn't compromise his true values, which is leaving his seed across the galaxy as he explores...
  7. The Batman movies aren’t bad, the JL new 52 were less interesting. I hope they go back to the Bruce Timm era, if Filoni is who people should go to for SW, then Timm is the guy to do DCAU. his Batman series and JL were pretty good.
  8. Nice to kind of know where the Viper monkey came from, to me the F-16 will always be the Fighting Falcon, I think that was the original name. As for the F-35, 6 internal AMRAAM, curious to see how they fit that in, perhaps we can start calling that variant the “Fat Lightning”
  9. You forgot to mention... No Ewok, no seacows giving green milk, and NO JAR-JAR... That is racism.... or at least animalism
  10. Of the new movies, I would say Rogue One was rewatchable, TFA is kind of second.... and there is no third.
  11. Alright, what I've always wanted to see, Thor vs Batman. BRING IT ON. Actually, can we have Lady Thor vs Batman... ha ha, I'm thinking of the various Hishe that can come from there already.
  12. You know, reading that board makes me want to watch Bayverse transformers. May be they will have a diplomatic solution for once, like how the real world works. Where the Sith and the Jedi gets together and hug it out.
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