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  1. Admittedly the first one with Jessica Alba wasn't all bad. Well, mainly, Alba wasn't all bad, the rest were meh....
  2. The funny thing is that given what's happened, Marvel is now going to start figuring out how to push Spiderman to the sidelines, they'll evolve it during the films, but in a way that still contribute to the MCU. And it makes Fantastic Four harder. Can you imagine the next big Spiderman success? Then Sony asks for more money again? Alternatively, Marvel buys out Sony Entertainment to get the rights back and bring all of Marvel home, and then sell Sony Entertainment again.
  3. Wait until thought control is possible; "You must think Russian..." "no,no no, you must think French..." "wait, wait, or is it, you must think in English..." "Dammit, don't forget, you have to think in Hindu too..." "Or if the aircraft happened to be build in China, or Japan, then Chinese and Japanese."
  4. Seriously, this reads like an ad written by Dassault.
  5. ha ha, I read that IGN review, you'd think they were expecting rainbow crapping unicorns. Or may be a broke-back Rambo. I wonder what they'll say about Dark Fate.
  6. That article was the ultimate, what could've been. I think the USAF should define a set of requirements and stick with it. It is all about planning for the future, not the last war. In the last decade, it's been all about COIN, so you get these cute propeller driven things that can lug bombs, and now all of a sudden, it's all about peer threats from China and Russia. The USAF should just remember it's in the air dominance business, I think part of it should be at some point, CAS should be turned over to the army and the marines. Because I damn well guarantee that the army would love to get their own little air force with A-10s and AC-130s in addition to attack helicopters. That way, they aren't subjected to the whims of the USAF when it comes to ground support.
  7. That would be so sweet if they could revive the F-23 in that format. May be they can get the USAF to buy a few hundred after the fact.
  8. I think that Kylo reaction is hilarious. Especially the absurd in context portion. I'd still go with will of the force... bwahahahahaha
  9. It is going to be a Desler focused story? New Voyages was that, but wonder what this will be like.
  10. 2205 eh? Hopefully it’s better than 2202. They need to have a decent story here and not focus on new models for Bandai to pump out. Give me standard dreadnoughts and Andromeda class ships. That’s enough. Don’t need 50 new classes of ships.
  11. I do like the new Rev9 terminator. Looks like they thought it through, and there was that imagery where the terminators have an endoskeleton and a liquid part over them. Very cool. Although it does make me wonder why the damned thing doesn't have any guns, and is limiting itself to stabbing objects.
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