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  1. Oh no, Captain Marvel has already sold out... next we'll see Steve Rogers hawking Ford products, Natasha shilling for Revlon, while Tony Stark starts doing more advertisements for Chinese tech companies... (pssst, Disney, ZTE needs help... some product placement for a few hundred million won't hurt)
  2. Well, you had her in a two second cameo at the end of 2202. May be she'll show up again in series 3 to help comfort Yamamoto and get her over the loss of Desslar Jr.
  3. All these montage clips. I guess they really want to keep this one close to the vest. Looking forward to the Thanos smackdown and handing Side Show Bob however much it is to watch the movie.
  4. I know, and I think Sideshow Bob looked at how Solo worked out, and then looked at his own repertoire of stuff then decided to tap the brakes for a bit for the movies. I bet that by 2024 or 2025, we'll have the next installment of Star Wars. But this one will have some proper world building behind it. Besides, nothing builds frenzy like scarcity.
  5. I think Disney is doing this whole thing so that they can have "content" to fill out the stuff in between. I am technically ok with that, although the movies have done a horrible job about the background so far. There is a bit of exposition, but really, a lot more needs to be filled in. I think the smart thing to do is to hit pause on the movies for five or six years, while slowly filling in the background a la Marvel. But instead of movies, use Disney+ and their little series here and there. Because we'll probably end this series with Rey becoming the new grandmaster of the Jedi, or something of that type. With luck, they won't just off Kylo, and that could set up the next part of the universe for Side Show Bob's cash machine. There are potentials for cartoons and live action, all to expand the universe. SW will be going on a world building spree I predict once TRoS is done.
  6. Snoke's death was already cheapened given the way that he was just kind of unceremoniously dumped without any background. Does anyone even care about his backstory, how the First Order came about, blah blah blah... no, not really, because in the end, this story was just another extension of the Skywalker family melodrama. Oh god, I think I have sand in my hair.
  7. This is the one thing that sideshow Bob realizes a while back when he took the helm of Disney. Creativity in Hollywood is dead, but he needed content, so he went on a buying spree that resulted in Disney owning Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. We will see what he buys next. give it a few years and they will do a Frozen live action.
  8. Amazing they got something so big off the ground. The left side of that thing is unpressurized, and from the other pics looks like it went wheels down after the right side. i think the idea is ultimately to slight a rocket in the middle right? Look forward to the day when that happens.
  9. You know they are probably just teasing Palpatine's ghost long enough for him to be bitch slapped down. It's nice and all, but it'll be a total head fake. As for Rey needing a lightsaber... what for?
  10. I know what I thought for the briefest moment when the words: "The saga comes to and end" showed up. Thank God. Hmmm, may be I'm being too harsh, let's for one second imagine that Rey is the love child of Luke and Leia.... that would put a spin on things. Certainly takes star wars in a direction that conventional wisdom wouldn't have accepted. It would be JJ's redemption of that mess Rian made. Before anyone complains... remember, we're in the post.... whatever age... no one should be judgemental about these things.
  11. You never know, there is always hope that JJ can pull off a miracle after the Rian disaster... let's face it, TFA was actually pretty good in retrospect. Although, about that poster, are we sure it wasn't fan made? cause I just can't imagine 3PO going full HK on us.
  12. From the brief looks, it seem like the real King is slapping down everyone from Rodan to Mothra. I am curious where they take this afterwards. Because Hollywood really needs to milk the intellectual property while it can. Ideally, the King will live to fight another day... I mean you can see a few spin offs here or there. A spin off of Mothra is possible, she has had her own movie, Rodan is a bit unlikely since he is nothing more glorified chicken. I do wonder if we'll throw aliens into the mix at some point though.
  13. While 2202 had its moments, some of the space battles were not bad. It pales in comparison to the original. After 2199, I had high hopes for this one. But a combination of bad writing, and retconning Dessler made it strange. Don't get me wrong, I liked that Dessler has a future, but the way that came about just felt forced. As for Gatlantis, my one comment is "who cares." They were more interesting in 2199 than they were in 2202. All the attempts to make them interesting was just stupid, I didn't care about any of those characters, they would've been better off putting mech porn in place of Gatlantis character development.
  14. I wonder if this is the last chapter or not. After all, things just keeps escalating, we started with a Russian mobster, then, it goes to some super criminal organization, now, it's time for the high table. What happens if JW kills off the entire high table.
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