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  1. Pretty cool. My first One:12 figure will be 1989 Batman. If a 1989 Joker was ever possibly released then I’ll get that too.
  2. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    When is the deadline to pay for the VF-4G at NY? I already paid for my 2 there since I preordered after they took off the pay later option but I have no issues.
  3. My Marvel Legends Love Triangle 3 packs from Dorkside should be coming in tomorrow. The delay was out of their control.
  4. I skipped the SV-51 and I’m going to skip the VF-0D too.
  5. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    I still have pics on my phone from SDFM, DYRL, Takani, and Tenjin with the purpose of recreating the poses.
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