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  1. how dare you.... next thing you are going to tell us is that she belongs in the kitchen... I guess the jury is really out on if she is any good, or a one shot wonder like Peter Jackson, or may be just a bad movie like the dude who directed TLJ... can’t remember his name. But I heard the movie after that was decent. give her a chance to see what Rogue squadron is like.
  2. Sequels are not typically better than the original. Think TLJ to TFA, or sequels to prequels to original. It was essentially worst, bad, good.
  3. bumblebee was the only decent Transformers movie cause Starscream looked like Starscream, not some kind of weird ape looking thing, Soundwave looked like Soundwave, not whatever transformers 3 was, and so on.... the original transformers must have been a Michael Bay wet dream when he said: “ oh really, the robots can look like whatever I want them to look like... great low budget CGI it is, different color CGI junk going across the screen where you can’t tell a head from an ass, perfect, low budget, explosions, and cheap no name Megan Fox... easiest movie ever.”
  4. Amen, bring Gil and Erin back. As for Clooney, he could remake ER, or from Dawn to Dusk. Let him ruin someone else's childhood. Clutz
  5. B5 was one of the best sci-do series of it’s time and is one of the earlier pioneer of the story arc idea for episodic TV. Mira Furlan was outstanding in her role, and that was one show that I would have liked to see continue to progress over time. Delenn’s story would have also been interesting over time, but sadly Hollywood was too into network produced crap to ever give JMS a proper platform to expand his story line.
  6. Darkness... No Parents... just saying they may as well have used the Batman song from the first LEGO movie for this one. Would have been just as fitting.
  7. Have to say, Hawk was kind of hilarious in episode 4 with his comments about triggering, and safe space. Talk about turning things on its head. "Stop with the aggression, micro and macro." Funny.
  8. Yep, pretty much agreed on the last point... I don’t get how he suddenly changed his mind, should have been a slower build up for that one next season.
  9. The show was not too bad, a lot of call backs. Hmmm, how the heck do you do the spoiler tag again? The last scene was a lot more foreshadowing... wonder how they're going to weave that one into the continuity.
  10. At last, the spiritual descendant of the YF-23. Either that or a drunken night of passion between the YF-23 and the SU-27, and we get this result.
  11. I for one would be curious to see this model of streaming contents and how it works out. There isn’t a set pattern yet for what works. Mulan was a wasted opportunity because Disney decided to charge so much, I think $8 to $10 would have been in the right spot. I think WW84 was also a wasted opportunity, because they offered it in hopes of jacking up subs. The internet is training people to cut cords, who wants to cut the cable subscription only to be forced to subscribe to five different other services in turn. Either theaters will make a come back, or the movie business is
  12. Yes, people still watched it right? Did anyone here remember the movie Entrapment with CZJ? I'm pretty sure most people went to that movie just to see her. The story was a joke even with Connery headlining. Besides, seriously, unlike guys, girls aren't nearly as interested in movies overflowing with testosterone. Hollywood's intended audience was men, that's who brings in the bucks, never mind that women probably are a larger potential audience. Who here actually went to Sense and Sensibility, or Bridges of Madison County... seriously. Yes, the First Order will be a Big Mac with Fry
  13. You know, if Jenkins bring in Gal Gadot and a few hot female leads for the movie, I'd be up for it. Top Gun, girl style. Cause, the one thing we don't need is another Biggs, or Wex (or whatever the heck JJ's buttboy's character was named). And as long as they keep it realistic, meaning X-wing pilots aren't also marines that storm star destroyers, that would be good. The Finns have their role, the Poes have theirs.
  14. Yeah... except Finn, but hey, there must be a demographic out there that loves to hear the word REY screamed at the top of the lungs. In fact, given Disney’s money troubles, they could string together a low cost show with various instances of Finn screaming REEEEYYYYYYYYYYY, put it together with reused footage. let’s see... here are the list of spin offs I would like to see. Qui-Gon: The Younger Years. Piett: Serving with Vader. Wedge: Commanding Rogue. Chewbacca: Christmas Special Redux. Hux: Backstabbing Office Politics. Rose: From Chinese Fast Food to t
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