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  1. Fundamentally, nothing is wrong with ramjet, but the weapons are just too much hype, MBDA has a ramjet missile, but speed wise, it isn't any better than your run of the mill AMRAAM. Now, technically, the Meteor is supposed to be better than the AMRAAMs in terms of engagement envelops because of the ramjet, but there is no real operational history yet, the AMRAAM at least has operational history to some extent. Even though its targets were... what's a nice way to put it... second rate. Oh, and friendly. It's like the R77, a lot of hype, and nobody actually has any real combat data. Certainly not against peer opponents.
  2. Of course it's a cash grab. They all are. Do you think Titanic or Avatar was released for some other reason? In this day and age, shame is the last thing corporations care about, ask Sideshow Bob what's more important, a few more dollars for the bottom line or the legacy of the frozen. Besides, do you see anyone calling for a boycott?
  3. If they can re-release Avatar and Titanic to get some extra bucks and break some records, they can damn well re-release Endgame with some extra shots and pull in a few more million. This is the Disney money machine we're talking about here. NOthing is too small for it to ignore.
  4. Nice, at least it's not some turbo ramjet bullshit. But I wonder how it will fare in the world of stealth aircraft.
  5. You know, the real answer here is: "MORE HOT CHICKS" Otherwise, I don't see this any worse than Bayverse Transformers. And I'm sure we can get people better looking than Megan Fox, and that British chick from the third movie. Remember, it doesn't matter what ethnicity, scantily clad girls sponging down cars or mechs sell in any country.
  6. For the defense industrial complex, they should treat their systems like they were fighting cylons. Air gap everything. No WiFi or Bluetooth in buildings. USB ports removed, no CDs or floppies anywhere. No cell phones or cameras. Yeah, I am old fashioned.
  7. So, water horse, Elsa vs Moana? ok, I pick Moana in a straight up fight, cause without her ice powers, Elsa is a toothpick. And Moana snaps little toothpicks.
  8. you know, I haven't seen this flick yet, but from what I've read, I get the feeling that they were rushing things too much. I mean, they literally threw in everything, including the King, all at once. I wish they did a Marvelesque build up. They could've milked this movie for a whole universe. As it stands, we'll have four movies.
  9. For JW4; I can only hope that they bring in Carrie-Ann, and Hugo. In terms of another Zero type character, I think they need to up the stakes a bit more. May be Iko Uwais, he is another Raid alumn, and certainly one for can bring credibility to the martial arts portion of things. I also hope that
  10. Steve Trevor unleashed and undead... then he'll turn out to be Hades.... "Diana, I am your daddy, and you were trying to kiss me... seriously, this isn't George Lucas's fantasy world, I mean would you have kissed Ares if he was wearing Trevor's face."
  11. Finally got around to seeing this the other day. I think you're right, the High Table stuff is starting to get annoying. You would imagine that there was a bunch of guys sitting around and debating rules and stuff. Because at some point, John Wick would just say, screw it, I'm going to kill the entire High Table, and the man above. If he killed enough of the High Table, I wonder if it would matter to the rest. Also, I found this whole killing a member of the High Table thing to be a little odd, because Santonio technically ordered the killing of a member of the High Table, but there isn't any repercussions there. Anyway, too much quibble on minor details like this. Good popcorn flick, although some of the fight scenes are getting a little stale. the part that I found hilarious was when:
  12. Oh my God, I'm blind. all that color.... my eyes... And what's with the extra armor, are we making some kind of statement? If so, why not just shove a helmet on Gal as well. Just have a little bit of hair sticking out.
  13. Last Blood... that seems so... final. But hey, if John Rambo kicks the bucket, that works for me. May be we can get Die Hard: The END next.
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