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  1. Although not a forum member but I purchased a MISB Yamato v2 1/60 VF-1A TV version from ishop2go. It was very well priced ($160) delivered and it arrived super fast! (5 days) and was packaged extremely well! They seem very trustworthy! Just sayin
  2. I cant say I really like the paint job on it.. looks a little too busy. And whats with the tinted cockpit glass?? yuck. On the other hand it would be good to get one being the first Valkyrie released by Arcadia and the collectible factor that would go with it of course but im just not liking the look of it at all. =( Hopefully all those smaller decals on the chest plate and legs don't come pre-applied. Even the 30th anniversary logo on the blast shield would be good not there. On the plus side its a "J" which are my fav variant!
  3. WTF!?!? what makes them think that the VF-4G is worth $2k..? I know they are rare but even others that have sold for $700-800 range is bad enough!
  4. I also bought (or tried to anyways) a VF-1D from Maximabuy but after a week of no reply from them even after I had sent them several emails I got an out of the blue refund from them with virtually no explanation. I thought it was a little strange as I had purchased 6 items from them previously. 4 from their ebay store "crystalquick" then another 2 from their Maximabuy website. The purchase of those first 6 items went relatively smoothly other than slow email responses but then he messed me about a little with the VF-1D. Didn't feel I would really make much fuss about it at the time as I have
  5. received my VT-1 safe & sound from Davidwhangchoi! Packaged very well and the model is perfect! Couldn't be happier! Thanks again for a easy and pleasant transaction! =)
  6. Howdy folks! I am after a Yamato 1/60 (v2) VF-1A Max type TV version if anyone has one they would consider selling to me? Preferably I'd want one MISB but I will take an opened item if its still "as new" (with minimal or no transformations) with all parts included and box undamaged. Without being too fussy! If you can help please feel free to PM me! Many thanks!
  7. wish list complete! Thanks for all your help guys! ahhh this is indeed a wonderful place! so many great people! (wipes tears from eyes)
  8. Davidwhangchoi is a CHAMPION!!! Thanks so much for my VT-1 Super Ostrich! My (current) wish list is now complete!
  9. Lovely! And its mine now!!! WOOO!!!! =D
  10. Found a VE-1 thanks to Caslon for you help with that! I am however still after a VT-1 Super Ostrich (must be v2) if there are any helpers!
  11. Easy and pleasant transactions with both Cdisdope and Caslon!
  12. Hey, how much you asking for it? Could you send me a PM with the details?
  13. If you have one of these preferably in new unopened condition and are willing to sell would you please let me know! And or a VE-1 Elint Seeker DYRL 1/60 v2 Many thanks in advance spanner76 =)
  14. ahhh jealous! you ppl have sooo many cool mechs!
  15. Hey yeah they are hard to get! There are a couple of v1 versions for sale but I don't particularly like them. Most of my previous collection was YamYam v1's and chunky 1/55's. I only recently missed out on a VT-1 last month on ebay. Was pricey but I regret not buying it.. Getting the VF-4G has made up for it but I still want the VT-1. Anyone out there got any doubles they wish to sell off? hehe! Also its a shame they messed up your order Sephiroth.. same happened to me buying off ebay. That's why I have 4x Kakizaki's.. 3x the same colour.. They sent me a Kakizaki VF-1A instead of a 1J but
  16. My dream of owning a VF-4G has now come true! Thanks to Cdisdope for your help! My next mission is a Yamato 1/60 VT-1 Super Ostrich (v2). Any helpers!?
  17. Hehe! I too just did a mad panic buy! Spent about $2500 on 10x VF-1 (YAMATO 1/60) 1x VF-1D 2x VF-1J 7x VF-1A Also thinking about a VF-0 and VF-11 but I'm broke now! Would love a VF-4 but that's only in my dreams..
  18. at the moment its gotta be my Yamato 1/60 VF-1J (mass production version) at $500 delivered.. that stung a little as 6 months ago I could have gotten one cheaper. Then at a tie are my 1/18 Autoart Pagani Zonda R and another Yamato VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo at around $350 delivered. oh no wait I have a Signed Minichamps Valentino Rossi 1/12 Honda NSR500 bike & rider set which was just over $1000.
  19. after foolishly (though not completely my fault) selling off my Macross / Robotech collection years earlier I have now started recollecting some Valkyries only to find out that Yamato has gone bust.. gahhhh.. The only upside to collecting again is that the newer versions of the Valkyrie (Yamato 1/60) are far superior in design that what I had previously. But sheesh some have proven painfully expensive to buy again. I am after a VF-4 but can't muster up the courage to pay what people are asking for them.. im so sad
  20. woah! geez there are some lovely items on display in there! =)
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