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  1. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Cool. Watch Avengers Infinity War and then preorder the YF-19 later.
  2. Hi-Metal R

    Box art.
  3. Hi-Metal R

    Thanks bbrain! No. The closest would be the CF wings and then paint the brown areas tan grey.
  4. Hi-Metal R

    Got a shipping notice from NY too. My VF-1A Hikaru x2 shipped 5 hours ago.
  5. Got a Marvel Legends 3.75” Executioner and non derpy eyed Enchantress for clearance. If the 6” Thor and Valkyrie 2 pack is clearanced for really cheap then I might get that as well.
  6. Hi-Metal R

    I love them all because they scale and display well together and it’s nice to have both sides of a toyline. One of my favorites is the VF-1J Armored Valkyrie.
  7. Bandai DX VF-31

    I’m 26 orders away but I’ll just wait and see how they handle the rest of the orders.
  8. Hi-Metal R

    I hope you find a CF VF-1A or your plan works out. You can still try to paint match. The whites/greys will be different and the VF-1A head will need to be detached along with the neck joint to swap with the VF-1S head. Not yet but maybe next week. Got the email from NY for preparation in progress for my 2 VF-1A Hikaru’s last night. I chose Eco SAL since it was cheaper than registered ferry so they should be coming in sooner.
  9. The Transformers Thread Next

    This was at Target. I also saw Stinger and the some Decepticon black SUV? last time there.
  10. Hi-Metal R

    Thanks. Yeah I painted a TV CF pilot darker grey and the green areas black. Thanks. Several people come to mind like jvmacross, jenius, and spanner that have overall larger Macross collections than mine. Doubles can be displayed in different modes or used for customs. Lol.
  11. The Transformers Thread Next

    Blackout and Starscream look cool but I passed on all of them.
  12. Hi-Metal R

  13. Hi-Metal R