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  1. No movement on mine yet.. hopefully soon
  2. This absolutely gorgeous Century Wings Lockheed SR-71 arrived yesterday! Stunning!
  3. I've had several brands myself but always seem to return to Suzuki. Yeah true some do feel a little on the softer side than other brands but it makes easy to handle and more forgiving. I'd say my favourite of all the other bikes I've had previously would be the 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R. Rode well, went well, looked and sounded great. And not too peaky for a 600 unlike the Yamaha R6 I had which all action in the top end.. I did track work varying from ride days to club racing for about 8 years but gave it away in about 2015. I found that I couldn't go any quicker without spending BIG bucks
  4. That's a great shot! I really like the 999! Been wanting one for years but the good ones are sooo expensive.. gotta just stick with the Suzuki's for now.. this is my brand new GSXR750 I got back in June this year. It's my first under 1000cc bike I've had in over 10 years! It was either gonna be a used 1000cc or a brand new smaller bike.. so I settled on this and have no regrets. It's a fantastic bit of kit and still plenty fast enough! Don't need that huge power any more and this is so much more comfortable than my old K6 1000. Also it's nice to get something brand new for a change r
  5. The Suzuki is actually a model I've had for a while.. it's Troy Corser 2006 bike as he won the championship in 2005. It is a very lovely model. It's the only one I kept after selling off the rest of the bikes I had. I also had a K6 road bike so there is a sentimental attachment to it. The Jag is the new model.. also a very lovely thing!
  6. Few of my recent additions last few weeks and months.. Got a Century Wings SR-71 on its way but it's been delayed by Corona situation..
  7. Yeah true https://www.hlj.com/1-60-scale-macross-zero-vf-0d-phoenix-premium-finish-acamrk821480
  8. Would love to have a third but I seriously need to stop buying stuff.. spent $3000 (AUD) on toys last two months!!
  9. That's what I must be thinking of but I don't have the other variants anymore.. I'm not so keen on the missile pods which is why I only have the wing tip missiles fitted.
  10. Did the original version come with more missiles?
  11. My goodness they are so beautiful! I will switch one to Battroid but I'll do that after I have closely inspected them to decide which is the nicer one to keep in fighter mode..
  12. It's a stunning piece isn't it! My 2nd one arrived and hour ago! Just leaving work now..
  13. I have never really liked the exposed fan detailing in most if not all the Valkyries.. the VF 27 just has black holes with no fan detailing and looks great with the covers off in fighter mode. I know the technology behind the Valkyries is meant to be different to real life fighter jets but even in most jets you don't see the fans especially the more stealthy ones..
  14. hehe! good thing they're only toys! they are only toys right!?
  15. That looks fab! but for me personally I still cannot bring myself to display a Valkyrie without the fan covers in place.. other than a VF-27
  16. Got shipping notification from HLJ! I'm hoping it'll arrive before the weekend!
  17. Yeah shipping costs are just ridiculous at the moment.. but what can you do
  18. Payment went through for my VF-0D.. but then I had to pay for shipping which was another nearly 10,000 yen.. No idea when it will ship though..
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