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  1. Bring on the YF-21. I want to do some fighting poses with the DX YF-19.
  2. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    I’m going to order the 3rd party Transfomer Kalavinka and see how it looks next to my HMR.
  3. I missed the Target preorders and good deals on the Transformer The Movie Studio Series figures because I was at work so I’ll hold off on getting them. I might order a few of them at a later date
  4. Nice haul. I think I have that reissue Rattler as I've kept most of my GI Joe collection. I've seen people carefully open the bubbles on the Retro cards and display their 6" figures inside.
  5. I just learned of MPF-12 Sideswipe even though he's been released for a while and that he's 1/18 scale so I'm definitely going to get one.
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