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  1. kalvasflam

    Even MORE remake madness.......

    Only if they bring back Sarah Michelle and then brutally kill her off mid season in a non-resurrectable way to help permanently establish the main character
  2. kalvasflam

    Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3

    I like the idea of Taika taking over GoG3. He did a fantastic job with the last Thor movie. A little new blood would be refreshing. Too bad about Gunn, he did make a pretty good pair of movies, after all, GoG was never really as popular in Marvel comics as the other brand names like X-men or Spiderman. His movies were certainly better than the Iron Mans and the first two Thor movies.
  3. kalvasflam

    Yamato 2202

    Why would they want to when they can basically spam warships. I think I can demoralize an enemy enough by just suddenly showing up with bucket loads of warships. Just have the right copy machine and its easy. Although they haven't said as much, those guys probably 3D printed all of the DNs
  4. kalvasflam

    Yamato 2202

    I would guess the destruction of Saturn doesn't mean much to the solar system. I mean, literally the mass of Saturn didn't disappear, it's still there, just scattered. However, the addition of Gatlantis to the system could be a big problem, because it's like literally adding another Neptune size planet, it'll screw some things up for sure. But since this is Yamato, we'll just handwave this stuff away. Although it'll be really cool if they didn't.
  5. kalvasflam

    Yamato 2202

    True, but the original didn't make the WMG such a big deal. It's 2199 that made WMG such a big deal. The injunction by Starsha, the endless complaining about Kodai on whether it's ok to use the WMG, I mean it was literally the first half. Then, practical reality threw out the rationale for not using the WMG. I personally think Weapons of Mass Gratification (WMG) should be used as often as possible. But oh well. I am more interested in the first two episodes, seem to be lot of Desslar developments there. Will see if the sub makes this any more interesting
  6. kalvasflam

    Yamato 2202

    Hmmm, the raw is out, and I have to say, Syndrom was right: "When everyone's super, no one will be." Remember when the WMG was a big deal? Remember when a ship was sunk, it was a big deal? (Ok, I don't remember that either with all the fodder we've seen), but the cookie cutters really went to overdrive in ep 17 and 18. Sigh... I'm just hoping the subs will make this more interesting.
  7. kalvasflam

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Ok, that looked like Firefox repainted from the front. Do you have to think Russian to fly it? Their power point looked entertaining, although I like the idea that they built this thing with FAST packs in mind. Still waiting for overwing mounted FAST packs, guys. That's the only thing about the power point which might get me excited.
  8. kalvasflam

    Black Widow

    They can't afford to cheap out. ScarJo is expensive, think she raked in $20M for age of Ultron, probably just as much for the Infinity Wars, and more. They might be able to get cheaper enemies, fill in with Renner, and such, still not cheap, but not nearly as expensive. Jackson might be a no show because he is just too expensive even for a cameo.
  9. kalvasflam

    Black Widow

    Then we can get Hawkeye again... alrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright. Just what the world needs, more Hawkeye.
  10. kalvasflam

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    What? you guys don't like Luke drinking purple titty milk? How xenophobic.... Yeah, I do have to agree though, outside of Reylo fighting the guards, the movie pretty much sucked. Still glad Disney made a bunch of money though, because it's not like you can get it back. Imagine if movies were based on payment for satisfaction, Hollywood would've died long ago... or came out with some really good stuff.
  11. kalvasflam

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    can the MV-22 fit into a C-5? I assume there is probably an amphibious assault ship or a base somewhere in Europe with Osprey in place. By the way, you guys did just have the 100 anniversary of the RAF, congratulations. I was over on your side of the pond as well this week, in France actually, and I commented to one of my British colleagues about whether they should've considered borrowing some Junkers, Heinkels, Stukas and Messerschmitts flying alongside the Spitfires to commemorate the finest hours of the RAF. May be have a mock dogfighter over Buckingham palace.
  12. kalvasflam

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Up to ep 13, Delta was quite watchable even tho there was still not enough mech action. Although if you've liked Frontier, Delta is a bit of a let down. Would suggest that you watch the first half unaided or with only moderate consumption. Then before starting episode 14, it would be a nice time to have a break anyhow, get into the good stuff, start with some nice wines, then go for the hard liquors. get a few bottles, so it'll last through the remaining 5 hours or so. Try a mixture of tequila, whiskey, vodka, old Bailey, etc. Have a drink every time there is a scissor on the show (you'll know what I'm talking about after the first few episode) or if the combat action is indistinct because of the explosions followed by the points of purple and green lights representing the fighters. Definitely have a drink whenever the full Zentradi who is reminiscent of Picolo from DBZis on screen. Then at the end of Delta, you would have had a fine experience, and you'll remember fondly Macross Delta.
  13. kalvasflam

    Christopher Robin

    This looks fun... nothing is impossible, and nothing is what I do everyday