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  1. Of the new movies, I would say Rogue One was rewatchable, TFA is kind of second.... and there is no third.
  2. Alright, what I've always wanted to see, Thor vs Batman. BRING IT ON. Actually, can we have Lady Thor vs Batman... ha ha, I'm thinking of the various Hishe that can come from there already.
  3. You know, reading that board makes me want to watch Bayverse transformers. May be they will have a diplomatic solution for once, like how the real world works. Where the Sith and the Jedi gets together and hug it out.
  4. Yeah... well.... not the same as the original... I mean who is he going to buy? And with what money?
  5. Oh no, the end has come... the post Sideshow Bob era has begun. it will either be glorious... or it will be hiatus for another decade.
  6. I am curious, with a blended wing design like this, why are the engines on the outside? It seems somewhat counterintuitive, wouldn't that just create drag?
  7. Interesting. I hope they succeed with this, and we can start to forget the Bay era crap that has persisted for the last decade plus.
  8. well, I agree that it would not likely happen.... but hey it isn’t out of the question. There can always be a side story that is down and dirty, look at how Fox did with their Marvel content. You can bet some Disney execs have considered the idea at least. The main playground is still very nice, but then there is this gritty dirty corner. Appeal to the audience. Go after a different segment.
  9. Seriously what we need is R rated Star Wars. Let the scoundrels be real scoundrels, let the megalomaniac bad guy be someone that can be feared, who isn’t above unleashing all sorts of horrors and expletives. imagine if Kylo screamed “ frakk you, Dad” as he ran Han through with his lightsaber, that would provide a little more ooomph. and on the good guy side, we get Cassian Andor unchained... ha ha... that would be hilarious. I am on the side of right and I do what it takes to win as he blows up an Imperial depot while causing a ton of collateral damage to nearby Ewok kids. And when the whiny parent comes crying, he uses them as meat shields. i would like to see Disney have the stones to do that.
  10. Vulture.... wooot.... Sony has a second lease on life, they are never going to surrender the rights to Spider-Man.
  11. That's harsh, Finn does have another character trait, he is also a Poe fanboy.... Remember how he was fawning over Poe during that fighter scene about "that's one hell of a pilot?" If they'd only gone ahead and explored that relationship on screen.
  12. See, so you’d take radiation poisoning of JJ Trek.... hahaha. This just really means JJ trek wasn’t that bad... after all, radiation poisoning is more survivable.
  13. Thanks PS for reminding us we are all getting old. You know, this gets the new SW trilogy vibe all of a sudden, try to bring back the good old days because TV and cinema in this age quite frankly sucks. Personally, I rather they bring back the JJ trek in that case.
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