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  1. Will be on or abouts $800 Aussie dollars depending on shipping.. Haven't actually been charged for it yet tho..
  2. Just got the confirmation now too.. I'm hoping this goes through!
  3. Got an order acknowledgement email from HLJ so I'll keep my fingers crossed till they actually ship it!
  4. Ahhh what the heck I'm gonna give it a go! If I get one then awesome! If I don't then wot evs.. Can only try right!?
  5. What's their refund policy like? In case it falls through if they can't get stock..
  6. It says in stock 3-5 days..? Would they definitely have or be getting them?
  7. So tempted but it's so expensive.. gahhh
  8. Nearly $4000 US!?!? That's gotta be a typo surely...
  9. Keep an eye out on Mandarake but that may be slim especially for this release.
  10. Well I guess that ends thoughts of possibly getting any more...
  11. Wish I had the funds to buy a couple more.. gotta try keep the credit card debt down though.
  12. Can't stop looking at it! It's so beautiful!
  13. Ahh I see! Hehe! If that is the case he did get me a good one!
  14. No the Valkyrie is just sitting on top of the nub. I might just be the camera angle making it look strange..
  15. Is it really? I hadn't noticed.. so much for my look over! Hehe!
  16. I'd love to have three of these babies on display but I couldn't justify the costs of two more.. well actually I could justify the cost but I don't have the funds to buy two more sadly..
  17. Looks fantastic on display! And to think at one point I had over a 140 more of these things than I have now! how times have changed..
  18. Just had a good look over it and fit up the smaller parts.. about to put in display cabinet.
  19. Got a nice surprise when I got back from work to see this waiting by the front door and a day earlier than the tracking said it would be! Initial impressions are good and I do really like the finish! The colour is much better than the first release and looks much more military now than display team of the first issue. No visible faults or broken bits. Happy days!
  20. Hey David, yeah it's a good to be back in it but going to limit the collection much more strictly this time. The DX 1/48 are must haves and out of that scale unless it's something very special or unique in another scale like the premium finish Zero-D. Speaking of which it still hasn't been delivered but it is finally in Sydney and scheduled for delivery tomorrow. The wait has been quite frustrating due the delays with UPS but I am really looking forward to seeing this thing! I did sell off quite a few of the cars and kept the ones I really liked. I still am getting more cars here and
  21. I sold a couple of diecast models so I pre ordered the Roy VF-1S at NY..
  22. Still no delivery, finally left China but now stuck in Singapore for second day..
  23. The frustration continues.. 5th day stuck in Shenzhen China and UPS cannot give me any information and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I got hung up on.. They claim they are overwhelmed with freight and there are limited flights going from China to Australia which I find curious as how come DHL can deliver from Japan to Australia in 3 days and not experience the same issues. I swear this Valkyrie is cursed.. delayed release date, jump through hoops to get NY to actually ship the bloody thing and now this! It's gonna have to be the best Valkyrie ever released for it to be
  24. Mine left Japan but has now been stuck in Shenzhen for two days.. the UPS tracking info says the shipment has been "delayed" ffs..
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